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  1. Hmm, couldn’t that have been the stance for units trained in the building? (very biased, becuase when I did some work for that behaviour, that was exactly how I named it -.-)
  2. Or just redesign the decaying system. The plan was to remove the corpses slowly. Like the real world. There are far better ways of doing that.
  3. Well, most of the maps are created with the assumption that post-processing or environmental settings such as sun elevation, sun color etc do not exist.
  4. Finishing the OGL 4 branch would be way better. OGL 2 lacks critical features. But the collected data shows 20% still use 2. I suspect this value is far from reality though.
  5. life.splice(0, life.indexOf("dead")); // TODO: Don't rely on undefined behavior for indexOf dead
  6. What kind of information do you need from the hyrule code? (I talked to exo and while he did adapt it, the core concept remains the same)
  7. work, work, work, work, dead. work, fun, fun, work, fun, dead.
  8. A slingstone would also have pretty high velocities. 160km/h apparently. And sling stones are pretty aerodynamic while arrows have higher resistance. They can absolutely knock you into afterlife.
  9. To back that claim up I just carried out a test, 70 kushite Champions Archers vs 70 Kushite Sword champions (same cost) ends in the expected way. With an overwhelming victory for the swordsmens with 22 of them remianing which is ~30%. When the numbers are doubled (almost), at 150 vs 150, the Archers win with 70 remaining alive which is ~46%. Given the common situations, the archers would win at even lower numbers. This test was done on open ground with no micro. Just the archers standing their ground and the swordsmen attacking them. This is obviously not how anyone uses archers. Commonly they fight under defenses or sometimes...behind a wall. There are of course a lot of reasons for this. Some being game limitations and others are just inevitable. (tldr; melee spend less time attacking. And more melee also bump into each other. Archers get free shots) They need to be considered, else it's just another thread named "Are there balancing changes planned for A25?". This is why the current meta is based on ranged units.
  10. Archers are nearly invincible when they reach a critical mass. One on One match-ups don't really show all the info needed. Which is where the mechanics discussion comes into play again.
  11. Ah, that oob thing. There has been a solution since Dec 5 2018 (until it was abandoned I guess). https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1688 should fix it for all relics. I might have some second thoughts on the reasoning of some of my earlier comments. Also, that does nothing to inaccessible resources. But that is a different matter.
  12. I can tell you that Knockback should not be implemented like that. When I wrote that, it was purely for mods and therefore it’s just one ugly hack. (From the looks of the video, it seems exo built a lot on top of it. A much nicer trajectory at least (that could be anims too). So use that as a base if that is really needed.)
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