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  1. Hi @alre o/ You can use setBaseTerrainDiamondSquare to get a realistic heightmap. Currently there is no painter for it though but you can either apply it to the entire map or to an own heightmap you can then manipulate before applying to the g_Map.height. The SmoothElevationPainter can blend in terrain elevation into the surroundings if you only want parts of the map to be mountainous. You can use getSlopeMap to see how steep the terrain is to e.g. paint cliff/rock texture. There is no way to determine what parts exactly can be traveled by which unit for the components that handle that are not running during map generation.
  2. (Nice to hear Vegastrike is still alive )
  3. @Boudica and @JC (naval supremacist): If you want to have an argument with basically only you two involved I suggest you do so in a private conversation rather then to flood a thread with off-topic and insulting posts. And if you don't ... just don't
  4. Maybe just replace "bartered" with "gave" since barter is somewhat ambiguous about the direction wares change hands?
  5. Just to let you know @Feldfeld : I am working on a mountain shape painter and a continuous area placer (to check for player connectivity). Maybe @smiley has alternative ideas but I guess having multiple ways to do similar things (if different enough) or to pick the "better" of two won't hurt
  6. I added a ToDo list for random maps generation to trac: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Random_Map_Generator#RoadmapTodo If anyone is up to one of those tasks please let me know
  7. You could also just place path tiles (no changes to the map, just add an area) and then avoid those tiles while generating mountains. As @smiley proposed the mountains could be more beautiful using different methods. An alternative would e.g. a diamond square method (setBaseTerrainDiamondSquare in heihgtmap.js) like used in Caledonian Meadown. There is no painter for that yet though.
  8. Looks good, @MarcusAureliu#s , Thanks And as this thread is about this particular tournament's organization I think it should be clear where to request or announce stuff for this competition. Best of luck and lots of fun
  9. While I like your enthusiasm organizing a tournament I would like to point you to the header of this forum which states "wildfire games", @MarcusAureliu#s . Since - as far as I know - you are not part of the wildfiregames team I would like to request you remove the "official" (and variations thereof) from your posts. (I guess we can live with the image of rules but please be considerate what you are saying in the future ). With that in mind I wish you a great competition and all participants an exciting time "Say not always what you know, but always know what you say." ~Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (10 BC – 54 AD) P.S.: A professional in a field (abbreviation "Pro") is someone who earns his living doing something in that field.
  10. How much are the players earning at Sunday to make a living from?
  11. Hi @badosu For a random map I would suggest using an ElevationPainter for the two areas with differing heights and afterwards using the SmoothElevationPainter to generate the ramp (and you could use the random argument to add some noise to the slope). For the latter also add a cliff texture to be painted with the TerrainPainter and you are done
  12. @ 67.: look into wall_builder.js placePolygonalWall function. Using only gaps as wall elements between those buildings you want to place (you have to create a new wall element for those buildings if not present by default). @ 70.: Sure you can. But I would strongly advise against that...
  13. Let's stick with "Sie" then I'd go for "Die Karte Erkunden" for the title while "Spionieren" might be better suited for things like spying on enemy bases, expansions and troop movement. But you're doing great so do as you see fit
  14. Well, in the context of the section it's more like "information" (English) or "Informationen" or maybe "Erkundung"/"Erforschung" (German). A I understand it the German "Spionage"(English "espionage" I guess, not sure, also "intelligence" I guess) is meant for gathering information about something a 2nd party explicitly claims to be information owned by it - and that doesn't really apply to e.g. resources on the map. However, I also stumbled across "Informationen sammeln". I lean towards "Erkundung" which might most closely be translated to "Exploration" in English.
  15. I'm locking this topic because it's not getting us further. Feel free to state opinions on balancing that are not already mentioned elsewhere on the forum but please do so in a factual tone ideally proposing thought through solutions if at hand, thanks
  16. Hi, @Beise Thanks for your work, your style of translation (I'd call it "content focused" instead of "literal") makes it pleasant to read. Just one thing I'm not sure about id the informal addressing of the reader as "Sie" instead of the more informal "Du". Not that I'm against it, I just have the feeling that this is a somewhat outdated practice - even in Germany - but that can just be me favoring to be addressed more personally I took the freedom to change some sentences to what feels more natural to me. I hope that is not disturbing your work (if it does, just tell me and I'll stay out of your way )
  17. Hah! This stile of city can actually be rather simply be created with the customFortress placement method of wall builder in random maps (I didn't imagine that something that suited would turn out to be actual historic city style :p ) Would a random map around one of those city hills be interesting? (or rather one city for each player - might be a bit much )
  18. Hi @Basshunter That is the ingame wall placement you seem to be talking about which would be in walls.js. If you also want to have the original wall styles (with towers in between each wall part for at least some civilizations) you'd need to add a condition for that there. I'd add a new keyword to the wall sets to distinguish between those cases like "OnlyCornerTowers" witch would be False for the usual placement and True for your proposed method. I wouldn't fiddle to much with the ways walls are picked (if long, medium or short) for the current behavior closely resembles your proposal anyways. If you also want to have placed walls for civs that use only corner towers for random maps like the Iberians get or make Fortress map also have that placement you could take a look at the random map library file wall_placer.js. Many of those placement functions already support choosing the parts between the edges of fortresses (rather shapes) and only put towers as cornerWallElement (like for placePolygonalWall) or just add a custom fortress to that map that suits your needs
  19. Hi @roadtripping.ph You may find the command line options helpful: https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/binaries/system/readme.txt
  20. @plautus : You could provide that replay. Why that? If I read correctly @Plautius didn't deny that he kicked a player in a 1 vs 1 rated game. And that IMO is exactly what the ban reason claims: Rating fakery. (The result of kicking would be winning the game. And, as @borg- already pointed out, if the aim was not to win, @plautus could have just left the game.) I agree that we could change some settings/tools we provide to avoid this kind of "accident" but it's still the hosts obligation to see his settings are what he wants IMO.
  21. (If a ban was justified at the time of the ban it will stay justified with or without a reply of the banned player or the moderator banning him.)
  22. You can speak now, @plautus
  23. I banned him from the forum and I don't think it was unjust. Most I wrote down in the report comments and am absolutely OK with posting our private conversations in a staff post if anyone in the staff team doesn't agree with banning him. I also think it's also justified to ban him again from the forums for he keeps shouting and using a second account. Without opposition of a team member I'll ban him, soon (but I guess let's wait for the lobby ban to be discussed). I don't have any information about his lobby ban.
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