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    hooray raindrop silos
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    CC and defense tower, took a turn for the 'military' for the defense tower and plan to do similar for their fortress (fortress should incorporate some tile roofs as well). Harkens back quite a bit though.
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    I got all the buildings for the second faction, the Gerudo, all finished up:
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    @Pureon @LordGood
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    For some mod support related code (amphibious units, as in swimming, not hovercrafts), and for adding support for swimming animations I'd like to test this with something that can actually be used in 0 A.D.. Since we do have crocodiles and the blend file for that in the art_source repo, I'd like to have someone create some swimming animations. Would make testing a lot more fun. If someone wants to create animations for some other animals that like to swim (elephants, polar bears, etc) feel free to do so.
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    Right, if we want a game that feels authentic, then battles should primarily be infantry-based, with cavalry on the wings, raiding, and occasionally making crucial attacks that turn the tide. Most "balanced" armies of the time were roughly 85/15, infantry/cavalry. Greek city-states would be something like 95/5, while Persians, who relied heavily on cavalry, might be 75/25. The nomadic civs are definitely the ones that break the mould, with reversed ratios. So, while we shouldn't enforce such ratios, I think we can encourage this kind of gameplay via stats, unit roles, and combat features. Should a Spartan player theoretically be able to win with a massive cavalry rush? Sure! It should be possible, but it should be very hard to pull off, methinks. The opposite may be true for planned nomad civs. Some strats harder than others for each civ. I'd like to see a gameplay like this. Civs good at some strats based on history, but other strats certainly possible to pull off by a skilled player in some situations. Orthodox vs. unorthodox. Of course, it's all harder done than said. Hence, all these mods and balance thread. Just trying to present a theoretical framework for this stuff.
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    I think it would be really nice for skirmish maps to allow fewer than the max number of players. You can currently unassign players, but that leaves a do-nothing player rather than an empty base. The BFME series allowed this on skirmish maps. BFME also made the starting bases visible on the map preview image and you could assign the starting point for each player if you didn't like the default starting positions. A player number was displayed on top of the starting position icon and directly clicking on those icons on the preview image cycled through the remaining player numbers. We can indirectly do this in 0 A.D. by rearranging the players, but it requires trial-and-error to see where everyone actually ends up.
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    Why do i try to paint battle scenes. They're the worst figured i'd dump what i had here maybe I'll finish it i dunno
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    I think if an elephant has no problem flipping a minivan, it wouldn't have any problems flipping a wooden battering ram, and completely destroy it in the process. These are the strongest land animals around. As for gates, unless you put pikes on them, elephants can knock them down...
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    I have a habit of going way too dark with my shading and color multiply layers, then hitting my painting with like 3 lighting layers. Suprise suprise, that washes out skin tone lol I'm partial to lion-man, the classical Meriotic superhero, but temple guardsman's got more than enough bronze
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    Well, I've gotten most of the units for the second civ (The Gerudo) and their animations in the game: Here's a bit more details on their units: And some more screenshots of their unit variations:
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    Trebuchet I've made this in case it can be used in some medieval mod. already has attack animation Future work: 3 Infantry animated working on it Screenshot Files for test on atlas Trebuchet.7z Blend File Fundibulo.blend
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    Teaser. Soon ™
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    Hi everyone ! So here is my little random map generator library. This alpha version is far from perfect yet, but I hope it deserves an eyeshot already. The archive contains two files and a folder to insert into your local settings at: Oad/mods/public/maps/random. The 'yamg' folder contains a library used by the demo program which creates a random map (Venustas only, it seems there are some differences with earlier versions). Of course, if you prefer all in a single file, you can copy/paste the whole library replacing the 'RMS.LoadLibrary("yamg");' instruction at the beginning of the map script 'aYamgDemo.js'. The picture here is a 'medium' map using the '7964' random seed value. I only changed the default sun settings to emphazise the relief. Open the map script and feel free to discover the various settings and options. You shouldn't need to edit the library itself. Just be careful with forests on large maps: the script could try to place a huge number of trees and will then choke Atlas. Have fun ! Now, I must say I'm not satisfied with this program for some reasons and would be glad to have a discussion about them. Of course, many details could be improved like round maps correct management and terrains melting, for instance. But this not really a big deal. A more serious reason is the library is too low level IMHO. For instance, someone could want a river crossing the map, a mountain in the north-west and so on. It's possible to do that with the library, but it's far from obvious and easy. I need ideas to build a higher level framework, and if you have some, you're welcome. The last reason is more abstract. I have worked for years on the topic (creating random maps for games like OAD), and always stumbled on the same problem: creating realistic and good looking maps is one thing, but most often, realistic maps are not balanced at all and even not playable. And well balanced maps are often not very realistic, because they are too regular and exhibit kind of patterns. The real challenge is to have both, and I don't know if it is even possible (contradictory?). This is why I don't rush to code other things like roads or resource placement. How could we define a balanced map in terms of constraints, this is the question I ask to everyone interested here, and I hope to have a discussion about it. Friendly, yamg.zip
