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  1. I think this already happens naturally. ELO inflation is a thing. When I started to play three alpha versions ago, the second on the leaderboard was 1800 something. I don't know the exact rate.
  2. Yes, its pretty much the same thing to be fair, except that visual studio plays nicely with vcpkg, in that it tries to emulate a /usr/lib/. What other approach is there for Win? For certain libraries like nvtt, one would need to patch the portfile too. Painful, but its the least painful way I have found.
  3. That's not surprising. Download counts are no where near active user counts. For the true user count, you would need telemetry, but who cares, this isn't corporate software.
  4. https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg I suggest devs to drop third party libraries and just rely on vcpkg aside from SM and FCollada.
  5. There is no such thing as physics. Projectiles themselves are delayed damage handlers working with rather straightforward linear transformations. There are purely visual actors accompanying them, but by all means, as far as game logic is concerned, they don't do anything. Actual ballistics, and projectiles as entities dealing damage on collision is an interesting concept. None of the math will be extremely complex, so maybe an experiment for modders. I don't think several hundred projectiles would be that big of a performance concern even for JS mods since projectile paths would be approximated. Also, while on the topic of ships and realism, there is also this, I don't know where the code is though.
  6. First of all, even if your Radeon card isn't used, and integrated graphics is being used, the OpenGL version provided by " IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4600" is 4.3. The integrated graphics can run the game. At least, in the case of the card that's used, the driver has issues and the fallback is used hence, the OpenGL version being 1, and the driver name not being reported as neither Intel nor Radeon. Check your drivers. The game should run on either of your cards without errors.
  7. Not to mention the storage requirements. I ended up refactoring the code to compile it with vs2019. vs2021 is coming out soon.
  8. Never tried fedora, but I run Arch pretty much on a daily basis. I don't like bundled software within installation images. Half the software from a default manjaro installation, I wouldn't ever use. But if someone ever asks me for a distro, I just say manjaro, because, I want them to have up to date software since the machines are pretty new, and most people who would ask me definitely won't know how to install arch.
  9. Manjaro comes with pamac which supports seamless AUR installations. I am pretty sure there is a GUI for that too. It's just a kernel along with userland software. Like I said, aside from the repos, the only difference is the logo.
  10. Yes it is. You get rolling updates, repos are sourced from arch, installation is easy and KDE images comes with great out of the box config. The manjaro and arch community don't get along, half because arch users are douches, half because manjaro users can't read the manual and somehow always end up in arch discussions. But that's a battle for people with way too much free time. The logo doesn't matter in the least, so if you want Arch repos, rolling updates and don't want to manually install a system, go for it. AUR works the exact same way regardless of distro. Regarding dependency hell, manjaro Devs have messed up before, don't update after pushes before a few days, let someone else check for breakage.
  11. The fact that women have a farming bonus is an abstract projection of historical agriculture being female specialized. You can't frame that abstract concept as concrete and claim the game is portraying every single women as a farmer. The same goes for almost all of the points highlighted on the top of this thread. You could lose that abstraction and actually design a game around with concrete identities, but as of now, the discussion is moot. It's the same reason why realistic time cannot be used in RTS games, and time is also abstracted away, which is why I cringe when someone suggests adding day and night cycles. Do you know how weird and stupid it would make the game when you add concrete timeflow.
  12. Whoever made that video did a horrible job at coming up with a title. I would have never guessed its a video on the benefits of UBI.
  13. Another Vietnam all over again. America should have stepped down from their self appointed global police role back then. Lord knows they aren't doing it with the goodness of their heart. And tear down the defense industry who are literally war profiteering.
  14. That goes the other way too. The Soviets were the first to ban lobotomy while it took the rest of the world years to find out that it was stupid, cruel and offers the same results as amputating a broken leg. I have pretty much free healthcare, but it was achieved via public hospitals competing with private hospitals along with single payer state "insurance". Universal healthcare covers the bill but you are still forced to be at the most optimal prices since people would go to your competitor. People somehow think universal healthcare means nationalizing the health industry.
  15. I was mostly joking, but thanks for the answers anyway. Aside from my computer at home, literally every other computer I interact with runs Linux. Ironically, my work machine runs Linux too despite my own machine not running it which is usually the opposite problem to have. Then there are the servers.
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