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Barter x for y wording is reversed


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The game will display "player bartered 300 stone for 500 food" when in fact what happened is the player bartered away their food in order to receive stone.


When someone barters x for y, the person is bartering away x in order to receive y.

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To barter means exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money. The correct word order would thus be A → Β, i.e.:

<Player> bartered <A> for <B>.

English is a flexible language, often the meaning of words depends on the context, replacing “barter” in the string with bought/obtained/purchased does not remove the ambiguity, compare:

I bought/obtained/purchased petrol for €50.

I bought/obtained/purchased petrol for my car.

A better option is to reconsider the word “for”, e.g.:

<Player> converted <A> into <B>.

The concern I have is that everywhere else the game refers to bartering as barter.

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13 hours ago, Andrettin said:

In Portuguese there is a specific word for "barter" ("escambo"), though the more generic "câmbio" ("exchange") also exists. Is it different for Spanish?

The difference is the following.


In both contracts are made in form between two parties with consents, the difference is that when money is involved is "exchange" and when a product is exchanged for another is "barter

Basically both are "cambio" or intercambio (exchange). But Trueque is more specific.

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@FeXoR @Imarok @Angen @Nescio @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Lion.Kanzen @Trinketos

mountain out of a molehill

player bartered 500 Food for 409 Stone.
player bartered 409 Stone for 500 Food.

x for y

y for x

no difference

works perfectly fine

watch replay. at one point he is under the impression that his opponent is 'getting rid of stone' for food when it is in fact the exact opposite that is occurring. It is his own confusion.

********** problem isn't with ambiguity nor the flexibility of english language nor substituting barter for exchange or gained, received, anything else **********


BoredRusher bartered 409 Stone for 500 Food.
BoredRusher bartered 340 Stone for 500 Food.
says - "boredrusher getting some stone"
BoredRusher bartered 287 Stone for 500 Food.
BoredRusher bartered 330 Stone for 500 Wood.
says - "i think that's how that works"
says - "look, for some reason i feel like that should be the other way around"
says - "if they're getting rid of food and getting stone it should be bartered food for stone, but it does it the other way around i think, im really not sure"
says - "thats weird, like why would you be "buying" ( he pauses talking and the moment of confusion has set in for whatever reasons...) "getting rid of" your stone to get food, there is no reason he would be doing that"

Notice BoredRusher never "gets rid of" stone in those 4 exchanges? same...

goes from saying "gets some" (stone) to later saying "gets rid of" (stone)

^^ this is the moment where he gets wrong what ACTUALLY occurred by BoredRushers 4 "bartering" choices.

says - "no, there is no way"
says - "he got stone so that he could get more barracks (stone for barracks as maury???) and such and another civic center"
says - "thats weird, thats weird... am i the only person that thinks thats weird?"
says - "yea that should be the other way around, he bartered the food for the stone, no he "got" the stone, by bartering away the food"
says - "or... or... (again questions himself as to what ACTUALLY occured) did BuredRusher actually give away stone to get food?"

Your honor, I rest my case.

@psypherium, no hard feelings :) <3 ... am a condescending @#&#036;% sometimes


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