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  1. ===[TASK]=== New persian equipment

    @stanislas69 I'll try to edit the flat looking ones. What about the shields?
  2. ===[TASK]=== New persian equipment

    @stanislas69 Nerfed the scales as suggested (It is using the same scale texture for the Kushites) You sure you don't want the flat looking ones? What about the two new shield textures? (The light colored one and the white one)
  3. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @stanislas69 Should I commit these textures to the repo? Or will you guys be making a new mesh for the round shields? As suggested by @LordGood
  4. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Ahh, I thought the mesh was modified, variants can be made, if that is the case. Did you already uploaded the .psd somewhere?
  5. Achaemenid Persians and Median

    I admire this guy.
  6. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    The mesh can be plain round too, and let the alpha channels in the texture handle the two small holes on both sides.
  7. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @Sundiata Lordgood's wicker shield textures (two new recolor variants)
  8. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @Sundiata What would be the color of Harsiotef's horse?
  9. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Maybe a separate announcement here in the forums and in the social networking site accounts was the lacking factor. A simultaneous announcement would have more effect, since only those familiar with the trac timeline will know of the implementation of the Kushite faction. @Lion.Kanzen Indeed sensed it. Congratulations to @Sundiata and to the fellow contributors.
  10. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @stanislas69 Go signal on this and I will upload them together with the actor files on behalf of @Sundiata
  11. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Too lazy to know shortcuts and stuff haha
  12. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    No need to resort to a pixel by pixel level, selecting the current layer as active layer and simply pressing ctrl + one of the direction keys moves the whole selection or the anyting that is in the layer, just combine all the discs in one layer to make thing easier then proceed to the shadow forming phase Generating textures really has a rough testing phase
  13. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Tip, try to duplicate the metal discs layer, then set the brightness of the duclipated layer to zero, put this solid black image beneath the previous layer and create 3 copies of these. You now have four solid black figures of the primary layer, you will then move each (1 or two pixels, ctrl + up/down/left/right arrow key) Combine these four solid black layers. This will somewhat create a shadow of dark outline of your image. I usually reduce its opacity between 30-75% This is how I usually create hard shadows in 2D texture making. I something create two sets of shadow layers (what I casually call them) One is a few pixels moved (Like 2-3 times in each direction) This has a lower opacity, maybe 30% And the other one is moved only 1 pixel in each direction (Just like in visual arts, the shadow tends to weaken as it goes farther from the object) So this layer has higher opacity since it is the one closes to the primary layer (or the layout/shape layer, what I call it) Just my 2 centavos in texture making