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  1. Since it is gameplay patches topic, I moved it to gameplay subforum
  2. @The Undying Nephalim looks like you have outdated UnitAI
  3. Not sure about side effects of having unitai.
  4. @The Undying Nephalim the gatherers for fairies need to have UnitAi. Without it, they will not try to gather. Also you would need to pass them order to gather first. Another thing you would need to do is to give them resource dropsite component as well. Then it could work. I can code gathering support for building if you still want to use this approach so you do not have to use unitai.
  5. Hi, @allalongthetower, no, they need to have the same mods as you do. Modifications on the host do not affect computation and graphic of the another players. Even they should not be able to join game if you have any mod applied which they do not have. And since you removed animals as well, if they join without the same mods, game will go out of synchronisation.
  6. Angen


    "TriggerScripts": [ "scripts/TriggerHelper.js", "skirmishes/YourTrigger.js", <-- this includes script to your map, path is relative to public/maps ], In the script file, for example "YourTrigger.js" there need to be following section { let cmpTrigger = Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_Trigger); cmpTrigger.DoAfterDelay(time, "nameOfFunction", {/*parameters*/}); <- if you want to trigger function with time delay cmpTrigger.RegisterTrigger("OnInitGame", "InitFunction", { "enabled": true }) <- I would prefer this one } In InitFunction you can bind more triggers You define any function in your trigger file with Trigger.prototype.nameOfFunction Trigger.prototype.InitFunction = function() { this.RegisterTrigger("OnOwnershipChanged", "MyOwnershipChange", { "enabled": true }); <- bind to whatever On event // or call any custom function in Trigger } To give commands to entities use ProcessCommand function ProcessCommand(playerID, anyCommandInJsonForm); It is good to look into TriggerHelper file to see defined functions you can already use.
  7. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5269 I am not sure if there is something on phabricator.
  8. that is for moding only. It was not used in game. If you want to use it, you need to edit some structure template and add <AutoBuild> <Rate>1</Rate> </AutoBuild>
  9. Angen


    Fixed in rP23515
  10. Angen


    Hi @gameboy, thats issue of the map, I suggest you to nott play it with conquest units and conquest as you will not be able to win because enemy will have some units you cannot reach or you will not have some starting units. Someone created it as squared and then set circular option so there are placed entities at places that cannot be reached in game. It was problem with loading map data where map was always loaded as circular. Will be fixed by @elexis.
  11. If you know someone to have multiple accounts, report him. Rule is clear and applies to everyone: Only create one account per person on the service unless authorized by Wildfire Games From searching history on forum, unauthorized accounts have been deleted and users were asked to use their first account after ban expired. One is not allowed to create new account just because the current one is banned. If it was allowed ban is useless. I do not think, that given ban is permanent, but every break of rules prolongs current ban. Keep in mind there exists bot that will ban anyone using bad language in chat.
  12. Hi, arctic wolf has a tiny issue with texturing. If someone could fix it, it would be great Thanks
  13. Hi, Sadly this is long known problem. As result of discussion I had yesterday, change to these files should not cause oos as they are not part of simulation state. Match network comunication has star type, that means everything goes through the host. There are several solutions proposed. One is to rewrite network comunication to use p2p. Second is to patch host to not send chat messages to everyone. Encrypt comunication. (they can be used all, but one needs to implement them) There are tickets around about the issue https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5467 (if you want to know more details) Regards Angen
  14. i am sorry but i cannot to fix this, i am working on something else right now and i do not have time to investigate this issue. you would need to wait for vladislav, he already knows what is the problem, he just needs to find more time, please be patient
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