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Your 0 A.D. Screenshots


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I got a lot from this discussion: 


But we can open a new one. References are always welcome, I'm creating everything in a single blender file, which facilitates changes and improvements in the 3D models.

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On 12/11/2020 at 7:13 AM, Mr.lie said:

A first try converting the famous map "Sahyadri_Buttes" to a random script ...







It's difficult to position the CC's on an plane point without flatten the area per painter or heightplacer ...B)

Btw: the problem with the "red" water is still alive ...



Hi all experts,

can someone explain me, why the line "g_Map.LoadMapTerrain("sahyadri_buttes_5")" doesn't work anymore? For now i've to use the line "Engine.LoadMapTerrain("maps/random/sahyadri_buttes_5p.pmp")", but also this line does nothing but a flat, grey map.

Before the new version of 0ad i got with the line "g_Map.LoadMapTerrain("sahyadri_buttes_5")" not only the complete heightmap, but also the terrain-textures.

This is related to all *.pmp files i've made in the past. None of them is working for now. Also the renamed file "sahyadri_buttes_5p".

Using the line

    new MapBoundsPlacer(),
    new HeightmapPainter(
            new Vector2D(-12, scaleByMapSize(-12, -25)),

gives me the heightmap, but not more the terrain-textures.

Also it was a big surprise that none of my triggers are working now. The new art of creating triggers is, for me, difficult to understand. So, i have problems to rewrite all my triggers so that they work.:(.

Another, and for me the biggest problem, is, it's not possible for me to get the excellent of my fonts in Windows 10 and so also not in the game. This is not related to 0ad. In Januar i've destroyed my Windows-Partition and so i must create a new one with Windows 10 Pro. From that time i have no more the same, clear Fonts on my Windows. And also not in the game. Maybe someone has a similar problem and, perhaps, a solution for that.


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