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  1. Faction: The Franks

    What about this one? I moved the roof texture per column, each one 5 spaces up and alternate to create irregularities. The same concept was done to the shadows.
  2. Faction: The Franks

  3. Faction: The Franks

    @stanislas69 @Alexandermb
  4. Faction: The Franks

    Do you have any reference that I could use?
  5. Faction: The Franks

    A warmer tone for the wattle and daub. @stanislas69
  6. Faction: Byzantines

    This faction can be started and use Roman or Greek buildings for placeholder
  7. Faction: The Franks

    @Nescio @Sundiata Can you help us determine the names of the Frankish helmets?
  8. Faction: The Franks

    @Alexandermb We also need a coif for the other helmets. Plus this round top spangenhelm with a central band that stretches from front to back (and its coif) A mail coif will also be a good addition
  9. Faction: The Franks

    Depiction from the Psalterium Aureum or the Golden Psalter of St. Gallen This interesting thread about Carolingian helmets led me to the Psalterium Aureum. http://soa.org.uk/sm/index.php?topic=1656.0
  10. Faction: The Franks

    Should we give the elite spearmen kite shields? or lenticular round shields similar to the swordsmen?
  11. Faction: The Franks

    Alexandermb already modeled this helmet. I think he already committed it too, yesterday.
  12. Faction: The Franks

    Alexander already committed the mesh and the actor files, the only thing that is not yet committed are the coif textures Will commit it when I get back home.
  13. Faction: The Franks

    @stanislas69 This is the furthest it can go without recreating the image. Further enhancement might distort the quality. Spec map was added.
  14. Faction: The Franks

    We are experimenting with the coif at the moment. Helmet and shield by @Alexandermb
  15. Faction: The Franks

    Odo of France or Robert the Strong too