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  1. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic British Roster (Britons)

    About the light armor, what would you suggest? Quilted/padded cloth? What about thick woven fabrics? I am quite busy with school right now. This might take until the last weeks of March, after that is my semester vacation which would be 4 months.
  2. I have been quite busy lately due to school work. Good thing is that my semester break would be from March up to the first two weeks of August. Just giving you guys a heads up since I have not been active these past few weeks. :)

  3. wackyserious

    Black powder test

    Yeah, probably Late Sengoku up to Sakoku (Or even Bakumatsu period)
  4. wackyserious

    Black powder test

    I smell samuraiiiiii....
  5. I contracted flu several days ago. :throw-up: I am slowly recovering from it.

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    2. wackyserious
    3. wowgetoffyourcellphone


      Sucks m8. Had the flu this year too. 

    4. Genava55


      Good luck with this! I hope you will have a fast recovery

  6. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    No issue on the loincloth on the Bariogaisatos?
  7. wackyserious

    Improving the Loading Screen

    We can put the units in weathered pedestals similar to how @Enrique showcases his unit animations and mesh
  8. wackyserious

    Improving the Loading Screen

    What I have in mind is a movable 3D mesh of units in the game, with little trivia about them so that the audience could learn facts about the units in the game. Something like an in-game sketchfab? Like the loading screens in the TESV: Skyrim.
  9. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    Proposal: Gaesatae (Celtic Naked Fanatic) The current actor file uses round shield (Which is not accurate according to @Genava55) I have not added body paints at the moment (I have to confirm if continental Celts also painted their bodies) No frontal nudity as I covered the genitals with body hair.
  10. wackyserious

    Battalion test mode

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone I would definitely love to see parts of this mod also integrated into DE. That would be really cool.
  11. wackyserious

    Battalion test mode

    I tested your mod and it was awesome. Keep it up. One thing to note is that the takes long to research unit upgrades. Palisade walls also need a medium and long variant.
  12. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    Part of the reason why I added so much bags in the new druid texture.
  13. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    Also, what are your insights on the Bryastovets horned helmet and the Deal warrrior helmet?
  14. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    Another idea that is rumbling in my head. About the shouder pads, the Romans substituted the shoulder pads of their chainmail as what I have seen in may illustrations. Could we also substitute the chainmail shoulder pads (for example, leather or linen like in linothorax) for the Celts?
  15. wackyserious

    ===[TASK]=== Hellenic Unit Textures

    @Alexandermb Not yet, I am still working on the new bronze cuirass