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    this is how the nomads are going by now
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    The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! What is it? Millennium A.D. is a total conversion mod for 0 A.D. focusing on the Middle Ages. It is divided in two parts, this first one is focusing on the first half of the Middle Ages; the timeframe of Charlemagne and the Viking Age. The name of this release is Dellingr. This is an old Norse god, symbolizing dawn. Pretty apt for a new release What is new? A few months ago, a new artist called Alexandermb joined the team. This talented modder is responsible for majority of the new content seen in this release. With help of Stanislas, he modeled buildings such as the new Civic Center for the Norse seen in this image: He also modeled various buildings for the Anglo-Saxons such as the Fortress and the walls seen below. The new Norse barracks, seen in this third image, is also modeled by Alexandermb. Wackyserious updated all the units to make use of the new unit meshes and improved the looks of them. Many new weapons and helmets were modeled too by Alexandermb and Stanislas. Many smaller changes were made in this release too, but it would be too elaborate to list them all Who are we? The Council of Modders was formed up of two small modding teams and a few newcomers: Aristeia (about the bronze age) and Millennium A.D. (about medieval times) CoM aims to create a umbrella for all wannabee modders and help everyone needed and of course create their own projects. How to: Unzip the download but leave the inner archive intact. Place the unzipped folder into /binaries/data/mods. You'll see another folder there called 'public'. Launch the game and enable the mod in Options>Mod Selection. Press 'Start Mods'. Enjoy the mod! Download: In the last few years some members retired leaving us shorthanded. We are currently especially in the need of artists. So if you're a talented artist with a passion for history and you would like to help us out, please contact us using a PM or (preferably) in this thread: Wildfiregames...showtopic=18412 Thanks in advance! Our thanks go to everyone that helped us to achieve this mod through contributing, playtesting or in another way! If you have tips / suggestions, feel free to let us know. Also if you find bugs, let them know too. Support 0 A.D. if you like us: Play0ad.com The main menu background is made by Alexlinde from Deviantart. You can find him here: Alexlinde.deviantart.com The soundtracks are created by Antti Martikainen. You can find more of his work here: Anttimartikainen.bandcamp.com and Youtube.com
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    Hi everyone ! I should have thought people here have not much time to spare editing my script and try the settings. My bad... So in the script below, I have randomized the main settings to show the maps one can get with the library. Changing the map size and random seed in Atlas will show a large variety of maps, from flat landscapes (with or without sea) to steep mountains. It's a tour, so don't tell me there's no control on the map and the result is not predictable ! There's no need to update the library if you already install it. I put it here for those who don't have it. Friendly, aTour.zip yamg.zip
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    research the espionage technology at a cc or colony (only available if you are phase 3), then you can go to diplomacy and bribe a random unit from a player (i think it only works with merchants for now? not sure, never used it myself)
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    I also don't agree with that line of thinking lol.... I believe scorched earth policy were the predominant way of driving out an enemy, especially if that enemy was of a different culture. Capturing is nice, but should never have been made the default! It should be used tactically, to try and take over sensitively placed fortifications. Can we all agree that units trying to capture random enemy housing in the heat of battle is one of the most annoying things in the game. At least if they try to destroy it, there is some damage, even if they fail. If they fail at capturing, nothing happens to the enemy at all... A complete waste of effort...
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    I'm having no luck at all with resources, I guess for the time being I'll go back to what I'm proficient with. I got the hero units and their abilities done: Some details on the heroes and their abilities: I should have a demo out sometime in the next week or so, so stay tuned.
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    We need to have that feature in a non hacky way, I consider tweaking the camera not being one and I wouldn't mind it triggering sound changes and cloud tweaks. but that's just me. For the correct way I can't help though. In the meantime I'm making progress with D557 will push a patch update when I fix traders. So far everything else is working except formations, and maybe the fact that the're are a lot of lines when many units are selected. However it's playable. Will still have to go through the review process though.
