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  1. Angen

    not sure if it millenial A.D or 0 A.D....

    Hi, in general you want to use swords against rams and siege units because of their hack damage.
  2. Angen

    how to 4K screen setup video mode

    Hi, You need to create file in this location: On Linux, create: * ; * $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/0ad/config/local.cfg * ; * (Note: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to ~/.config) * ; * * ; * On OS X, create: * ; * ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/config/local.cfg * ; * * ; * On Windows, create: * ; * %appdata%\0ad\config\local.cfg for windows 10 it is: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\0ad\config file local.cfg with: gui.scale = "1.2" and experiment with value a bit
  3. Angen

    Garrison units from the editor

    said by elexis allready
  4. Angen

    4 Ideas to improve the game

    Also @stanislas69 or someone from Comunity of moders can help you start with modding.
  5. Angen

    4 Ideas to improve the game

    Hi , I think that all first 3 features are presented. Look into the options for first 2. I think it is in Game section or In-Game. Dont know, but somewhere in settings For group of units, select units you want and press ctrl + 1,2,3 ... The group with selected number will be created. Later just perss 1, 2 ... for the group of units you want. Rejoining to multiplayer should be possible, if there is no AI player. AI does not work well with that.
  6. Angen

    New mod comming

    Formation first has to turn towards point is going to move. Link: turnsBeforeMove
  7. Angen

    RANDOM MAP: Riverway

    I like the look of the map, but I think that cetres should be more spread out to sides. The two centres in middlle will have no territory when the ones from sides reach city phase.
  8. Angen

    Garrison units from the editor

    Hi, This is not currently possible. If you need it, you have to use triggers. @elexis But if you just want to see how building changes if is garrisoned you can switch to actor viewer.
  9. Angen

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    Hi, You need to change skirmish default units (https://github.com/0ADMods/pre-colonial-mod/tree/master/simulation/templates/skirmish/units) because you are using not existed templates: ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/actors/units/nahuas/infantry_spearman_b.xml" Also I am getting this, I was not able to locate error source: ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/units/mex_cavalry_javelinist_b.xml" ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'units/mex_cavalry_javelinist_b' Have a nice day
  10. Angen

