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  1. here is one big leaver, jodeldi jodeldi (1376) I won against him with a lower level than him and he just left without resigning, what a big looser, commands.txtmetadata.json
  2. Hello All, I got a lot to say but on a general basis and after playing a lot of onlines games on the current version : > ranged units and siege rams are too strong, it's not realistic (on a history point of view) to see celts winning the game with only slingers and battle rams, what I would suggest to correct this would be : 1. Lowering the attack dammages of slingers and allowing only a limited number of attacks (spears) for the skirmishers before a countdown that allow them to reload their stack of javelins, on the meantime the skirmisher would act as a spearman (with low a
  3. hi guys, do you know when it will be back ?
  4. here is a auwful leaver of the worst sort, named "oshivan" hope you can teach him some politenes thx commands.txtmetadata.json
  5. here is a serial leaver, named "oshivan" hope you can teach him some politeness commands.txtmetadata.json
  6. What could be implemented for the mercenary system would be that the ressources gathered with the looting system (when your units kills opponents units of building) would not be occuring if it's done by mercenaries units. What do you think about it ?
  7. Concerning the siege rams, > they should maybe be slowered, it make no sense that a siege ram is faster than a piekman > towers and fortress should be able to drop rocks in order to crush them > it make no sense neither that siege rams can beat units, as elephants for example:
  8. I heard there is a list somewhere to report the quitters but I haven't found it yet.
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