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    Why just two? I'm aware of the existence of half a dozen ongoing modifications (in chronological order): The standard public mod included in the default 0ad distribution wowgetoffyourcellphone's “Delenda Est”: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/448-delenda-est/ my (Nescio's) own “0abc”: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22779-0abc-mod/ user1's “Pro Balance”: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22798-pro-balance-modconcept-please-test/ Grugnas' “Monkey Wrench”: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22855-monkey-wrench-balance-mod-alpha-22/ this (Hannibal_Barca's) “Vox Populi”: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22869-vox-populi-the-ultimate-balance-mod/ But there are probably many more Different people have different ideas. The more mods there are available, the better. Having ideas you don't want to see implemented is also useful. Disagreement often can be constructive in discussions.
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    Nubian Archer portrait with makeshift hair helmet and fake feather props. You can see how the earrings need fixed and the desired shape of the hair. I think the Advanced would take away the leather hemithorax, use a more plain animal hide for the skirt, have a less flashy necklace, and 2 feathers. I think the Basic would basically wear just a player color loincloth, no necklace, or plain necklace, and 1 feather. For the heck of it, here are the Nuba merc portraits. Clubdude will get a new portrait when we get new shields in. I'm guessing the nuba would just have wicker shields. @Sundiata, you should make a post where you assign shield shapes and patterns to the different unit types. Lastly, a couple of cool body texture variations, one covered completely in ash, the other covered in clay mud.
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    First attempt at some Nuba mercs. The "clubman" holds a Mauryan mace for now. @stanislas69 or @LordGood or @Alexandermb: a new club object would be nice.
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    It's now implemented in full and will be available for A23
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    Progress: The house will have most of the props as prop points for now they are placed for have a preview of how it will be going the house
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    Looks ugly just like the forums. What's the point of having washed out colours and low contrast text on something that is mainly about content only, and not about looking fancy? If we are going to change the theme for just one thing I'd vote for the forums.
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    Yes, realistic and good looking maps for the win! Naturalism adds so much to the immersion felt by by players, which is something that should be a top priority, aside from the incessant balancing discussions. I always wondered if it isn't possible to have well balanced, and relatively flat area's, for the beginning CC's, so everybody gets a fair chance to start, but wildly varying, extremely natural hinterlands? And these two elements should integrate seamlessly, I'm talking realistic glowing hills, valleys, mountains, thick forests, open meadows, little streams, swamps and scorched areas, plateaus and depressions... No recurring patterns of any sort, and meticulously painted (overlapping) ground-textures. Quite a number of impressive maps have been made by individuals over the years, and the best of those should be used as a benchmark for the rest of the maps. A total overhaul, focusing on natural terrain elevations and ground-textures would do magic for 0AD. Some of the big immersion killers in my opinion, are the stretching of textures on hills and cliffs, and unnaturally shaped, inaccessible flat topped hills, a lack of more grasses and bushes, and not enough diversity in ground textures in some maps, monotonous patterns of forests. Not enough detail on the shorelines and vegetation around shorelines, and mines should really be integrated in rocky formations, not just plumped right next to your CC. I think it's completely out of context and awkward looking. I believe the secret to beauty lies in the details. I believe the 0AD community should be focussing more on updating the aesthetics of the game, to make it more attractive. Don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing already, and people have done an amazing job so far, in so many fields, it's just that it could look even better with some very doable visual adjustments, especially in regard to realistic looking, natural maps. Sorry, for my ramblings... But could anyone point me to the best tutorials on making maps for 0AD, and tell me what are the important pitfalls to avoid, things to watch? Basically the basics... Maybe I'll try making one myself (and probably regret the decission later )
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    That, amongst other things had been discussed in the review of the feature when it was proposed: D117. (You can find the link to those by using svn blame, they are linked in the commit message). There was some reason for traders only given, I don't recall. Mostly I'd like to have a feature to reveal the wonder / relic / regicide hero location for those games. Could be made expensive. Also that "reveal everything" feature would be great for finding the last few units.
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    @Sundiata Well that would have meant remaking it from scratch, and that's what I did, so here you go hope you'll like it.
