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  1. From what I gather, you can't have a new account. Just use the 5 year old account.
  2. Need to launch projectiles where it would hit instead of the targets position. For a unit moving straight, this is pretty simple.
  3. The triggerscript I wrote is licensed under the same license as the rest of the random maps in Vanilla. I do not think CC applies to anything I uploaded, just GPL.
  4. (Pesem has been at it for a long time under different Aliases. Never encountered any racism or anything as vile as this. Just going out of his way to PRaise JEsus)
  5. Pathfinder support for non-uniform cost grid got nuked when the JPS rewrite came along. (By Philip). So units would behave kinda dumb now. Might walk through mud literally 1 tile away from a road. I could be wrong. I don’t know much about pathfinding.
  6. Don't recall testing it out on SP either :-/
  7. I guess I should clarify, I do not have the insect entity template anymore. Which would probably break the map. Would still generate with an error I guess. Although, if I were to do it again, I would do the same without using an entity template.
  8. The terrain was all done by hannibal, see D907. The trigger script was my only addition.
  9. plague_swamp.jsplague_swamp.jsonplague_swamp_triggers.js One of hannibal's maps I took and "finished". Can't remember if it worked as expected, but most of the following should work. - Decrease health of random units (or sometimes kill) at intervals. Representing diseases. - Raising water which would destory farms on lower ground, (not sure if it raised high enough to make all buildings unusable) - Vermins (the insect cloud) which would damage units which are in it. These would move throughout the map and come into the base of each player to a random place at intervals. But as said before, this has been in a forum PM for a very long time. So might as well post here in case someone else could pick it up.
  10. Yes he is still responsible for developing the AI. Just not here. > Mimo should be back. Should he? If you want to post something, do it in that thread.
  11. Regarding lower accuracy, I wonder how that would work out? Remember A21? Like fatherbushido said, clearly defining what the problem really is important. The units making sharp unrealistic turns?, the attacker being inaccurate?, the attacker trying to be too accurate?, the attacker not realizing they are wasting their time and not picking any new targets?, or maybe just the projectiles being slow?
  12. Deleting the file and the file entry and re-syncing should work, no? (Or maybe forcefully changing the hash). I do not have an svn copy so can you list out the files in .svn/ (No idea what the consequence would be. Might as well try if all alse fails. Maybe backup or something just in case)
  13. Broken translation most likely. I think you reported the exact same issue a while back.
  14. You mean that one discussion before the rerelease?, Maybe ray tracing would be easier. (also less accurate I guess since the actual trajectory is parabolic)
  15. Who admits to not doing so? -.-
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