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  1. Stables, cash crops, and... Kushites… I know, I know, you said think realistic, but one can only dream…
  2. In my very first post on this (awesome) forum, I actually wrote something very similar: "I believe the Ptolemaic faction should have more Hellenistic characteristics, and its current ancient Egyptian look, would suit the Kushites better, who copied many ancient Egyptian elements in their culture." And: "...Kushites differ from Ptolemies in that they have a much stronger Sub Saharan influence, along with preserving ancient Egyptian culture, styles of building and aesthetics. Ptolemies were really a Hellenistic faction, set in Egypt. That doesn’t make them Egyptian. Alexandria, the capital was a major center of Greek culture, not Egyptian. The housing was predominantly Greek style, as in the other two main centers of Ptolemaic culture, “Neucratis” and “Ptolemais Hermiou”. I think the Ancient Egyptian look should be reserved for the Kushites (with some added Sub-Saharan elements), and the Ptolemies should look much more Greek, with some Egyptian influence (mainly the temple)." I still stand by what I said, though it is true that most of Egypt under Ptolemaic rule retained an almost purely Egyptian character, the three important centers of Ptolemaic rule were much more Greek in nature. Mixing the building styles would represent this cultural duality, as with the Seleucids. Ancient Alexandria in it's full glory: More:
  3. Well, I think the current version of the game, when finished would be the "arcade" version I was referring too. Nothing needs to be trimmed of the current game, in fact, a number of elements still need to be added. But it would essentially be the finished version of what it is now, designed to the wishes of the online gaming community, tailor-made for competitive online gameplay, as we see in the recent surge of youtube video's being posted. The playing style is similar to AOEII, and follows the tradition of classic RTS games. It would something like 0 A.D. Classic The second much more expansive version I was talking about, would go a lot further and deeper in every level of gameplay and visuals. Much more realistic, naturalistic, immersive and time-consuming. Something incorporating elements from classic rts games like the Age of Empires series and Rise of Nations, but at the same time breaking free from the dogma of classic RTS, and incorporating city building elements from games like the Anno Series, or the Pharaoh and Caesar series from sierra entertainment, as well contemporary examples like Banished, and finally include an actual economy management element to the game, with a large amount of goods that can produced and traded and need to be transported and stockpiled, instead of metal, stone, wood and food… Managing an actual population… Much larger and realistic maps, Infinite diversity in building types and variations, environment, wildlife, units and animations… Animations for everything! Even playing kids in the streets of your bustling little town, and laborers working away in your industries as porters shuffle resources and finished products back and forth and housewives visit the markets for grocery shopping. More realistic dimensions too. Some people will complain the units look like ants next too the trees and buildings, but they can play the "arcade" version, 0 A.D. Classic. It would bloat the game to several GB's in size, but I wouldn't mind… I also just realized this is the forum for Delenda Est, and might not be the most appropriate place to discuss these ideas.. My apologies for that.
  4. For a long time, I've also been thinking that 0AD needs to be split in to two versions: - A classic and streamlined arcade-version, perfect for online multiplayer and people who like a simple, fast-paced game. - A much more expansive, time-consuming simulator, with endless options and a strong focus on realism, actual economy management and city building. (similar to the direction DE is taking, but even further) I believe this is the only way to satisfy most people, as they represent two very popular, but irreconcilable visions for 0AD. Trying to achieve both visions in the same game leads to mediocrity. But splitting them in two versions creates options for the optimization of both playing styles, and could make 0AD the best RTS ever made
  5. Ah, I see…
  6. Why do you need mods, cheats or developer mode? Playing alpha 20 (vanilla), just putting population cap to unlimited allowed me have populations of up to 2500 units, and I was able to build as many houses as I wanted. I played with a 5 year old macbook pro. Lag became seriously unpleasant, but I reached those populations nonetheless with a less than ideal laptop.
  7. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Yes please But definitely check out Balduin's specification pdf on github, as it lays out a preliminary design document based on the accumulated references. It still needs updating, and I will provide a list of units and their specifications very soon, as well as a list of important building and unit props.
  8. I think because most people here only have a limited amount of time to spend on this, by all means, if they feel they can make a contribution now, I think they should just do it when they have that time, even if it may only become relevant or useful later on. We just need to try to keep serious track of what has already been done, and what really needs doing. Personally, I'm currently working full-time, just became uncle/god-father, have limited time before I go back to Ghana, and need to get so many things unrelated to 0 A.D. done, which really drain the amount of time I can spend on this [awesome] project. So anytime someone offers their help, opinion or contribution to this mod, however big or small, I get really excited Thank you @fabio and @Lion.Kanzen for your participation When I find some time, I will be providing a complete preliminary unit roster, as well as necessary lists of building and unit props. On a side note, the homepage for Microsoft's Bing search engine features a beautiful new image everyday. On 25 / 05 / 2017, this image was a photograph of the Begrawiya Royal Necropolis at Meroe. A beautiful illustration of this history, slowly becoming part of the mainstream historical canon.
