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  1. @Alexandermb Do not forget the two plumes on the sides
  2. Could battle grunts and cries be simultaneously played with these attacks? Like an occasional grunting while attacking. I imagine that would make battles even more alive. I really enjoyed the variety of the sounds presented. It really made a noticeable change and improvement.
  3. Yes, and maybe two more surface hit varieties for it would complete the dish.
  4. I do not have new textures for the centurion. The only problem would be the medals, since the armor is quite easy, it is just iron scales. I think that the current texture is quite on par with the updated ones, given the details that it has considering that it is only 256. We could try to recreate the texture though.
  5. An overview of the current texture for the Carthaginian unit roster. Iron cuirass for the Sacred band is represented through iron scale cuirass partnered with a reworked version of the old texture to retain the Carthaginian-white appeal of its unit roster. Bronze scale was reserved for the elite rank Libyan-Phoenician spearman (I am having reservations on using chainmail, I want to suggest that Hannibal's veteran spearmen be represented as a separate unit) @Stan` @Sundiata Did the looting of Roman chainmail only occurred during Hannibal's period, or was this a thing even in the previous Punic Wars? Advanced rank armor was also reworked, I added modified visual assets from the Ptolemaic faction since it is a close neighboring region. Weathered linothorax was also used and for their tunics, long sleeved and sleeveless variants were added. I did not used player color since the shield is already effective.
  6. @Alexandermb Most of the Carthaginians helmets are not yet crested.
  7. A little bit more sun-tanned Libyan-Phoenicians.
  8. Referencing the previous discussions on the use of sleeveless tunics from the general thread for Celtic unit textures discussion.
  9. It is kinda hard to find solid reference. The attack above is strong and inclined forward I was imagining an opposite to the one above, Where the attacker will do quick steps to backward Then deliver a minor spear thrust, somewhat like a counter attack That attack will return him to the initial position It is like when a warrior is losing the ground
  10. I was also wondering why hexagonal shield are still a part of the shield distribution for the Gauls? Tagging @Genava55 on this thread.
  11. Okay, I will hold the commit until tomorrow to avoid overlapping, you could remove the scabbards on the part of your commit tomorrow, thanks.
  12. @Alexandermb Most of the attacks are inclined forward. Would it cause un-synchronized animations if you add for example 1.) Maybe making a few steps backwards while delivering weak counter attacks 2.) An initially defense focused stance and the attack part will be a minor counter attack
  13. @Alexandermb I noticed that basic rank Celtic spearman was assigned sheathed iron swords, I will fix it in my commit.
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