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  1. Hi guys, Would you shed some light on how to edit the position of a prop - in this case a shield - during an animation? As you can see, the shield is in the correct position when soldiers are relaxed but not when they start fighting.
  2. Thank you . It caught my attention that it's even used in the "idle" animation. Doesn't this animation refer to when the units are just standing still? if that's the case, how would this value act for these specific animation? By the way, do you think I'd this feature in case of not using formations in my mod?
  3. Why are there repeated animation entries with different speed values in some templates? What does it mean in the game?
  4. Hi guys. I was reading this guide https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/CreatingNewUnits and noted that <animations> node was used directly in the unit actor file. However, a different approach is used in A24, where <group> nodes are used to point out some XML files which in turn point out to all the animation files needed. Is there any advantage of one approach over the other? I personally find the first one more intuitive. On the other hand, what does this <group> node mean? and why are animations sometimes divided in different <group> nodes like in the example below? Actor: infantry_javelinist_b.xml
  5. Good morning everybody, Today I'm looking to modify the appearance of the top bar (the one with the resource icons). Could somebody please point out where's the specific graphic file used for this bar? I can't find it
  6. Apparently, this only deletes vanilla civs from the list but doesn't fix the problem with Spartan units. In order to fix this problem (ai least temporarily) I have to add a units.DELETED file too.
  7. @Freagarach@Nescio Thank you guys for your cristal clear explanation. I really appreciate it. So I suppose the easy fix would be to create my own versions of these Spartan units removing the "-" from the stone wall line, right? I was wondering if there's a way to work around this by disabling all vanilla civs. They won't be part of my mod anyways.
  8. Yeah, it is, even after cleaning white spaces. I think I'm done for today. I'll continue tomorrow. Thanks for your help buddy.
  9. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to include that wallset_stone to temporarily fix the errors. It is not intended to be there since I don't want my soldiers to build walls. However, once you delete it, the errors shows up again. The next thing I know is that Spartan unit templates has this line "-structures/{civ}_wallset_stone" which indicates they can't build walls. This seems to be part of the conflict. Regarding those line, how the hell did they get there? Do you how to avoid doing that in brackets?
  10. I've attached my template_unit_infantry.xml file. Regarding the ones mentioned in the error, I haven't touched them. I'm not even using them. My achaean units are using Athenian actors. acha_infantry_spearman_b.xml template_unit_infantry.xml
  11. I didn't mess with any Spartan template. Just removed most of the structures from builder node in template_unit_infantry.xml as shown in my previous picture.
  12. I've successfully managed to 1) Make some structures buildable outside territory limits 2) Remove territory influence from all building 2) Remove resource gathering capabilities from soldiers 3) Reduce the number of structures soldiers can build: After achieving this last one I came across with 3 errors related to the game not being able to remove stone walls from the structures Spartans can build. Why's that? Only god knows. And hopefully some of you too. I've attached the error log file so maybe someone can take a look. Error Log.txt
  13. @Nescio That's very clear. Thanks.
  14. Maybe I hadn't understood the nature of skirmish maps, to be honest.
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