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  1. So does your router. A compromised machine forging L3 packets would do more harm than a DoS ever could. Your router would be blindly routing all of them.
  2. I get the theory behind it of course. Merely remarking the absurdity of the solution.
  3. Seems like you don't need to host to incur the wrath of the DoS gods.
  4. Basic enterprise grade hardware can withstand a DoS. A DDoS on the other hand, while expensive to launch is also expensive to mitigate, which is why you rent virtual servers on the cloud. The previous thread regarding this topic has somehow been locked down now, I am not sure if its global or just for me, but I can't reply to that in my own discretion now. I would want to be once again the bearer of bad news, but I no longer care and its getting old at this point.
  5. There are two functions exposed to JS in the lobby. You can use these functions. See, https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/d15248f72db6116fec09fe11b50f55a39aba5917/source/lobby/scripting/JSInterface_Lobby.h#L44 void SendRegisterGame(ScriptInterface::CmptPrivate* pCmptPrivate, JS::HandleValue data); void SendUnregisterGame(ScriptInterface::CmptPrivate* pCmptPrivate);
  6. From your graphs, it looks like the router is being overloaded with packets, not necessarily bandwidth. A million tiny packets on a home router would still starve it. All this need in an interface to do. Alternatively, proxy the requests done through the lobby. That way, the DDoSer would need to connect to the host before he can get a public IP. Basically, don't advertise public IPs, just relay them to the actual host when they want to connect.
  7. There is nothing that can fix losing 90% of one sex and the gene pool that goes along with it. That's just extinction.
  8. I doubt home routers will have that capability. I would assume who ever does this would know how to to actually knock out a router. DoS detection is a complex problem. Usually, DoS attacks starve out the end host, not the hardware in between. Home routers with limited memory aren't hard to starve unfortunately. Find where it comes from, find what it sends, null route all trafic that match the both criteria. You aren't running a server, you can safely block out entire regions.
  9. See if the game shows up on the LAN discovery menu, maybe the IP is wrong. Regardless, rather than going through the public network, playing in your LAN would be better. Menu -> Join Game -> Search LAN for Games.
  10. I made that mod and posted it on this forum sometime in 2018. Performance was alright, nothing intensive was needed to be done. I am not sure whether defining quadrants will be an issue. What I did was take the relative rotation of two entities in attack, translate for attack direction if needed and just take the circle quadrants based on angles. I recall having to revise it to only take the relative rotation of attacked and the attack, because missile attacks can have vastly different attacker and attack orientation depending on projectile speed.
  11. Can't even do that. Replays have nothing but commands. There is pretty much zero uses for these replays. Unless of course, 0AD itself is bugged and DoSing clients.
  12. Not really. You cannot have spaces in a URL. It should be encoded as %20, but browsers today display it as a space. If you open the browser console, the requests themselves still use %20 and you can see it as such.
  13. Changing the terrain from a grid to a polygon map or something similar will allow for some remarkable art. If you can make it in blender, you can make it in Atlas kinda thing. Even allow for importing actual meshes to Atlas. Fun to think about, not fun to implement. Basically involves overhauling the entire terrain renderer.
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