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  1. Hello @user1baterenema left the game without resigning. Thanks commands.txt
  2. Hi @user1 hallmayer left 1v1 without resigning Thanks commands.txt
  3. Hi @user1 Reporting AaronGreen001 for pausing a 1v1 game for too long than he promised. He felt the defeat and he paused promising to come back in 10 mins. 20 mins'd passed - no response from him. Feature request: Looks like 0ad devs should consider setting limits for pausing. For example, u can pause the game once in a battle to no more than 5 mins. Then it will automatically resume. Thanks metadata.json commands.txt
  4. Hi @user1 Reporting thevlasic for quitting a 1v1 game without resigning. commands.txt
  5. Hi @user1 Reporting remi_hndz for quitting a 1v1 game without resigning. commands.txt
  6. @user1 Reporting user raffobaffo for leaving a rated 1v1 game without resigning. commands.txt
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