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    Dear players, We have a great announcement to share with you! Wildfire Games and DBolical (the team behind IndieDB and ModDB, already famous in our community) have worked together to offer you a big surprise. DBolical created mod.io, a new website for sharing and downloading game mods, coming with an API. It is a bit like Steam Workshop, but open-source. In a nutshell, this website will allow content creators to put mods online and 0 A.D. will be able to download them directly... starting from Alpha 23! This has required a lot of work, and this is the reason why the release was delayed. We are now in actual feature freeze, and since a part of the team didn't work on mod.io and focused on fixing bugs instead, the release should happen quickly. We hope that your enthusiasm towards mod.io will be enough to forgive us for the delay and the deliberate lack of communication. As you can see, the mod.io website is not yet public, but we have access to it and we are able to publish official mods (i.e. the language packs for Chinese and Japanese). They will appear before the release. On April 26th, mod.io will go public and you will be able to create an account there and add mods. Don't hesitate to report bugs here or directly to the mod.io team, they will fix them before the official launch on May the 10th. On that date, their marketing campaign will start and we should get a lot of exposure from this, since only a couple games use mod.io as of today. One last thing for the modders among you: we have added a security step in order to make sure 0 A.D. will not download broken and/or malevolent mods from mod.io. In order for mods to be available for download in 0 A.D., they will need to be signed by the team. Contact us when you are ready to publish your mod, we will test it, sign it and give you the signature to put online. Your mod will be approved and available in 0 A.D. after that. We hope that you are as excited as we are about this, and we are looking forward to seeing your mods on this new platform soon. Don't hesitate to ask questions here if you have any!
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    Messing around with the Xiongnu 0.1 in TM, I've come to these ideas: Should be able to build any building in own, ally, and neutral territory. All structures very weak HP/Health. Perhaps 33% of normal (besides the CC, which should only be slightly weaker than other CCs). Consequently, probably something like half the cost and build time. Perhaps a "Great Settlement" late tech that removes the unpacking ability of buildings, but gives them full-strength HP/Health. When Civic Center, or Chanyu's Hall is unpacked, its territory grants greater (perhaps double) health and capture resistance to all of the player's structures. Packing and unpacking should be faster than it is now. Maybe 30 seconds for the Civic Center, 20 seconds for Corral/Training Ground/Temple, and 10 seconds for a Yurt. A "Great Migration" late tech could reduce these pack times even further, perhaps by half. Make one Dropsite structure, instead of the current two. In fact, just have a trainable (from the CC and later from the Market) ox cart for a dropsite and dispense with the current unpacking dynamic for this structure. Make a new Market structure (nomads were strong traders) and put the economic techs there. Perhaps base the model around the current "food deposit" model. See screenshot below for a Market mockup using the "Storehouse" and "Food dropsite" models. I think they should at least get Outposts. Definitely need a Wonder. Blacksmith can double as the Siege Workshop.
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    @stanislas69 This is the furthest it can go without recreating the image. Further enhancement might distort the quality. Spec map was added.
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    In theory, yes. But in practice we are waiting for something I hope the community will really like. So no game changer commits but little things can come in, in reasonable amounts of course.
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    Yay the Kokiri buildings are done:
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    No, this was a purely heathen effort.
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    @Alexandermb @stanislas69
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    WIP - Carolingian infantry Helmet by stanislas69 and Shield mesh by Alexandermb @Alexandermb By armor, do you mean the scale armor?
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    Dear players, The multiplayer lobby server will be stopped tomorrow in order to perform a major update. The database migration is supposed to take several hours, during which all lobby rooms for all versions of the game will be unreachable. Maintenance will start at 8 AM UTC (see your local time) and will last at least until 12 AM. We hope no issues delaying the service restart will occur. I will keep you updated here. Please excuse us for the inconvenience! And happy playing.
