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    Hi, I am working at new tutorial with attempt to improve it. I aim to have cleaner and less text for user to read. To this tutorial I have added Market, trading, bartering, rotation of buildings. Any military stuff would be in second part of tutorial, this should be only about economy. Any suggestions, improvements welcome. @Nescio I would be glad if you could provide review from language perspective. @Freagarach, @borg- @ValihrAnt @Boudica @Stan` could you please try it and give me feedback? newTutorial.zip
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    Hi all, This is a pre-sign up for upcoming 1v1 tournament. We know some players who are going to play and we would like to know who is interested in playing so we can shape the event. ***You can still participate the event if you don't sign up here, it's only for measuring interest. If you're interested to participate to this event please sign up, so we can inform you with the latest news. For more information please visit this link. Have fun! -------------------Players who are interested------------- -ValihrAnt -go2die -nani -Stockfish -fpre -Ammaz -King_Soly -ffm -andy_beauty @psypherium @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt @camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hannibal_Barca @LeGenDz @phoenixdesk @LANDLORD @kizitom @mord @ffm @user1 @elexis @Stan` @SaidRdz @Emperior @Emacz @Dunedan @Ivaylo @yilmazgng @go2die @MorTak @Imarok @sarcoma @Lion.Kanzen @D_D_T_ @R4PT0R @Servo @Itms @coworotel @badosu @sphyrth @wowgetoffyourcellphone @faction02 @feneur @Issh @PrincessChristmas @RolandSC2 @Jofursloft @CAGD_lulofun @HirnWolf @Dakara @thankforpie @mgx
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    Yeah, would be awesome and also would need to lower speed when closer and increment first attack strenght and accuracy agaisnt that kind of creature (kinda like adding a "sneak" bonification for the first attack, and accurate shoot so the animation doesn't look weird and more immersive hunting). In other talk: earlier i've committed the others lifelike animations for swordsman and spearman. Also i've done at least this ones in the past minutes copying some idles and adding just a few new for the "slave" or relaxed citizen: Maybe you can appreciate some of them here: at least 12 idles, and 4 IIRC are scratching to show how unhealthy the slaves were.
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    Basic Scutum type C ISW - B + Light Damaged variant.
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    A more likely case in most scenarios is that sappers constructed machines using available lumber around the area they besieged. Naturally if the engines were too complicated for field engineers to make on site, I'd say a workshop would be a more likely case.
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    For melee Cavs if I'm generous enough. The Wedge is the Syntagma equivalent for Cavalry units. Edit: Seeing Camel Archers in a Wedge is like seeing Intantry Archers in a Syntagma - the formation doesn't match the purpose (nor does it make sense). The Wedge were used more as a "spear" that blasts through formations. And ranged Cavalry isn't designed to do that.
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    Aren't these references pretty close to what we have already?
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    Adding comes after testing. I really don't think there is another way of going about things. "hey, you think this would be cool" "probably" ... "change this and that" ... "thanks for the review" change has been merged. Your patch is diffed against your current tree as opposed to master on D2338
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    Other people behaving badly elsewhere is not an excuse for allowing people to behave badly here. If you want to argue for a change of rules, feel free to do so in its own thread, but as long as the rules are the way they are please don't derail these threads-
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    No... It needs to be cut down into smaller patches and be reviewed and committed one by one or something like that. Changes need to be documented in detail as well I believe. Needs to be alpha 24 compatible. And needs to be play tested extensively. It just seems to be the most promising balance mod for application to vanilla and seems to address a good number of alpha 23 concerns. It just requires a lot of volunteer work and coordination to get done.
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    Mido is unhappy with the recent events.
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    I open this thread to offer a starting point for those that want to deepen specific topics and to centralize the different useful sources found by the members of our community. Anybody can propose a reference to add to the list. I will update the list when I can. To ease the reading, I put the title first, then the author name and the year. The goal here is NOT to reference EVERYTHING. There are too many books on the same topics. The best option should be to propose some key readings on specific topics, the best references available. Some books in foreign languages are welcomed. We should avoid to post direct links to Library Genesis here, but checking if the book is available there will be an appreciated effort. Proposing very rare and overpriced books is not useful, except if it is still possible to find it in an electronic format. I start with Rome and I will continue later. Rome Others will follow up...
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    i applied 4 texture for the damage, though im thinking on leaving only 3 (4th one looks kinda too much damaged):
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    Yes please , SVN 24 artwork is like jumping to a next generation due the amount of outdated stuff we didn't had time to fix in A23. I really hope the artwork done by all of us, plus if there are any new feature (couldn't say honestly i haven't played a proper game in months because i've only do blending) being more visually atractive calls the attention of more modders, youtubers, players, the community in general. Something like: "oh whats that thumbnail ?A Frea**** Corinthian helmet? Wow lets take a look! Wow look that Trees, that decals that cliffs, Look that brand new horses and celtic shields!" "look the new ptolemaics textures!" "Oh men look that nitpick goat in that illyrian helmet!"
