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  1. @Duileoga thank you very much for all this!
  2. Ah, that makes sense. Sadly I don't have the skill or time for texturing right now.
  3. This is my favourite interpretation of the Mayas, I prefer these over the Preclassic . Will development continue on this?
  4. What's the source behind this hat? it looks very western
  5. Cheers, I didn't read the beginning of the thread
  6. Hey, so I tried running Delenda est (the one from github) on A26 christmas build, and this has came up which is the same with other mods updated to A26 such as Han Chinese. Any ideas? EDIT: for some reason the log refuses to appear when I screenshot it.
  7. So I've heard that the Kushites are planned to have an entire remodel at some point. Does that include the their architecture and units? And what sources point to the historical inaccuracies?
  8. Did the Kushites worship the rest of the Egyptian pantheon? Or just their chief god Amun, and their own Apedemak?
  9. Agreed, do you know if the 0 ad team will be improving it in the next few versions?
  10. Will the ai be updated at some point to play with delenda est's features?
  11. Yeah, that's what i've been doing pretty much, thanks for the help anyway!
  12. Cheers guys Edit: Yeah, control units doesn't work with cheats on
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