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  1. Also, elephants are very stupid if they can't get to the "intended goal". And very often they just stand surrounded by enemy soldiers and do nothing, or walk around the field back and forth. Elite fighters, battering rams, also often behave incorrectly. After repelling the attack, they just stand in the place where the battle was. As a result, they often either die uselessly at the next attack, or when they see an enemy, they run after him to the other end of the map (to the enemy base) and die uselessly
  2. Situation - two bots are fighting. The attacker demolished the fortress with battering rams and the battering rams went north to demolish the houses there. The rest of the army is fighting the army of the bot, which is defending itself. Bottom line - the bot, almost in the center of the base, has enemy rams rolling, but the war elephants are standing at the camp and doing nothing. Despite the fact that the rams are literally at a distance of 60 meters. Those elephants that the bot used to defend itself from an attack are also inactive.
  3. this is understandable. but then it's worth "explaining" it to AI)) the bot didn't think of that)) For him, everything that is done in the workshop is units for demolishing buildings.
  4. as well as oxybeles (Sparta, Athens, Carthage and some others). Their 240 stabbing damage is not the best means for demolishing buildings .
  5. 1. Yes, scorpion 2. Usually a battering ram, but I'll check again
  6. Good day to all, you were not waiting, and I am with a new batch of offers. Please do not hit hard)) A couple more things that could be improved in the game: 1. The AI uses a strelomet (a siege weapon with piercing damage) only to attack buildings. Which is absolutely ineffective. 2. AI likes to get stuck with siege guns in narrow places, especially near towers. 3. The AI actively places infantry in the tower (sometimes bringing it from the other side of the map), even if the tower is attacked by a single infantryman, and the tower does not have the ability to fire under itself (i.e. 5 stooges are sitting inside and doing nothing). 4. It would be cool to prioritize the extraction of resources: very often pikemen carry food from the fields, and the townspeople pick metal. it was also possible to think about the "limit" - often the AI accumulates 5+ thousand stones, and it continues and continues to mine it, then sell it for metal, which could be mined right next to it. 5. The problem with the animation of pikemen when capturing buildings is the spears turned upside down. In general, it's funny to watch how the guys hold a huge pike with one hand and wave it in the air. Especially when they are 30 + dug)) 6.Perhaps it's worth changing the animation of capturing buildings to the one that units have and is used when winning a battle? 7. I have already written, but I will point out again - pikemen, because of their low attack speed, are very slow to pump, and in fact, usually die without even getting 1 promotion. And swordsmen, often, on the contrary, because of the high attack speed, very quickly become veterans.
  7. Unfortunately, no, I do not save any replays of the game or screenshots. the system is in Russian, apparently because of this
  8. A very strange location in the main menu of some sections. There is a section to continue the campaign, at the same time in the single-player game there is also the same section, as well as there is a "new company" and "upload company". It seems to me that everything about the company should either be moved to a separate section in the main menu, or removed from the main menu and left for a single game. There is also a question about companies, at the moment one is available - a training one. I'm sure there are some companies from the players. It may be worth pre-installing such companies, at least a few. Not every player will go looking for them and download them.
  9. A question about the barracks. In this version, both infantry and cavalry can be placed in them for training. But only horses can be placed in the stables. Is this a bug or a feature?)
  10. Good afternoon. faced with such a problem: 1. during loading, quotes from different historical figures appear from the bottom of the screen. 2. on the transfixer website, the necessary lines are translated and displayed correctly. 3. However, during the loading of the game, dashes appear inside the words in the quotes. I can't take a screenshot, but the phrase looks something like this: «Я не умею лиру на-стро-­ить и играть на пса-л­ти-­ри, но, я знаю, как при-ве-сти го-род без-­вест-­ный, ни-чем не про-­сла-­вив-­ший­ся, к сла-в­е и ве-ли­-чи-ю». \n— Фемистокл, оправдывая своё неумение предаваться благородным развлечениям (Плутарх, «Сравнительные жизнеописания», «Фемистокл», часть 2) this problem does not manifest itself with all quotes
  11. Hello everyone! I played with the warriors with a mace. Yes, they are not as bad as they seemed to me. I just tried to use them for a long time, apparently they were made a little better. So my hitting them was wrong, I admit. But there still remains the problem that the AI uses them incorrectly and suffers greatly on metal. What I wrote about above. I really hope that the AI behavior will be corrected, it hurts to look at 20+ warriors with a mace who fight against 10 mounted fighters or elite swordsmen. I myself really like Kush, so it's doubly insulting for them. There is another idea - mercenaries still do not participate in the collection of resources, they just stand in front of the AI barracks (or other place of creation). Maybe we should make the AI send them to the barracks for promotion? How difficult will it be to implement such a thing?
