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  1. Actually, costs are evidently `NonNegativeInteger` so the assumption was actually wrong.
  2. I didn't suggest wireshark to find the attacker, but to find the methodology so you can have appropriate defences in your router. Feel free to do what you think is right. I don't stand to gain anything here.
  3. Your ISP will never call, because they have no clue this is even happening. Their threshold will be set a lot higher. The game logs doesn't really help. You can either run wireshark and find out what traffic is, where it's coming from, and null route it on your router or you can request a new public IP and never host a game on the lobby. The former will fix it regardless of whether it's a DoS attack or not. And I think your router is an EdgeRouter. Maybe enable logging, but given that its already dying, that might not be the best idea. I mean it could be a SYN flood, an ICMP flo
  4. I noticed this issue in the code sometime ago, but I assumed the Cost schema's doesn't allow 0 resource costs and didn't give it much thought. Turns out I was wrong. You aren't really doing anything wrong. It's just a check being falsy when it shouldn't be. And casting undefined to a number gives a NaN. The following diff is all that's needed to change. One ought to care for edge cases, but it will fix the immediate cause. Diff generated from 0ad svn at rP24041. diff --git a/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/ai/common-api/entity.js b/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/ai/common-a
  5. Looks like his router's dashboard I think. I don't think so, the windows default thing suck big time and is almost useless beyond seeing why a download is being somewhat slow.
  6. Well, call your ISP I guess. They are supposed to prevent DDoS attacks. (I guess that's dependent on the ISP, to be fair, most analytics will ignore a few gig spikes). I expect all of them to give you a comprehensive report upon request though. Or just run wireshark locally and see where it's coming from. Sure thats not a download or something? those graphs show a very wierd DDoS attack, it instantly falls of a cliff.
  7. I don't think anyone cares about this anymore. Since we surpassed 2 years, * AD have a longer release cycle than Debian. But yes, given that the eastern civs are 90% finished this is not an unreasonable expectation.
  8. I forgot about that one. I think there was also another exploit. I am second guessing whether it was in the barter code or the tribute code now. This one was also fixed. The rest are exactly what I meant.
  9. Someone wanting to cheat has access to various bugs in vanilla to make it possible without an additional mod. You can literally enable full vision in multiplayer, build stacked walls, stacked units, and at one point, get infinite resources using the barter system IIRC. Which are arguably much more game breaking "cheats". Seems arbitrary to draw the line at a feature that's irrelevant for any "pro" player. Hotkeys and control groups mean this feature is rather useless for most of them from what I can tell. Some dude back in early 2019 was writing a mod / AI to handle economic micro managem
  10. Most likely you made a mistake when changing the settings, regardless, maybe this executable will fix it for you. The binaries are from svn rP21936. Copy this file and replace the one you already have. pyrogenesis.exe
  11. Unbelievable he performed so well in those Marvel movies. It's no easy feat even for someone at peak physical fitness. Rest in Power.
  12. Liberating. Liberating souls from bodies. Be thankful.
  13. The problem is caused by highdpi screens and how recent Windows versions scale them. Since Windows internally tries to handle application compatibility for highdpi screens, it gives scaled resolutions to SDL2, which is actually severely low. This caused the game graphics to be absolutely @#$%, (for instance, the main menu buttons were stacked etc. for me on my screen). I noticed this when I switched from Linux to Windows. Interestingly there were no green glitches at the time. And then there was an update within the year 2020, (I can't be sure if it was Intel or Windows, since I
  14. Not really true. They detect software built without proper versioning, publisher info, or unsigned exes and the like. I mean Blender, GIMP, Firefox are all open source too. The anti virus wouldn't even know what you execute is open source let alone read the source to make sure it's safe. That's an acceptable model for an AntiVirus because you don't really need one if you at all know what you are doing. And, the built-in AV tools are more than enough unless you do something very stupid.
  15. Hypothetically, would this be a desirable feature? idtech engine have this. It's not exactly rocket science to make it. But most importantly, the cost benefit analysis doesn't seem worth it since you lose the JS sandbox.
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