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  1. 0 A.D. Empires Extended

    The life cycle of A21 was over eight months, so if that's anything to go by, don't expect A23 before April then. Furthermore, time between releases seems to be increasing, so it's perfectly possible A22 will last even longer. The point is, the release date is not fixed, therefore we'd better avoid speculating on it. A22 has been released and therefore won't be changed any more. Adapting a mod to the development version is a lot of work, because A23 is constantly changing and anything can be altered at any time, potentially breaking mods overnight; nor do we know how A23 would ultimately look like. It's wiser to base a mod upon a stable release (e.g. A22) and only update it to the next version when it's released.
  2. 0 A.D. Empires Extended

    Managing a released mod is not necessarily more work than managing a local mod. If your mod works without errors on A22, then releasing exactly those files should work for everyone else's A22. It's completely up to you, of course. The next alpha is always around the corner, because work on the next version starts as soon as a stable is released. However, that doesn't mean A23 is about to be released right now. No asset freeze has been announced as far as I know and a lot of work is ongoing. Personally I would be surprised if A23 would be finished and released earlier than January (it's pure speculation, of course).
  3. Yes, LaTeX is a typesetting language. You can use any general text editor (e.g. emacs, gedit, kwrite, notepad, etc) or a specialized TeX-editor (e.g. TeXworks, TeXnicCenter, LyX), but to compile it (create a proper pdf) requires a TeX-distribution to be installed (e.g. TeXLive, MiKTeX). The learning curve is quite steep; you need to invest a few hours to get used to LaTeX, but once you've mastered it, life becomes so much easier. When I started at university years ago, we were introduced to LaTeX on day one, and forced to use it for all assignments. I didn't like it initially back then, but now I'm really glad I had to. Since then I've never used MS Word, Powerpoint, or similar time consuming typesetting programs. So if you want to be able to typeset professional documents with very little effort, learn LaTeX. If you're not interested, perfectly fine. Many people aren't willing to invest time into learning it.
  4. Polybolos animations for infantry

    To clarify, I wasn't talking about capitalization, but about the e; I mean the first “e” should actually be “oe“ (or “oi” if you prefer Ancient Greek orthography); we no longer write Edipus either, but Oedipus (or Oidipous); likewise Boeotia (or Boiotia), but not Beotia.
  5. Polybolos animations for infantry

    It is certainly used by the gastraphetes (which I hope will also be included, under Macedonian, not Athenian). Besides, “beotian” ought to be renamed to “Boeotian”. PS Thanks for including the Mauryan battering ram!
  6. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    That would be very nice. Even when surrounded by fortresses and dozens of towers the AI can be easily defeated by ignoring those fortifications and simply ordering your battering rams and champion swordsmen to attack its vulnerable centres. Walls would make that less straightforward (provided the AI doesn't keep its gates wide open). Being able to construct wonders would also be nice (a higher maximum population limit can be a serious game changer). The AI can be quite overwhelming if you're new or slow, but is not much of a challenge when you're used to 0 A.D. Furthermore, it seems to be have difficulty on maps where wood is scarce. Actually I'd welcome any improvements which would make the AI a better long term opponent. Have a look at the files inside https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/ai
  7. 0abc mod

    It is a possibility I've considered myself earlier but rejected for several reasons. (Caesar III is a simple but great game, I really liked it years ago.) The size of 0abc's simulation folder isn't the issue (only 2 MB, compressing it won't make a significant difference), but its number of files (over 3000) apparently is, or actually setting up the AI. I repeat, in 0abc generating a giant random map with no population limit and eight “none” AI players takes about 18 seconds. Having a “Petra Bot” AI instead increases the time by about 180 seconds, a tenfold increase. Although it's especially noticeable with 0abc, undoubtedly other mods are experiencing the same problem, albeit in a different degree. Sorry, I don't think I fully understand your post. If your question is if 0abc works with 0 A.D.'s svn version (A23), the answer is no, it works with the latest stable release (A22). However, I believe you're referring to something else.
  8. 0abc mod

