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    I started working on a feature that allows sheep to gain more food over time, and make animal's food decay over time, when being left out (rotting) I was wondering if that's something you guys would like to see in the game which would have a positive impact, or if you think that's better for a mod. @borg- @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Nescio @Hannibal_Barca https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1718
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    Here's a picture of an coniferous forest biome that I have near finish.
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    @coworotel Here's a little something that I been working on that I can show. Trying to add more foliage/ground cover without fps dropping too much.
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    Still so much to do, finishing these cinematics kills me
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    This year again, 0 A.D. will be at FOSDEM, in Brussels, this weekend! FOSDEM is “a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate”. It attracts thousands of people and we hope to make 0 A.D. known to all of them. We are going in full force to the 2019 edition. bb, Itms, implodedok, plumo and vladislavbelov will be present at our stand, level of building K. We will have a lot of goodies for you! Additionally, vladislavbelov will give the closing talk of the Graphics devroom on Saturday afternoon, and Itms will give a lightning talk on Sunday around noon. Don't hesitate to see other talks, but do save these slots in your personal schedule! If you cannot, unfortunately, make it to the event, live broadcasts and video recordings of the talks will be made available by the FOSDEM organizers. We will also share some photos of our booth on social media. Here's to an awesome weekend! - Goodies await!
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    Considering how we currently use fonts, it does seem odd that the source files are bundled with the game. I guess they're only there because they're in the "binaries" folder, and that folder is bundled almost in its entirety. As a loose idea as to how many distributions have the fonts available in their package repositories (stats courtesy of Repology): LinuxLibertine : 66 packages (across 20 "families") DejaVu : 145 packages (across 33 "families") FreeFont : 122 packages (across 26 "families") TeX Gyre : 37 packages (across two package names across 5 "families") And for the eastern Asian languages: Hanazono : 48 packages (across 10 "families") Japanese Kanji Source-Han-Sans : 92 packages (across 13 "families") Pan-CJK characters (Repology groups distributions by "family", e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, SteamOS, LinuxMint are one "family". If you're running LinuxMint, then as LinuxMint is derived from Ubuntu, then the repositories for the appropriate version of Ubuntu are mostly compatible with your LinuxMint system. It's not a perfect categorisation, but as a rough guide it works.) Alternatively, here's something I threw together to more easily compare some of the commonly used distributions. CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, OpenMandriva, and Slackware are the ones that are noticeably problematic. Yes, Windows and OSX would most likely still need the fonts bundled with the game. The way I see it, we have three possibilities: We change nothing, but tell the packagers to exclude the "binaries/tools/fontbuilder" when packaging the "0ad-data" package for their repositories. We remove the font files entirely, make the files' respective packages a build-time-only dependency, and write instructions on where to download the files for systems that don't have a package repository or do but lack the specific packages. (The caveat is that we don't use them at build-time either...) We relocate the font files somewhere else within our repository, such as into a subdirectory under "libraries/source/". I think I personally favour a combination of the second and third: move the files and then, when we get in-game rendering working we add package dependencies and use the new location as a fallback (whether that be as the source of a 0ad-fonts package, auto-bundling of the fonts by build-osx-bundle.sh, and/or some other solution). I think the fonts we use are reasonably stable (LinuxLibertine and FreeFont haven't had any releases since 2012, and DejaVu since 2016. TeX Gyre is the most recently updated at 2018, but the release before that appears to have been 2016). I would imagine that if the typeface anatomy of fonts change too much between versions, then the font's creators would possibly get complaints from their user-base. Also, some of the fonts we use claim to be a like-for-like replacement (Gyre Pagella for Palatino), or to have the same appearance as - but a wider character range than - another font family (DejaVu for Vera), and so in theory shouldn't deviate too much from their "inspiration". I get what you mean though: having two users with what should be the same font but - due to changes between versions - are visually different could disrupt our established visual style (such as it is), or make for an inconsistent experience between users. It is true that many games get bundled with their own fonts, even on Linux systems (eg. SuperTux, SuperTuxKart).That might be down to simplicity: they have to bundle the fonts for Windows and OSX systems, so it's easiest to just do the same for Linux as well. Huh, this turned into a longer post than I anticipated. Apologies, and congratulations if you got this far without glazing over.