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    Yay all the Kokiri units and heroes and everything is done: As usual, details:
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    Ingame look of emblem:
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    Hello there, 0.AD folks! Recently, ive discovered 0AD and its marvelous scenario editor, and ive playing with elevations for a while. I have a passion for drafting mountain forts so i gave a try with the Britons in a Alpine setup. After some testing AI seemed to finally find a way and storm the site, so it became a slightly fun map to play with I wanted to bring the feeling of a crowded city in the Scandinavian fjords Started using the Acropolis as base to it. The Aerie : Temple in the Mountain MAP FILES > DOWNLOAD (Skirmish map files usually go under Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\user\maps\skirmishes) Town of Tordheim TORDHEIM > DOWNLOAD If some campaign and map makers feel like using it in their projects, feel free to take it, no quote or requests are needed o/ Cheers!
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    Layering, baiting, dance (hand), dance (formation) and mountain-scaling can be added to the list (besides the numerous anti-gaia strategies) Discovering and exploiting bugs is a very thrilling pastime.
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    Syracusae was the largest, most powerful, and, reportedly, the most beautiful of all Greek city states. It was the archenemy of Carthage for centuries (Rome was a relative latecomer, originally a minor Carthaginian trade partner and ally); both cities attempted to conquer all of Sicily and dominate trade in the Western Mediterranean; Carthage and Syracusae launched several (unsuccesfull) attempts against each other, and repeatedly besieged. They were also frequently at war with the other Greek cities on Sicily, which frequently changed their allegiance. During the Peloponnesian War, Athens, always eager to expand its influence, invaded Sicily with the intention to conquer Syracusae, a perceived Spartan ally. The army they sent was much larger than any Athens ever fielded; nevertheless, Syracusae annihilated it; the Sicilian Expedition was a turning point in the Peloponnesian War; this enormous defeat in Sicily resulted in Athens losing the greater war in the end. Syracusae probably peaked under the Dionysius. During his reign engineers, artists, and philosophers from throughout the Greek world gathered at his court; Plato was one of them. Also, the quadrireme was adopted and the quinquereme and sexireme were invented in Syracusae. Furthermore, artillery designs (ballista, catapult, gastraphetes, etc.) were perfected and started being used. Archimedes, the greatest scientist of antiquity, was a Syracusean native and lived all his life there. He was reportedly killed when Rome conquered the city in 212 BC after a years' long siege. A typical coin of Syracusae, displaying Arthusa and a quadriga. Massilia was not as famous as Syracusae, but it certainly was the most important city along the Gulf of Lion. A significant portion of trade between the Gaulish and Greek worlds went via Massilia. It lost its independence when it was conquered by Caesar in 49 BC. A Massilian coin, displaying Artemis and a lion.
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    Aachen Cathedral, the topmost structure, shouldn't be used. Only the central octagon is Carolingian, but you can't see it here, because it's obscured by the later (14th C-20th C) additions. Also, the straw (?) roofs of the frontal and central structures look quite dark; perhaps they could be made lighter? The text on diet is interesting, the drawing of those buildings is even more interesting, but what I personally find most interesting, is the size of those animals in Carolingian times compared to now; it's something everyone should be reminded of from time to time; thanks for sharing!
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    Norse dock with 4 separated buildings for later eyecandy usage Dock Merchandise dock Fish hut Norse Ram Has arrows struck and shields could variate (Exception for player colour)
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    italiancastlerender.bmp lol
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    that shield would be badass for norman knights, but the carolingian franks seem to favor the round shield
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    you all are quite awesome. been trying to figure out exactly which style of Linux i like but mint is pretty nice. i figured this is close to old CoH mapping modding.i think i finally fixed water height with the updated rep. look forward to lurking yall until i have made enough maps to make a usable one.
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    Good luck with the update - may it go smoothly!
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    A22 is indeed not in the backports A23 is around the corner so I don't think it makes sense to bug them again about A22 now. You didn't install cmake so you cannot build the bundled NVTT. Just install cmake If building from source is an issue, you can try a flatpak as a last resort: https://flatpak.org/ Follow the setup steps: https://flatpak.org/setup/Debian/ Then install 0 A.D. : https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.play0ad.zeroad
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    Nope @vladislavbelov could you commit the skybox fix though ? I know you are working on water reflections
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    Making some testing with the bronce
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    Just in case i would like to see cataphracts soon even as a cheat unit.
