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Your 0 A.D. Screenshots


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1 hour ago, Langbart said:

The ability to have the mini map snap back to the hud in the middle would be great for smaller displays.

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Delenda Est, correct?

I will be honest in that I am developing the mod for my selfish aims---developing the game to my own liking, and then hoping other players and fans enjoy what I come up with. So far this has been relatively successful, but I agree that there are a few blind spots, such as the UI. My plan is to continue on my current course and once the game reaches beta or a more complete state focus more on compatibility issues such as what you bring up. 

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1 hour ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Carthage takes over Zapotecs (4K)

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The Carthaginians traveled quite long.

By the way, the map is quite accurate because it really does have a little Mesoamerican touch.


most of the places where the Indians lived were pine forests what a beautiful time they are combined with slightly arid lands.

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