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  1. I don't have anything against spreading the word on other platforms But that doesn't include embedding those on our website.
  2. Also there's a guide in the forum by @Palaxin (In case you haven't seen it's linked in the wiki guide): EDIT: For random maps there are also functions to manipulate heightmaps like erosion of by decay, sun and wind (e.g. rectangularSmoothHeightmap) and simple water driven erosion (splashErodeMap). It is absolutely possible to also make them brushes in Atlas but currently they are not shared. Backward erosion for reconstruction of historic topography is not possible just with the surface data though (entropy increased, information diffused).
  3. I also don't like the idea of open source software project making themselves dependent on third party applications needlessly.
  4. The differential equations only hold true for each side A and B only having one type of unit each, though not necessarily the same. Still something I'll take a closer look at, thx! I don't know if there's an equation for the "combat strength" of just one units depending on (simple) properties like health, attack speed/time and damage assuming all unit are able to engage in combat. I think it would be something like KombatStrength = (health * damage / attackTime)^0.5. Multiple units don't add up though but combined unit strength grows exponentially (I guess, though this is much more easy to test) so another equation is needed for army strength. This all doesn't include the dimension of the battlefield (2D usually ;p), ranges attacks and move speed that would also matter in a real-time strategy game. EDIT: Since the article was quite short I read it right away. They use the same assumption for the unit strength as I did. I would have hoped for an equation of total army strength for mixed troops but that is not included. So there's a third equation needed for combined troops but neither I nor the article can say something about that ;/
  5. For random maps we use several wayt to generate terrain shape. Mainly noise, functions or iterative generation. None or our generation methods procedural but extending the iterative models te be procedural is possible. If you are more interested on how the terrain shape is stored and rendered I'm not the person who would know But in any case I think your curiosity is best satisfied by diving into the code ^^
  6. Hi @Pyrophorus! Nice to have you here! Good idea to leave the mountains be mountains and place other textures and trees mainly in the flat areas (https://wildfiregames.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_06/landscape-5.png.716bfd128983f800e8d4764c4950f8e7.png) In the other image I see you also paint cliffs differently. Very nice! (https://wildfiregames.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_06/landscape-6.png.07adebcd8324f282e308726057ec7396.png) Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your progress with us
  7. Lobby Server error.

    @fcxSanya Is python 3.x correct in the first place? (I usually use python 2 with Python 3 compatible syntax. At least in the scientific communities that's still the default.)
  8. I can't see any of the pictures
  9. Multiplayer rankings

    All that assumes that there is a 1 dimensional distribution of players "skills" and that a higher "skilled" player is more likely to win against a lower "skilled" player weather you use "chance to win" or not. (And again: I strongly doubt "skill" is a number or sortable in the first place, even worse in team games) Also you have a goal to give hosts a hint how to arrange the teams. Usually players are humans though and what they are going to use a ranking for is not necessarily the thing the author meant it to be used for. So while I wish you fun with playing around with ratings I ask you to think about the consequences of such ratings. And I don't see a simple solution for this dilemma that can (and in other gaming communities already had) consequences like: Scores without automated balancing: All players try to swap into the team with the highest average score (and games will fill up very slowly because most players want to have a decent chance of winning). If the host distributes the players into teams the host will barely ever wind up in a team with lower average score (Strange, isn't it ) Scores with automated balancing: Players just enter a game and then watch TV or something to get a lower score so the next game they actually participate in will be more likely won (for they get underrated (And friends clamor about not always being in the same team). If disconnecting counts as win or is handled differently will influence the behavior though not really in a "good" way (while with "good" I mean helping to have better means for or chances of a fair yet competitive game - meaning from the beginning of the game until the victory/defeat conditions are meat for all participating players).
  10. Incompatibility with OpenGL shaders

    Hi @Outlaw893 and welcome to the 0 A.D. forum I'm also not that familiar with the graphics but the first thing you should try is likely to make sure you have the newest drivers installed. If you can change the settings in the main menu try changing the graphics settings and try if any combination of settings work. Maybe someone more into graphics will drop by. I haven't heard of that issue yet. Have a pleasant stay
  11. Reminder (Random order): Alpine Lakes: Unfair expansion mine distribution Alpine Valley: Unfair player and expansion mine distribution Amazon: There are some puddles (thanks fatherbushido ^^). Maybe lower water level slightly. Anatolian Plateau: IMO needs slightly more trees or at least decoration and strengthened elevation Belgian Uplands: Make it round. Adjust environment settings to be more bog like. Maybe increase elevation. Add spots (Groves, treasures, ruins, mist, ...) Caledonian Meadown: Forests grow into bases (Player bases height adjustment need to be done earlier) Cantabrian Highlands: Aren't the plateaus to small? Corinthian Isthmus: Water settings seam strange (at least in my system, feedback very welcome!) Deep Forest: Center cliff texture could need smoother transition to surroundings Empire: Better name suggestions? Guadalquivir River: Smooth delta, maybe make river more curvy Gulf of Bothnia: Uhm, there are seeds where the gulf is frozen. Really? Well, I guess it's fun x) Harbor: Remove Iberian walls or grand players more space Hell's Pass: Sharp transition from player base texture to surroundings (solve e.g. by using layered painter) ... Also Atlas reports warnings and errors when generating a random map without triggers if a random map (or any map?) with triggers where generated beforehand.
  12. Multiplayer rankings

    You are absolutely correct that a list of players sorted by strength doesn't give you a probability for the victory of one side. But that's exactly what you want to have so you additionally have to assume something like adding to the uncertainty (you don't even attempt to calculate). So basically it ends up in the same way as the probabilistic attempt: Not enough information
  13. Walls & Gates

    Oh, the opening is to small for units to be passed by all units then, @stanislas69 ?
  14. Multiplayer rankings

    I guess it's about estimating the outcome (win/lose) of the game hosted? If so how do you want to estimate if not with a probability? I read: and assumed what is meant by "fair" in my previous post. Correct me if I misunderstood anything, please..
  15. Walls & Gates

    IMO the sane solution would be a scaling parameter in the actors .xml.