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    upcoming phase minimap btns (res colors etc new overlay stats new view mods etc new hotkeys new selecting players new tooltips) new equalize res share new options
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    @Agora_0AD made one very nice 0ad history video.
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    I recently visited the Drents Museum in the Netherlands, they have an exposition called "Nubia: Land of the Black Pharaos", and decided to take pictures of some of the artifacts with their descriptions (unfortunately in Dutch), and the history texts (in English). I also recorded some music they played in the introduction video (which I guess is some generic Egyptian music). Not sure if this is useful for the community, but just in case... And it was pretty cool to see some of the references of the game in such exposition, like "Gebel Barkal". nubia.mp3
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    The talk by Vladislav has been uploaded: https://video.fosdem.org/2019/K.4.401/
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    Now I can replace chicken for Mesoamericans.
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    D1762 First of all, I'm not sure this is the correct place to post, nor do I know what is the proper procedure to get gameplay changes implemented. Currently fortresses do not have a territory root, which means you can simply ignore them and aim straight for the centre instead; if the centre is lost, the entire base is basically lost. Historically, a city was only conquered when all of its fortifications were taken. What I propose is giving fortresses a territory root. This will help the fortress do what it is supposed to do: defend. Arguments against: It breaks the status quo Defending a well-developed base is easier Arguments in favour: It breaks the status quo Defending a well-developed base is easier Fortresses are limited to ten per player, become available only in city phase, are expensive: 1000 stone (centres cost 1500 resources, colonies 600), and take long to build: 500 (centres 500, colony 300) Fortresses have a territory radius of 100, city centres 140*1.2*1.5=252 Iberian monument, Mauryan pillar, Persian Ishtar gate, and several scenario structures also have a territory root Realism: the purpose of a fortress is to defend something and keep it under control Abstractly: can be built in neutral territory, have territory root: centre, military colony, crannog, military harbour can be built in neutral territory, no territory root: dock, outpost can't be built in neutral territory, have territory root: fortress, monument, palace, pillar, wonder can't be built in neutral territory, no territory root: most other structures I've been playing with this in single player for months and I think it's really an improvement. I might be biased, of course; I don't play multiplayer games. @Angen, @av93, @borg-, @elexis, @Feldfeld, @Hannibal_Barca, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, and anyone else interested in gameplay or balance, your opinions are more than welcome! Here's a mod for people who'd like to play-test this proposal: FortressRoot.zip
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    Update: Added normals and spec map. Updated some spears and javelins Updated the pillum Spears blades updated: Added more variation based on @Genava55 celtic references. Fulham and more variations theres six hilts pers shape 18 in total: Mainz: Spatha: And pompeii: Preview of spears: Preview of spatha:
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    Hey guys, new version 1.0.2 is available to donwload. It is also available directly from MOD.IO. Due to some major issues, I had to put a new version 1.0.2. Sorry about that. Changelog V 1.0.2: Fixed techs; Fixed loot of sword cavalry; Fixed attack of elephant archer; Techs CC reduced search time; New unit cavalry scout for iber. Fast movement, fast attack, low damage, low price, bonus against support, fast hunt, low armour, can not be promoted; New building spikes. Protect your soldiers, can be building only on neutral territory, low hp, fast build, low price. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog V 1.0.1: New units status base; Better units balance; Palisades/walls/houses balanced; New techs; Fixed all techs with +1 dmg for %; Fixed legionnaire on barracks; Elephant archer mov speed fixed; Slaves can be healed; Priests balanced; Bolts balanced; Mace can build stoa; Advanced and Elite rank only give 10% health; Swordsmen infantry/cavalry no more bonuses, but better status; Javelins infantry/cavalry less dmg, but better bonus and range; Slings infantry less dmg, but better bonus; Spear cavalry better bonus; and other little things. I need all possible feedback, thank you!!! Version 1.0.2 is already doing well and soon we will have a lot of new stuff. Not yet compatible with fgod mod. