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56 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Working on a possible new INDIA biome for Alpha 25. 


Biomes I think we should make:


Aegean (Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Eastern Turkey)

Alpine (Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites)

Anatolian (based on Cappadocia and Armenia)

Balkan (Illyria, Croatia, Dacia, Thrace)

Baltic (Northern Europe, Scandinavia)

East Asian (China, Japan)

European (Gaul, Germany, Britain) 

Mongolian (Gobi Desert, the Tarim Basin)

Iberian (Spain, North Africa)

Indian (Punjab, Deccan)

Italian (Italy, Sicily)

Middle Eastern (Syria, Phoenicia, Fertile Crescent)

Nubian (East Africa, Upper Egypt)

Persia (Iran, Afghanistan, Hindu Kush)

Saharan (Sahara Desert, Egypt)

Steppe (the Eurasian Steppe)


And then we should seriously curate the random maps to focus them to the game's theme. We don't have to get rid of a bunch of them, but we can move those out of theme maps to a separate menu. 

Nobody is working on that right?


I miss Amazonia map.

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10 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:


Gorgeous! Those rocks (metal mines?) are gorgeous. Ground textures? Gorgeous! Alexandermb and wackyserious' work on the unit textures really pops out in the HQ version of that screenshot...

My one criticism would be the use of those paving stones known as Sett: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sett_(paving)

I grew up in Antwerp and that particular type of paving stone is still ubiquitous there, as in many historical cities in Europe and even in some American cities like Boston and new York you can still find it. It has a very 18th - 19th century feel to it, and I can't unsee it. It's too iconic of a pavement stone. 


This one is a lot more irregular, and therefore perhaps more authentic looking. A more common type of ancient cobblestones perhaps:



A different type of Sett, but far less iconic looking, and therefore maybe more appropriate:



And this is perhaps the most historically realistic type of pavement stone (and my personal preference, maybe with some color correction):



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54 minutes ago, Stan` said:

Do we really have to wait for A25 ? :D

Depends. If you just want to create 2 or 3 new biomes now for A24, and then all the rest for A25, that's up to you. I just thought there was already plenty of other things holding A24 back. lol


The ones we add to A24, like India, need to be new biomes and not updated old ones. We don't want to have to update all the random maps yet until the entire biome/terrain overhaul is complete. 

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8 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:


Mmmmm... That looks so much more authentic... I love it!

It seems like creating the right mix of textures is kind of like... cooking. 

Mixing up the right ingredients, and spicing it up, just enough, but not too much... I think you got it just right there...






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