    New mod comming

    Phasing is cost free and automatic. Phase requirements Town phase 5x House 1x Market 1x Farmstead 25x Citizen City phase 15x House 1x Blacksmith 1x Market 1x Temple 40x Citizen General You need 1 Farmstead for every 4 Fields to build. Fields has to be build at minimum distance 80 from Civ centre. Soldiers can not gather and can build only military/defense buildings. Cavalry can still hunt. New unit Hunter available in village phase from civic centre. It is melee unit with nice slaughter attack and weak melee, so you can hunt animals even you do not have access to cavalry. New support unit Male. Can build special and military/defense buildings, also storehouse and corral. Only Female can build House, Farmstead, Field, Temple, Market. Melee infantry is trained in barracks, ranged infantry in range barracks, cavalry in stables. Technologies Every soldier is locked by technology (or more) // exception are slingers, because they use just rocks For example: Spears -> Spearman Spears -> Pikes -> Pikeman Spears -> Hoplite (tech - as they have special formation) -> Hoplite (unit) Swords -> Swordman Javelin -> Javelin throwers Archery -> Archers Cavalry + Swords -> Sword riders (tech) -> Cavalry Swordsman Champions + Swords -> Champion swordsman (tech) -> Champion Swordsman ( unit) Cavalry + Champions -> Champion Cavalry + Swords -> Champion Cavalry Swordsman (unit) Every unit starts with no armour and no shields (some civilisations have shields from start). There are 2 available unit upgrades in the row ( every unit class has its own upgrades ). Each one adds some equipment to the unit, but they needs to be unlocked. For example: Swords + Shields -> Swordsman upgrade (tech - giving shields to swordsmen) Champions are trained fully equipped, but that equipment has to researched. Melee weapons, infantry melee units upgrades and melee infantry champions are researched in barracks. Ranged weapons, infantry ranged units upgrades and ranged infantry champions are researched in range barracks. All kinds of cavalry, their upgrades and champions are researched in stables. Cavalry and champion cavalry itself are researched in corrals. Champions are researched in civic centre. Siege weapons are researched and build in siege workshop. Training is done by garrisoning units into barracks/range/stables. While they are inside, they get experiences and rank up. Units with lower or no rank fights worse ( exception are champions and heroes). You can train them by fighting but they will probably die fast (especially when your enemy has better trained troops than you). As this takes some time, to train unit from nothing to basic rank takes 30 seconds, to advanced next 30 seconds (60 seconds), to elite next 30 seconds (1 minute and 30 seconds), to fully trained in total 2 minutes. You should care about your troops more and you will not want to throw them away and let them fall in battle for nothing. Damage types and armour: Fire -> Special units ( add-on damage, small compared to others, but no unit has strong protection against fire ) Pierce -> Spear, Pike Hack -> Sword Crush -> Slinger, Club, Mace Missile -> Archer, Javelin Range units have minimal range when they can use their weapons, if they cannot they use weak melee attack. Range unit according to spread: Slinger, -> Javelin -> Archer Melee units have MissChance, which is the most 0.5. It means that unit has 50% chance to miss target with attack. Spread and MissChance gets lower as unit levels through experiences. Champions and Heroes now have chance to deal critical damage, what means they can find weak spot and kill enemy with one single attack. Shields and armour Protection is divided between armour itself and shield (based on shield type and armour type unit is wearing). Bigger shield means higher protection than smaller one ( also shield from metal/iron means better protection than shield from wood - roman shields are exception ) Also Chain armour gives more protection than some basic kind of armour. Wearing helmets means extra protection. Attacking unit from back (melee or missile) removes protection given by shield. Rams are 100% missile proof, but weak against all kinds of melee attacks, also their attack rate is reduced. Capturing happens by garrisoning units into enemy building ( aka they brake doors and go in ). To deal with them defender has to garrison troops with better capture rate as enemy does. If attacker and defender are equals in capturing strength and defender owns more than 0.5 of the building or defender is stronger and owns whole building, troops of attacker slowly loose health. Exception are walls ( and maybe later another buildings ), where garrisoned units are visible and they fight against each other. Attacker has to use siege towers to ungarrison units on the wall. Rams and Siege towers requires minimum number of units to be garrisoned to be able to move. Rams requires minimum number of units to be garrisoned to be able to attack, When Gate is under 50% of health it is force opened even if was locked before and remains broken ( unable to close ) until its health is above 80%. Friendly fire is enabled. So you really want units upgrades to not miss their targets. Running on command draining energy. Energy is required for running and melee attacks. When melee unit has no energy fights worse ( melee units have some chance to miss ). Melee cavalry can Charge with double click on enemy unit. This drains energy as running. Charging is done to the position enemy is staying, so when he moves, target place is fixed. While units are charging they deal mount damage (no armour can save you from this damage) to every enemy unit they pass around and they deal extra damage when they reach target position. When they charge into formation turned towards them, they get anti-charge damage. Hero selection on the start of the game and auto spawn after that. No resurrection later. Formations They have attack and armour bonuses to overcome units fighting in no formation. Control Selecting one unit from formation means selecting whole formation. You can ROTATE one unit or whole formation with Shift and right click to position you want them to face towards. -------- ( Still working on changes )
  11. In case patch for 252 which is WIP will progress slow, maybe ( at least I hope ) D1595 will be pushed before that as it is just range check.
  12. Angen

    Please reduce speed of battering ram

    Add Missle attack for bows and javelins. This way pierce amror can go down and making rams imune to missles. And make repeat time longer. They will still be able to crush units staying infront of them but not so fast and there would be more melee troops available to take it down fast. Maybe give swords and spears attack bonus against them to make it faster.
  13. I am playing with gate garrisoning and I found that after this call in GarisonHolder cmpVisual.SetVariant("garrison", this.entities.length ? "garrisoned" : "ungarrisoned"); are again replayed gate_opening or gate_closing animations without calling functions in Gate.js, so it is done by visualisation component. Animations running once should be unselected by visualisation component itself.
  14. Angen

    Hyrule Conquest

    @The Undying Nephalim I think it is only when Ai plays as Gorons. And pigs have no walking animation