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  1. To start with, where exactly does Arrian make this claim? (I couldn't find it.) Moreover, complete heterochromia is extremely rare in humans. Furthermore, whenever eyes are described in a classical text, it's usually because they're gods. To me, it seems yet another attempt to mythologize the man.
  2. Something that annoys me are the chitons (tunics) of several basic units currently in game, e.g.: mace_infantry_pikeman_b, mace_infantry_javelinist_b, mace_infantry_slinger_b, mace_infantry_archer_b. Wearing the tunic only over the left shoulder was a characteristic of slaves and serfs, leaving the right arm free for hard labour. Free men wore a tunic closing at both shoulders. With the exception of the helots (spart_infantry_javelinist), all warriors in Antiquity were free men and none of them should thus leave a shoulder or chest bare. Perhaps the following text is useful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Decree_of_Amphipolis (Full inscription at https://epigraphy.packhum.org/text/152464 ) Inspired by this? That eye-colour bit is nonsense, but his haircut was famous:
  3. Not necessarily. Both animations can coexist without having to be used in the same mod. Fishing boats can keep a melee attack in 0 A.D.'s default distribution, but have a ranged attack instead in certain mods. Or they might even be used against different targets, e.g.: <Attack> <Melee> <MaxRange>5</MaxRange> <Pierce>10</Pierce> <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">!Shark</RestrictedClasses> </Melee> <Ranged> <MaxRange>20</MaxRange> <Pierce>10</Pierce> <RestrictedClasses datatype="tokens">!Whale</RestrictedClasses> </Ranged> </Attack>
  4. A pike is handled fundamentally different from a spear: it's so long and unwieldy it requires two hands to fight with. Axe, club, mace, and sabre (single-edged) might share similar hacking animations, I don't know, but true swords (double-edged) could and were used for stabbing and thus require different ones. Furthermore, a two-handed axe is different from a halberd; however, neither existed in Antiquity; the use of two-handed swords is also debatable. Also, slingers? Basically: ranged: bow crossbow javelin sling stone (hand-thrown) ... melee: pike (two-handed) spear (overhand and underhand) dagger (stab) [useful for e.g. archers when secondary attacks are implemented] sword (thrust, slash, hack) machete, sabre, sickle, etc. (slash, hack) axe, club, mace (hack) rhomphaia and falx (two-handed) [Thracian and Dacian] ... A ranged attack for slaves and female citizens? Great! Where can it be found? It would be great if fishing boats were able to hunt (e.g. crocodiles, whales), basically: melee attack: stab with spear or trident ranged attack: throw harpoon gather meat: chop at carcass gather fish: cast net Also, crocodiles should be able to move both on land and in the water, so they could use swimming animations. Neither is related to infantry, though, so I apologize if this is the wrong topic to post.
  5. No idea, I'm not familiar with the art/ files. For recognizability, if would be good if the new Roman centre were similar in shape to those of cart, mace, etc. and in colour similar to the Roman houses.
  6. No marble tiles, please; cobbles are fine. [EDIT]: Also applies to Greek centres and stoas.
  7. As in young goats or as in human children? If the latter, I suppose it was removed to avoid accusations of inappropiateness.
  8. According to https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17389-committed-hawk/&tab=comments#comment-270123 it's actually a common buzzard (Buteo buteo). I don't know, I'm not an ornithologist.
  9. In case they want more choice, I've listed quite a few species at https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22944-fauna-requests/&tab=comments#comment-340159 I don't expect all of them to be created, obviously, but the more, the merrier Or just tell them to create their favourite animal; any animal that meets the art department's standards should be considered for inclusion.
  10. Thank you for the links, but no, there is not enough information there either. There are hundreds of turtle and tortoise species; so it's simply a matter which one(s) the artist decides to create; the specific name can be easily looked up then. Having said that, I think there should be a separate list for flying birds (e.g. hawk), as opposed to edible birds (e.g. chicken, peacock). The former inherit from `template_bird.xml`, are purely cosmetic, can't be selected or killed, and their templates do not have an <Identity> component, so they don't actually need icons and generic or specific names. Probably albatross, eagle, gull, hawk, parrot, and vulture. The latter inherit from `template_unit_fauna.xml`, have footprint, health, identity, etc. and are a source of food (meat). PS I see you've listed a hen and rooster. What's wrong with the current chicken?
  11. Nescio

    0abc mod

    Yes, {civ} is the owner's, {native} is the unit's; see the links fatherbushido posted.
  12. Out of curiosity, are there any balancing changes done in Fork A.D.?
  13. Nescio

    0abc mod

    Well, I don't know about you, but I'd like to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary duplication. To start with, I listed all buildable structures in `template_unit_infantry.xml`: The first twenty structures exist for all civilizations, the rest exist only for one or some factions, but not all. This removes the need specify additional structures inside specific templates (e.g. crannog in brit infantry or pillar in maur), something which is easy to forget. The next step was to create some neutral mercenaries (e.g. `cretan_infantry_archer.xml`), because I disliked maintaining separate virtually identical files (e.g. copies for gree, mace, ptol): https://github.com/0abc/0abc-a23/tree/master/simulation/templates/units/merc Then I created neutral mercenary camps with hardcoded units, e.g. `nuba_camp.xml`: This means anyone who controls the camp can train those two units. Finally, because I don't want to touch maps, I made mercenary camps buildable to units of specific factions, e.g. `kush/infantry_archer.xml`: As a result this unit can build the following structures: And the Nuba mercenaries can build the structures that exist for their current owner: I don't use the {native} tag anywhere.
  14. If I understand correctly, the design document as listed on trac is quite outdated, so it seems the idea is to create a new one that's hosted separately ( http://docs.wildfiregames.com/design/ ), first making it descriptive of the current situation, afterwards prescriptive for future direction (at least that's my impression; please correct me, @Itms). I don't expect any major overhauls, though.
  15. Actually I think we should distinguish between: content (actors, animations, icons, maps, sounds, etc.), which have to be up to the art department's standards features, which require serious reviews from the programming team to ensure code doesn't have unintended consequences balance tweaks (e.g. how much health a structure has, unit attack damage, which entities are available to which faction in which phase, etc.); these happen occassionally, as @fatherbushido pointed out, but not frequently enough, according to many people on these forums (There are other things, of course, but those matter less to gameplay.) Mods can really help to test things; however, the more things a mod does, the harder it'll be to get it implemented; hopefully @borg-'s mod will result in a number of small patches that'll be accepted on phabricator and committed to the game.
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