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    Prickly juniper, or cade trees and ground brush 3 new grasses with graded transparency on the bottom so they'll blend with any terrain without a seam
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    This is an overhaul for the Scythian Archer actor file. It is based on amphorae illustrations of Scythian mercenaries, some will be armored like how it was depicted in the amphorae.
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    If there were ever any cut scenes for scenarios or campaigns, this method would actually be very nice if applied to "character" textures. Meanwhile, I'm stealing the test texture for Delenda Est! Looks great, actually.
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    The original idea behind the different walk/jog/run was to having the game decide which animation play based on the current unit speed (also thought that in the future with batallions unit may have the need of acceleration/exhausted mechanic and this would help with the different speeds transitions) And the purpose of relax/ready animation variants was in the case that the units could became aware of enemies being close and change their animations to the "ready" variants dinamically, so they would behave more realistically
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    PROPOSAL: As we already know A LOT of infantry looks pretty much unnatural and weird with their high movement speed while using a "walk" animation, so i changed as test the walk animation from "jog_relax" to "run_relax" in the javelinist variant and pretty much fixed the issue and looks more natural. Should this be applied to fix once for all the Inhuman walk speed animation? To be honest this behave just like the bug of the fauna animals walking ultra fast while moving just 2 steps from the run speed change to multiplier.
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    While I like the variations of shaggy pants and the suggestion of more head variety, I don't think props that require the unit armature for deforming like the linothorax is a good idea since I think they spawn a whole new instance of the armature and very small number of bones are used, a lot of computations of the rest of the bones is wasted. I'm ok for things like greaves, which a simple prop-bone in the armature that already uses the base-unit is enough and needs no deformation. Also linothorax is such a small difference and can be already be done via textures, so I don't think it is worth. The only separated prop that I made with animation that uses the unit armature are the capes, which were too important to leave them out. My opinion would be that if you want animated props that make substantial changes in the unit silhouette then make a new variation of the whole unit mesh, which I think it is less resource heavy than the approach mentioned above.
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    Surely it would be very simple to change them to Gallic structures.
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    why not just make them green like the rest of the available matches? When players click on it a message could appear saying something like: You need to install xxxxxx mod to join this match. Would you like to install it?" Boom! that's all. It takes player to the Mod Selection windows and they can easily install it. But as it is right now, they won't even notice that grey match at the end of the list and much less will they know that mods even exist.
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    Add the Yakhchals for them and now you got a theme stewing.
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    Quixel is one of the cooler VFX asset libraries I've seen lately, available for Unity and Unreal Engine and more. Its having a greater role It has a large amount of assets available for free as well. I don't know whether its license allows it to be used in 0AD however this is an incredible resource I'm sharing for inspiration and technical direction for any artists here. https://quixel.com/megascans/library/latest Youtube also has tons of videos of how these are used in Unreal Engine and Unity for level design.
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    It depends on the aura. By default they affect only their own, but there are several exceptions which affect allies or enemies instead. You can do a `grep -ir affectedplayers` inside simulation/data/auras/ to find those files. And modification do stack. +20% and +15% is 1.2×1.15=1.38, i.e. +38%, not +35%. It's called multiplication (like compound interest).
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    If you wanted, I could make a separate mod for balancing, based on DE's balance.
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    I just got back. But I hope that I could STAY back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQdq-J1blms
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    Can you make a couple variations of this Carthaginian shield? Where the dolphins and palm tree are white and the background is player color (elite spearman). And then one where the background is white and the dolphins-tree are player color (sacred band champs).
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    Germanic barrack with color
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    I L L Y R I A N S Download Repository: https://github.com/0ADMods/illyrians
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    Synagogue Gamla Synagogue Houses Some symbols https://www.jstor.org/stable/1452524?read-now=1&seq=10#page_scan_tab_contents Grape wine. Palm This most familiar for us.
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    I plead guilty, it's fixed, thanks for the report!
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    I use mac and the screen always glitches for a second or so after starting a mod. 0AD window closes weirdly by sliding out of screen, to the right, while a black screen slides in from right to left, revealing my desktop for split second and then the 0AD window with mod activated appears on top of the black screen. No other program slides windows in and out of view like that. It doesn't seem to cause any issues though...