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is with great satisfaction that I present to you guys my mod Expansion Pack. It's been a long time since the game turned into spam with the same drives, no strategy, no big decisions or anything. Many players are complaining about this and we players feel abandoned in this part of development. Small changes are made, but they do not help much. I know that at the present stage of development this may not be of great importance, but I disagree with that. I am the older player in the lobby and the more experienced as well, and I know that 0a.d can offer much more dynamic and fun games than the current gameplay offerings. So, alone, i decided to make the necessary changes to achieve that goal. Talking with @elexis, the main goal was to create a counter system that worked. But for this to work properly I would need to change many things, so I decided to create a new base for the units / constructions. I created a solid and harmonic status base for hp / armor / attack / speedmov / loot / cost, etc ... Created a basis, all current and subsequent work becomes much easier to work with. The base system and counter was ready, I could have finished the mod, but decided to go a little further. So I implemented new units, technologies, buildings, civ bonus/unit bonus, auras etc.., all based on historical context. (I was careful not to change the root gameplay of 0a.d, all the features are the same.) All the techonolgias, bonuses and auras already exist have been remodeled. I also updated the technology tree, so you can see all the changes there. I have as main objective that this patch / mod is implemented to the a24, if this is the desire of the majority. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUNTER SYSTEM: I had two options for counter system, to do by unit or by status, I preferred by status, because it is simpler for novice players to understand. So this is basically it: Archers ( Archery Cavalry/Elephant too) bonus vs Melee infantry; Slingers/Javelin bonus (Javelin Cavalry too) bonus vs Archers (includes Archery Cavalry/Elephant); Spearmen (Spearmen Cavalry too) bonus vs all Cavalry/Elephant; Pikemen bonus vs all Cavalry/Elephant; Swordmen bonus vs Spearmen and Pikemen; Swordmen Cavalry bonus vs Support; War Elephant bonus vs Buildings/Cavalry; Special units: Kushites Champion Axemen bonus vs Heros and Champions; Mauryan Champion Macemen bonus vs Buildings; Iberian Champion Javelin Cavalry bonus vs Archers (includes Archery Cavalry/Elephant) and Buldings. All heroes and champions have the same bonus. It is important all feedback on balance / counter system, for future balancing. (Do not judge balancing based on what you know in a23) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL CHANGES: As I said earlier, there have been many changes made, I will put here only the most important ones. Civil centre can only train women (athen can train slave too); All civilizations have Archery Range, Stables, Elephant Stables and Workshop; Champions are units a little stronger than citizens, but cost and train much faster than a23; All mercenaries cost only metal; Animation of promotion are desable; Hero can only be training once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is only the first version of the mod, and we have a very solid base, and this is fantastic. In the next version I want to work on all the auras of the relics, add new civilization (Chinese), new unique units, competitive maps, technologies, bonus, etc. For this to happen, I need everyone's feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We did some tests and the games are much more fun now, you can choose different strategies and the battles are much more intense. It's been 6 weeks of hard work, and most people do not know how difficult, stressful and time-consuming it is. I hope everyone likes it. Tnx all!!! So that I could finish the mod successfully I had the help of many people who took a little of their time to help me, tnx so much. Feldfeld; Moders : Angen/Stan/bb_ valihrant; Stockfish; elexis; Special thanks to wowgetoffyourcellphone and all staff who worked on the mod Dalenda Est. If you have any doubts on how to install the mod: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide Out of that, i must say that is a very good mod, that increase the equiality of civs, units, siege, ... I recomend to all of you to try it Could be possible that a torunament is coming ?? Only time knows ^^ Greetings all.
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    The Pheasant Wars shall not be forgotten! History shall not be rewritten! I'm sorry, I cannot... But if you want more pictures of pheasants I'm your guy!
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    I can already see another new faction incoming.
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    Made a few symbols to reduce speed some work: Files with alpha channel available for layer textures: Mod:Celtic_Shields.7z
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    Question: Who worked on the UI for this? Mainly the hero selection at the beginning? Would love to do something like that for Delenda Est.
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    Is there an option to set the population cap via team and not via player? Is this planned for a future release? Thanks in advance and thanks for this great game :)
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    Age of Mythology does have shared population and shared resources and is very fun to play, so why not?