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Hi everyone

I have played him once beat him brutally in the first game and destroyed in the second game we were having a war in the borderline and he left i PAUSED in the very second he left and he came  back we started 2 mins later he left again and i PAUSED THE SECOND HE LEFT and when he came back he said i didn't pause and left i was about to destroy him i had 200 elite archers 250 slingers and 100 elite spearmen and 40 catapults but he didn't want to lose the rating so he left and he tried to make it up by telling everyone that i didnt pause the game he didnt lose 1 soldier since he left or a building becuae i PAUSED the game but he is ling he is a  pig and a snake DONT EVER PLAY AGAINST ARKHIPOV HE WILL JUST QUIT ON YOU IF HE REALIZES YOU ARE STRONGER THAN HIM AND HE WILL TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING UP BAN THAT ACCOUNT BECAUSE HE IS WAAYYYYY TO BELOW HIS RANKING.  The commands File is attached please BAN HIM SOON...


Player name : Arkhipov






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