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    i've finished the animations for the ptolemies siege weapon polybolos and will make the others siege weapons too Files >>polybolos_animations.7z<<
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    I'm sure you guys know the drill by now
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    Position Unit Texture Artist - 2D Artist (Beginning to learn 3D modeling) Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Arjel Kenneth Abulog y Cataag Location: Cavite, Philippines Availability: Around 8-13 hours per week Age: 23 Occupation: Arts and Design Student Skills and Experience: I am a visual artist by trade and I am capable in both traditional and digital illustration. I am familiar with the common tools and settings used in most graphics editor software. Motivation: I want to help in improving the visual quality of the game and add more flavor to it. I also want to learn more from the experienced people here in the community and familiarize myself even more in the field of video game art production. Short Essay: I've been around here for two years, I mostly help in the modding sections, I started as a regular player, I discovered the game while looking online for a new historical RTS games to play. Then I visited the forums section to look for mods, I have read several tutorials on how to mod the game. Interests and Hobbies: Visual arts, Anthropology, Ancient and medieval history Favorite Game: Stronghold I and II, Mount and Blade: Warband and Medieval II: Total War Work Examples: Digital illustration: Infantry texture: Map making:
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    brit_stables.zip Brittonnic Stables by StanislasDolcini on Sketchfab
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    k a little heavy on the whole... exaggerated everything
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    Welp, here's some things to show:
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    Here is my proposal for the iber_stables. Btw, I'm shamelessly using this post to offer my skills as an official team artist. [sketchfab]a2fbcd9661a5452ca18015991f7df5d3[/sketchfab] Iberian Stables by StanislasDolcini on Sketchfab iber_stables1.zip
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    Annnnddd the Mage heavy fully aquatic Zora Dominion army is done: As usual, unit details: Time to get all the buildings in now
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    lol these crazy illustrations are only related in setting to these mods, I just thought I'd share to get the ah... 'inspiration' moving
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    in atlas when you switch from packed to unpacked the atlas think its another unit, however ingame they should keep the same helmet PD: another one done.
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    Well if it rains you want stuff to be above ground else water is gonna drain mud all over the place.
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    I remember when rams couldn't attack units, elephants were soft targets for arrows, and defensive buildings all had 24 attack with no build restrictions. That was before capturing too lol. good times, Mauryans had a hard time with that
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    On topic Todo: Barracks fixes and general footprint fixes, eventual theater replacement
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    At least anyone who wants to keep track and possibly write a release announcement. I still don't know what was all in that Enrique new years eve commit, but he made some great video showing off the things. If Stan leaves, that would be very unexpected indeed after still not having left after all these years of rejection :-)
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    Hi Phalanx! The last pyrogenesis.exe was generated two weeks ago which should explain many funny errors. Our autobuild guy is currently giving a presentation on 0AD, but we hope it will be fixed soon enough. I can't login there either currently. Until then, the usual https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions hold.
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    I got all the Zora buildings done, I hope I can get the aqueduct system to work before I have to put out the next release:
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    @LordGood @wowgetoffyourcellphone @wackyserious Here are all the files, ready to use. To see the new helmets in atlas go to actors (all) and type helmets (Illyrian hasn't been remade yet) All helmets are made to be on the head prop point, if you need to be able to put it on the helmet prop point, I can try, but I'm not sure how much I should tweak them. If you feel like editing some textures, go ahead. Notice the improved armor texture, I'll commit it sooner or later. new_helmets.7z
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    Here's the maur ram @Nescio without reference images it's kinda hard to imagine how it was so i follow they architecture design and used the same textures of the buildings. maur_ram.7z
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    > I wish to know why have you entered a open-source project, your motivation and thoughts on the subject (open-source community, open-source at all, proprietary codes, etc) Free software is written in the interest of the user, while commercial software is written in the interest of the corporation. The latter seek consolidation until they become a monopoly and we frequently observe them working in diametrical opposition to the best interest of the user. > Do you think that open-source should be implemented as a default, and have no proprietary apps? Publishing software under a free license is right thing to do, but it doesn't mean proprietary software should be prohibited with force. > How do you feel about the project itself 0 A.D. feels like a triple A game to me and I'm proud to be part of a group that so many wise men were part of and that worked on it for more than a decade. > I mean anyone can go on and program 0 A.D in their free time Most are too exhaused in their free time to work on such stressful tasks then. > is it important that your free time is covered up in programing open-source? if yes, why? What do you think about the ethics in this? I don't understand the question.
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    So for lessons learned here, the reviewer sometimes (often) just looks at the code so always start the game with your changes . It's bitten me a bunch of times in the past. As quick fix, you can switch modes using alt+W several times and it'll sort itself out.