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    I like how you *need* to have an XBox Live account to beta test the PC game AND sign a full NDA :-\ https://www.ageofempires.com/age-empires-insiders-tos/ 0 A.D. and open source for life! ;-)
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    To answer to @borg- personnal attacks and disinformation (it seems that's how the world is ruled though). Among https://code.wildfiregames.com/people/commits/4/, let's look for the said "his patch of accuracy fatherbushido". I won't cite names or quote but as soon as a21 was released, one dev reported me one pro player said that javelin horsemen was broken and that he won't play a21. By the way that was just bug fixing but indeed the balance was changed (as always) https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4241#comment:5. So let's look at the thing (and now of what we are speaking about). ----------------- rP19430 Make projectile speed templates values more consistent. It is a cleaning of projectile speed which were often inconsistent and too slow compares to unit (leftovers). It's was a needed technical cleaning (also it will ease the future speed-vision changes) rP19366 Split the automatic aiming function of PerfomAttack for ranged attacks. rP19432 Fix the aiming code when performing an attack. It fix a broken function (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D20#12630) and rework it. So the linear targeting actually do what it should do. rP19438 Use per 100 meters spread values. Fix a bit the related help. Change and use simpler template values. Units will be a bit more accurate. It makes the value more understandable, moddable. It makes them a bit more consistent and a better ground base for adressing balancing things https://framacalc.org/9ExQqvWVSC. When numbers were changed, it was in the buff sense. -------------------- I will also point out that I am not in charge of balancing. Despite that fact, I spent quite some time adressing special request of some lobby players. And finally adressed last balance tweaks wanted by - again - lobby players, like: rP19851 Increase sentry tower attack range to prevent archers to fire at it whithout being shot at. By *Grugnas*. To adress early rush rP19856 Nerf a bit pierce damage of javelin units. Make those damages a bit more consistent with archers ones. Patch by borg-. Viewed by elexis. Reviewed by Grugnas. "sic" which followed a @borg- diff in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D666 (That '666') I will quote the summary "Re sic" At last, again I heard lobby player about the 'OP' (that acronym...) fanatic P18910, and was able to also hear last concerns just before going to vacations when it was asked by @Feldfeld in D706 I won't list here the list of past 'OP', cries, yells and so on, it's not the place. Finally, I lost time to write that, but some lies become true when they are repeated. I will at last recall that it's a false problem because 'pros' can play their own things with their own numbers with @user1 mod (someone has understood that at least) and will finally just notice and recall that https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/453-testing/ is empty. But it seems that time of the staff devs is less precious than that of the lobby pros players. People want everything now. Meanwhile, @borg- you killed my motivation for developing that game.
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    Hello hello everybody! It's me, back again, from Alpha21 and a long overview series of 0AD Alpha22, to bring to you the next revolution in 0AD entertainment! Regular MP streams! (I hope...) I played about 6 months ago in Alpha21 and had a huge amount of fun in 0AD. But due to life stuff I had to drop it for sometime, but now I've finished all my current running youtube series, I thought I best get back into streaming, and with the teaser for Age of Empires 4 we got at Gamescom, I thought, why not, I should stream some 0AD to celebrate! So my first live stream on twitch for 0AD will be... today! Later this evening, probably around 6pm GMT. I may be a bit late (or early, hopefully early), whilst I sort out my OBS and streaming options. Should be good to go though! I'd love to see you guys hanging out in the chat, so I can reacquaint myself with the community and get some quality games going tonight. On the side, I'll be doing commentaries of the recorded games that I play, observe, or people send in for me to do commentaries on. Looking forward to it! https://www.twitch.tv/chaffcommandercoffey
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    The Kingdom of Kush: Battle Scene, Horses and Chariots A few more relevant reliefs As you might have noticed, there is an absolutely spectacular lack of militaristic artwork from Kush, almost to the point of frustration. I have come to understand that this is due to the fact that the vast majority of surviving reliefs come from funerary and religious monuments, which don't often depict fighting scenes and warriors. This doesn't mean that such scenes don't exist. The existing ones are just very poorly documented. Other reliefs/murals/fresco's of fighting scenes and warriors might have been found in the more secular households and palaces of warriors and nobles, built of mud-brick and have since completely deteriorated, and many of the scenes in temples were on the upper parts of the temple walls, which have also since deteriorated. Luckily, there are exceptions, and I found some reliefs I've been looking for for months! I've read about them, and quoted some of those descriptions in previous posts, but was never able to actually locate them, until now. Some date to the 25th dynasty, some to the Napatan and others to the Meroitic period. These examples all come from Napata (specifically from the temple complex at Gebel Barkal) and Meroe. Important elements: Fragmented battle scene of 25th dynasty conquest of Egypt, showing Egyptian chariots and horseman Many Kushite horses Fragment of relief depicting Kushite chariots Fragment of relief depicting boats on the river (of the same shape as some graffito of boats at Musawwarat) Depictions of spear, bow, battle axe, axe/mace, sword and scabbard, Squarish oval shield as well as round shields carried on the shoulder
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    Actually I do have a pull up banner design that's using a slightly different vector based brand I experimented with a few months ago. Not sure the team want to move the 0 A.D. brand style in that direction though Would be really quick to resize that artboard to the print specs required.