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    bade cav, skrimish cav or 20 spearmen ,for kill iber cav chaps, towers in zone of cc + regulars 10 in cc, iber cav is expensive and need more time control for guerrilla war iber ...
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    For the current mechanics regrowing trees in multiplayer game is inconsistent. But for singleplayer will just add beauty of your settlement. The game is focused on a short period of time which you assemble armies to battle immediately. There’s is no advancement of civilization in this game over time. It’s just upgrading the combatants, and mobilize for battle, again in short period of time Trees grow for a very long period of time while units don’t get old therefore it doesn’t make sense imo.
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    The only instance when I was able to replicate the normal seam issue was when I baked from the highpoly when the mirror modifier on the lowpoly was set to not render-able (the one you call "reflectividad") - If you bake with that modifier to not affect the render/bake - you'll get the seam. Some other suggestions: 1.- Extend the baking margin. (also called bleeding margin) You can find it on the "Output" submenu of the baking. This thing is super-useful when baking to avoid unwanted parts of texture bleeding through the seam. This issue makes that the parts of the texture outside of the UV islands "bleed" inside them and when you zoom out enough, you can see the seams. This affects all kind of maps (normal, color, spec...) and it is specially present on RTS due to the mipmaps since the camera is often very zoomed away. The more margin you give (surround the UV islands with the same color as the edges of the UV islands), the harder will be that the surrounding colors "get into" the UV map when zooming out. Here's a example: 2.- Use the standard "Principled BSDF" shader instead of the "PBR Dielectric" shader. I made that shader long ago on blender's first implementations of PBR, when the Principled BSDF wasn't there. I became crazy making it, but I learned a lot about how PBR works. However, the Principled shader now is the standard, which is much more complete and tremendously more optimized than my "hack" . 3.- Consider adding reflections to all your metallic bakes. I started to do this on my lastests works here when I baked any texture that was metallic. I think it turned out decent. The roof of the relic cart was baked with some reflections in it, and I think it looks much more metallic than other stuff I made. (The specular highlights end up selling the whole metallic feel too). The armor for the guy texture had a generic HDRI for the environment, which provides with a pretty generic reflection which sells better the metallic feel. I could elaborate on this technique if you're interested. You can even add just a simple matcap to the shader when baking, so you don't even have to extend the rendertimes. Here's a sample setup: Simple diffuse -> matcap "add" to the diffuse with the below setup -> result of the diffuse bake I hope you can find anything useful in it! Cheers!
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    Hele_phrygian_b11, missing check guards and wings.
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    Pretty sure this one would have had cheek pieces. Nice reference tho. I like these a lot. The Hellenistic Thracian helmets are some of my favorites. Would be nice to have cheek piece variations as well. Great references for Scythians. The game really should include Scythians for variety.
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    Redone the boeotian helmet:
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    Italiots. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=247623.30 There are other references around VI-V BC for Etruscans.
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    ladders climb animation (Static not height related) in case we get wall ladders climbers
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    How he treats us doesn't change this case. I don't wish to run a lobby where we make a habit of banning people based on just the word of others without evidence or just because they appear to be a 'trouble maker'. This would only give trolls ammunition in the future. At least he should be treated like we would treat anyone else facing this accusation. This doesn't look like an example of a case of rating fakery. Definitely not a classic case. Finally, we don't usually ban people for even substantiated cases of rating abuse.. Often when it comes to it, these cases can be resolved in other ways. And cases with disputes are more complicated and need to be examined and ultimately judged following due process... There's more I can add.. Since@elexis doesn't plan to join this discussion and since he told me that he doesn't care if I handle this case, I've removed the ban until further notice. (05:56:46 PM) elexis: I dont care in fact if he is on the lobby as long as I dont get reports about him (06:06:11 PM) elexis: I invite him to join the lobby under the terms and conditions This is not a closed case.
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    @feneur can we have myosotis' post limit extended?
