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  1. @Nescio Would you show me a picture that better depicts this pose you suggest? maybe something from another statue on the internet?
  2. Hey guys. This is an update of my current Athena statue project. As you can see, this is not a highly detailed model yet. I've been trying to set proportions and posing right first. Additionally, I'd like to know your opinion on having the goddess using her right hand to hold a spear instead of a nike. I personally find it more appealing with the spear. A nike would probably need an additional column to support her hand as in the Athena Varvakeion statue. As I mentioned in previous post, there's no way to know how exactly how this statue looked like. One of the few things we know is
  3. Thank you. I've collected many references including Pausanias description and images of ancient coins. At the end all this references only provide a vague understanding of how the statue looked. So I decided to use Athena Varvakeion proportions as reference for sculpting the statue, with a nike in the right hand as suggested in many coins, and an erected spear resting on her shoulder between she and the shield so the tip and the crest of the helmet could both be seen from far away. Bronze, of course, will be the main material of the statue once finished.
  4. WIP After losing all my pc files by accident I had to start sculpting The Great Bronze Athena from scratch. This is how it looks so far:
  5. @FeXoR Yes, at least Achaean places had this setup. A citadel or fortified place surrounded by villages.
  6. This "bug" has always bothered me so much! I remember a feature in AOM where terrain below constructions was flatten dynamically every time a building was placed. I'm talking about a game from 2002.
  7. @Alexandermb Thank you @Trinketos I'll pm you so we can talk in Spanish. @LordGood Me too. Not just architecture. I find the whole period so fascinating.
  8. Good evening to everybody, This post aims to get volunteers who want to work with me in the creation of The Bronze Age mod. I'm specially seeking the help of those with coding skills. However, all kinds of help will be highly welcome. This is an overview of the project so far. More ideas will be added over time. If it catches your eye and you'd like to help just PM me and let me know.
  9. Yes Yes, that's exactly what needs to be done. I just have no idea how to do it. I need the help of someone with coding skills. Yes, that's SketchUp.
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking forward to add a new feature in which you can choose your city when phasing up for the first time. Future upgrades, bonuses and heroes will depend on the city you choose to play. Would someone be willing to help me achieve this?
  11. @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates I'm afraid the statue won't be ready any time soon . About a month ago, part of my PC files were accidentally deleted, including the ones corresponding to The Great Bronze Athena. Unfortunately I didn't have my files backed up. I had invested a lot of time and effort on this statue, but now it's gone. At this point I'm not sure whether I should start again or just resign. I'm sorry.
  12. I also think short/medium/long segments are working as I expect. Just need to adjust towers. I'll take a look at Walls.js and do some experimentation with the lines you mentioned.
  13. Thank you, I just took a bunch of screenshots and put them together as a GIF in photoshop. I hope the guys can help me with the walls.
  14. @Nescio @Stan` Hi, guys. Would you help me modify the current wall system a little bit? I'd like to reduce wall tower appearance to only the beginning and the end of straight wall sets. The purpose of this is to create walls that better resemble the ones from Mycenae which apparently didn't have many towers. It'd work like this:
  15. Hi Stan. Where can I find the animation files in order to modify prop points?
  16. Hi guys, Would you shed some light on how to edit the position of a prop - in this case a shield - during an animation? As you can see, the shield is in the correct position when soldiers are relaxed but not when they start fighting.
  17. Thank you . It caught my attention that it's even used in the "idle" animation. Doesn't this animation refer to when the units are just standing still? if that's the case, how would this value act for these specific animation? By the way, do you think I'd this feature in case of not using formations in my mod?
  18. Why are there repeated animation entries with different speed values in some templates? What does it mean in the game?
  19. Hi guys. I was reading this guide https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/CreatingNewUnits and noted that <animations> node was used directly in the unit actor file. However, a different approach is used in A24, where <group> nodes are used to point out some XML files which in turn point out to all the animation files needed. Is there any advantage of one approach over the other? I personally find the first one more intuitive. On the other hand, what does this <group> node mean? and why are animations sometimes divided in different <group> nodes like in the examp
  20. Good morning everybody, Today I'm looking to modify the appearance of the top bar (the one with the resource icons). Could somebody please point out where's the specific graphic file used for this bar? I can't find it
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