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    IIRC we implemented diminishing returns to try and "spread" farms to make them more realistic and more vulnerable to raiding. I think we can safely say it's a failure, though :/
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    Some updates. I've been messing around with the North African elephant textures.
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    Started yesterday, didn't have internet to publish but at least had it enough time to download the files.
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    As much as the art department seems to be in full swing right now, I only got two hands lol
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    That's a bit silly, but should do for a first attempt: (inspired by all the t-rex memes)
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    yeah having to drop 1000 stone as a down payment on your siege weapons is probably the reason fortifications needed to be so heavily nerfed. I like the attack or defense choice. Not that I made siege workshops very expensive. Now perhaps the sprawling classical fortress can return to its former glory lol siege weapons themselves are going to need a huge nerf after this anyhow, nice work! Think you could make the thatch a bit thicker, especially at the eaves? Right now it doesn't leave much to the imagination in regards to supporting structure underneath. It'll help the little wooden shed in front poking out on top too. I usually try to make the stick and stones sit over the support structure's major beams, so the rocks are sitting on the thatch lattice's support beams rather than sitting on the thatch itself. It doesn't really matter too much in the grand scope of things, but it'll help quell that 'why' factor as to why they're there if they shadow imaginary supports. or real supports, feel free to stick little support beams everywhere, idc have fun lol I'll play with it myself if you think I'm rambling like a nut, or don't feel like working on it anymore
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    Well all the Goron buildings are done and everything: Their defensive buildings such as the fortress, walls, and towers will be able to customize themselves with various upgrades such as reinforced stone (more HP), Lava Moats (melee attackers take consistent damage), and giant bunkers (can garrison with twice as many defenders) Unfortunately I can't get the BFME style base building to work for this faction. My scripting knowledge is just not good enough. I'd very much love to give this faction a very distinct build style different from the other races with large interconnected mountain bases: Unfortunately I just can't script well enough, so for now I guess their bases are all built normally.
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    The Persian texture pack is pretty neat
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    adjusted mesh of horse to match the similar uv's of the original horse use the same skeleton of the original horse for avoid bugs Blender file with helpers for modders Blender file with ridders animations Every visible cavalry updated (Notify me if i miss one) Mod for easy handle in Alpha 22 (I'm not good with cape's) Screenshots Blender Files Uv Comparison Left: Original horse Right: Updated horse Files *Updated* 09/11 >Mod : Horse_new.7z >Blender files >Horse: New_Horse_C.7z >Rider: Ridder_animations.7z
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    Nice ! Added to my commit list.
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    @LordGood Thoughts ? I believe the props in this building will make @Skhorn happy. Me on the other side...
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    @LordGood, as reminded by leper, you might want to commit the blender or whatever files to https://trac.wildfiregames.com/log/art_source/ (so others could modify the models properly in case you are not available.)
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    The Zora are coming, hooray:
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    I know what Ima do for DE. Base game can flail. Basically, I am going to try to come up with at least 2 units for each of these buildings, except Elephant Stable, for each civ. If I can't come up with at least 2 units for each, then I'll just throw the extra 1 into the barracks or make it the Civic Center unit, depending on context. To emphasize that each civ has its own military focus I will do something like this: Since the Persians have an archer and cavalry focus, I will include the promotion techs for each ranged unit at the Archery Range and for each Cavalry unit in the Cavalry Stable. The Barracks will include no promotion techs, few techs at all really. Romans, they get a bunch of Barracks techs, but no Archery Range and Cavalry Stable techs. You can go on down the list and see how easy it would be to allow, say, the Athenians to have a generic Greek Archer, aka Toxotes, and give them access to that type of unit, but clearly the upgrades and promotion lines will be heavily given to the melee infantry units at the Barracks, mainly to Hoplites. Actually, I'm going to make the Gymnaseion the Athenian Barracks, but that's beside the point.
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    A bit of trivia: The farmstead in 0 A.D. was originally intended to work in a similar way. You would have placed the farmstead and it would generate plots around it where you would be able to place farms or orchards etc. That was never implemented though, so sadly can't be used for ideas
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    every playable faction is getting all 3. No shortcuts.
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    We're already dealing with a laundry list of 37 buildings. I am doing work for the base game, let me be clear. Any benefit to modders is coincidental aside from Terra Magna, but don't mistake that for contempt, you've all proven to be quite snappy when it comes to experimenting and implementing alternative features. I'm only modelling these between job applications. If things fall off it means good things for me, and I don't want to dump a huge list of tasks on the art department.
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    I've made some stuff, and it works, but it has hacky code, because we don't have a clear way to add custom matrices. So, I need to refract & test it. I think I'll post a diff to phab after refractoring to someone will be able to test it too.
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    Do you plan to make archery range, stables, etc. for each civ? Even if not all civs need them, they'd still be good to have for mods or scenarios.