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Your 0 A.D. Screenshots


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I tried something like that first. With a nearness factor to the center. It can’t handle elongated shapes. Also, it was too uniform to my liking.

A varying centroid instead of a fixed predetermined center point might fix it.

(I am pretty biased towards gradient noise because it is pretty performant. And it’s the best visual quality one can reasonably come up with. Most things in nature can be depicted by it. Change the frequency and you got patches of grass)

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Persians in isometric.

(Persian Wonder: Hanging Gardens of Babylon; eventually this should be replaced with a more fitting wonder, such as the Gate of All Nations, or the Audience Hall of Darius or something. Keep the Hanging Gardens in the game though for scenarios and/or capture the wonder game mode)




Capturable animals, with effects.

Notice the different Yakhchall, or "Ice House" models, courtesy of @Stan`.




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26 minutes ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Wusste gar nicht dass es eine deutsche Version gibt?

Launch 0 A.D., then under Settings/Language.

Just now, wackyserious said:

How could I manually define the minimum zoom in level in the game? Is it possible to do it in the game console?

Allowed zoom ranges from 50% to 200%; default (press R) is 120%, but you can redefine it to a different value by inserting a line in your `user.cfg` file, e.g.:

view.zoom.default = "200.0"

File location depends on your operating system, see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths

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