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  1. I made this poll because I’ve always thought that the current market for the Iberian faction lacks a certain recognisability, and even after all these years, I still sometimes struggle to quickly find my allies’ Iberian market in a competitive match. In my opinion it’s a little too small, and looks more like a single market stall, than an actual market. A few years ago Stan` made a new Iberian market, but was not committed. I rather like that market, and decided to ask the community their opinion on the matter. The current Ibrian Market ("Old"): The "New" Iberian market by Stan`: https://skfb.ly/6Qvv9
  2. Nope, I honestly don't have time for the moment.
  3. That's the name of a Meroitic Period Queen. Her name was recorded in Meroitic Hieroglyphics (different from Egyptian Hieroglyphics). (Rulling queens called themselves "sons" of the gods to emphasize that they were on a par with male rulers preceding and succeeding them)
  4. yes, probably... It's some kind of e @Djedptahiuefankh did some good work here: But then he disappeared from the forum... Although he wrote the as an "o", so I don't know...
  5. Yeah, it's up to you. The transliteration is probably more readable than the diacritics for most people though, (I honestly can't read or write proper diacritics myself..) For Nastasen:
  6. For Arakamani (aka Arkamaniqo, aka Ergamenes I), see: So that would be "Arakamani Khnem-ib-Re" Arakamani heralded the beginning of the Meroitic period (supposedly slaughtering the priests of Amun), by moving the royal burial grounds of the Kings to Meroë. He probably committed some sort of coup d'état, beginning a new Dynasty. He took the same throne name as the late 26th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Amasis II, aka Ahmose II, a commoner who also took the throne in some sort of coup d'état, apparently inspiring Arakamani 300 years later. That's because she's a Meroitic Period ruler and her Stela is written in the Meroitic language which is significantly different from the Late Egyptian used in the Nastasen and Harsiotef stelae. Not much to be done about that. I suspect she would have had an Egyptian style name as well, like her successors Amanitore and Natakamani, who used both Meroitic and Egyptian, but we don't have any inscriptions to show for it...
  7. I never understood why they didn't get archery tradition... Thanks again. Since you like consistency, we should use the throne name like we did with Nastasen. So it would become "Harsiotef Sameryamun" (Harsiotef Beloved-son-of-Amun)
  8. I had already added a follow-up comment on the relevant facebook post, thanks!
  9. Welcome back! I can confidently assure you that you are not old in this community... Our fanbase on facebook counts nearly 12.000 people, and out of this group, exactly 50% of the people are between 25 and 34 years old... 16% is between 35 and 44 years old. 6% between 45 and 54 years old. 2% between 55 and 64 years old and 2% is 65+. Only 19% are between 18 and 25. Less than 1% are minors less than 18 years old! We literally have more than 3 times as many seniors as we do minors in this community
  10. Kushites are an underpowered civ. I don't think anyone is going to complain about Amanirenas being a little bit swifter. Nobody even recruits her as is... Why would it be an issue? Have you played them competitively before? Who would I need to talk to, to get this change through? Ah, so does the template matter? Or is it something the end user will never notice?
  11. Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either... Nastasen and Harsiotef are different people, but I don't know anything about templates, or why Harsiotef is there. Back when the Kushite civ was being prepared for integration, I argued for Harsiotef as the main cavalry mounted hero, but didn't get a positive response and people stuck with Nastasen. Maybe there was some sort of a mixup. I'm now obviously committed to Nastasen, and the fact that they're excavating his tomb right now means that there is also more public interest in Nastasen. He's the more famous of the two, and had a more direct military conflict with Egypt making him more interesting than Harsiotef who focused more on regional campaigns. @Stan`, from your screenshot I can see that Amanirenas is still on foot. Could you please change her to the chariot version. Queens wouldn't be walking on the battlefield if they have a perfectly usable chariot. Especially not if they're overweight Thanks for pointing this out @Nescio
  12. I'm sorry, I don't follow? Which template? What does the template currently say? The Kings have many names/titles, often quite similar to previous Kushite Kings and/or New Kingdom Pharaohs. For Harsiotef, just copy pasting from wikipedia: But where is Harsiotef in the game? I thought there are only 3 heroes per faction and Nastasen was chosen over Harsiotef?
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