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  1. Great! For realism. Walls are solid up to parapet level (yellow line), the windows in the room above (cyan) should be there, but the ones below (magenta) are problematic.
  2. Bad example. Not all do, though: What matters is these portraits look good. (I'd also prefer Spartan red for Leonidas.) Could you also improve Brennus, Viridomarus, and Demetrius to 256×256?
  3. If it's actor-based (e.g. Caratacos) then it should use magenta, if it's a specially drawn portrait (e.g. Boudicca) it shouldn't. Any other faux Greek concept art?
  4. 256×256? Great! I like the one with the old colours best (the last one). This is disgusting, though: Please correct to Θεμιστοκλῆς or ΘΕΜΙΣΤΟΚΛΗΣ.
  5. None of the wall towers should have doors at the ground level: they were massive from foot to parapet (unlike outposts and forts, which were hollow, to save material and increase storage space). Stairs were external (as in Stronghold; too complicated for 0 A.D., though). [EDIT]: @Stan`, could those doors be removed from the athen/mace/spart wall towers? And also the lowest level windows from the cart, iber, ptol, sele wall towers? The others look fine.
  6. Let's assume unit A has an attack which inflicts 3 damage in 1 second, and unit B has an attack which inflicts 15 damage in 5 seconds. In 0 A.D. both attacks are equivalent, regardless of the target. That's not the case in the Age of Empires, however: against a target with 2 armour, A would inflict 60/1×(3-2)=60 damage per minute, B 60/5×(15-2)=156 damage per minute. Why would anyone want to have such a system?
  7. Why not set a generic icon in `template_unit_hero.xml` and remove the icons from all hero templates that use another hero's icon, so it's clearer which don't have a unique icon yet?
  8. Attack ranges are from centre to edge, thus that means that if an unit with no base damage and only splash damage would attack a structure which has a footprint radius larger than the unit's splash radius, the structure won't be damaged by the unit's splash attack?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Basically damage to an unit is 1 - (d/r)^2, with d the distance to the splash centre and r the splash radius? How does that work out for the total damage over the entire splash area? Also, only the unit centre matters, the footprint radius doesn't, right?
  10. Now suppose an unit is located at a distance of 5 from the point where the splash attack hits. How much damage would it take if the splash radius is 10? And how much if it's 7?
  11. If I recall correctly (@fatherbushido?), splash damage is spread out over the splash area, so a lower radius means the same total amount of damage is concentrated in a smaller area. From 10 to 7 means that the area is half as large, so units inside take double the damage (π*10^2 / π*7^2 = 2.04).
  12. Exactly! Though it can be useful for people attempting to “balance” the game (@borg-, @Stockfish, @ValihrAnt, @wowgetoffyourcellphone, etc.). Normalize them? Use a log? There are possibilities, though I'm not sure they'll make things clearer. The high and arbitrary numbers are at least the anount of attack damage required to destroy the entity.
  13. Thanks, that seems to solve the problem, though there is now too limited space on the panel to the left:
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