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  1. Always replace a character people. It completely makes the word not offend anybody.
  2. Then don't even bother. I have one liners that actually fixes an error uploaded over a year ago. Oh someone forgot to add "," to the hotkey list in Oct 2013, let's not fix that.
  3. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches That's how the team expects patches to be received from. I have no idea what would happen next lul. (turned out to be a waste of time for me)
  4. How are you so sure your numbers are correct? what if that particular flap of the butterfly wing sets off a tornado in Texas?
  5. When you are not happy at how things are going, just follow the Thanos quote from the Avengers and just say “fine, I will do it myself”. You have no right to demand anything from anyone. All you can do is convince. But that doesn’t always work.
  6. When was the last time the dev team merged something from DE? lol. Call it something else. (I for one really like this way of doing stuff) ----------------- Shouldn't this just be a campaign like in the AoE series with n scenarios?
  7. Why do you overwrite hdr in postproc/? Just add FXAA_autociv as an additional postproc, then you can have it disabled just like the other effects.
  8. FOSS genie engine to be frank. Porting proprietary games is something people are quite fond of.
  9. (-_-)

    No decay

    There is a bug in the territorymanager code. I never investigated further, but this does look familiar to that.
  10. A double feedback system might very well solve this issue. You don’t need dedicated hosting for that.
  11. Which errors? Could be because of the weird name. Try https://github.com/smiley3/a_mythology_mod_for_0ad. Not rebased. Some 26 commits behind apparently.
  12. I doubt that is even necessary. Modern hardware can handle the amount of polygons in these models easily.
  13. Fun to you. Unfair to others. You get to know others while you are behind a cloak. That's the reply I always received.
  14. Adding the third dimension might lead to some more checks I guess. I think that was mentioned in the same context.
  15. Swimming is already in the game. If not, there should be a patch somewhere.
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