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  1. Could you bake a flat 256x256 .png image of that scale, I will see what I can come up with it. Also if you could make a variant with smaller scales, maybe reduce the size by 50%, thanks!
  2. Cool how you still produce excellent stuff. I'm also using a HD4000
  3. @Alexandermb We could use it for new scale texture variants for units.
  4. Noticed that you did so in commit summaries in github before. I was quite obscured at first, to be honest.
  5. I noticed that the previous alphas removed it from the elite hoplite actors. Back when I first played the game, I remember them having that textile attached to their shields.
  6. I mean, simultaneously use two separate spec .png in one actor. I also do not quite get the context here. Weren't the greaves a separate prop now?
  7. I only used specs on armors to make the spec maps as something general and avoid having too much png files. Would it be possible to stack up spec png? Like have to assigned spec maps, one as an armor and the other for greaves etc?
  8. I had to search the internet for that one. But I have heard it before, so that means watchman but could be derogatory in other Spanish based language. It could be due to the social stratification issues during the previous century.
  9. The variant in the province of Zamboanga in the Southern Philippines is still fairing well. The variant in Cavite la Punta is not doing good though. I heard a story from my former instructor that the local parish is offering language classes for those interested in learning the language. Mostly the elderly were the only ones speaking it right now and they use it as a cryptolanguage when talking about sensitive issues in their local area.
  10. Yeah the literal meaning in Spanish is quite... haha. And most people this day, do not know this as a fact.
  11. This is true, the Americans came in 1900s and English replaced Spanish. The city where I am from, Cavite la Punta, which is South of Manila was heavily Hispanicized. The generation of my Abuela were the last ones to speak or at least able to fairly comprehend Spanish. To this day, only selected persons are able to use Chavacano in our area.
  12. That is me on the far right side. Haha, I'm an Asian Taco, we also call the days the Hispanic way, by the way. Lunes, Martes, Miercoles (Locally, Miyerkules, then comes Huwebes up to Sabado)
  13. So is this project green-lit and good to go?
  14. Woah. This is insane. Nice work
  15. Impurities (dark spotting) on the silver texture is quite strong. Awesome work, so far. Wondering what it looks like on player color and in comparison to the old Macedonian pelte textures, though.
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