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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting

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Hi again @user1, Today I played a 1v1 against Ajan2017. It was a pretty good battle and after I destroyed his army + fort he said "GG" and left without resign. Its not needed but here a screen fr

Played a game today vs Juaraca. He quited while I destroyed his CC and army. commands.txt Little time ago, I played a game vs Goldenarches. I won the game but didnt get any points because he

metadata.jsonI played a rated game, opponent resigned did not get any points My Username: Derek O My Opponent: noamgot @user1 commands.txt

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My user: PurpleMotion

Offender User: KarlJhonson (1236)

Game was going ok, he was rushing me and all fine, then I took out his TC and he exited the game, few minutes later he joined back in and claimed it was due to lag and I didnt pause it. He clearly left the game.

Then he paused the game and started talking and left again without resigning.


commands.txt metadata.json

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Hi @user1,

This is a weird situation. I am playing a game against stckpkr7000. It is a good and tough battle. After some time I was winning, took his CC, army, fort etc. Now he puts the match on pause without saying anything.

I am not going to wait. I just leave the match and hopefully this @#$% gets punished. Can you believe a person can be like that?? Lol. Unreal!

screens to back my claim: 




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Wrong quote:




frappucino as host closed the game, after a long fight even, without resigning.
Disrespectful to opponents time...

@user1 @AlexanDerGrosse No quit, my network was out for seconds probably because of weather and then game stop recognize me as server, it was telling I'm losing connection to server. Game was not listed in the lobby either. This is game bug more than me disrespectful.

I have respect for AlexanDerGrasse, but no way he will win. Why he choose to post he know, I asking him if he can rejoin in the lobby and saying him my game saying losing connection to server and it count on 300 seconds. I guess he get more offended than usual because I more noob?




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wrong quote
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