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  1. I've done a temporary fix for the britons unit skins adding back their a26 versions; do the gauls need it as well or is their current look intentional? public.zip
  2. I was asking for someone else basically. Even though some have argued that it is simply Indian influence that led to the bronze statuettes of elephants and the column depiction at Aborepi, I feel that its much more likely that the Kushites did use elephants, especially if the Ptolemaics did.
  3. Will we see a woad painted naked fanatic as a unit for the Britons?
  4. And you aren't bothered by the naked fanatics of the Gauls? Or the Noba tribesmen? Things should be historically accurate to reflect reality at the time as closely as possible, whether people like or not. Mods exist for those who don't like it, and if there aren't any try to make one yourself.
  5. I support this as well. However I think the candidate build should carry on being a test bed for fixes/additions so the community can give feedback.
  6. What happened to the old woad skirmisher and slinger models for Brits?
  7. We could have a couple native american civilizations that can be represented at this time. Central America has the Olmecs and Zapotecs (although we have little to nothing on the Olmecs so its unlikely), and the maya in the yucatan as you have mentioned. South America has the Chavin and Nazca (with the latter just squeezing in at 100 bce). Personally I would like to see the a North American culture represented like the Hopewell, but similar to the Olmecs, very little is known and therefore unlikely.
  8. You have a point that many of their advancements can be considered irrelevant to combat. However, I still believe that these civilizations can still have a place in the game. They can have more variety of weapons for infantry compared to most civilizations as others have mentioned, such as pikemen and possibly even bolas acting as a hard counter to cavalry. I forgot to mention earlier that there is the fact that obsidian can equate to sharpness of metal, aside from its brittleness which could be a nice upgrade/sidegrade dynamic. There is also the possibility that this can bring new strategies and gameplay mechanics, under a guerilla theme. And if that doesn't work, they could work as a spammable faction where numbers have to make up for lack of metal vs. those with it with lots of max population upgrades.
  9. True, but I believe that this shouldn't be a limitation as these civilizations were advanced in other ways, and therefore can be balanced in different ways for example cheaper, weaker units and etc. We see tribal mercenary units such as the Noba for the kushites not using much metal and have more weapon stat damage than some units for other civs using metal. And personally I don't find the discrepancy as that large as we are talking about the iron age compared to aoe3 which is muskets and gunpowder. There is also the fact that alot of civs don't use much iron armour; the celts use iron weapons and very little armour earlier on and the Kushites still rely on alot of bronze armour and lighter materials. So from this I believe that civs with no metal can compete.
  10. If/when we see the nomads in the game, I hope Petra is updated to play them decently.
  11. I for one would welcome some American civs Zapotecs would be the best first choice since they're the most completed compared to the others (with my desires for the Olmecs slowly fading away...), but a South American civ like the Chavin would be excellent. Maya are a favourite civ mod of mine and would love to see them in, but not sure what the standard is for integration into EA is.
  12. Fixed ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/skeletal/inca_w_b_1.png" not sure about the other errors. Also this is the first time i've compressed something into a RAR file so let me know if something's wrong. incas-0ad-master.rar
  13. some errors and some missing stuff: ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/structures/{civ}/civic_centre.xml" ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'structures/{civ}/civic_centre' ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'structures/{civ}/civic_centre' ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/skeletal/inca_w_b_1.png" ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/structures/{civ}/civic_centre.xml" ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'structures/{civ}/civic_centre' ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/reference/common/TemplateLister.js line 39 this.TemplateLoader.getVariantBaseAndType(...) is undefined compileTemplateLists@gui/reference/common/TemplateLister.js:39:57 setActiveCiv@gui/reference/common/ReferencePage.js:26:51 selectTemplate@gui/reference/viewer/ViewerPage.js:38:9 init@gui/reference/viewer/viewer.js:18:9 showTemplateDetails@gui/session/selection_panels.js:1260:9 showTemplateFunc@gui/session/selection_panels.js:1016:53 ERROR: GUI page 'page_viewer.xml': Failed to call init() function
  14. Nice, though the a26 version on github and mod.io seems to be be broken
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