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    That horse head really needs to be bigger. Even if it's a pony, the head would be bigger. Otherwise, I really really love the unorthodox idle animations you have there. Nicely authentic.
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    Historically: Cavalry archers and javelinists were used for harrassing the enemy with their projectiles in hit-and-run attacks (skirmishing) (Alexander's cavalry javelinists and archers repeatedly massacred the Indian chariots and cavalry swordsmen; not the other way around) (As a counter to cavalry archers the Iranian peoples (Scythians etc) developed cataphracts; however, infantry archers proved time and again to be the most effective counter vs horse archers.) Cavalry javelin-, spear-, and swordsmen were (light cavalry) used for scouting, raiding, foraging, as messengers, for chasing away enemy skirmishers on flat terrain, and for hunting down and killing fleeing opponents Lancers and cataphracts were shock troops (heavy cavalry): they acted as the hammer which crushed the enemy on the anvil (the heavy infantry phalanx); however, no suicidal frontal charges, of course There is evidence that mounted infantry (soldiers who rode on horseback to the battle but dismounted before actually starting to fight) predates and coexisted for centuries with true cavalry in Greece (mounted hoplites) and Italy (Roman cavalry swordsmen often fought on foot, possibly always) In the Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman worlds, horses were kept at manors and villas outside the cities, because horses were difficult and expensive to keep and required pastures. In Imperial Rome (AD, beyond the scope of this game) some cavalry was part of the Praetorians, but they were quartered in barracks and forts just beyond the city limits. Horses were really expensive; in the Roman Republic horsemen had to provide their own mount but citizens were refunded by the state if their horse was killed in action. In Classical Greece, where amateur hoplites were the most prestigious, the rich fought on foot and paid poorer classes to ride on the horses owned by them (the elite) and serve as cavalry. Armies with more than 10% cavalry were really exceptional The bulk of the massive Persian armies consisted of mere infantry as well For tribal peoples (e.g. Celts, Illyrians, Thracians, Scythians, Lybians/Numidians, etc) who didn't live in cities nor were organized in states, the situation was different; warbands could consist entirely of cavalry, and horse ownership was more prevalent. However, 0 A.D. is *not* about achieving historic realism
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    You mean accuracy or minimum distance? IMHO, the MinDistance of the towers in Public mod is too far. Kind of restrictive. I think it was made that way to prevent the seriously annoying Tower Creep strategy, but you can fix that by making sure the tower's territory effect is smaller than its MinDistance. Also, the sentry tower/defense tower distinction in the game really bothers me, but that's a different discussion. I agree with this. Units need roles, and arrow/javelin/sling units' role shouldn't be anti-building. +1 Nah, I think Spear Cavalry historically are the "heavy cavalry" of the age, meaning they are the stock cavalry unit, tougher than others, higher attack, more armor, making them best for charging large numbers of ranged units or attacking enemy infantry from behind or taking punishment from nearby towers. I think conceptually, swords>spears, so the Sword Cav should be the anti-cav cav. Just my opinion. Do the same for the ranged infantry too. Only have spear infantry and women at the CC so all civs start the match on equal footing. Things get more diverse after building the barracks. I don't understand the adherence to the idea that the CC must have a bunch of trainable military units there. Build orders can be changed. It's an alpha. Why has no one brought up the notion of increasing training times? Age of Kings regularly has train times close to 20 seconds for some units. I am well-aware that 0 A.D. is not AOK, something I've been trying to wriggle into the zeitgeist myself, but it's just an example. I do like the idea of stables though. Helps remove the "7 different units trained at the barracks" syndrome. I'd think you would be interested in the challenge! Or an "Horse Stables" add-on for the barracks, i.e. "upgrade", akin to Starcraft. Can also be achieved more cheaply, as far as manpower, with a tech.
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    That is indeed true, and I fixed that by doing dps/(distance^2-range^2) iirc, and some other code around that when inside the min range or outside the max range.
