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  1. Good to know that T90 farms crossed universes even into AoE4. I am definitely buying this game. No question about it.
  2. I looked through your posts here and on phabricator and found nothing of the sort. Who here would do something as low as PM harassment? Either that or the full story and context is missing. No one has the energy to figure out vague posting.
  3. A24 incremented the format version. You need to update the PMP files.
  4. GitHub downloads don't show size. It's extremely annoying, but it is how it is.
  5. Something like this? <ResourceGatherer> <Modifiers>[]</Modifiers> </ResourceGatherer>
  6. You can probably symlink to 68 as 67 and run the game.
  7. Or make the produce abstract and call it something along the lines of "forge output", but not as bluntly and merge attack and armour into one secondary resource as you called it. Rather than a spearman costing 5 armour and 7 spears, they would cost 12 X.
  8. I recall some days ago when there were Devs who played the game almost on a daily basis on SVN along with lobby players. The last time I was part of that, that led to the discovery of several issues. That of course was possible since active developers were so to say direct liaisons to the active multiplayer base and quite frankly part of them. No need to dwell on who they were and what happened to them.
  9. Hot take, but end user software is meant to be developed for, well, end users. You can have the game be a fancy tea party for Devs, but if there are no end users, it's all for nothing. Something to keep in mind before blurting out "you aren't entitled to anything, we made this without getting paid, take it or leave". You might get what you wished for. Developers are entitled to end users, not the other way around. That is of course, if the objective is to build a solid community around the product.
  10. Since the message was posted, unfortunately, irl took up all time. If you have code, feel free to post for review. I might be able to suggest some things.
  11. Unix timestamps of course. A game titled "-2208988800" is sure to arouse some curiosity.
  12. If I recall correctly, it wasn't discord being evil that derailed the whole thing. I assumed the concern was that IRC users don't get to agree to the evil policy in the first place. If the matrix bridge didn't exist, there is nothing against discord. All participants would have agreed to terms.
  13. You misunderstood what Vulkan is. Vulkan is a new framework that is an alternative to OpenGL (* important to note it's not meant to be a replacement). Rather than the monolithic state machine OpenGL is, Vulkan implements a completely different pattern where you can squeeze out even more performance since Vulkan doesn't suffer from most of the overheads OpenGL does. I noticed that drawcalls in Vulkan are pretty much negligible overhead whereas in OGL, it's a nightmare. Since 0AD does not have instanced drawing, switching to Vulkan will actually help a lot. Then again, who's got the time to
  14. So does your router. A compromised machine forging L3 packets would do more harm than a DoS ever could. Your router would be blindly routing all of them.
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