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  1. Trinketos

    ==[TASK]== Horse Update 2.0 (Retexture)

    Tus tutoriales me vienen bien ahora, Ahora sobre los caballos se ven bien me gusta la forma en que se hacen las texturas
  2. Trinketos

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    I still do not know how this resource could be used. In some maps it is scarce, in others you have even to throw it away
  3. Trinketos

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    The small temple is made by @Sundiata i update the wonder whit the sundiata texture
  4. Trinketos

    Black powder test

    I would like to see Conquistadores shooting the Nahuas :v
  5. Trinketos

    ¿jugadores españoles/hispanos?

    La traducion de mods no se si esta implementada
  6. Trinketos

    0 A.D. - The Grand Vision

    I think the Mayans are contemporaries with the Greeks
  7. Trinketos

    ¿jugadores españoles/hispanos?

    the translator doing his (bad) magic what you put in Spanish was not understood xD now I understand you guys.
  8. Trinketos

    ¿jugadores españoles/hispanos?

    Creo recordar que el discord oficial de 0 ad tenia un apartado para varios idiomas
  9. Trinketos

    Ideas ?

    Party hard!
  10. Yes works xD I download the source code from github, and i dont have the precompile version of svn
  11. Trinketos

    Zapotecs 1.0

    Lion se tomo un tiempo de 0 ad y la administracion de la pagina de 0 ad en español en facebook(o eso le entendi)
  12. Trinketos

    Zapotecs 1.0

    He is taiking time of 0 AD, in the 0 AD spanish page sey that Que difícil es escribir algunas palablas en inglés
  13. Once I was blocked from several chanes(I do not know the term in English)
  14. Trinketos

    Atlas Error

    nope I found a file with the same name but e the folder art / terrains / special / terrains.xml and in the others folders