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  1. If e.g. archers have an attack range of 60, then make sure all human soldiers have a vision of at least 65, otherwise they wouldn't be able to see who's attacking them. Range is calculated from centre to edge (see e.g. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25424-structure-range/&tab=comments#comment-370070 ), which means melee units ought to have an attack range which is greater than their footprint radius. Cavalry has a footprint length of 6, so they need an attack range of at least 6/2+1=4.
  2. Whilst fully grown crocodiles can be dangerous, what most people fail to realize how little crocodilians have to eat; they don't regulate their body temperature (unlike mammals and birds), they can remain motionless for hours, and they wait for their prey to approach them rather than actively hunting; moreover, brooding females survive several months without food. For instance, a 2-3 m Nile crocodile (the size at which fish is their dominant food—larger specimens don't eat fish—too much work—and smaller sizes eat mainly insects, snails, crabs, etc.) eats on average under 300 g fish per day. For comparison, a single pelican can eat over 3 kg fish per day; a lion requires about 5-7 kg meat per day but can eat as much as 30 kg in a single meal; hippopotamuses eat up to 70 kg of grass each night. Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus, which lives from Ceylon and India to Australia and New Caledonia) females (up to 3 m and 100 kg) are unlikely to attack humans, because too much effort to kill and too much food to stomach; fully grown males (up to 6 m and 1000 kg) wouldn't mind eating humans if the opportunity presents itself, though.
  3. Crocodylus suchus is named “desert crocodile” for a reason. (It's also the species kept in Egyptian temples and for producing mummies, because they tend to be smaller and less aggressive hence less dangerous than Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus)).
  4. Thanks for the clarification! So having separate males, females, and calves of the same species would also require re-animation?
  5. Take, for instance, donkey, zebra, and horse; they're all similar yet different; were their animations developed independently from each other?
  6. Well, I guess more work is needed than just replacing heads, because they're all different sizes (females are also smaller), but I'd imagine animations could be shared by all.
  7. It's nice we have a white rhinoceros in 0 A.D. However, it would be great if someone could also add the other four species. Wikipedia has a nice image revealing historical ranges of rhinoceros habitats: As you can see, the white and black rhinoceroses coexisted in what is now Sudan, which used to be controlled by the Kushites, and the Indian, Javan, and Sumatran rhinoceroses coexisted in what is now Bangladesh and Northeast India, which belonged to the Mauryas. Here's another image from Wikipedia, giving a comparison of the shapes and sizes of several extinct and extant rhinoceroses, which could be useful for people who intend to adapt 0 A.D.'s current rhinoceros:
  8. Thanks! That was quite easy, the AI isn't complaining either, and it's nice in combination with capturable foundations, so I've incorporated in my 0abc mod.
  9. As pointed out before, it's advisable not to change too many things at once.
  10. Yes, just insert e.g. <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">!Support</RestrictedClasses> in the attack node; see e.g. the fishing boat template. Actually !Worker would work.
  11. Historically bonuses don't make sense at all. Sword, spear, arrow are all potentially deadly; javelins don't become less dangerous just because you happen to be armed with a spear. Maybe a very cheap and quick to train trash unit (minimal armour, 0 population), useful for scouting or harrassing enemy traders and workers, but not for real fighting?
  12. Looking at https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est/tree/master/simulation/templates it seems female citizens are capturable while males aren't and female slaves have different gather rates than their male counterparts.
  13. As is the fact that women have different gather rates, a lower cost, and significantly less health. In Greek society at least, men worked the land and women stayed at home: being pregnant, raising children, milling grain into wheat, converting flax into linen, spinning wool into thread, weaving yarn into textile etc. were all highly time-consuming tasks. You might want to consider replacing female citizens with male workers (which would be historically justifiable) or add statistically identical male workers and let both sexes exist in equal numbers (as is done in e.g. AoK).
  14. Why do you believe CC-BY is incompatible with CC-BY-SA? Hyenas are actually much closer related to cats than to wolves.
  15. Personally I'd still recommend having a larger, better visible https://play0ad.com/ instead of Explain this please. People tend to look at flyers for a few seconds at most. If they would look at just one thing, that should be the url; from https://play0ad.com/ it's just a single click to the download page, the forums, trac, and the IRC channel. In the current mock-up the webpage is rather small, especially compared to the enormous logo.
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