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    Position: 3D modelist and texturing. Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) Yes Name: Pfeiffer Jordan Email: fr.jordan.pfeiffer@gmail.com Troyes, France, UTC +2 Availability: Alot, maybe between 10h to 30h per weeks it depend (i am unemployed atm) Age: 21 years old Occupation: searching for a job, while this time i explore another world: 3D world and texturing. I improve my skills and abilitys in english and programming. Skills and Experience: I've no professionnal experience in the 3D domain. I've discover this domain 2 years ago and since i try to improve my skill Motivation:The History, games and movies are my main motivations. When i see something that i like, i modeling it for fun. I try to progress again and again for reach a professionnal (or almost) level. Total war woke my sense and recently i've find how to extract their models for learn about them : how they are make ? How many poly/vertex ? Why they are using a mask here ? What is this ? etc.. Those questions helps me for progress in my workflow and today i want to start my first professionnal adventure with the 0AD communauty ! Personality: I describe me with KeyWords : Patient, Volonteer, self-educated, thorough, contractor(entrepreneur), touch all. I like to play in chess game, poker, strategy/Historical video-games. I like read wikipedia for learn some new thinks about historical battles, characters, equipment, strategy etc.. Short Essay: How and when did you find out about Wildfire Games? I can't remember, maybe something like 3/4 years ago. What motivates you to be a part of the project? In "the big lines": Learning and improve the game. Study and be critical (because critical opinion is a good thing ) What do you seek to gain in being a part of Wildfire Games? Serve for a good action. Improve my skills (because i have a lot things to learn). Meet peoples with anothers culture and discuss with them. Trading. Helping. Be Helped. Some reasons realy. Interests and Hobbies:Tell us briefly about some of the other things you enjoy doing your free time. During my free time i modeling again and again, i improve my photoshop skills, i extract models from games for learn. I trade with my familly about various subjects. I search a job irl. I play on video games. I watch movies. Community:(Optional) What communities, websites, or forums do you frequent that relate to your interests and the gaming world? I watch sometime the total war arena website for more historical revue and learn about history, and after this i go to wikipedia increase my knowledges. Not about gaming world but about how to use blender, i'm registered on "Blenderlounge" for get help and help people Favorite Game:What's your favorite game at the moment? Total war series are my favorite games at the moment, because i like their realism levels, the numbers of differents units/factions is amazing. I like the first person camera, dialogs before the battle etc.. What about your overall favorite? Do you have another(s) game that you like? When i was young, i was playing to Age of empire 1 and 2 (and later the 3th) with my brother and my uncle. That was very fun, we could play for hours ! That was a good adventure (knowing that the pc of the time were not very powerful ahahah). I've also playing to Stronghold 2. What i like when i play to stronghold 2 is the very original system with satifactions of the peoples, the number max of units, the fact that we can build you own castle with differents tower/wall sizes etc.. I think that another question can be good : Which software(s) do you know or know how to use ? I use photoshop (for create textures from filters principally, i start from nothing and i try to make something with a certain level of realism) : i've a correct level, i'm not an expert but i manage. I use Substance painter for create a realist texture the almost of the time, i've a correct level again. I use Blender for create my models and Unwrap UVs. I have a good level. Sometime i use Sculptris to make organic models (but i have some progress to make) I also use gimp (but i prefer photoshop) i use (sometime) Xnormal for Baking Normals and height map(to make a pencil from a height maps for exemple) And for finish i use CrazyBump to transform my photoshop work to a very powerfull texture (with normal, displacements(if needded), Occlusion, specular, and diffuse maps), Work Examples: I've lost the most of my work when my external hard drive was broken. But since i re-complete ma collections (i will attach some screenshots of my recently works). If you have another questions about me or about something other (or if you don't understand my english, because i'm french) just said me and i'll try to answer (Or about the softwares that i use) Links for images : Celtic chariot : Weapons : Buildings : Canon : Catapult : Viking sword : Siege ingienierie :
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    @wackyserious committed the armor and added to the units however had to disable the chest band because that one clips too much with the full cataphract base armor (the one that will be used for any full armor) i like very much what you did with the stones . I would like to congrats everyone for colaborating with the mod work since the carolingians where disabled for some time now they are properly playable and have an almost done full unit tree. Anglo faction no longer have buildings placeholders. Norse faction no longer has celt ship as ships neither ram. It wouldn't take too much time to start working on the byzantine faction since the 3 base factions are nearly done.
