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  1. I do not, though I will try to get a screenshot the next time it happens.
  2. I might have found a bug. When I upgrade the towers, it lets me garrison the number of people allowed in the current level, PLUS the amount of people of the tower I upgraded it from. Is this a feature or a bug?
  3. Make sure to stop the order you a currently giving them, they will usually ignore attackers will completing a job.
  4. oh. Hmm. Well back to chopping wood.
  5. Am I missing a charge tactic somewhere? I need to know now. *death horses*
  6. It states the term citizen soldiers in the economic tutorial.
  7. I have started playing 0 ad a few weeks ago, and am still struggling to beat very easy in acropolis bay. If there are any helpful tips an tricks you know that would help, post them here. I am also playing Ptolemies, is there a better faction?
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