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  1. !!! Thanks, this will be very useful for future Southeast Asian faction mod, together with the mangrove
  2. Awesome output from both Lordgood and BigTiger as expected. I think we should do a consolidated move for the terrain texturess next, after the flora.
  3. I agree Tall trees look great. The Rome 2: TW used similar designs for trees. The taller the trees are, the more room for height variety
  4. I remember that I first played this game back when the Maurya faction was still being developed. I often visit the game website to read updates back then and have not yet joined the forums. I remember reading an update about the new round houses for the Britons and that made me very excited. Time goes by really fast, I think I joined the forums back in 2013 and just a few months I was into modding the game graphics with the help of Niek and Stan my fellows from CoM. I could still remember my first match against the AI, it was on Cycladic Archipelago with two other AIs against each other and I was amazed with the variety of fauna on that map and the ships too. This video was very nostalgic.
  5. The developers should have stayed with the gritty look, smoother graphics makes it look more cartoony, IMO.
  6. It was adjustments to the m_amor_tunic mesh variant. Using normal m_tunic mesh variant reduces the gap.
  7. Some sort of ancient trade expo/convention, based on what I can see. MercCon456BC. #SomewhereInGaul
  8. Another of my idea was to implement the servile class units, where a servus does not cost population but cost food and metal and will require 1 house for 1 servus and a market tech to implement them. (So players could still balance economy and military even in late game, and economic power could depend on the amount of your houses, this could also add an additional importance at keeping houses. Slave Market Technology (Market) > Slave : 50 Food, 25 metal, 1/1 House train requirement (No pop. count)
  9. Or a leave/retire vs. enter military service transform button? Too much micro though. Leave service: +gain 50% resources used (wood + metal) Transform unit to an economic unit Enter service: Resource cost for military unit (wood + metal) Transform unit to various types of military unit depending on choice. Again, interesting but might be to much micro for some players.
  10. Also keep them at basic rank and no ranking up for economic units, just add a slight fighting capabilities for them.
  11. @Stan` I was thinking for a while now of suggesting that we create an atlas unit which we could use for scenarios (Helot revolts and the Roman Servile Wars) where we script some Scenario type maps with large group of armed mobs or angry mobs that would storm the player base. I was thinking of arming them with nothing else but livelihood tools such as farm and mining tools (and maybe some hunting tools? like a simple spear?) This way having them as economic units could still be immersive since they could roam around without holding swords helmets or other warrior panoply.
  12. For review: Plumed variants for Montefortino @LordGood @Stan` helmet-extraordinarii.rar
  13. Modified the Roman Montefortino mesh and added some prop points for the Extraordinarius helmet in order to update the old prop with the newer mesh. Also added a variant without cheek guards. The Montefortino without cheek guards and a single plume on top of it was based on the original actor file for the Equites (as seen in the old screenshot below)
  14. rome_subarmalis.rar This was the quilt source .psd by the way
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