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    Hi: Syracuse: Syracuse was orginally greek colony on sicily founded by Corinth in 734 BEC. The city enjoyed a period of expansion and prosperity under the tyrant Gelon in the 5th century BCE, survived a two year siege by Athenian forces from 415 to 413 BCE, and again prospered under the tyrant Dionysius in the 4th century BCE when the city controlled much of Sicily and large portions of southern Italy. Achimedes lived there. He was a greek mathematicain, engineer, physicist, inventor and astronomer, but not a leader. The romans was the main enemies and they did try siege the city 214 - 212 BEC. Achimedes invented much war machines to protect Syracus. His inventors was the claw of achimedes (capture ships near the city wall) and the heat ray (sunbeams was focused on a same point and torch anything). Roman legions did killl Archimedes. Syracus was trade with lot of colonies arround mediterranean (Carthagain and Greeks). Carthagain and Syracus was build the main allies. But i dont know if the banner of Syracus was appear today. Leader: Deinomenids (485–465) Gelon I (485 BC–478 BC) Hiero I (478 BC–466 BC) Thrasybulus (466 BC–465 BC) Thrasybulus was deposed in 465 and Syracuse had a republican government for the next sixty years. This period is usually known as the Second Democracy (465-405). The extent to which Syracuse was a democracy in the same sense as Athens during this period is debated. Dionysii (405–344) Dionysius the Elder (405 BC–367 BC) Dionysius the Younger (367 BC–356 BC) Dion (357 BC–355 BC) Calippus (355 BC–353 BC) Hipparinus (de) (353 BC–c.350 BC) Nysaeus (de) (c.350 BC–346 BC) Dionysius the Younger (restored, 346 BC–344 BC) Timoleon (345–337) Timoleon (345 BC–337 BC) Timoleon revived a republican form of government in Syracuse, which continued after his death. This period is usually known as the Third Democracy (337-317). The name is misleading; for at least some of the period Syracuse was run as an oligarchy. Agathocles (317–289) Agathocles (317 BC–289 BC) Numismatic evidence suggests that republican government may have existed for a few years between the death of Agathokles and Hicetas' assumption of power; this is sometimes referred to as the Fourth Democracy (289-287?). Nothing is known about it. Interregnum (289–276) Hicetas (289 BC–280 BC) Thinion (it) & Sosistratus (it) (279 BC–277 BC) Pyrrhus of Epirus (278–276 BC) Hieronids (275–214) Hiero II (275 BC–215 BC) Gelo II (until 216 BC) Hieronymus (215 BC–214 BC)
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    A warmer tone for the wattle and daub. @stanislas69
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    Wow, thank you @Sundiata. I always wondered why all those (most) African flags have red green gold.
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    tutorial for making grass field in blender (can be used for make terrain textures
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    I'm , developing new techniques. WIP.
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    @Lion.Kanzen I can't promise to redraw that particular coin in the coming days (time...) I did use the other eagle's face as inspiration to adjust my earlier version..
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    I have designed an op map imo 1.How can I place units Where can I find the xml file and can i share it here, to play it in lobby with you?
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    Gave the shield more size and a bit more geometry instead of a plain mesh. Both animations have the chance to hit or to miss.
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    I tried, that's all I can say... Of course I found higher quality images only after my failed attempt. Perhaps useful? It's a really nice artefact, perfect for Xiongnu... Good Choice!