  12. And another such moment – now Kush has Nubian mercenaries, by and large, are not needed. Warriors with a mace are useless trash, unable to effectively fight other infantry. At the same time, Blemish camel riders are slightly more expensive than Nubian spear throwers, but much stronger and more mobile. P.S. I seem to have translated almost everything, except for the names and names of Han buildings. Slightly corrected the wording of the translations.
  13. Good afternoon. In continuation to the previous message: 1. It was also not possible to repeat the problem with the cost of elephants. Perhaps this is a problem with the old version. 2. About improvements in the forge – it concerned AI. In some cultures, a huge amount of metal is spent on mercenaries. And then the AI does not have enough metal for the production of elite troops and improvements in the forge. 3. I corrected the translation about the temple. Questions about translation: 1. Some forms of translation in my language look strange (one word can be translated in different ways, all translations are correct, but some sound more familiar than others). With whom you can talk to understand why you chose such formulations? 2. Are there even those who check the translation so that everything would be in the same style? I just tweaked the text a lot, but now I'm not sure that everything is in the same style. 3. It is not entirely clear why the double name. I'm talking about the names of units and buildings "for historicity" and in my language in parentheses. They confuse new players (in my experience). • What is the meaning of a double title translated twice? • Perhaps it's worth swapping them, it's more important for me to understand – I'm going to make an equestrian javelin thrower or equestrian swordsman. I understand that after a few games I focus more on the icon rather than the name, but at first it's inconvenient. 4. Is it possible to add a brief description of the units for the popup window? What is there now with the indication of classes will say little to a beginner. And the additional information in the large window is very overloaded with information (especially on construction). For example: • Woman can build buildings and extract resources (especially berries and crops from the fields), but useless in battle. • Spearmen are the main heavy infantry of most states, especially effective in the fight against cavalry. Can mine resources and build buildings. • Pikemen (phalanx) – slow, but well-protected infantry, especially effective in the fight against cavalry. Can mine resources and build buildings. • Swordsmen are versatile, but expensive infantry. It resists other heavy infantry well, but not cavalry. Can mine resources and build buildings. 5. The Macedonian elite infantry, after improvement, can be replaced with the name "silver shield" (now I have not found such an opportunity) Notes on the game balance: 1. Melee infantry is now, by and large, needed as a human shield, because spear throwers cause much more damage than ordinary infantry. This can be seen both in AI battles and in YouTube videos. 2. Pikemen suffer greatly among the melee infantry. In a 1-on-1 battle, they lose even to spearmen. In addition, the mechanics with the increase of units play against them – due to a slower attack, they are pumped more slowly and get promoted. On the other hand, as a meat shield, for the protection of shooters, they are ideal. But it seems to me that this is not what you would like.