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    (part 1 is here, it was about the a11 bugs) Now first of all, I must thank you again for this awesome release. I have followed the development closely for years, I have taken a bit of a distance in the a19-a21 period, but now I'm back to it and I must say : a22 is one of the best releases I've seen in terms of changes. It's full of gifts, especially on the art side. I've looked back at the changes from a12 to a22 and made lists of stuff I liked, disliked or did not understand, let's take a look at it. Novelties in a12, a13, a14, a15, a16, a17, a18, a19, a20, a21, a22: Good points (here is where I thank you for all the cool stuff you guys have done since a11) : a12 and a13: the possibility to limit the pop below 300 was much needed, implementing it basically saved the user experience for all the a12-a18 period in a13 defining the performance problems as bug n°1 was the best thing you did a14: thank you again for making the walls able to expand into unpassable a15: thank you for the attack sound notifications, that was much needed also, congrats for all the new techs and auras in a14 and a15 : they greatly improved the gameplay a16: the possibility to set trading routes waypoints and the trading window where you can choose the resources to exchange are features that make 0 A.D. stand out Kudos to Lordgood and Enrique for all their great models, textures and animations. I think we'll never thank them enough. Kudos to micket as well, his animals and animations are tremendous. I wish he comes back and continues to animate animals. We need MOAR animals ! \°□°/ Edit: there's even a ticket list for the ones that haven't been added yet https://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=!closed&keywords=~Animal&order=priority&report=18 Also congrats for animating the birds, whoever did that. That ever-needed change suddenly brought life to the maps of 0 A.D., that was magical. a17: thank you for bringing the long awaited copypasta tool into Atlas congrats for the rotating mill animated model. Again, this kind of details really brings life to the 0 A.D. cities. Also congrats to Omri and his musicians for the "Honor Bound" remake. a18: The new persian textures make the persian cities a lot less dull, this is great. Similar texture enhancement has been done for all the other civs, but the persians were the ones that needed it the most. a19: the new pathfinder is the best thing that happened to 0 A.D. since alpha 11. Thank you so much ! congrats for the long-awaited latin voices. Implementing all civ voices is a must ! a22: I can't congratulate the artists enough for this release. Enrique and Lordgood (Edit: and stan) did an awesome job, the new stupa is breathtaking, the new standing units are superb, so are the new briton defenses, the new persian ram is miles above the old one, and every new music is more intense than the ones of the previous alphas. The new building variations (scaffoldings, destruction) are really encouraging. Bugs and remarks (here is where I rant about all the rest) : a14: 1: the new farming paradigm is meaningless. If putting two workers on every farm is the best why give us the possibility to put 5 ? Why allow a choice that we will never make ? 2: altitude bonus : how does this work with water ? is it consistent with raising water maps ? - does this work with vision range ? it should, so the attack range is never bigger than the vision range - does this work with damage ? I think you should get a damage bonus with the altitude, even for melee units, so the players are encouraged to exploit the terrain. when charge will be implemented, I also think you should get a charging distance bonus if you're running downhill. maybe some units could even have an altitude malus (for example pikes : weren't they more effective when fighting uphill than downhill ?) - does the slope affect speed ? or do units move at the same speed no matter the angle of the slope ? I think units should be slower when climbing up, faster when running down, and that the bonus/malus should depend on the unit (the malus on fast cavalry trained for sprint should be more important than the malus on elephants or siege engine whose workhorses are trained for stamina) 3: We need a sound feedback for an action that failed (like training a unit but not having enough resources) a15: 1: I don't understand why the lobby needs registration. Why not use a federated XMPP server ? One should be able to play a lobby-advertised game without having to register. 2: We need a script that checks if there are inaccessible resources on the map that can block units, for example a script that would check if a tree is unreachable due to terrain (some maps are still concerned) or partly unreachable (when 50% of the space around the tree is unreachable, 50% of the woodcutters will get stuck) 3: Notification minimap : we need an animation like animated circles or squares (some people are working on it already) and attacked units are blinking for waaaaay too long after they stop being attacked (true for both on the map and the hero button). 4: I'm skeptical about having a double restriction on the defensive building like fortresses and towers (they have both a restriction of the number of buildings you can build AND on the distance between them). Maybe one restriction is good enough (at a time I was really advocating against the double restriction but now I kinda got used to it, so I'll just drop that there to see what other players would think of it). 