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  1. Practice makes perfect... You'll be slaughtering the AI in no time. Don't let your economy slack. You need to continually be pumping out units in early game. Don't forget the eco techs. There's a few good video's on youtube that give you a good beginners guide: Also, do you realize that you can now set the behavior of the AI, with the choice of balanced, aggressive and defensive. So you can play against defensive AI's if you want to take it a little easier while learning...
  2. I feel like we've been here before Interesting nuance though.
  3. @Lion.Kanzen Yeah, we have similar looking trees over here... One of our more common forest giants is the Silk Cotton Tree. It's absolutely humongous! Varieties of these are apparently also native to Latin America. It's dense... Here's a collection of personal pictures I took of the nature scenes in my surroundings and other places in Ghana:
  4. Oooh, @wackyserious, I remember you asking for bananas...
  5. Apparently there's like 160 to 1350 different varieties of "Acacia" depending on who you ask... I was getting confused looking at different types, including the more greener broader leafed types I see around my neighbourhood. I should have stuck with "umbrella thorn acacia" or "Vachellia Nilotica" or "Senegalia Senegal" (gum arabic tree) or something like that. Anyway, the leaves are exaggerated in size and they look more messy/angular in real life... I was thinking they look too minuscule if I make them any smaller, but I might want to revisit that.
  6. lol, I just mentioned these windmills in another topic: I tried looking it up and sadly they seem to belong to a different time-frame than our game
  7. Just from casual reading I read that they were used to create and store ice, as well as preservation of food. The ice itself was also used to preserve food. It probably wasn't used to store grains, but it was used for things like meat and dairy. I'm not an expert though, just an idea.
  8. Nice.. Wouldn't it make more sense to function as a special building that increases productivity from farms (food can be stored longer, less waste, more net food surplus)? And how about an option to upgrade them with bâdgir (Persian windcatcher/windtower): I think @LordGood was actually interested in the windtowers. Persian windmills are also quite interesting, but I'm not sure exactly how far back they date.
  9. Just brainstorming a little How about expanding the economy just a tad, by using the CC to recruit several economic units: Farmers (60% female, 40% male): used for farming, gathering fruits/berries. Can only build farm, fields and coral. labourers (100% male): used for mining and logging. Can only build mines, logging camps and CC. builders (100% male): used for building anything and everything, except for fields. Can't gather. slaves (50% male, 50% female): can be used to boost the output of farmers, labourers and builders, but can't initiate anything themselves and have a very low health. Unlocked in second or third phase (or become available after capturing "gaia settlements") For the rest the, CC would have one armed trash unit as a militia for emergencies and a scout (cav with very low health which can double as a hunter). Most of the military units can only build military structures and the CC. Citizen soldiers can still be used for mining and logging, and can build mines and logging camps, but work at a lower rate than labourers. There is nothing like the healing touch of beautiful young lady. I'd like the healers in-game to be female. They can be recruited from the temple (priestesses) like priests and basically take over the priests' current job. Priests are instead used to boost morale, which was part of their actual function, to make the soldiers believe that their fight was ordained by the gods. This is either achieved by adding morale to the game, or, simply by increasing defense and/or attack stats for units nearby the priests. In other cases, women should be civ-specific, like the Mauryan maidens or Scythian Amazons, warrior Xiongnu women and specific heroes already in-game. In the future, if we can have animations for the buildings, it would be nice to see a bunch of animated women in the market place, buying and selling their produce.
  10. How we see borg- How someone else sees borg- "Resistance is Futile!"
  11. Really??? omg... I never knew... So many awesome little details... Where is this mentioned? Shouldn't there be a clearly visible button?
  12. In the current setup it would be awesome to have a back to work button that automatically reassigns selected units to the last economic activity they were working on. I'd actually prefer this as well... Focussing on town building, raising an army and combat, instead of microing individual labourers.. That would theoretically mean defenders have an advantage, but during competitive play I feel like the more aggressive player actually has an advantage. This depends on the success of the attack of course, but sending an enemy's economy into disarray through an early rush seems to be very effective, especially if you keep up the pressure.
  13. I think it's better to ask @Tiber7 what has been done... I think there's a few nice maps, but it's a huge project that needs an active team of people.
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