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  1. I have several animal skin accessories for the body textures.
  2. We do have Amerindian skin tone presets. I'll upload them tomorrow. I think @Trinketos already have the source files for the Amerindian infantry textures.
  3. The semester started this week. Luckily, I have no class schedule from Sunday to Tuesday. :)

  4. Stay safe, life could be really naturally challenging in the tropics.
  5. Yeah, thanks! Ash fall in our area was minimal, but that was just an hour away from where I live, about an hour of drive. We are very lucky that the eruption was not a mega catastrophic one, only problem right now is the ash fall in some areas. Heard that there was also volcanic activity in Central America.
  6. I think I am sooooo late to see this. Did not know that we had a dragon in the actor files up until now..
  7. What about these for the Nabatean camel archers? I am planning to incorporate the armor textures from the Judea mod, as seen below worn by the elite rank units.
  8. Could the Beja shields from Kushite art asset be used for the Arab javelin infantry?
  9. This is a very significant feature for this alpha, let me say it again. I played last night and, I was way faster at advancing my phase (As for someone who takes city building seriously while playing RTS)
  10. http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?740477&styleid=43
  11. Just an idea, what if rams could be packed too, also make them way more slower, so you have pack them if you want more mobility?
  12. Drawing inspiration from Europa Barbarorum II, these are a mix of Armenian, Anatolian and Iranian units.
  13. Work on the new head textures are stalled at the moment.
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