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    All the members of Wildfire Games wish you a Happy New Year 2018. May it be full of wonderful surprises and of achievements in your projects and personal lives! As for 0 A.D., the year ended with a great recognition from our community of players and followers: we were awarded a Honourable Mention in IndieDB's Indie of the Year competition! This is the best we can achieve considering we already made it to the top 5 in 2012 and cannot be ranked again... unless we enter the Released category! Be sure that we are headed towards that direction. We are looking forward to all the new things happening to the game in 2018 and we thank you, old-timers and newcomers in the community alike, for being a part of it
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    Hello, I thought I would share a map for the 0 A.D. community. This map tries to capture an area of conflict between the Romans and Gauls in proximity to the Alps. Please Let me know what you think, as i'm new to the 0 A.D. community. *Updated Map Image* Map Download Xml File: Via Augusta (4).xml Pmp File: Via Augusta (4).pmp
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    The speed issues, as well as the unread content not loading issue, should all be resolved now. :-)
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    I'm with you, ffffffffffffff's suggestion is rather superfluous. Rather, I'd like it if a "Random" player's civ is not knowable until you've scouted them first. That seems like one of those little details that would be nice -- that the civ would show as "Unknown" in the diplomacy windows until one of their units or buildings comes into your vision range.
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    Being a historical project, we observe New Year according to the Julian calendar: Old New Year
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    hey guys, I am working on some models for 0AD in blender, so I started modelling animals in the low poly style of 0AD. here is a Saluki I made for desert maps, Its not textured yet, but its uv mapped and will be textured soon, and yes, it will be rigged and animated too. I will also make a Spekes Gazelle for the saluki to hunt, as they were bred to hunt spekes gazelle in the deserts of Arabia, I look forward to showcasing my art for 0AD, and I hope to release my art as a mod sometime, for you guys to possibly use in your maps and ingame. More stuff is coming soon.
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    Are you saying it is unbearable? (Sorry I had to)
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    Here are the files for the weapon sheathed walk, in case of need i can make the shield on the floor animation or any other idle Also have the legion shoulders props for remove just delete the actor prop line. Roman_legion.7z
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    Do you think units die to quickly and would like to double their health? Halve their speed? Reduce structure capture points? Increase unit training time? Change the batch time multiplier? Make technologies slower to be researched? Tweak loot? Alter gather speed? All that can be done easily. This mod just contains a single file that multiplies such values globally by 1 (i.e. no net effect). You can use it to set them to values you prefer. It is also possible to replace "multiply" with "add" or insert other lines of code. All you have to do is download the zip (attached, 2 kB), extract it, put the folder in the `0ad/mods` directory, launch the game, select, enable, and save the mod, and click start mods. This tiny mod should be compatible with any mod or game version. global_multipliers.zip
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    Kush in Popular Art Oh boy, I've been looking forward to this post for a looong time... As the title suggests, this post showcases contemporary artworks on the subject of Kush. It can be seen as a large addendum to The Kingdom of Kush in Popular Culture. Not every image is 100% historically accurate (art rarely is), which is why I thought it was important to wrestle through the previous large reference posts, so that the historicity of these artworks can be more easily assessed (and understand how to improve on these concepts). It goes without saying that I focused on those pieces that actually have some value in terms of potential inspiration. @stanislas69, @wackyserious, @LordGood, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, this post might be of interest to you. Kush in Popular Art:
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    This game has gone though a lot of improvement since I first encountered it, around 2012, I think? Happy new year everyone! Hoping that more contributors would join this cause.
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    The original (as far as I know) definition of Alpha/Beta stage is to use the Alpha stage to implement the features that the game needs, and the Beta phase for fixing bugs. Nowadays it seems like many developers don't really follow these definitions however (especially with many games continuing to add features even after the game has been released).
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    Multiple layouts of water workaround. Testing so far If you wonder how: Using multiple rice_water## from TerraMagna mod.
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    Here's a selection of cavalry portraits, which I have been working on for the past week for @stanislas69, since he did me a solid and modeled a Kushite statue for me. You can clearly see the color scheme here: Blue: Citizens Red: Champions Green: Mercenaries Purple: Heroes
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    Reduced the size a bit, tilted the lion head @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Sundiata @Nescio
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    Granted, but I think the Han would be a great addition to the main game since they were such a huge faction in the time period. Smaller civs like Thebans, maybe leave for mods.
