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  1. Thats pretty much what I already have. With terrible (literally zero) thought into placement. https://github.com/smiley3/0AD-Skeleton-Generator/tree/newGUI Anyway, thread getting highjacked.
  2. (-_-)

    Grumpy Gurken's recent ramblings

    Give 0AD read/write access to the directory where saved games are written to. Else, run 0AD as an Administrator. Not sure the consequences of that in Windows.
  3. Forked, but apparently my UI designing skills suck.
  4. (-_-)

    Hotkey does not exist.

    Which language did you use (ingame)? Could very well be a mistranslation. And as far as I can tell, its not english right (judging from the bot names)?
  5. (-_-)

    Hotkey does not exist.

    Patched, modded or anything similiar?
  6. (That script would do nice with a GUI)
  7. If only the letter for 24 was ā€œGā€. 0AD 24: GDPR Compliant (hopefully) Not sure this rerelease would qualify as a new Alpha. Such little changed that people with 23 and 23.1 can play together.
  8. (-_-)

    Grumpy Gurken's recent ramblings

    Maybe disabling V-Sync would help. Although, I am not particulary hopeful. source: I had to do it to fix a similiar issue on win7 a long time ago. This apparently is a frequent issue as evident by a google search.
  9. Translators are added to the credits via a script. So, updated for each release.
  10. (-_-)

    Cheat walls

    A minimum angle should depend on the wall size I guess. But, I think a better solution would be to find the missing placement check. I couldnt find anything in the commit logs, but I still get the feeling it was a wall placement patch introduced kinda recently. It fixed placement after another bug prevented walls from being built entirely.
  11. (-_-)

    Disable 0 A.D. Factions

    Maybe a sub-mod with .DELETED files would do.
  12. (-_-)

    Web developer application - Daniel Matute

    Unlike other areas, I guess web development would be needing someone who truly knows what they are doing due to the sensitivity. So familiarity with IPB and wordpress (play0ad is wordpress, right?) would go a long way. @implodedok would be the one you should get in contact with. I saw that you mention about enrolling to a programming position in the future. You dont need to. Just pick a simple ticket and start working on it. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStartedProgrammers https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStarted
  13. (-_-)

    Ranged Units

    Realistically, people tend to die after just one javelin hit. They carried more than enough javelins to battle I guess.
  14. (-_-)

    Grumpy Gurken's recent ramblings

    Whats the alternative to healers moving to healing range? Current system seems rather bad. To me atleast.