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  1. Horse animations + actors update

    @Alexandermb, I didn't realise how easy it was to check out your models and anims with your mod. I just checked them out and they look fantastic! I think both the models and the animations are really a major improvement over the current horses! Amazing job! As far as I'm concerned:
  2. Stanislas69, please forgive me, I have one last nit to pick: The animation seems to comprise of 2 parts: "part 1": hind legs are flat against it's sides. "part 2": hind legs are "manoeuvring", When a crocodile is in free swim going straight, it uses it's tail only, with it legs flat against the sides, like "part 1". When stopping, or moving left or right, it's hind legs "manoeuvre" like "part 2". To make the anim more natural looking, I suggest that it comprises of two times "part 1", and 1 time "part 2". So there's twice as much time spent free swimming, as there is manoeuvring: current animation: "part 1", "part 2", "part 1", "part 2", "part 1", "part 2"... My suggestion: "part 1", "part 1", "part 2", "part 1", "part 1", "part 2"... I think this will look far more natural.
  3. @stanislas69, it looks pretty good to me, though I'm not as familiar with crocodiles as I am with horses Only thing I can think of is that the tail movement could be a little smoother, much like the way a snake moves. Check out this video of a crocodile swimming, with a pig in it's mouth...
  4. Come on people, VOTE!!! 17 hours left!!! We can do a lot better than rank 101!
  5. Horse animations + actors update

    Yes, much better!
  6. Horse animations + actors update

    @Alexandermb, ok, better now, but the last remark is that the hind leg shouldn't stretch so far behind the horse when bent. They should be bent underneath the body. A rounder butt would also help define the leg. (don't hate me please )
  7. Horse animations + actors update

    @Alexandermb, like phalanx said, sorry for the nitpicking, but the chest went missing again. The upper front leg bones are positioned too much to the front, or too high, or something causing the leg to flex weirdly. The leg should stay the same size throughout the animation, and the chest remains prominently visible (and unchanged) throughout every step of the sequence. Ideally, the last bone on the hind legs (the hoof) needs to be a little bit shorter (so the hoof can bend more sharply). Another useful image (download and zoom):
  8. Horse animations + actors update

    @Alexandermb, I actually think what makes the back legs still look a bit bizarre are the fact that in the animation, when the hind legs are at their highest point underneath the horse, the bottom of the horse's hoofs are pointing downwards at an angle of 180°, while the bottom of the hoofs are supposed to point outwards at an angle of about 135°. Basically it needs to bend a little more (it's a little detail, but it could make the anim more natural). Another small suggestion is to add another bone to the back half of the tail, so that the tip of the tail can whip up and down more convincingly. @Phalanx Nice vid, but the horse's gait in that vid is canter, while the horse in Alexander's anim is galloping (faster/intenser). It makes the comparison at bit difficult, though I agree that the lower half of the back leg doesn't need to come up as high it does in the anim (it should indeed still angle a little downwards at it's highest). ps: wasn't wowgetoffyourcellphone referring to this guy's wrist: Also, maybe: You're almost there!
  9. ==[ENHANCEMENT]== Hellenic Unit Textures

    @wackyserious I love them, especially that Kausia cap is really cool (you'll use it for some of the Macedonian and Seleucid units as well?). One awkward question though: Those double stripes on the tunics, what's the reference? A quick google search only turned up one similar example (with thinner stripes) from a secondary source. I'm not sure, but I think those are closely associated with Roman tunics, not Hellenistic ones... Maybe a slightly different variant is in order, to distinguish them, like only one stripe on the left or right side, or something. I don't know. ok, scrap that, I found a Hellenistic reference, from Sidon, Lebanon, but it does show much thinner stripes, different from the Roman looking example in your texture. Maybe just narrow the stripes a little.
  10. The Kingdom of Kush: Architecture Throughout this thread, the architecture of Kush is discussed and illustrated at length. LordGood has made a very intuitive use of the reference material and has created an absolutely beautiful building-set! This reference post on Kushite architecture aims to provide the final "raw materials" including many details and illustrations for the final great push towards the most accurate representation of Kushites in any work of modern times. @LordGood This post will be of particular interest to you. I'm not expecting you to do anything with the current models yet, I'm sure you have your hands full, and I still need to do stuff with the textures. As I said earlier, I will make a specific "architecture revision" post, to discuss the current models and make my final remarks/suggestions, in part based on some of the stuff shared in this post. The Architecture of Kush:
  11. Still under development, set to be released somewhere in 2018. It seems to draw a lot of inspiration from one of my all time favourite games, Sierra Entertainment's Pharaoh. Lovely environments and living towns! http://www.hardancientlife.com
  12. Thank you for the encouraging words and support wackyserious! I'm delighted to hear you're still working on the Kushite units, it really doesn't matter if takes some time, all good things do. I've fallen behind dramatically on my reference posts as well. I have most of the stuff ready, I just need to find time and energy to actually post it. One of the future posts will be particularly interesting for you (Kush in popular art), which will feature relatively accurate contemporary art works of Kushites. That's one of the reasons I really hope the team really takes their time for the next release, include as much of the work done by so many talented and passionated volunteers, and polish as many aspects of the game as possible, from the GUI to maps, buildings, unit textures, animations, pathfinder and AI. The upcoming AoE releases also further makes these ambitious goals imperative, in my opinion. I love those Persian unit textures of yours! They look very convincing! I hope you continue this marvellous project. These updates go well with LordGood and Stanislass building updates and alexander's new animations. I'm already very excited about alpha 23, but there's still lot's that needs doing. Vim!
  13. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    You're both absolutely right, I saw a youtube video on his horse anims and other stuff relating to unit meshes and textures and I have to say they do look incredible. But nobody seems to know when/if he'll be back, so until then, I would utilise the highest quality work which is actually available to us, and in this case, it's alaexandermb's work, which looks way better than the current stuff in my opinion (even if they're "just placeholders" they're still better). fyi, I really hope enrique comes back though.. I really don't mean to disregard or disrespect his legacy. He's work is really amazing! Perhaps a final decision can be made in the month(s) running up to the next release. If we haven't heard from enrique by then, I really think it's strongly advisable to use Alexander's updated models, for the sake of 0AD itself, and how it's received by the the people unaware of enrique's work.