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  1. @elexis is correct. There was no clear decision on this matter (meetinglogs at 19:20:37 +). I see other problematic areas but for now assume this holds true for 0 A.D. as well
  2. Rated games are at the moment more like a proof of concept. The rating system in the current state of the game leaves many gaps for improper results. There was a team decision that we don't want to focus on rated games and IMO the rating system should thus not be part of the official package (for an unfair rating system is IMO worse than no rating system).
  3. In the default cursor mode the left mouse button is used to select entities (units, buildings, trees, ...) by clicking while the cursor is above the entity or dragging a selection box to select all units of the selecting player within it. The right mouse button is for giving orders for the current selection. If you are not in the default mode (e.g. with a building selected you want to build) the right mouse button is used to return to the default mode - which is vital to be fast and simple. So commands are given with the left mouse button only in non-default cursor modes. We actually care about consistency.
  4. "I don't think you can put x application on the SSD and y application on magnetic disk in Linux" Yes, you can You can even install them in the default location, move them wherever you want (accessible to your PC that is ofc. ^^) and soft-link to where it was installed (Doesn't work that well for network sources though). So even if the installation process doesn't support installing on drive x/y one can easily change the locations of program data without much risk of breaking anything.
  5. @Skhorn Just in case you didn't check these links already: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Heightmap_Import Also there is a nice topic in the forum:
  6. (IMO making units more expensive would soften the performance issue with pathfinding/unit AI at least slightly. I wonder how we want to test what works out well if we have a pathfinding only working for formations though. But I agree that the current implementation of formations is by no means mature - and I think all PPL working on formations/unit AI are aware of that.)
  7. I definitely agree on this one! Thanks for offering your effort and experience to 0 A.D. @DarcReaver!
  8. Textures are automatically blended. See http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Terrain_Tab#Texturepriority for information on the priority. Textures are still tile based and some textures doesn't blend well next to each other, we are aware of that. Handling more than one texture per tile is not really planned AFAIK. There are a lot of tickets with the aim to improve Atlas in general also including brushes. Some other aspects have heavily been worked on like the GUI but ATM we don't have a developer/contributor focusing on Atlas I'm afraid so things will move slowly.
  9. Why not? Handling a spear on the back of a horse is quite cumbersome. I'd expect that to result in slow attack speed. Concerning balancing the attack speed doesn't really matter but the damage per time. If that is to low it can be raised by increasing the damage. Armor effects a portion of damage so also no problem there. High damage/low attack speed only makes a difference at the first blow. And spear cavalry dealing high damage in the first blow actually makes total sense to me. So (besides siege) spear units are a good choice for having a slow attack. (I also like that we actually make use of the stats we have in a wide range) @wowgetoffyourcellphone: I hardly find "Looks ridiculous" a very convincing statement especially as what we are used to is often influenced by videos and those are rarely focusing on realism.
  10. IMO this a bug in the AI and thus should be fixed there. It would be nice to be able to paint passability in atlas as terrain textures and elevation. I don't think invisible objects are to be used for that.
  11. @jeffnz: SVN takes care of only updating changes. It doesn't matter how long it was since you last checked out You can "SVN ignore" the binaries. That way they won't get updated when you update 0 A.D.. You will need to recompile when something in the C++ part changed. Otherwise there should be no problems.
  12. If I understand correctly you want to change sounds. Sound files (or their formats) is usually not referred to as code. Do you want to change the format or the content of a sound file? Do you mean you have created a sound (How? Format? Program?) and put it into a game? Into which game? I don't really understand what you try to achive and what you allready have done so I find it hard to help you. Could you try to explain it in other words?
  13. IMO "heroes" with a unique name that cannot be spawned again after death are for campaignes (maybe for scenarios, too). For skirmishes/random maps (and maybe scenarios) "heroes" should be a generic leader with some specific skills rather than a specific person (A list of names could be given to make it more personalized. Irrelevant for gameplay though). Then it wouldn't be any problem a "Hero" could be "rebuild" (because it wouldn't be the same person). Training such a unit should indeed need a long time. I put "Hero" in quoteation marks because IMO a hero cannot be trained or planned (at least not with a great chance of success) because any person can become a hero if he has unique views/skills/way of acting and (during our time frame) survived against the odds having done what maybe many have done before but where more often mentioned and had more "luck" in surviving. So a person becomes a hero, he isn't made as one. IMO that "Hero" concept we have (as is) is more what we are used to from literature or movies than from reality.
  14. Hi @Servo ! @Map sizes: The biggest maps in 0 A.D. (original content only) are 512x512 terrain tiles ("Giant" for random maps). There are several maps available of that size (Likely not a complete list!): - Scenarios: Necropolis, Peleponnesian War - Skirmishes: Two Seas - Random maps: All (change the map size option on the bottom right to "Giant") Bigger maps are possible (2084x2048 tile maps has been reported to be played on) but I wouldn't recommend it. I also like regenerating resources/living maps Have a pleasent stay
  15. Since all of the contributors are volunteers things are done by whoever finds the motivation to work on it. In this case, if you want Hebrew language (font and translation), you may want to participate and add it yourself or motivate a member of the community (team member or not) to do so, @Squizen That does by no means you are alone on this! You can ask questions here in the forum or the development chat. If the font package is ready the translation will usually be done by many people (preferably native Hebrew speakers in this case). Step one would be to find a font that is compatible with 0 A.D. licenses (project overview and licensing) and fontbuilding system, so why not start there and search for one that suits you? One step after the other and you can manage what you might have though you couldn't You don't have to read and/or understand all of the links at once, I just meant to give you hints where to find out how it can be done (and allready has been done for other non-latin languages).