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    This is done verbatim in ponies ascendant lol
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    There is a lot of factors that could be added for make this works for example: if units is slowed down by injuries then javelins cavalry and archers will be stronger from afar right? Deadly as they should be, alright then as i proposed before the different walking type animation when the unit is "combat_approaching" is crucial to make a shielded unit type change from relax mary poppyins walking animation to something similar to this: a front shield walking/jog/running animation covering from the fire of the arrows and add a bonus to shield bearer units against arrows but if the unit isn't using a shield wich they are quite low in 0AD they wouldn't have bonus defense. I could do the animations whitout problems. Cavalry should always be dangerous for an injured batallion no mather wich animation they use or how slow are them, same as arrows. players will think it twice forcing a fight if they have planned retreat when their units reach dangerous hp level, defending players will be more stronger of course but that will force the attacking player to use more siege weapons. Variety, mechanics, strong strategy choices, realism, i don't see where it could fail after all big games like AoE DE have clipping and weird animations in some things and people don't criticize it, total war have the strong staring love story between units in a battle when they remain like 10 seconds looking each other before attempt a hit, AoE 2 switch weapons from left to right depending of the walking direction, Dawn of War have the moral System and is very good, battle realms have the injure animations as @wackyserious mentioned and i remember when i used to play it long time ago and never payed to much attention to the little details. Nowadays if the game is low poly like 0 AD but good looking it matters more the mechanics, complexity and performance than the animations changes but it always attract more people the new features no matter how small they are. Btw if this kind of units or structures are planned a simple arrow damage type protection small aura could make it work too.
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    Not really sure if this has been suggested before Civic center trains conscripts, levies, milita, etc. (or simply basic rank units) Low cost Low combat stat (Low damage, low armor, low health, very inexperienced and easy to eliminate) Quick to train (Really quick) Basically just an early game unit and not really recommended for combat during mid or late game Barracks/Archery range/Stables trains sufficiently trained soldiers (or advanced rank units) *Available during town phase Moderate cost *additional metal cost Moderate combat stat (Ideal in game combat units) Moderate training time These guys will be the ideal combat units in the game, able to hold of on their own if used wisely, their purpose is not to die alone but also put off a good fight. Fortresses/Castles trains highly efficient combat units (or elite rank units) *Available during city phase High cost *additional metal cost High combat stat (Almost on par with champion units, but champion units still overpower them) Above moderate training time (Only trains a little longer than those who trained at the barracks, both received good training, only that castlefolk could be upper class citizens that have drilled in the castle grounds) These fighters are ideal for late game combat, they outmatch the regular fighters trained at the barracks and can hold off champions if used wisely. One point here is to emphasize the role of basic rank units in building up economy, they are most vanilla of the citizen-soldiers and are tied really closely with the economy while still capable of providing military service under necessary circumstances, say if a territory is ambushed. A player/commander can still train fresh citizens in the art of war, but this takes time, and one must be very clever in order to en masse a veteran army out of fresh recruits. This makes the game interesting, well-off players are able to field decent soldiers while those who are falling in hard times must rely on the available militia for the defense of the territory, likewise a militia can still be effective if they are garrisoned or protected. This emphasizes that milita are quite good for local defense, and can also be trained as effective veterans if used cleverly during campaigns against the enemy. There will be more variety of units for late game, this can help in developing more tactics and strategies against the enemy. Plus there will be a good balance between the three ranks in the early to late phase of the game A substantial amount of basic units will be deployed for resource gathering, it will be a waste of resource to invest on them as regular combat units Majority of the population tasked with regular combat will then be invested in advanced rank units It will be ideal to send tougher units during late game and this is where the elite ranks fits. It will really depend in your strategy, you can carefully en masse elite units via promotion, as I've said, but this takes a lot of patience and time, you will have to use your healers more.
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    Btw considering the last topic of the gather meat about stabbing the air i added 2 prop points each side for the rider dismounted, will it look wrong teleporting positions or stabbing the air?
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    Offtopic: in the settlers there is winter and spring, winter the water become ice and you can walk over, but if you leave someone in the ice and spring comes the unit drowns.
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    Right, I think taking cues from other games is appropriate if those features make sense together in the overall gameplay context. I think they would. In fact, to integrate these ideas better into the game, perhaps you don't build a storehouse on a slot, but rather you "capture" the storehouse that's already there, and now the Mine Shaft or Stone Quarry is yours.