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  1. Actually it is: i.e. 40×40. Which is what I did in my mod ( https://github.com/0abc/0abc-a23 ) to accomodate 4×10=40 icons, with squares of 32×32.
  2. True, there is nothing wrong with that, there can be good reasons to work privately, nor does one have to go public. However, for the uninformed public, that privateness is probably the primary difference between these projects.
  3. that 0 A.D.'s repositories are public so everyone can see development, whereas Fork AD's is private.
  4. If there is clear consensus how and what is to be done, then I suppose I could. However, there is quite a review queue on phabricator already and I already have dozens of patches open, so I'm a bit reluctant to add another one right now.
  5. It sounds very promising! Some errors: Only Athens? No AI? Furthermore, your session GUI seems a bit inconvenient (especially the minimap): Things are rather blue-ish, but I suppose that's a matter of taste. The mod seems quite large (zip is 486.8 MB, extracted 782.8 MB, git clone 1.3 GB). Fatigue sounds great! How does your energy work exactly?
  6. <BuildRestrictions> <Territory>own neutral enemy ally</Territory> </BuildRestrictions>
  7. Nescio


    You might want to have a look at the in-game manual.
  8. In my 0abc mod I've implemented various resource trickles; units consume food, champions also consume silver, houses consume wood relative to their population capacity, structures with default arrows consume food, wood, and silver, etc. And yes, initial food cost is reduced. I think it works fine, but I'm biased, of course. As a consequence resource amounts can turn negative. When one resource does, a player is prevented from spending any resources until all are positive again. I don't know how that can be changed, but it does represent debts and famine (though not starvation). In Cossacks, if your food stock is 0, units will start dying at random. If your gold is 0, your strongest units will revolt, turn gaia, and start attacking you. If coal or iron are 0, cannons, ships, buildings, etc. were unable to fire. Cossacks is, however, a different game (it has no population limit, either).
  9. Apparently there is some serious misunderstanding here. If it was caused by my choice of words, I apologize. Nonetheless, after re-reading this entire thread from beginning to end, I'm quite at a loss and genuinely don't understand what exactly is the issue here. Perhaps you could elaborate? Anyone can edit their own posts, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if a post is edited, it will clearly show so (see e.g. @Krinkle's above). And no, I don't have moderator rights; if I had, my name would show up in a different colour. Nor do I understand what that would have to do with this discussion. Indeed, why not?
  10. Nescio

    0abc mod

    Thanks, missed that one. Just tried it, but both <Capturable/> and <Capturable merge=""/> cause errors for structures that aren't capturable (e.g. palisades and walls in my mod). [EDIT]: Ignore that, it seems to work indeed; something else is causing errors with wallsets. [EDIT]: D2054, apparently. [EDIT]: now fixed.
  11. Nescio

    0abc mod

    Great, your help is appreciated!
  12. When a game starts, press Ctrl+B, shift-click once on metal, then press Esc.
  13. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have regular (e.g. monthly) updates, to give a glimpse of what's going on; they don't have to be complete, nor long; even one or two sentences would suffice. Currently the last post on https://play0ad.com/ was February 1.
  14. What I mean is an option to have last man standing selected by default. Current default settings are: And yes, if locked teams is selected, then last man standing is unavailable, obviously.
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