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  1. This looks very awesome! I would probably play this civ first when this mod gets released.
  2. Try to reduce the colors, maybe a monotone or dual tone, colors when mixed together tend to blend when viewed from a distance.
  3. This thread was actually meant to add a Scythian champion horse archer to Atlas I will try to create actor concepts for lighter armored citizen cavalry.
  4. But the Seleucid faction still have Dahae Horse Archers, right? I have assigned actor files in their simulation file. This was what I had in mind: Basic rank: Clothed in proper manner Advanced rank: Light to medium armor leather armor with some limb guards Elite rank: Heavily armored with scale, including limb guards.
  5. Good thing you had responded quick, I was about to commit it.
  6. Several reconstructions and artist impressions show that these limb armors only protect frontal areas or sometimes the outer flanks of the limbs. I am about to commit there textures for the Seleucid Dahae Horse Archer
  7. I was thinking about the Bosporan kingdoms when I came up with these designs.
  8. No, all of this textures are new ones and I want to integrate them in the game by having a steppe horse archer champion unit available in Atlas.
  9. Can we add a scyt_champion_cavalry_archer unit template to Atlas? I have everything ready and I am just waiting for an approval to commit this. @LordGood @Stan` @Alexandermb
  10. So, should I reverse the current Neocretan looking ones back to Eastern archers?
  11. Here are some more textures, I am planning to consult on adding a Scythian horse archer unit to Atlas
  12. Added the missing file, thanks!
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