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  1. Angen

    error in map loading

    hello @fisherman, try to disable postprocessing and glsl in graphic options. If it does not help, please post here log files https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths. Have a nice day
  2. Angen

    Battalion test mode

    @Alexandermb yes, I did but still need testing because it got new unit states for that.
  3. Angen

    Battalion test mode

    Some ideas on this ? Stats displayed are summed across damage types for main formation unit from top (melee, ranged, armour, shield)
  4. Angen

    Alternative Download?

    hi, sure. https://play0ad.com/download/win/ there is direct download under torent one Enjoy game
  5. Angen

    Battalion test mode

    hi @Servo thank you for testing, for now, siege that has units as actors does not require batalion, anyway visible units using ram are causing a bit of problem ram not attacking so I am reverting it to garrison and disapear till i figure out fix for this. They should be repairable i dont remember to disable this but soldiers dont build may be case they cant repair too. Had archers bows aiming while staying there or they fired and stayed idle. It may be because that errors in timers. I thought I fixed all blooded units
  6. Angen

    Battalion test mode

    Making bottom section for battalions, do you think it is too much bars and I should let it on tooltip ?
  7. Angen

    0AD Economy Simulation Mod

    Uh, by look on diagrams, looks complicated but really nice system, do you plan some tutorial for this mod ?
  8. Angen

    Font Error

    hi, did you change/edit config files?
  9. Angen

    Battalion test mode

    just now when they are prepared they are in combat animation to get into this state I use attack. preparetime It can be setted animation speed. just now what I did for archers, I splited aim and loose+reload animation and unit has 2 more states: firing- performs attack and plays loose+reload animation with speed 1 and once and timer is set from some vatlue in template and after the timer is seted aim animation again once with default lenght and state aim is set there goes next timer with rest of repeat time and after it firing again so i am not stretching animations here it looks weird i think (now javelin thrower looks a bit funny when ready to fire ) and yes, ai should work. but still spending a lot on buildings and workers and rather phase up like research weapons or train soldiers
  10. Angen

    Battalion test mode

    Crash fix update infinite loop in UnitAi fix testing new infantry archer and javelin behaviour AI got guide for techs so now will attack you (somehow still can train separated units)
  11. Angen

    The latest version SVN22054 error!

    I get too IntelliSense but just time from time. And this one does not break buid. Do not know about other
  12. Angen

    A24 - crashing game [Reason found]

    For now (replays): 22022 works, 22023 fails
  13. Angen

    A24 - crashing game [Reason found]

    well, callstack after watching replay and pressing no mozjs38-ps-release-vc140.dll!js::jit::GetPcScript(JSContext * cx, JSScript * * scriptRes, unsigned char * * pcRes) Line 1545 C++ mozjs38-ps-release-vc140.dll!JSContext::currentScript(unsigned char * * ppc, JSContext::MaybeAllowCrossCompartment allowCrossCompartment) Line 463 C++ > mozjs38-ps-release-vc140.dll!js::ObjectGroup::callingAllocationSiteGroup(JSContext * cx, JSProtoKey key) Line 1159 C++ mozjs38-ps-release-vc140.dll!js::str_split(JSContext * cx, unsigned int argc, JS::Value * vp) Line 3786 C++
  14. Angen

    A24 - crashing game [Reason found]

    I have no crashlogs, game just close. Even interestinglog is empty as i said A23b fine