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    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/07/22/real-life-asterix-fought-caesar-found-amid-trove-weapons-possessions/ https://www.dumbartonreporter.co.uk/news/17786239.grave-real-life-asterix-discovered-building-site/ https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2014/06/iron-age-warrior-burial-discovered-in.html#5dwSBDHBd19ul86b.97 Grave of 'real-life Asterix' who fought Caesar found amid trove of weapons and possessions in West Sussex The grave of a real-life Asterix containing what is believed to be an ancient Gallic warrior who came to Britain and fought Julius Caesar has been discovered, archaeologists have announced. The unique and highly-elaborate resting place was found on a West Sussex building site. The Iron Age warrior, buried with his glamorous and ornate head-dress, is thought to have been a refugee French Gallic fighter who fled Julius Caesar's legionnaires as they swept across continental Europe in about 50BC. Archaeologists have described the discovery, which will go on display at Chichester's Novium Museum in January 2020, as "the most elaborately equipped warrior grave ever found in England". The grave was found during excavations ahead of a Berkeley Homes housing development in North Bersted in 2008, but it has taken years of conservation and scientific analysis to prepare the artefacts for display. Dr Melanie Giles, senior lecturer in archaeology at the University of Manchester, said: "It really is absolutely a unique find in the British Isles and in the wider continent, we don't have another burial that combines this quality of weaponry and Celtic art with a date that puts it around the time of Caesar's attempted conquest of Britain. "We will probably never know his name, what we know from the archaeology is that he is either someone from eastern England who may have gone and fought with the Gauls that we know was a problem for Caesar, we were allies with the French, helping them with their struggle against him. "Or he might be a Frenchman himself who flees that conflict, possibly a real-life Asterix and coming to us, just as in Asterix in Britain, to lend us aid in terms of the knowledge he has about strategy, tactics, he knows Caesar is going to try to divide and rule." "Also he brings with him his kit, extraordinary weaponry, a beautiful sword which is not like the swords we have, a new technology, style and design and helmet which is absolutely unique with these wonderful Celtic openwork crests which exaggerate his height and make him absolutely fabulous."
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    Thank you for your interest do not forget to look at this series
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    Indeed. The animations ready to go for potential future features.
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    Who would be interested in a new mod based solely around Alexander the Great? Gameplay-wise, my idea would be to use Delenda Est as a base, but then disable civs and maps that aren't relevant. I'd create a series of scenarios where the player plays as Alexander and his Macedonians as they rise to power and conquer Asia. Key historical characters can even make an appearance, such as Hephaistion, Parmenion, Craterus, Cleitus, et al. There can be two mods, even. Glory of Alexander follows his rise and conquests, while Legacy of Alexander focuses on the Diadochi, or "Successor", factions. Glory of Alexander Scenario 1: Chaeronea. Young Alexander and his father Philip face the Athenians and Thebans. Both Alexander and Philip must survive and all members of the enemy Sacred Band must be eliminated. Scenario 2: Philip has been murdered and Alexander takes his place as king. Thebes takes this chance to revolt against Macedonian rule. Besiege the town of Thebes and make an example out of them. etc etc
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    I guess too many things happened during my long-overdue hibernation. Ken Wood (the version) seems to be the declaration of Parting Ways as well as a Celebratory release.
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    I suppose meats were weighed or counted or something? It's all an abstraction. How many woods does it take to build a house?
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    Added Bardylis I as a hero cavalry spearman. I used the 2nd bonus of the Iberian faction hero, Caros as a placeholder hero aura.
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    There is no consistency in the main game on this point, so why must it be so for the Thracians? I'd say use whatever abbreviation best abbreviates and makes clear what civ it is.
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    Probably don't use the armor tunic mesh, but otherwise, no objection.
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    @Bigtiger Ok just checking cause i haven't been on here in awhile and hadn't seen any new posts and was concerned something happened.
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    Yep, short tunic. White boots. Hellenistic sash around the belly of the armor. Cape. I like the laurel crown tho.
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    Finally some proper commentary to a game. @Ivaylo take notes. You stopped with 0.A.D. because chrstgtr played like nub?
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    You are the server with https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
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