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  1. Genie engine its 2D only, i think they use a update version Bang! Engine(AOM and AGE3 engine)
  2. I expected more things from Warcraft 3 Reforged. Blizzard selling smoke as always,I miss the old blizzard . Also
  3. The only one that does not fit is AOE Online.
  4. Yes, and that's the one I'm waiting with age 4 (although I don't like the time period)
  5. The problem to me is the time period. I like the art style also is a pre-alpha, 0 ad is an alpha is a big diference.
  6. Way i always have to eat my words. also i need a new pc to play all the DE version
  7. Maybe it's more like Empire Earth with many ages.
  8. Interesting. Well I will have to settle for the AOE 3 DE
  9. I need a victorian age mod :v were are the spring modes? send me a pm
  10. Deam not again the Deam medieval age >:'(
  11. Someone else is disappointed with the Age 4 trailer. Sincerely and I was waiting for the Victorian age at the first war and I get out again with soliders throwing arrows and knights, sh*t!
  12. @Stan` What raspberry pi model do you have?
  13. Today 500 year ago the spanish empire begins
  14. Y si solo usas una sola piedra ya que como dicen arriba a simple vista parecen bolas de cañon.
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