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    Picked this up from Amazon as a kind of "house warming" gift to myself, since I'll be moving into new digs soon. It's actually pretty cool in person and has some considerable weight to it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GB2E3M2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Well the next cinematic is almost done, should be up within the next week. I figure people here are more interested in gameplay though, so here's a sneak peek at the next Civ that's being added into Hyrule Conquest:
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    With due respect, @mimo's continued absence is not a bug. Disappointing? Yes. An impediment to AI development? Most definitely. A bug within 0AD? Nope. Thus, I'm relocating this thread out of "Bug Reports" to somewhere a bit more appropriate. As to who will fix AI problems: 0AD is Open-Source, so as mentioned above: anyone who wishes to. While admittedly no-one else possesses mimo's accumulated knowledge and experience of the AI code and subsystems, we welcome and will consider all contributions (so long as they comply with the submission guidelines). (And FYI mimo is on a self-imposed hiatus. Whether or not he returns is up to him.)
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    I've mentioned it before, but I think every civilization needs a battering ram as the standard close range siege-equipment. It's not some kind of technological marvel that only the brightest thinkers of the ancient world could figure out. It's just a glorified log to smash down a door... (see the Xiongnu ram) As with many civ-specific details in this game, the fact that some civs have rams and others don't doesn't seem to be based on anything tangible/not based in history. It's rather a cheap way of differentiating civs. The reason this annoys me, like starting walls for the Iberians or free houses for the Ptolemies, is that they not only seem to be poorly thought out, but actual historical nuances between the civs that make sense are continually shunned for "balance" concerns.
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    I'm going to make some changes to rams and eles in DE based on some of the discussion here. Rams will be rarer and slower. An individual ram approaching your walls should cause you a bit of anxiety, while for the attacker their anxiety comes from using such an expensive unit. The same thing should occur with siege towers, but those are a completely different discussion and need custom code, imho. One thing's for sure: the era of massed rams should and will come to an end.
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    That's the point You don't understand units in Age Of Mythology If you don't know ancient Greek and Latin you won't understand what units in the game are saying. It's an historical game so we try to get the closest to reality Farsi will be fine for the time being But the end goal is their original language.
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    I try too: Norse city (I don't know why but there is no sky, even if I had the "Show sky" option on)
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    Using hero to kill unprotected women in enemy base should not be the purpose of heros in 0ad ....
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    So I got some free time this weekend and decided to progress with this thread. An upgrade and proposal for the Spartiates. Their current texture was very outdated, so I've decided to enhance it.
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    FYI, Translation of Persian language completed ! (review / translation)... Farsi voice already shared , up to you if you want to use them or not. if you decided to use them, then after you provided a version that has (Persian translation / voice) then i can help to review them on real game environment (in action) If there is any question or if you need a native Persian person to help for Persian translation / voice .. or any question regarding Persian history , dont hesitate to contact me Wish you best of luck! Your work is inspirational ...
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    There is an option which is supposedly not very stable. Only intended for developers to debug IIRC. Anyway, you can open up the dev-overlay by pressing Alt-D and then toggle the "time-warp" (I think thats what it is called) option. You can then press backspace to undo turns. However, it does crash when used for a long time as said in the warning.
