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  1. Though each armour level means the entity takes 10% less damage; the percentage is merely a way to convey that information.
  2. Yes, but is it really a problem for ordinary players if the technology tooltips says “+1 armour level” and the unit tooltip then only displays the resulting percentage? E.g. the resource gather rates displayed in the tooltip are also not exactly the same as the resource gather rates modified by technologies?
  3. Great initiative! I'll have a critical look later.
  4. See opening post: The question is whether a typical player is really interested in knowing the level, or only in the resulting percentage.
  5. Is your “shuttle speed” only the movement speed from the resource to the dropsite (i.e. when carrying resources), or also towards the resource (i.e. when not carrying anything)? If the former, it wouldn't actually solve the problem, if the latter, then how is it different from the default walking speed? To me, introducing a separate shuttle speed mechanic sounds like a complex non-solution; the easier and more correct fix would be to simply give all infantry the same walking speed.
  6. East. To the north of Macedonia lived the Paonians and it's unclear whether those tribes were Thracians, Illyrians, or something else. Also, don't forget the Bithyni, a Thracian tribe who crossed the (Thracian) Bosporus and founded the kingdom of Bithynia there, with its capital at Nicomedia (modern İzmit). Possibly though not necessarily.
  7. But where would the resource capacity or build time then go? Also, what if a magic mod has e.g. a dozen damage types? Or units with several different attacks?
  8. Currently 0 A.D.'s tooltips display both the armour level x (the internal value defined in templates and modified by technologies and auras) and the effective armour percentage (1-0.9^x). The question is whether maintaining the current situation is desirable: one could argue that the purpose of tooltips is to convey information at a glance, and the more data are displayed, the less visible each number becomes, so perhaps a simpler format for the armour values makes sense, hence this poll. [EDIT]: Also, in which order do you prefer the health, attack, and armour tooltips to be displayed? If you have opinions or suggestions for other options, please post here. Related: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2247
  9. See Learn to Play/Manual (pre-game) or Menu/Manual (session). See Settings/Options/In-Game: Attack Range Visualization; or press Alt+C (session). Tab (session) toggles status bars, not range visualizations.
  10. These concerns have been addressed, thank you for your feedback. Two more: FeXoR has three capitals and Freagarach has three a's. Anyway, thanks a lot for the report! Do you intend to write another one next month?
  11. That's quite a long list! A few minor points: Personally I dislike the grey. How about blue and black instead? Please check and double-check all user names; e.g. wackyserious and wowgetoffyourcellphone shouldn't be capitalized, Stan` should have a backtick, not an apostrophe, Genava55 is missing the 55, etc. If something isn't committed (e.g. D2228), then don't mention it; work-in-progress is misleading, since sometimes the review process can take years. Wouldn't it be better to highlight only the important things? If one wants to know everything that's changed, they could check the logs, right?
  12. Out of curiosity, why are those prefixes necessary in this case?
  13. How come? Athenians and Thebans don't have their own architecture set at the moment, only Spartans do. And Macedon, Ptolemies, Seleucids, etc. would still remain separate civilizations.
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