  14. Good afternoon! Thank you so much for a beautiful and interesting game. Strategies are going through hard times right now. I have collected a bunch of different problems encountered during the games. I hope this will help you make the game better. Common problems: 1. Nations are not balanced. Some are much better than others. I understand that it is unrealistic to achieve a perfect balance, but there are cultures that are much inferior to others, do not have economic or team bonuses. 2. Ram and other workshop units suffer from poison. It seems illogical to me. 3. War elephants are very stupid, trying to get to a separate unit, dying often on the way. 4. Lion attack animation does not work. The speed of the animal is very small. 5. The problem with the visual display of chariots (first of all), elephants, cavalry. If there are a lot of them, the models begin to "run over" each other, perhaps it is worth increasing the "size" of the models? 6. Shooting units are not balanced. Spear throwers are much stronger than others, and slingers are generally useless. Warriors with crushing weapons are useless in battle, because ALL units have high protection from crushing damage. 7. Some heroes are useless. 8. Arson from elite Iberian spear throwers makes this unit the most effective. 9. The Kushite team bonus for a discount for elephants does not work for elite elephants (for AI Mauri for sure). Why would the Kushites need a bonus on rams if there are elephants that are, in general, more useful? 10. Improvements in the forge are often not made or are made late (especially if there is not enough iron that went to mercenaries) AI Problems: 1. When attacking a city, women do not hide in houses or command centers. As a result, they die en masse. 2. Builders are trying to build something and sometimes try to walk through the territory or under the towers of the enemy. The same applies to the placement of building frames under the fire of enemy towers – time after time they are placed after destruction. If you forbid AI to build buildings in the same place after demolition (and move them closer to the main base) or if you lose a large number of workers on the way, this could solve the problem. 3. Often, when attacking, units go in a liquid line, one or two at a time to a tower or fortress to hide in it. They do not respond to enemy attacks and the cavalry of the attacking AI destroys them. As a result, the units did not reach the goal and died uselessly. 4. The healers and aura of the temple treatment are not used. At the same time, improvements are being made in it. 5. When moving, the cavalry comes first and dies first (especially the arrows that have little HP) which can greatly affect the outcome of the battle. 6. Behavior during construction on its territory suffers from a huge problem – units are sent to build from the other end of the map. Which means a loss of time and may lead to the fact that the defense will not be built BEFORE the attack. 7. Trade routes are built along the longest route, but often it passes very close to enemy territories or through places where caravans will be destroyed first. 8. The second market is being built uselessly – it is too close and there are few resources from it. Merchants are built much later. Maybe we should make it so that the AI builds a second market AFTER the second city center? And the distance will be longer, and the merchants will be more useful. 9. Very often the market is built far away, but without protection. Maybe it should be done so that fortresses or towers are built first, and then the market? 10. Offer – heroes retreat at 25% HP or lower. They're dying too fast right now. 11. If the attacker could not capture the tower, he begins to beat it. Spearmen and shooters do not fight, but attack the tower, which makes them an easy target for defenders. 12. High priority for the construction of mercenaries. As a result, there is not enough iron for elite units. 13. The estate and fields should not be placed from the enemy's side 14. The improvement of the loom (HP for women) is not being done. Problems of AI Persians: 1. Do not make spear throwers. 2. A lot of chariots. 3. In the late game, he often makes almost only elite cavalry and chariots, from which the economy suffers. 4. Makes an improvement on military service and practically does not do infantry afterwards. Kushite AI Problems: 1. Builds too many mercenaries, there are no resources for elite infantry and elephants. Hired warriors with a mace are useless trash. 2. I very rarely see elite temple guards in battle (they don't have iron on them) 3. Does not build swordsmen. Problems of AI Mauri: 1. They don't build swordsmen. 2. Does not build working elephants. A working elephant often stands near the city center. 3. Does not build elite warriors with a mace (but makes improvements on them), which is good, because crushing damage in the infantry game is useless. 4. He does not build archers on elephants. 5. There are a lot of chariots. 6. The proposal for a working elephant is to set the minimum distance from the nearest warehouse where the AI should put it (40-60 meters), or send it to construction sites (but then workers who carried resources to the elephant can run half a map after it) Problems of AI ptolmeyev: 1. There are too many mercenaries, especially archers. There is almost no elite. P.S.q Incorrect translation of the hero of the Kushites And the river (on the elephant) - the price of the temple and the temple guard of Apedemak decreases (you have indicated that it increases) P.S.2 I apologize for the clumsy translation, I am a Russian speaker. The text is in Russian, if it will be useful to you somehow
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