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  1. I recommend the cemitas and the grasshoppers with lemon and salt. Does anyone here play the paradox games?
  2. RTS games in the most chad genre in all history.
  3. I will do something with these references tomorrow, thanks
  4. Se podría adaptar al mod. Este mod agrega un nuevo recurso que es el agua, la mecánica de este recurso esta a medias. Me falta hacer acueductos, y "Nodos" de donde conectar los acueductos. También tengo pensado usar asentamientos como en Age of Mythology, lo que afecta el territorio que controlas. Y aldeas que subyugas dándote recursos o tropas obligas a luchar.
  5. https://github.com/0ADMods/pre-colonial-mod
  6. The current emblems i have(WIP). Inca,Mexica and Toltecs
  7. I see the old version of the Jaguar warrior and the Noble Eagle Warrior.
  8. I think it depends, since I think that they were not all tupis, there were also the guaranies (these are the ones that I am going to add at first) and others that I do not remember
  9. Tienen un sabor distinto ademas de que en México hay una gran variedad de maiz, yo lo siento en las tortillas que hacen en México y Guatemala, no se como sea en Honduras.
  10. I remember a movie called the witch (I don't remember the name), about a shaman woman in Africa viendo e retrospectiva mi pais nuca tuvo paz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_Mexico Ahora cuando alla bardo entre argentina y mexico podria decirle a los argentinos ¿Cuantas guerras tenes, boludo? :V
  11. I like the history of Europe and the Ibero-America. But there came a time in the massive bombardment of movies from the Middle Ages or the Second War that made me lose part of my interest in the history of Europe
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