5: The ship garrison mechanism (embarking) is awful. When you ask a land unit to garrison inside a ship you would expect the game to draw a line between the unit and the ship, find the intersection of that line with the shore, consider it as a boarding point, and move the unit and the ship to that boarding point, and board when they both reach it. If the ship is already on a shore accessible to the land unit, it should not move (unless the players asks it explicitely to do so, for efficiency reasons). Ships should have an ungarrison command that works like in aoe : you click the ship, you click "ungarrison command", you click on the point of the shore you want to ungarrison, and the ship moves to that point and when he reaches it, he ungarrisons all the units. The big difficulty here is to determine what "reaching it" means. I think aoe just defined a zone around the ungarrison point: if you clicked in the middle of an island, very far from any shore and then unreachable by any ship, the ship would move to the shore, trying to reach that point but would not be able to ungarrison. If you clicked on an unreachable point that was like five tiles away from the shore, however, the ship would move towards it, bump against the shore, not be able to reach that point, but consider it's close enough and ungarrison anyway (and a funny consequence of this is that if there was an other island right behind the ship, the ship could ungarrison some units on that other island, which was unwanted but sometimes practical). (after a bit of testing) Actually, this is worse than that : currently the units don't even check whether they can actually reach the embarking point. They could both go on either side of a cliff by the sea and remain stuck there. 6: And sometimes ships don't react to embark order, when they have been targeting an enemy just before (even if that enemy is dead). 7: Maybe we should have a similar mechanism for repairs (ship moving to the shore). 8: Garrisoned ships should look different than non-garrisoned ones (garrison flag maybe ?) 9: The maurya trading cart zebus still have no animation and no shadow. I know there's some WIP on this. 10: Please give the possibility to pause the loading screen when loading is finished : maps load so fast now that we can't read the tips ! (I know there is a ticket for that) a16: 1: the falcon is the only bird. We want MOAR birds ! \°□°/ (of all sizes : big ones, small ones, medium ones, sparrows, doves/pigeons, crows, seagulls...) 2: Last time I've checked (few alphas ago), buildings with water planes (persian wonder, ptolemaic market) inherited from the sea water mobile texture and it didn't look realistic (there were waves in what is supposed to be still water). I haven't my gaming machine here so I don't know if it's still present (I'll try to check this evening). 3: there are so many art files for which nobody knows where the sources are. Please make sure that every art file has a source available publicly. (Note: I would also advocate for a policy saying that all sources should be in an open format) a17: the units on walls sometimes fail to auto-attack a19: 1: we should have an option to have a confirmation to keep the recordings of the matches, like battle for wesnoth has. At the end of the match the game would ask us if we want to keep the demo file, save it under a different name, or not keep it. Or maybe we could have a system similar to hedgewars, whith a "save the demo" button in the summary screen. The big problem is that 0ad saves every demos, even the ones of matches you launched just to test something or make a screenshot, and the interface does not make it easy to clean up your demo files. With a confirmation to save the demo at the end of a match it would be a lot simpler. 2: Units speaking latin : we need MOAR languages ! \°□°/ There were some people working on the sanskrit, hebrew, basque and gaelic recordings some time ago. What's the status of those projects ? 3: Btw, many people are wondering what the units say in the game. I think it would be really cool to add a dialog page in the civ description item of the main menu where people could see the dialog lines, their pronunciation, and what they mean. 4: We need a sound for when a building is captured or lost. 5: We need an animation for the capture on the building, like a raising flag or blinking models a20: 1: a way to set cinematic path points in atlas by hand (not necessarily graphical, just a form with coordinates should do) a21: 1: concerning the geographical maps, I have an idea about adding a feature that allows to choose the user starting position. It's a bit long so I'll create a new post for it. 2: Displaying the team bonuses in the tech tree would be nice. If they are present in the civ description screen already it would be nice to have it in the tech tree as well. Actually it would be good to consider that the tech tree screen is "the screen where I can know everything about a civ in terms of gameplay, quickly, and at any moment" a22: 1: Current endmatch charts are not really useful. I do not know how to make them the most useful possible, but here are some ideas on how to make them better : Currently the charts tab displays two charts next to one another, and by default they both show the economy score by default. One good starting point would be to display the two most relevant charts by default, like economy score and military score. A second point would be to have units and graduations in the abscissa (time) and the ordinates (points, kills, units...). Finally, it would be nice either to have them on top of one another instead of side by side, so we can compare them based on the timeline. Or, even better, we would have the possibility to display them as transparent layers and have each of them use a different line style. There must be a better way to display charts though. Maybe some charts or combination of charts are more relevant than other, maybe some are totally useless. But I'm really not familiar enough with the game to know which one yet. 2: Although I fully support the proposal to rewrite a clear and exhaustive game design document, I'm quite satisfied with current balance, except for the "rams are lawnmowers" thing. And I also don't like the fact that it's more profitable to garrison your citizen-soldiers and put your women on attack stance than the opposite when you're being attacked. 