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  1. I think those patterns may be inspired by the patterns of Berber straw mats/carpets. Not a bad choice imo...
  2. Wow, you're a very skilled artist. I believe I've shared two of your works somewhere on the forum before. I really like your dinosaur art as well... Any and all archaeological references, as well as accurate artistic reconstructions of both buildings as well as units (including your own), are more than welcome in these threads. Feel free to start your own art and history thread about specific references or information about interesting Mesoamerican cultures (maybe a period sparring partner for the Zapotecs in the Terra Magna mod?) @Trinketos
  3. From an article on the upcoming AoE IV: Mierda... Anyway, good for them... We have this thread to prove that we didn't rip off AoE once we implement falcon scouts for 0AD
  4. They were a major source of gold and ivory. Also iron, slaves, cattle and exotic animals. They always had far flung trade connections and traded in luxury products. So you could give them some kind of trade bonus. A higher rate of metal income from trading? They also built deep wells and water reservoirs to farm and keep livestock alive on the margins of the Sahel. A higher rate of food income from trading?
  5. I think we should have more. It helps a lot to not clutter up threads and quickly gauge community response. Red heart button for "love" Blue thumbs up for "like" A thumbs down button theoretically sounds logical, but for psychological reasons, it might not be advised. In theory we shouldn't let online interactions determine our feelings and state of mind, but reality is a different question. I think the "confused" choice is nuanced enough to express something akin to a dislike without being too harsh.
  6. Veteran from the Punic Wars? I really like the Chemtou temple by the way...
  7. Remember that these are North African Berbers/proto-Berbers, not Sub Saharan Africans. They would have looked tanned, but not quite like that These guys look a little more realistic: Numidians from Trajan's column : Also, unit diversity is probably going to be a bit of an issue...
  8. Garamantes would be awesome. Personally, I know next to nothing about Numidian domestic architecture...
  9. I haven't read through it myself yet, but seems an interesting start: https://www.academia.edu/5345062/Monumental_Power_Numidian_Royal_Architecture_in_Context_in_Prag_and_Quinn_The_Hellenistic_West_2013_179-215_?auto=download
  10. It's one of those things that armchair historians would love to hate. Although I was a little surprised that gladiators were indeed sometimes used as bodyguards and exceptionally even in battle. But they probably wouldn't have looked like gladiators in those contexts. Are the two gladiators inside the ring actually animated? That would be really cool.
  11. 70 B.C., that works for me... (hey, that rhymed ) Roman Empire was traditionally founded 27 B.C.
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