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    Well, livestock is bad for the environment. It produces up to 2.7 billion tonnes of methane a year. What that number makes people feel is a different thing. Does it contribute to climate change?, of course it does. It is Methane. In any case, you sleep in the bed you made. If the bed is mass starvation from crop failure, then so be it. I hate to get political (just kidding, I really like getting political), the free market and it’s core principle of demand driving growth is the cause of the mess we are in. Economic growth depends on consuming more, the fate of the environment depends on the opposite. And no, I am not communist lul.
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    To be fair, even if some of the dev's had really unique mechanics and plans, it would be hard to just get the go ahead to implement them. Because there is always a fair amount of the player base that will be upset if things change a lot. Take Borg's balance mod for example, a lot of devs want it in the base game, however some players don't like it at all. What about Delenda est, lots of pepole and devs would also like to see it in the base game, but once again other people would get upset. Look at hyrule conquest, it has a lot of unique features, knockback and diversity, but that would once again upset some people if some of it's features were implemented. There are lots of great ideas and each dev has their own personal vision of what would be great in the game, based of other gmaes they have played or features they want to see in the game. That's one of the reason why quite a few devs have mods of their own or work on mods with different gameplay approaches.
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    I will continue working in @Obskiuras patterns of shields.
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    new challenger is here. Look that mess...
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    disability la opcion TLS en la pestaña lobby (multijugador) dentro de opciones
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    So, we dont know if Opengl 3.0 ES will work ?? this is my latest test does anybody on the team has vulkan in mind for the future??
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    Don't make it too worn out, maybe only 25% ripped at maximum, dents would be a good weathering effect, submerged stab marks. Great work on these.
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    Testing another oval shape: (Light Damage version)
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    And close to the spina and umbo boss. But leather torn apart could be possible, if the blade glide on the wood it could do that.
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    Macedonians could maybe get a "Thessalian Squadron" upgrade for the scout cav (kinda like the Hussar upgrade in aoe2), where they get a lance and some armor (base scouts just get knives and no armor).
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    Yeah would be better, the addon is realy heavy for my machine. Try something like this: long arms, humped back, satir legs, Neckless it really helps the "alien" attention insead of a human mechanoid. See tau legs for example:
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    They were mentioned in Piye's triumphal stele at the siege of Hermopolis, but the translation is tentative, I have no idea what they looked like and the text dates to the 25th Dynasty, predating our timeframe by more than 200 years, so I'm not really arguing to add catapults for the Kushites or anything. Just an interesting mention of stone throwers at a really early date, a generation after King Uzziah's stone throwing devices just a stone's throw away in Judah. I strongly agree with Rams for every civ though. They're not exactly marvels of engineering so they can be the generic go-to siege engine for everyone. More specialized sieging civs like the Greco-Romans have enough unique siege options to continue standing out enough as the best in siege. It's just that advancing with elephants alone is really difficult if you're up against players that know what they're doing (slinger can even take down a fortress, imagine what they can do to an elephant...).
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    I know it is not complete, just comment.
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    More reference for Harii warriors
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    Sorry to post in an old topic, but would it be possible we could do Reticulated or Masai Giraffes in biomes since they are the most popular giraffe subspecies?
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    its a shame. One my fav game. But they are professionals and they recieve some money...why?
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    @wowgetoffyourcellphone @LordGood ALSO EASY EYECANDY W NO EXTRA WORK: these colonnades on top of the hill, make them extendable by removing acroterion left/right. Nothing would be more awesomely Ptolemaic than endless colonnades, seafront/nilefront! (Also how did you manage to remove the "pots/plants" in front of the right colonnade?)
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    I'll see what I can make tonight with A24. Your request should be fairly simple. The starting conditions will be nearly identical, so as to conform to your current tutorial script as best I can.
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    'Parently I'm just crazy then ;P
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    Should be fixed in rP22923
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    Roxolani same as sarmatian but mixed with horse archer with armor.
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    Well you need to edit the prop point in the animation directly. You cannot do it through the game.