    Excessive times are related to setting up the AI. Generating a giant eight player random map with no population limit takes merely seconds if all AIs are set to “none”. If, however, AIs (e.g. Petra) are selected, the time increases by several minutes. Hopefully this will be improved in A23. Anyway, 0abc updated again: farm fields have to be at at least 50 m from civil centres (distances are calculated from the centre of one object to the centre of another) number of towers is limited to a maximum of ten plus five per centre village phase technologies typically cost 40 seconds, town phase technologies 50, city phase technologies 60 fishing boats can gather food.meat (useful if amphibious animals (e.g. hippopotamus) are introduced) females and infantry can gather food.fish (useful if there is fish in shallow water) workers benefit from fishing net technology Mauryans have -10% stone gather rate (their walls don't cost stone and they have +10% maximum population limit) Persians have -5% wood gather rate (their centres have +10% territory influence radius and they have +10% maximum population limit) each wonder grants +1.0 silver, food, wood, metal, and stone per 2.0 seconds resource trickle rate garrisoned units (up to 50) heal at 5.0 health per second 50 m aura: nearby units heal at 2.0 health per second 100 m aura: traders and workers +5% movement speed (stackable) global aura: units -10% training time (per wonder) (stackable) global aura, requires “Glorious Expansion” technology: structures +10% territory influence radius (per wonder) (stackable) global aura, requires “Glorious Expansion” technology: +10% maximum population limit (per wonder) numerous minor tweaks, etc. As usual, see 0abc-readme.pdf for more detailed information.
  9. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Personally I think using git, svn, etc via the command line is the easiest; using an additional layer of dedicated gui software unnecessarily complicates things in my experience. Anyway, for more details on how to build the development version of 0 A.D. please see: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions
  10. Horse animations + actors update

    Yes, I fully agree the statement “it's done in the past therefore it's a good idea” is false. To clarify, I'm not arguing to include just anything into the svn; instead, I think it might be worth considering including visual actors which are not yet used but might be later. E.g. the Mauryans do not have any siege units at the moment, but those might be added later, therefore I think it's a good idea to include Alexandermb's Mauryan ram visual actor. Besides, “unused” certainly doesn't mean “useless”; having a couple of extra units is useful for scenarios (and mods). I just checked A22 and I found these “unavailable” units (there might be more, I didn't check carefully): brit_hero_boudicca_sword.xml brit_hero_cunobelin_infantry.xml mace_hero_craterus.xml mace_hero_philip_pike.xml mace_hero_pyrrhus.xml noldor_ship_bireme.xml pers_arstibara.xml pers_hero_xerxes_chariot.xml ptol_infantry_archer_nubian.xml rome_legionnaire_imperial.xml rome_legionnaire_marian.xml samnite_skirmisher.xml samnite_spearman.xml samnite_swordsman.xml spart_champion_infantry_pike.xml theb_mechanical_siege_fireraiser.xml thebes_sacred_band_hoplitai.xml thespian_melanochitones.xml viking_longboat.xml
  11. Horse animations + actors update

    It would be nice if it could be improved, however, it has certainly no priority. Undoubtedly there are many other more important things. Yeah, but if something is not directly used in the default distribution, it can still be worth including it anyway. Currently (A22) there are at least a dozen units which exist but are untrainable. A few more doesn't hurt. (Furthermore, maybe some of the Kushite visual actors could also be included in the svn (if they are finished and qualitatively at least as good as their counterparts of the existing factions); some of them are already being used in several mods, and quite a few players appear to like the Kushites. (Just a suggestion to ponder upon ))
  12. Horse animations + actors update

    Just including the art files won't be a game changer.
  13. Horse animations + actors update

    Yes, I agree that's more important. Including unit visual actor improvements would be nice to have, but definitely has no priority at all. Nevertheless, visual actors (without the simulation templates) I hope will eventually be reviewed and included in A23 (allowing me to remove them from 0abc) include: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22959-gastraphetes/ (actually ought to be grouped under Macedonian, not Athenian) https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22974-mauryan-ram-request/ https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-polybolos-animations-for-infantry/ (adds crews for all ranged siege weapons)
  14. Horse animations + actors update

    It would be nice if actor improvements such as these and Alexandermb's could be included in the svn version instead of in some arbitrary mod (better concentrate all efforts in one place).
  15. Horse animations + actors update

    While you're at it, could you also fix the camel (ptol cavalry [sic] archer) rider's legs? As you can see the warrior is standing inside his dromedary. He's supposed to sit on the camel with his legs crossed: For Hellenized Greek cataphracts this is probably appropiate, yes, although it would be nice if it would extent a bit further back and if the ends would visibly meet together behind the horse's neck. However, the Scythians seem to have had fully armoured cataphracts before 500 BC, and potentially the Armenian cataphract tradition did too. Personally I'd like to see Cappadocian cavalry (pers_cavalry_spearman_e) fully covered in linen barding from chest to tail.