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  1. Buenos dibujos. A ver si con tus conocimientos podamos hacer más históricamente correctos a las civilizaciones mesoamericanas The development of the mod is still active, but I old pc is down now But I have all my files save in a sd card
  2. this is a good source of mesoamerican precolumbian music
  3. In Mexico the Popocatépetl explote xd. Not only do we have to deal with the "Drugs War" in Mexico and now this :(
  4. Genie engine its 2D only, i think they use a update version Bang! Engine(AOM and AGE3 engine)
  5. I expected more things from Warcraft 3 Reforged. Blizzard selling smoke as always,I miss the old blizzard . Also
  6. The only one that does not fit is AOE Online.
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