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    @Sundiata With the armor Original pelt showed by wowgetoffyourcellphone The above was made using a modified version of the existing lion.
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    @stanislas69 @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Sundiata Please review, thanks! KUSHITE INFANTRY
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    If you are adding some own stuff and don't follow what petra expects, you can also replace that line if (template.hasClass("Storehouse") && this.metadata.base) by if (template.hasClass("Storehouse") && this.metadata && this.metadata.base) So that petra works even if you don't fill the metadata it expects (in fact i should add that protection in the svn version).
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    We're starting to be more careful with the estimates. We used to have such ETA for the final release! --- Day changed Sun Jan 29 2012 <...> 21:47 < Igorel> hi all 21:47 < Igorel> when will be the relise of 0 A.D. 21:47 < Igorel> ? 21:47 < Igorel> final realese? 21:48 < quantumstate> we don't know yet, possibly about a years time 21:48 < erik_feneur1> Probably some years into the future. 21:48 < quantumstate> I may be being too optimistic 21:49 < erik_feneur> I've learned not to be too optimistic. Jason said "perhaps within a year or two" when I joined in 2007 =) <...> 21:59 <@Philip`> It was "perhaps within a year or two" when I joined in 2004 :-)
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    The permanent alpha stage is actually one of 0 A.D.'s greatest assets. I hope it'll never be finished
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    A nice Achaemenid town where a Satrap can spend his retirement days. Screenshot is comprised of 100% entity, it can be copy-pasted throughout the map in Atlas as capturable areas to add more challenge and life in a map.
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    Age of Empires II allowed the host to leave without ending the game. It achieved this by connecting all clients in a star topology, so none of them is specially designated as the host. See this paper (scroll down to where it says Peer Topology): http://zoo.cs.yale.edu/classes/cs538/readings/papers/terrano_1500arch.pdf
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    My take on the Blemmye camel rider. Please ignore the new Roman female texture. They also need a new shield mesh for that notched hide shield shown in many Beja photos. Also, new head meshes or "hair helmet" meshes with that distinctive hair style the Beja have: Would also be nice to have an assortment of North African and Middle Eastern turbans for various units. The Nabataean Camel Archer, Arabic Skirmisher, maybe an Elite Blemmeye Camel Raider or just a variation thereof.
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    Looks like some of the rider animations, at least the idles, work well enough for the camel. The camel mesh itself could use some serious updating.
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    Games of this series were all unrated and played since 2 days ago. You can find here comeback, nice raids and excellent defense, traps, and some unique strategies, but also some balance abusing and map advantage dictating 1 or 2 games win (i suggest to skip game 1, the least interesting one). Overall, it might show that the balance is not as broken as some people say. Feldfeld vs borg- series.7z
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    gameboy which files do we upload when we have a bug in a game to report? I don't see cmpVisual.GetProjectileActor in Attack.js line 554 nor any other JS file. So the file must come from a mod. So some mod kept a modified copy of that file around which should be deleted and 0ad should be extended to cover the use case of the mod.
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    Any new love going the camels' way? I think the camel mesh and unit animations could use a revamp after @Alexandermb's very successful work on the cavalry. It would be excellent to have both Arabian and Bactrian camels: 1 and 2 hump. Then we can work on the rider textures and props to look more authentic. Right now they're just based on Persian units.
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    @Sundiata @wowgetoffyourcellphone @stanislas69 I will be adding this to the mod HERO OF THE KUSH
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    We shouldn't forget about infantry skirmishers either. In the no-cav games we find out that archers usually don't stand a chance against them.
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    Once we run out of letters maybe we'll have to move on to beta, then gamma, delta ect
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    I have received an answer from Transifex. It seems they know about the issue and they say that: And: So, if/when I get further info about the issue from the support of Transifex, I will write again here.
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    For pixel art, look at Imgur there are some nice dumps for that. Also deviant art. Stuff like this https://imgur.com/gallery/tFxyX
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    Any updates? Would be sad to not put this to use in one way or another. The artifacts should be cleaned, but that shouldn't be impossible.