3: Scaffoldings shouldn't be underpinnings. Current cart wall underpinnings are partly-built walls through which units can ghost and it looks awkward. Underpinnings must be very flat, like the ones we had before. The current carthaginian underpinnings should be used as one additional level of scaffolding instead. 4: New carthaginian walls look good, but they are too beefy compared to the towers and fortress models. Towers and fortresses should be redone/scaled up to look more beefy, or walls should be redone/scaled down to look thinner. Anyway, we should have a rule for all civs that says that towers should look at least as strong as wall towers or even stronger, and in any case fortresses and towers shouldn't look frail when put next to a wall. 5: The new capitoline temple looks fine, I wish the pediment painting looked better though. It's the most artistic part of the building, so the texture should be more detailed than other textures of the building. 6: The new persian ram is fine, however the player color is hard to recognise. There might be some sort of dark filter on the colored texture, it should be removed (or made brighter). 7: new animations : the new woodcutting animation looks weird (the left arm seems to deflate suddenly), and one of the spear hit animations looks weird as well (the arm seems to twist 180° in a split second). 8: other animations are good, although from the editor it looks like the speed is not always realistic (or some animations are mixed, like "jog" instead of "walk", etc.) 9: scythe units should not have the same animations as sword ones. You do not fight with a scythe like you fight with a sword. 10: The little piece of cloth at the bottom of the hoplite's shields should be animated like the capes. This is very important for screenshots and videos. 11: There are headless silhouettes, but I haven't spotted them all. At least the athenian women are concerned. Gosh that's messy. If you managed to read it all that far, congratulations. I hope I'll be able to make one small post every release for the next alphas, rather than a big one like this.
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    I have played Delenda Est before. If you'd like me to do a series on it I'd be happy to, but it does play a fair bit differently to 0AD from my previous experience with it! I did enjoy it though, it felt less like a traditional RTS in terms of mechanics and a bit more unique. Not to say it is better or worse than standard 0AD, they're both very good, just a different take on it I suppose. If enough people would like me to do a series on Delenda Est I'd be happy to! (it doesn't take that long if I have a free moment to do it :P)
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    Hi there ! Since winter is coming, it's time to deliver a new tour: Snow is of course the most prominent feature. It is disabled in savanna landscapes because there's no snowy baobab in the game for now (cruel lack !). Now, the maps conform much better to the various ratios settings (water, mountains, snow). It's done using a height histogram. So the tour no more produces empty seas or inaccessible mesas as before. I think I'll work on actors and structures placement now but there is still a point which puzzles me. As everyone can see on the picture, transitions between snow and grass are ugly. I think I read somewhere it's possible to improve that, and if someone could point me to the trick, it would be great. Thanks for you interest and support... BTW, how much time left before feature freeze ? One week ? aNewTour.zip
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    Hi everyone... Does this remind you something ? Of course, it's Caledonian Meadows shamefully hacked. I replaced here map generation with my own code, and... Maybe you can even play it... It's your fault, you all ! If you were not urging me like that... That's right. tProgress and tRough rule the noise factor attenuation. The problem is you don't need the same noise at large scale and details: you may want high but very smooth mountains, or a rather flat plain with very chaotic terrain. I think I can't deny anymore... Friendly, CalMeadowsHacked.zip
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    We have a ticket for it: #1306 . I tried to glance at the related code the previous time it was brought up, but didn't find how to fix this quickly enough and didn't return to it afterwards. Player assignments are managed in gui scripts (in gamesetup.js in particular), while entities initialization is performed in MapReader.cpp (see CXMLReader::ReadEntities). Map loading is obviously ha ppening after the gamesetup, but I'm not sure whether the MapReader has access to the player assignments (it has some 'LoadPlayerSettings' which goes into simulation2, which may or may not have the relevant data). This is more complicated. Our previews are arbitrary images rather than minimap-like schemas. I guess we may implement an additional optional 'schema' (or 'placements') element for maps consisting of an image and metadata (player locations on the image), which preferrable should be autogenerated by Atlas. This schema then will be displayed in the gamesetup somewhere besides the regular preview.
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    The civ.json files are in simulation/data/civs And why don't you follow simply the 0ad naming scheme, i.e. calling your houses "structures/hylian_house" if the civ code for that civ is "hylian"? you have in the Identity component some GenericName and SpecificName (which are those seen by the player) that you can change as you like, but the template name itself should not change until somebody write the code for the AI to adapt itself to any template name.