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  1. Left to right: Bronze (Current) Iron (Current) Bronze (Modified) I modified the current textures for the updated Illyrian helmet as I noticed that the quality of the current bronze variant was not on par with the iron variant.
  2. @stanislas69 @Alexandermb Also, do we already have updated Thracian type helmets? I believe a large porting of Greek units and other Hellenized factions use it for most of their infantry.
  3. I have been reading the materials that you guys sent. I found this particular comment to be interesting. Attached was an image of the Macedonian Iron corselet from the Royal Tombs of Vergina.
  4. I was hoping that this would be implemented for the game. Thank you. What comes to my mind is a very old game (Sudden Strike 2) that has appealing terrain visuals crafted through terrain and decal interrelation.
  5. We do not have a mesh yet. Alexandermb mentioned that he wanted to add variety to the new mesh.
  6. The Carthaginians were not happy upon hearing the news that the Roman Republic has set foot in Northern Africa.
  7. I am concerned regarding their clothing, I was assuming that they wore clothing in the Carthaginian manner since these soldiers were often referred to as, Libyan-Phoenicians. But if they will be fashioned in the North African manner, it will be similar to how Numidian nobles were interpreted in Europa Barbarorum II.
  8. @Sundiata I need to familiarize myself with how the ancient Libyans dressed during the time that their territory was under Carthaginian influence. Which tribe did the Carthaginians recruited their phalanx infantry from? Also tagging individuals who might want to share their insight, others are also encouraged to share their knowledge. @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates @Genava55 @Nescio @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded
  9. Haven't progressed in 3D modelling these past years, I was busy with many things I am hoping that someone would help me establish my hopes for a modular ruins set (gather-able) for the game
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