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    I didn't say Mauryan fortifications, did I? (although even they were built with multiple moats) I don't know anything about the specifics about the design of perishable wooden doors on the gates of 2000+ year old fortifications... God knows I'm not looking at Viking gate designs for inspiration... I'm looking at Indian gates of later times to extrapolate what earlier Indian gates may have looked like. This is a necessary step if you're going to feature things like doors in a game representing 2000+ year old civs. Or we could just start scrapping everything that doesn't have a primary period reference, like 90% of the Carthaginian civ and about 50% of everything else. Also, we do actually have period Maurya references about elephants assaulting fortifications. The Arthashastra mentions something called nagarayanam, the art of assailing forts and cities with elephants.... It is clear from all three of those references that elephants of the attacking armies advanced up to the actual fortifications breaking through the earthworks in the third example... Also, please allow me to quote myself from the previous page on this very thread: So as you can see, I'm not arguing that elephants are siege-equipment, or that it should be their primary purpose. BUT, the idea that elephants have any problem with destroying buildings is 100% ridiculous. As I said, a fortified wall might be a little much, but what do you think most ancient structures were built from anyway? I'll give you a hint, it's like 90% clay/mud/brick/wood/straw... As I said before, Asian elephants can way more than 5 tons. Their hide is so thick it takes specialized rifles to shoot them. Their tusks, without blood vessels, are way denser than bone, and are actually enlarged teeth, embedded 1/3 into their skull. Ivory is a natural "high strength nano composite". I mean, they use it to fight other 5 ton elephants... I'd like to emphasize (again) that elephants weren't primarily used as siege-equipment, but removing this very soft abstraction from the game (not really even an abstraction, more like a rarity), whilst swords and spears and even arrows can take down structures, is utterly ridiculous in my opinion. In addition to that, I don't even see the problem with elephants. They're super vulnerable as it is. An elephant sent to attack a garrisoned fortress in-game, simply dies... In addition, they are often too unwieldy to use effectively on the battlefield. I'm just going to end this post with angry elephants trashing stuff so you people will grow some respect for the destructive powers of the mighty elephant I'll end with a picture I took myself of some African elephants
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    I guess saying "many examples" was an error. But one I can think of is Pyrrhus at Argos (where he was slain by a roof tile thrown by an old woman). Your aggressiveness is unwarranted, since I am with you that elephants being meat battering rams mowing down buildings left and right is not much supported. Just felt reasonable to make them good against wooden gates, but not against many other structures which are often made of brick or stone. However, if we follow @Sundiata's suggestion and give every civ the battering ram (which we bloody well should), the gate bonus I suggested for eles would be unnecessary. Can I suggest this? Every civ's battering ram starts as a simple ram carried by men (like the Xiongnu ram). Then many (there's that enraging word again) civs can upgrade them to Covered Rams with a tech (more armor and HP, a little slower). The game needs more visual upgrades, methinks.
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    Thanks. I will post photos of the home once the closing is complete and I am given the keys. It has been a long time coming. My 2 kids will finally have their own rooms. Yard for a dog. Hardwood floors. Very nice.
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    A man is very busy buying a house and working 50 hour weeks.
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    Just to let you guys know that I'll have to slow down on this project due to other freelance and classes I've been taking. Last time I did that I felt bad for not saying anything in advance. I'll be working whenever I can, it's just that my schedule is a little messy right now.
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    Any hacky way to make the game at least somewhat playable though, even if the game is less balanced and runs out of room fast. I kind of find the prospect of fighting otherworldly enemies as the romans an interesting gameplay.
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    As I said in a previous thread, there is a hypothesis that Basque and Iberian languages are related. Basque has known some evolution to unify the dialects in one language. But the structure of the language and the etymological roots are definitely pre-indo-european. I think it is an acceptable compromise for the game to use it for the Iberians. And anyway, the Celtiberians had a different culture with a different language.
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    Got some new tuts to practise on Grass-01-Full.7z Grass-01-Half.7z
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    Don't forget hair, 19th century West-African military culture, paganism, the phenotypes of South Africa and AOM. If there's anything you feel like sharing about yourself, or some other cool thing you have in mind, I'd say go for it! (as long as we only go off-topic in one dead thread at a time, I think it should be ok ). Check out this tiny Alaskan Tyrannosaurid, called the Nanuqsaurus (A) (for comparison, B is Tyrannosaurus Rex): Isn't it cute? Kind of like a morbidly obese Deinonychus without the the murderous claw. The Flintstones' equivalent of an overweight Rottweiler. "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boooy? Who's a good b-... AAARGH, IT JUST ATE MY ARM! DAMMIT"
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    I hope the soldiers can relax and tuck their weapons in while having dates.
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    The only way to be sure that your units will always be fighting and won't try to capture buildings, siege weaponry or just being idle is to put a patrol point (by holding 'P') behind the enemy army or using the attack move Ctrl + Q + Right Click behind enemy army (don't know how good it really is, because it takes too much effort to actually click the buttons, but should be the same as patrol). That way even if no enemies are in the vision range they'll keep moving toward enemy units and attacking the ones in range.
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    I spent last 2 of my evening on the implementing of the addition light system in the pyrogenesis to find implementing bottlenecks for new objects. And I found some places, but that's not the topic. How additional lighting system looks: Fully dynamic lighting. And all light sources can be attached as props (i.e. to bones): "May the Light be with you..." But what restrictions do we have? We have 2 main: The lights can't throw shadows, because performance (we can implement it, but only few powerful videocards can handle it). There can't be many light sources in one place (at least for low videocards and since we don't support deferred rendering). Because shaders have own restrictions, particularly uniform sizes. But probably it's not the real problem. So I have a question: do we need additional light sources in near releases? Would it be real useful? P.S. I found strange normal values for some model, it should be investigated (probably the shader problem).
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