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  1. Yes! The Persian chariot actors do need to be redesigned (also those of the heroes). While the current version might be justified for the Seleucid scythed chariots used at the Battle of Magnesia (190 BC), they do not match Xenophon's description, who was an eyewitness at the (Achaemenid vs Achaemenid) Battle of Cunaxa (401 BC). I already pointed this out years ago: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21393-committed-seleucid-champion-chariot/&tab=comments#comment-342149 What should be done for the Persian chariots: the back of the cart should be open keep the scythes at the ends of axle add scythes below the cart no forward-pointing scythes no horizontal scythes on the yoke the yoke shouldn't be a horizontal, straight beam ancient chariots tend to have a single, central beam (between the inner horses) the central horses should yoked by arcs extending from the end of the chariot beam (see Amanirenas' chariot) the outer horses were probably not yoked, their function was secondary, and they were tied to the other horses with rope (see the Alexander mosaic) add reins to the chariot driver the mail curtains tied around the horses's necks, protecting their front, is something Hellenistic, therefore probably inappropiate for the Persian chariot Maybe this screenshot makes it easier to visualize things:
  2. @feneur or @Stan`, maybe this should be moved to Game Development or Gameplay Discussion subforum?
  3. There are also some issues with traders, maybe you could have a look at them later: The donkey trader footprint is centred on the human, which means the animal is largely outside the selection marker. It should be centred on the donkey + human compound. Donkeys were only introduced in Gaul and the British Islands in Roman times, therefore brit and gaul shouldn't have a donkey trader; they should get a horse-and-cart (like mace) or an ox cart (like maur). By contrast, donkeys and mules were already present in Archaic Greece (Homer) and the major historians (Herodotes, Thucydides, Xenophon) mention them as pack animals. Moreover, horses were scarce in Southern Greece, due to lack of meadows and the mountaineous terrain, donkeys were far more suitable. Therefore athen and sparta ought to have a donkey trader instead; mace, rome, and sele can keep the horse-and-cart trader. The donkey trader is appropiate for iber and kush. The cart, pers, ptol trader consists of only a dromedary camel; a human on foot should be added. Maybe move the trader animal actors (donkey, dromedary camel, horse-and-cart) to `art/actors/units/global/`, to avoid unnecessary duplication?
  4. Nescio

    0abc mod

    Yes, I do, thanks. The right most look good, could you reduce the space between the letters (kerning), though? Icons in 0 A.D. are supposed to be squares, and I doubt the viii would fit into one. Also, any progress on the javelins svg?
  5. No need to apologize, and there is no rush. Great! Lovely! You mean Iphicrates and Xenophon? Iphicrates should indeed have a péltê, however, Xenophon should be a spearman (the Ten Thousand he led was a mercenary hoplite force), not a javelinist. Something else: the infantry swordsman attack animations (hacking, slashing, and stabbing) look great for those armed with true swords (brit, cart, gaul, kush, ptol, rome), but the stabbing looks quite silly for those armed with other weapons (e.g. kush_infantry_clubman, kush_champion_infantry_amun, kush_champion_infantry_apedemak, maur_champion_infantry), so would it be possible to have a “hack only, no stabbing” attack animation for those armed with axes, maces, sabres, etc. instead of true swords?
  6. Were horses more affordable than cattle? In 0 A.D. there are four trader actor designs: donkey, dromedary camel, horse-and-cart, ox cart: The former two are evidently inappropiate for the Celts, so I guess the choice is between the other two. Designing a fifth actor is significantly more work. Personally I'd favour deprecating the rotary mill then and giving the Gauls and Britons a civ bonus or special technology instead, in addition to the 20% building time discount they already have. And how about the Celtiberians, Lusitani, Vascones, etc.?
  7. Thanks, good to know! That means both the trader and the rotary mill actors are questionable: Any recommendations? Furthermore, do you happen to know anything on the situation on the Iberian peninsula?
  8. @Genava55, how common were donkeys in Gaul? And mules? And in the British Islands? Somehow I associate Gauls with cattle, so I'm wondering whether an ox cart wouldn't be more appropiate for their trader. However, Celts are not my forte and I don't really know, hence my question.
  9. 0 A.D. is a great game, but very much a work-in-progress, hence full of mistakes. Here are a few things I noticed for a start. Undoubtedly there are more, I certainly did not go through all actors. The catafalque's horse's manes and tail hair move independently: Themistocles' helmet seems to be transparent: Iphicrates' and Xenophon's shield go through their shoulder: Philip the Pikeman is beheaded by his own shield when attacking: The Kushite's pikeman's shield position is non-sensical when attacking: Hopefully someone from the art team (@Alexandermb, @LordGood, @Stan`, @wackyserious) can have a look. For most people these things probably don't matter, but dotting the i's and crossing the t's is appreciated by some, myself included.
  10. There is a list at https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27385-0-ad-svn-gameplay-patches/ (I've just updated it; if there are any other gameplay patches missing, let me know.) The idea is anyone can click on the link in the list to view the actual proposed changes on phabricator. You can discuss them over there, and if you approve of a proposed diff, click “Add Action...” → “Accept Revision”. The more people participate, the more likely it'll be a team member is willing to commit a diff, hopefully.
  11. Needs (D1958) by @Freagarach. Functionallity will likely be limited to chariots and elephants with towers. Horse archers and elephant archers need rotation restriction which I believe has yet to be implemented. With that elephant archers can be replaced with melee elephants on top of which you can place ranged infantry.
  12. For multiplayer I suppose @borg-, @Feldfeld, @ValihrAnt. I don't care about multiplayer games, competitive or not, but you can put me down for single-player; I'm sure there are other people interested as well. D2596 is an example of what I consider an uncontroversial and minor stat tweak patch.
  13. Personally I'd favour a six month release cycle (say every June and December). However, I don't think that'll happen anytime soon; the next alpha targets are increasingly ambitious. Moreover, there is a review backlog of hundreds of patches. A selection of features I know work has started on and I hope will make it into A24: resource growth and decay world population game setting garrison slots on units (e.g. war elephants) gates opening and closing independent of units on walls and gates ability to limit what resources can be used for (e.g. bartering, trader gain, tribute) Furthermore, I really hope map file names will use underscores instead of hyphens and spaces. (D1042 was proposed over two years ago but is still relevant; @elexis started reviewing it but has since disappeared.) Art, balance and gameplay, descriptions and tooltips, template improvements, etc. are of lesser importance. If @borg- is no longer available, then perhaps you should consider implementing patches without him; e.g. implement minor patches if three people who know what they're doing are in favour of a stat tweak and nobody objects in say two weeks.
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