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  1. Dance is really drama material ... I mean you can't just play 0 A D like any other RTS without being accused of dancing .... Passive hero + nervously spamming Attack move = dancing. Defensive hero => you want it to get around your army but not in front line, you move it out = dancing. micro low health unit out = dancing ... Group your last reinforcement using formation = dancing i've seen a poll saying that players are OK with manual dance, as it's skill and apm, but not ok with autodance/patrol dance. Where is the line between using game features that the devs spend week to make avaliable and cheating ? Who decide if you dance or not ? I wonder if dancing give huge adventage to some civs/strats ? If not, can't we just make a tutorial on how to dance and just allow it ( manual use only ) ?
  2. @GotToDie imo both team decide secretly which civs to ban, say it to a referee who announce the result. then teams choose ( secretly again ) the civs for each players, the position for each players, say it to a referee that place players and civs. it forces to train 5 civs instead of 3 Well mainly ego i guess x') But here visually i'am somehow close to you, not half your skills I've made my own graph about whether i like your graph or not, and why. Visually it looks like i dislike your graph, but in fact you did a great job ! Massive paint skill haha edit ( again) : My point is that not starting bar graphs at 0 is a common way in media to make data say whatever you want. imagine it's a survey for election MarAurele made a huge point : player want to play with their friends. But i want to get as much teams as possible. i'd better play with a team with my average skill, and play 3-4 group phase matchs an let better team play finals with direct elimination, than have less team playing ! What about register as duos/solo and then make 4 players team ? edit : 8 teams would be so great ! 2 groups, each team play with each other in their group, then the 2 better team in each groups play direct elimination matches/BO3 it's 3 matches for everyone with 2 semi final matches for 4 players and 1 final match for 2 players
  3. I don't like this graph .... why does it start at 5.5 ? :'(
  4. Hello ! I wonder why queuing catas/bolts doesn't work. I tried to change queue to true in a replay, and that work ! so why doesn't it work in the game ? I look for a mod that fix that, a way to enable it or maybe a reason why it doesn't work. as a former starcraft player. i can't play a cata civ, since i always shift+unpack in the middle of nowhere, it's really annoying x') that is the reason why i can't play a civ with catas :/ Discalaimer : maybe im not in the right section, maybe the problem is discussed somewhere else, sorry in that case, i didn't find anything about it with search field. Thanks for reading and have nice day !
  5. What about average players ? i am clearly under t3, but there is a huge gap between T 4 and T 1-2-3 How is it possible to integrate low tier players in the event, as you want ppl to participate ? What about some pool phases to allow low tier teams to play some games at least Also is someone going to steam/comment finals game for livestream/youtube? if so, I'd really like a mod that can display current production ( units and upgrades, buildings if possible) for each players in spec mod, if you know one that make that Edit : maybe i'm not posting in the right thread, but i don't know how to delete :/
  6. as in game with "benvryl" he was loosing the game, closed the connection... please tell me it will not be counted as a win for him ... 2019-17-11 19:31 my nickname is esu
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