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Known Problems (Please read before posting)

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Hi @Joep1802, thanks for reporting the problem. I confirm that the behavior you've been observing is known. Arrows or other projectiles are not currently blocked by obstructions, that means that walls help prevent the enemy from walking farther, but your units behind the walls aren't shielded from the arrows in any way. There is only this small armor bonus that units get when you put them on the wall (using Ctrl + right click).

More has been written about this by @fatherbushido there: 

We could talk about if this behavior is wanted or correct. It sure is easier to compute the trajectory while neglecting any obstructions. So it's less CPU intensive and easier to implement by the programmers. Is it historically accurate though? Well, that depends. You can still at least do what ancient soldiers would do to prevent getting hit by arrows, that is keep alternating between the opposite directions of movement at a fast pace, which will fool even the most experienced ranged units into missing every shot.


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2 minutes ago, Boudica said:

It sure is easier to compute the trajectory while neglecting any obstructions. So it's less CPU intensive and easier to implement by the programmers.

Yes that was the idea.

To detail a bit more:

There is a delayed distant attack. All computations are done in fixed-point arithmetic.

Then there is a trajectory rendered. All computations are done with floats.

To handle blocking projectiles :

You have to do the second stuff in fixed-point arithmetic (slower)

You have to check for obstructions (slow too)

To check for obstructions :

you have to also take into account height of obstructions. Cylinder or cuboid are probably doable. But that could look really bad for some units for which this shape approximation is a bad approximation.

Something like that were done in the first simulation of the game (but that one could not handle multiplayer or saved games).

So there is some work to do, performances could be hurt badly, and you have still design choice to do.

-- fatherbushido

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