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    Hello Friends! About regrowing resources, I would like to discuss how this can be implemented -- or what of it is implemented already. I would like to understand how your engine works with respect to these 'world mechanics'. 1: I think these world update actions belong to the mechanics that the host of a game should act out. it should be updated every few moments. 2: If the host is responsible for this, then the host -- which sets up the parameters of the launched game -- could use its own scripts for this. This would avoid the endless discussions about how berry bushes or trees would regenerate in detail and leave it up to the host of a game to specify it. Just provide some default scripts from a drop down list or so. My questions are now: q1: Do you already have such 'host bound world mechanics' implemented in the game? e.g. birds flying around or so? q2: If yes, how is this split into engine-part (C++?) and script-part (javascript?) in 0ad. More details: There are certainly many nice map-bound or game-bound effects possible, which would simply be registered in a list of actions that is then performed every second or so by the host. Love+Greetings
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    I've did some attacking sword animations with more "usage" of shields (mostly is keep most of the time the shield facing front reducing the open flank of the chest) and i want the opinions on them if they are good enough since there was a discussion about sword attacking IIRC. Doing attacking animations isn't easy as it looks like. Points to Consider: Starting Frame: The first attacking animations have a little space o pen between the starting frame for each attacking animation. (Old: Left / New: Right) High Slash: High Stab: Lower Stab: body movement along Y axis (front of actor) is reduced so the animation is more centered to the root of the template. The idle is done following roman hastatus reference: And this is how it looks actually ingame the "idle_ready" we have: Now the adjusted "idle_ready": To test the animations together with the improved relaxed spearman and walking relaxed animations, unzip the animations in their respective folder: swordsman.7zspearman.7z
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    Well a lot of people are able to play else Couldn't have taken place however we do know there is lag when many units are moving and @wraitii is doing is best. The game is indeed slower in multiplayer than in single player to account for network lag. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's not an excuse but unlike GTAV we don',t have a 295 Million budgets. Rather a 10 000th of that
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    lol. 0 A.D is AoE IV
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    Yeah I believe shadows are really important for the depth effect. The modders at Taleworlds and at Total War made really awesome textures even though the engine wasn't that good, and I always found it awesome how they could take every little detail out. I mean look at this, it is ridiculous: (Taken from the Uniform spoiler here)
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    version 0.2.3 Added: Custom map size How does it work? /mapsize number : set map size ** minimum map size is 1, minimum recommended is 50 if less than 128 is possible starting cc wont appear) ** size maps refence: tiny=126 normal=256 gigant=512
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    Thracians: Random image references (architecture and units) @stanislas69 A small reference update. Thracian units will be very easy to do, with the exception of siege equipment and navy (which seems to be more obscure). Architecture, as you've noticed will be more challenging, but I think you already have a good handle on it ("Greco-Barbarian"). I elect the palace at Seuthopolis as the Thracian CC, and should be the most Hellenic looking structure (although using those wooden shingles would tie it in well with the rest of the architecture set). I shared this one before (Seuthopolis): Detail of the palace I elect for CC. I'd suggest discarding those defensive walls (part of the city walls), and using a long Greek Stoa as an approximate reference for the main building. The colonnaded courtyard is just perfect. Tomb entrance, shared by lion in a previous post: Interior plan of the tomb Starosel, a Thracian temple/tomb complex, built inside a tumulus: A fortified hill top royal residence called Kozi Gramadi: Thracian village life: Units: They had chariots! The restored decoration on the chariot actually gives some clues to (elite) architecture: Art.. Good quality representations in my opinion (based on actual finds of weapons and equipment): (This guy's rhomphaia looks a little weird, but the rest is on point) And some Thracian gold: The Panagyurishte Treasure (These guys have some full on Iranian influence...) I'm just absolutely in love with the fact that Thracians had art representing Sub-Saharan Africans (probably Kushites). To make it even more awesome, Kushites had Greek (Attic) pottery depicting Thracians in great detail. Even more amazing, there is Greek art depicting "Aethiopians" carrying those typically Thracian peltast shields (pelte). Almost incredible, or fantastical, one might say, but Kushites actually travelled through Thracian territory as mercenaries in Xerxes army during his invasion of Greece. How cool is that?! Antiquity is so interesting... more gold... If anyone in this forum speaks Russian or Bulgarian, they could be of great help in the research. Most of the juicy stuff seems to be in those languages... Here are some good sources. I honestly didn't read through all of it, but its definitely worth a look for anyone looking for a little more in depth info on the Thracians: https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/history/military_history/Osprey - MAA 360 - The Thracians 700 BC - AD 46.pdf https://www.metmuseum.org/pubs/bulletins/1/pdf/3258668.pdf.bannered.pdf http://www.archaeology.ru/Download/Niculice/Niculice_1987_Severnye.pdf https://guidesbg.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/A_Guide_to_Thracian_Bulgaria.pdf https://www.iianthropology.org/ChristopherWebber.pdf
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