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  1. I remember that was a common error of the ia with the stables.
  2. you made me remember when i made the planet earth in blender(Yes i follow the tutorial of Andrew). My graphics driver crash.
  3. It's a shame for me not to be able to use your materials. I hate the intel HD Graphics >:(
  4. Releí lo que escribirte y lo de cambiar menus es posible pero no puedes cambiar la forma del minimapa a por ejemplo un cuadrado para eso tienes que modificar el nucleo del juego que es en c++.
  5. That is hardcoded, you need to see the c++ code
  6. ALV puse uman xd let me see i find the documentary
  7. Yea, i prefer the most neutral way of counting the conquest and history in general, it is more accurate and is not so politicized. also who made that video, not the UMAN documentary.
  8. One of the best known stories of the beginning of the spainsh conquest
  9. Interesting I thought the chavacano was very spoken xd. I see in Philippines they use the word pendejo but with a different meaning, is this true or is the same?
  10. I noticed that Filipinos use words of Mexican Spanish since they from part of the New Spain to Ellos hablan chavacano(Español criollo) ademas de otros idiomas de las filipinas y el ingles.
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