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    Hey guys, These sound really nice to me, maybe a little too much reverb though - might sound weird since it's out in the open, and there aren't too many close surfaces to create so much echo. That said, I'm not the person in charge of sound design in the game, I just deal with the music... I'm sure @WhiteTreePaladin would know who to talk to.
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    I made this map for a demonstration purpose, and was wondering if a mountainous map should or shouldn't look more or less realistic in 0 A.D. This design has building limitations as its very mountainous, but in a mountainous region I imagine this would be true. Before continuing to expand the map which is in a medium size. I would like to know if pursuing a map design like this has any use before going to a large/giant size map.
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    Welp, this blew up. That is indeed the base model. The model in DE is heavily modified by @Enrique, to reduce polygons, add a plinth, reskinned, etc. I hope you don't mind, but I sent an e-mail to cadnav.com to clear up any licensing issue. I will report any reply to this thread. "Free" is a problematic "license" indeed. Let's see what cadnav says.
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    I might have an idea about how to make a net, something like an spider web, and a 6 or 12 bones armature making an star so when the net is trowed the star is expanded.
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    How about zip up a mod for the trot like you did before and let us experiment. Just the animation and variant files, not the actors.
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    I already got the base shape for the riders animations if it is accepted.
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    Emperior (1437), faction02 (1360), PhyZic (1774) VS Boudica (1666), merlin1 (1635), DoctorOrgans (1314) Funny JC fail. Have to upload this or it "never happened". JCs beloved move to run into enemy's base with light infantry and to kill women and traders took a dramatic turn this time and did end in a "total annihilation" (borg-). 3(!) times the naval supremacist, Dr. Genozide fell into the same trap and lost his organ eating squads without doing any noticeable damage. To save him from the unstoppable counterattack, merlin1 had to leave Boudica 1vs2 against Emperior and faction02. As result, they started loosing on both flanks and JC got steamrolled. 2017-12-30_0003.zip
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    game 1: skirmish cavalry won the game because, despite spear cav moves faster, they can't trade skirmishers. game2: romans vs romans more interesting than first game because both had spear cavalry. BIG MISTAKE: you kept harrassing opponent wood workers instead of forcing his women on fields to garrison and being unable to produce food ( like he did in the first game ). briton games: the most equilibrate one since slingers seems to be nice to protect workers from skirmish raids, plus they can be trained so easy that it would be even a bad decision not training them. borg- was able to attack with infantry in both games because of their cost. Indeed the slingers advantage is even more relevant when the opponent has another civ than britons with higher houses cost. cartha vs sele: despite borg had MANY soldiers on wood and 2 towers, they couldn't trade skirmish cavalry. Borg made a big mistake not training skirmish cavalry tho since he even had hunt advantage. conclusion: Towers have no effect on the game flow thus their weakness and players have to rely on soldiers only which can be uncounterable whenver the player picks the right decisions. The balance is broken ( one could even argue that accuracy rework wasn't intended to affect the gameplay but a way to make code more clear to read since there were no discussions nor complains on balance in the previous alpha. at least in public topics. )
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    At long last I got the guide for the first Civ done, the Kingdom of Hyrule: Download the PDF to check it out: https://orig00.deviantart.net/0a38/f/2017/363/4/d/koh_guide1_by_undyingnephalim-dbyacyr.pdf Please keep in mind that the content of this guide is based on intent, and not what might be in the current version of Hyrule Conquest. Some aspects of gameplay are not implemented into the engine as of the posting of this guide. Yup everything will be there. Just keep in mind that a lot of stuff on that wiki is still based on the Total War version of the game and not this one yet.
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    What makes battering rams OP is that they can inexplicably mow down enemy soldiers too.
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    I have never heard of Mauryans employing camels in military. The Seleucids seem to have at one point: the Battle of Magnesia, but they only deployed five hundred Arab camel archers, making it unlikely that they employed them in large numbers. Like the Dahae cavalry archers, these should be represented in the small numbers for situational purposes. I would recommend either making the player have to tech into them, have a long train time, or be expensive. The Persians did use them a bit when Cyrus was attacking Lydia.