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  1. I suppose it was just for the simplicity. Sometime back, it was proposed to use Freetype which was deemed unnecessary by the then devs. I dont recall all of the reasons, but pretty sure the C++ vs Python argument was given. You could find the exact thread by surfing through RedFox’s content.
  2. Nah, just wraitii. And possibly nani too, if he is interested enough to pick it up.
  3. (-_-)

    Adieu to lobby!

    (I trust the people I play with to not come over and kill my dog)
  4. (-_-)

    Adieu to lobby!

    Since we are on the topic of privacy, can a mod delete my (-_-) account? And I guess all the other banned accounts too. It’s literally a waste of diskspace now. I lost the hashes of the password which doesn’t seem to be the same as the one I remember typing.
  5. You can edit the pmp file via a script. source/tools/ already has a kinda related script. Something about A18-A19 map compatibility thing.
  6. (-_-)

    A24 - crashing game [Reason found]

    Or revert rP22023..which happens to make the game not segfault for me. Someone might wanna raise a concern on that commit. This was probably the same segfault I mentioned on that day on irc.
  7. (-_-)

    A24 - crashing game [Reason found]

    (The second replay consistently segfaults. Just make sure to not quit when the replay ends) "svn merge -c -[revision]" if you didn't know previously.
  8. (-_-)

    "Very hard" Al

    First one needs some tinkering with numbers. The second one needs more work and is also buggy. The AI can and will build storehouses on the edge of cliffs if there is a forest at the bottom and it is accessible (which is a flood fill algorithm and hence its marked accessible even if you have to walk across the map). The default 0AD map is the perfect testing ground. Since, the AI is agnostic of "y" height, the best solution IMO is to query a path and use it’s length for the distance check. Which would wreck performance if done naively. And, there is also the limitation of AI construction in general. Which selects a position by giving specific locations weights. Loc of farmstead for example when placing fields. Which gives rise to cases where the AI will build fields “near” a farmstead on a hill. Third one needs some minor changes to where exactly the AI chooses it’s rally point. The AI will bring all it’s attacking units to a specific place before launching the attack. Posting this since you mentioned an interest to work on the AI. And also as a bug report I guess. Kinda old thread, but I didn’t know much about the AI back then.
  9. No, it would not. Thank the person who actually checked it. (Not me) If anyone is interested in removing unused stuff from map files, here is a list. One might also bother checking those maps, because Skirmish Demo.xml is broken. Unless of course, it was intended for the map to be underwater. Others may be too, I didn't bother checking anything else. Sandbox - Iberians.xml:41: "BaseHeight": 0, Sandbox - Romans.xml:41: "BaseHeight": 1, Treasure Islands.xml:41: "BaseHeight": 0, Sandbox - Seleucids.xml:41: "BaseHeight": 1, Triggers_demo.xml:41: "BaseHeight": -100, Azure Coast.xml:41: "BaseHeight": 0, Azure Coast(2).xml:29: "BaseHeight": 0, Azure Coast(4).xml:29: "BaseHeight": 0, Cinema_Demo.xml:42: "BaseHeight": 1, Skirmish Demo.xml:41: "BaseHeight": 0, Persian Highlands (4).xml:41: "BaseHeight": 10, Zagros Mountains (2).xml:41: "BaseHeight": 0, Golden Oasis (2).xml:41: "BaseHeight": 1, Corsica and Sardinia (4).xml:41: "BaseHeight": -8, Do note that the BaseHeight in random maps are totally different. Unless they are in *.json files.
  10. { "BaseHeight": 0, // Change this one!! "BaseTerrain": [ "medit_rocks_grass" ], "CircularMap": true, "Description": "A demo Skirmish map.", "Keywords": [ "demo" ], "LockTeams": false, "Name": "Skirmish Demo", "PlayerData": [ {}, { "AI": "" } ], "Preview": "", "RevealMap": false, "Size": 192, "VictoryConditions": [] } That's the map settings part in the xml file. Would it actually fix it? I don't know. But it should.
  11. (-_-)

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    Currently formations are nothing more than aesthetic. If someone were to miraculously decide on fixing them for the next version, they should start with adding proper formation combat. Until then, its pretty much useless to talk about formation bugs.
  12. (-_-)

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    Maybe, the lack of a design document isn't the problem. People might also want to read this. Maybe that's just an unattainable goal at this point.
  13. (-_-)

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    [insert another comment about having ran the commands and verifying it] ============= The following is just what I have perceived from my time here. It's not necessarily how things actually are. The way I see it, the main issue is not having a particular "direction" in terms of gameplay. Nobody would be working on some fancy new features such as historically accurate naval combat or even perhaps charging cavalry if they know that it would pretty much be discarded, ignored and forgotten. I think even I posted something describing two gameplay changes on a thread somewhere. Both about making the game more historically accurate. I think it was about making cities actual cities and farming on actual farmland or something. Which of course suffered the same fate as the dozens of such posts here. Although, it was pretty bad and rushed that it turned out for the better. The gameplay is pretty much final at this point whether you like it or not, at least don't expect any major changes to it. I would love to be proven wrong though.
  14. (-_-)

    Building Error

    Unlikely you would ever need to run clean workspaces thing after an initial compilation unless you do something big.
  15. (-_-)

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    Having noone (who is willing) to do stuff is a valid excuse though. Which unfortunately seems to be the reality. See the stats on that fork thread. Alternatively just observe the patches on phab.