  9. I really like Lion's original version. Sphyrth's version is very nice too, perhaps with some more polishing..
  10. The Kingdom of Kush: Documentaries (screenshots) In this post, I will be discussing three different documentaries about the Kushites, and providing screenshots. The documentaries featured are: Discovery Channel - Nubia, The Forgotten Kingdom PBS/National Geographic - Rise of the Black Pharaohs PBS - Africa's Great Civilizations (ep. 1- 2) All three of these documentaries will offer a concise description of Kushite/Nubian history and offer rich visuals, as well as archaeological excavations. A good stop for anyone trying to get a quick insight in to this complicated history. One of the most useful references I was able source from these docu's, is a complete three-dimensional reconstruction of the Amun Temple in Dangeil, including the temenos walls and gorgeous pylon gate: Nubia, The Forgotten Kingdom (2003) This one hour documentary about the history of the Nubian Kingdom (Kush) features two archaeologists, Julie Anderson and Salah Ahmed, as they unearth a massive temple to Amun in the ancient Kushite city of Dangeil. It also narrates the history of the war with Rome and features some modest historic reenactments, as well as impressive 3d reconstructions of the entire Amun temple complex, both exterior and interior decorations are clearly shown. They made one major mistake, in erroneously identifying the reigning queen at the time of the Roman war as Amanishakheto, while in actuality it was Amanirenas, probably due to the documentary being made in 2003, when the exact dating of the ruling monarchs was more sketchy. Rise of the Black Pharaohs (2014) A more recent, and visually compelling documentary about the history of Kush, centering on the 25th dynasty and the Napatan period. This 54 min long docu focusses on the earliest archaeological excavations, and the controversial history behind this history. The archaeologists Geoff Emberling and Tim Kendall re-examine an ancient Napatan pyramid and the spiraling peak of Jebel Barkal, still bearing 2700 year hieroglyphs commissioned by Taharqa himself. Africa's Great Civilizations (ep. 1- 2) In Africa's Great Civilizations, Louis Henry Gates travels all corners of the continent, visiting archaeological sites and talking to experts and historians about a number of great African civilizations. The first two episodes talk extensively about Kush, and features some very nice cinematography, and shots of statues and reliefs. The narrater over-emphasises the blackness and Africanness of the people he's discussing (as if to prove the point that Africans achieved high levels of civilization throughout history), but a lot of really nice information is shared. Definitely worth a watch. Quality torrents of all three documentaries exist, but shhh, you didn't hear that from me….
  11. By the way, I also like the idea...
  12. @stanislas69 I'm honored you're offering your help. I really admire your work on Rise Of The East, and we could definitely use somebody like you, who is so familiar with 0AD, and modding in particular. You can make any props you feel would be useful to this faction, or anything really, that can be referenced. I'll try to provide you with a list of possible props in the coming week, or maybe you already had something in mind? @balduin 3D Artists are some of the most valuable (and scarce) resources in the creation of new content. Please just let the artists be artists, and do their thing. There's 11 pages of reference material on this thread alone, hundreds of uselful images and page after page of written texts and sources (I'm sure Stanislas69 will find something to do). Sure, we don't know every little detail about every possible unit, but that's not necessary information for the creation of props. In addition, I'm working in conjunction with another artist to visualize all the possible units. This other artist is considerably more skilled than me, and we have both spent considerable time familiarizing ourselves with all the weapons and attire used by the Kushites… Don't worry too much about the "open questions", this faction is already quite thoroughly researched, and more is coming. We might not be able to implement any of these models yet, in an actually playable mod, but it will be good to already have a "library" of models, which will speed up the work once we get to that stage.
  13. The Kingdom of Kush: The Story of Queen Amanirenas and the war with Rome An illustrated short, by Jason Porath Here are three more interesting ideas of what Amanirenas might have looked like:
  14. The Kingdom of Kush: Sophie Hay photography & The Lions of Kush In anticipation of more dedicated art, I will use this post to highlight some beautiful photography of Kushite reliefs by Sophie Hay, providing some nice details on Kushite attire. I will also share a collection of depictions of lions, some of them on a leash, indicating the probability of lions being kept as exotic pets (show-animals) and possibly even being used in a military context, reminiscent of the days of Ramesses and finding parallels in much more modern Ethiopian examples of royals keeping pet lions. Seen as Kush was a known exporter of exotic animals (including giraffes, elephants, leopards, cheetah's and monkeys), it seems natural that lions were among them. Perhaps one of the Kushite Heroes, maybe the queen Amanirenas, or her son, prince Akinidad, could recruit a lion or two as their bodyguard? Here's a pic of Queen Amanitore smiting her enemies, with her pet lion: Sophie Hay photography & The Lions of Kush:
  15. @Gyrion Perhaps you'd like to check out this thread: Your support and contributions would be more than welcome