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  1. @Duileoga Another question, can the large structures buildings rings be made bigger? a lot of the units clip through the buildings.
  2. Okay! Do you know the source or inspiration for the hat/headwear that the champion spearman uses? I'm curious as the cap sort of looks western though I know that isn't the case. I would be all for AOE style secret cavalry at city phase Would it be easier if I were to run my text into a translator before I type it (I hope DeepL isn't too awful) to save time for you guys? It seems Spanish is the majority spoken language here.
  3. No inconvenience whatsoever! I will ask if you plan to add the tropic/jungle from the tropical river map as a biome so it can be accessed in random generated maps like unknown?
  4. Having a blast with the current protoclassic mod on github! Thanks so much for the work you guys put in! The unit and architecture designs are fantastic!
  5. I'm curious about the command console; is there a list of commands anywhere?
  6. Huh, didn't expect to get credited for reporting a bug, but I appreciate it anyhow!
  7. Thanks, I understand now. Is there an easy way to fix that?
  8. I would like to know how to add units that aren't trained to be registered by petra (e.g. like Meroitic swordsmen, Napatan temple guards, most of the cavalry for persians, etc) as it always bothered me that the ai never fully took advantage of their faction's roster. I'm currently in the process of looking through some Petrabot stuff on the wiki, but I would appreciate a guide as a shortcut. Also, is there a reason why healers aren't trained in any other game mode apart from regicide? Or has higher priority stuff slowed down updates for them to be competently used by petra? I feel like ai playing factions like Kush could benefit from it. Cheers
  9. Thanks dude, I'll try this out next time i'm modding the game!
  10. Cossack/American Conquest series style gamemode, where units consume food upkeep, military units cost civilian pops (though would probably work better with two gendered citizens). and seeing units going inside and exiting structures. Had a blast playing American Conquest, so i'd be living the dream with gameplay like it in the 0 A.D. setting.
  11. I want to know the location of the the unit pictures used in the structure tree/unit info previews. Also, how to screenshot with the black shaded background seen on said pictures? I've tried the atlas editor but the shade of black isn't consistent with the other unit cards.
  12. Thank you, that would be great. It'd be even better if you guys separate the actors and kept the new one for the ptolemaics and the a25 black fisherman for the kushites
  13. Well I have a preference for the a25 fishermen model, so wondering if i'll need to replace the new one or not Well actually, i'd have to separate the ptolemaics and kushites from using the same fishermen somehow That also reminds me, is the mercenary ptolemaic trireme a placeholder name too?
  14. Is the current Kushite/ptolemaic fishermen model a placeholder? Or will Kushites be getting the old one back or a new model?
  15. @Duileoga thank you very much for all this!
  16. Ah, that makes sense. Sadly I don't have the skill or time for texturing right now.
  17. This is my favourite interpretation of the Mayas, I prefer these over the Preclassic . Will development continue on this?
  18. What's the source behind this hat? it looks very western
  19. Cheers, I didn't read the beginning of the thread
  20. Hey, so I tried running Delenda est (the one from github) on A26 christmas build, and this has came up which is the same with other mods updated to A26 such as Han Chinese. Any ideas? EDIT: for some reason the log refuses to appear when I screenshot it.
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