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  1. if i was admin I would ban this guy for a week, actually anyone who talks complete nonesense
  2. wher are the replies? |! the game is @#$%ing unbalanced its unplayabl;e., I only play coh2 at the moment. I like 0ad better but bc of its unbalance its unplayabl;e!
  3. ships cant ram. Swordcav and Lancecavis useless. Archers own them in mass! U still dont get notified when u r in a battle wiht a player and another player is raping ur base. Ship battles are lame (no special attacks, no fire tirime etc, just arrows like wtf.) Macedonians have +10% attack bonus vs Persians?! Unfair and unrealistic. I have to ban them every time I play as Persians. Persians and Carthanians tradebonus got nerfed (stop nerfing every cultural benefit), 25% extra HP for cav is only 20% because of some stupid upgrade in the stable. Ballista are totally overpowered. 3 ballista can rape army of 100 with eles. Melee units are trying to convert opponents siege instead of destroying it. Slingers are somewhat overpowered ( their walking speed is too high, they can escape cav) Further sugguestions: Add some Asian culture (Chinese/Han)! That also gets 10% pop bonus. Improve wall building, so that it automatically closes the gaps.
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