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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting (Discussion)

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Hello guys.  Recently I'm playing all the time 1vs1 ranked games. During this time I passed through multiple games ending by leaving (not resigning) by my opponents. I was thinking what can be do

False. You was asking me to resign when I was with my base full in army... You cannot defeat me so you start  to put excuses... 


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On 4/21/2020 at 4:34 PM, Elinvention said:


I am SuperTux95 and want to report Mativen1983. I practically defeated him (no units and structures left on land, just a ship...), I asked kindly to resign because the game continued too long and I had to go to dinner. He refused, so I went AFK. When I returned, I saw he left the game a few minutes after and then I defeated his last ship and finally won.

I personally put him on my blacklist and don't want to play with him ever again, also because of his INSANE defensive tactic to prolong the game uselessly.

Here is the replay:


commands.txt 1.3 MB · 2 downloads

False. You was asking me to resign when I was with my base full in army... You cannot defeat me so you start  to put excuses... 

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Mative1983 insulted me and my inteligence many times during a game. Then I lost connection and when I was coming back he was saying s/he was going to report me.

I don't know how forum works because I never had any problem. What should I do?

Thank you!

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On 5/15/2020 at 2:48 AM, ishaan777 said:

Hi @user1

I played against andremf, and at some point during the game when I was winning I see him as gone offline, he didn't resign and I got no points for the game. 

Please let me know if you need anything else. Would like the points as I managed to get them against a high rated player. 

my lobby username: ishaan777

played against : andremf

commands.txt 608.2 kB · 2 downloads

@user1 Thank you. I got the update that my file has been verified but didn't receive any points in my lobby score. Do I have to wait longer?

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On 6/21/2020 at 2:19 PM, MR.MICHAEL said:

hello moderators, my user is: mr.michael, the offender is: pignasmile (1332) because in a game of 1 vs. 1 removed the connection to end the game, without giving up. and not load the points.
I thank you in advance for your collaboration.@user1

commands.txt 288.15 kB · 3 downloads

Hello moderators and Mr.Michael,

here is Daniele or Pignasmile in the game. Another player told me I've been reported here. 

In the past weeks I had some troubles in a couple of match and I had just been disconnected from the game and even from the lobby. 

Here is the message I had during another match after I was cut of the game and trying to reconnect.

"Cannot join game: Could not find the STUN endpoint"

I'm sorry if Mr.Michael felt damaged, but I want to make sure that I don't remove the connection.

I'm here to have fun a couple of day a week, nothing else.

Thank you

Have all a nice day and nice games


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25 minutes ago, PurpleMotion said:


My user: PurpleMotion

Offender: DerekO

Tried to rush me at the start and failed, then ended up losing his main TC and dragged the game for no reason, just about when he was about to be wiped out, he decided to cheat and block me or what ever.




commands.txt 574.77 kB · 0 downloads metadata.json 65.03 kB · 0 downloads

I actually didn't try to cheat, after the issue I offered to enter a game and resign immediatley but then he said he still prefered to go to user 1. Honestly idk was the issue.

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Wrong quote:




frappucino as host closed the game, after a long fight even, without resigning.
Disrespectful to opponents time...

@user1 @AlexanDerGrosse No quit, my network was out for seconds probably because of weather and then game stop recognize me as server, it was telling I'm losing connection to server. Game was not listed in the lobby either. This is game bug more than me disrespectful.

I have respect for AlexanDerGrasse, but no way he will win. Why he choose to post he know, I asking him if he can rejoin in the lobby and saying him my game saying losing connection to server and it count on 300 seconds. I guess he get more offended than usual because I more noob?




Edited by frappucino
wrong quote
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This is a formal apology to the community.

I'm very new to this and I exited a game without resigning because i thought it didn't matter.

I now know that it does.  Karma got me back though when I beat a 1300 rated player and he

exited without resigning.  My score stays 1090.  Just wanted to say my exit wasn't intentional 

and would recommend that the game be updated to include someone exiting as a win condition.

Thank you to the developers!!!

All the best,


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On 30/12/2020 at 11:14 PM, mysticjim said:

Never reported anyone or any odd instances on 0AD, but just had something very odd happen, and I suspect foul play, although not sure if it can be proved or a rational alternative explanation found.

Hello there... I am not sure if it's possible for the host to selectively start ignoring your commands without causing an OOS error. But the part where you describe not being able to type any text in the chat window suggests that it was a bug in your instance of the game.

I don't know the internals much and I've never encountered this myself, but we'll know that it's not something new when it happens to someone else. One question: Aren't you by any chance playing on Mac OS? There have been some problems with that version of the game. It might help to restart the game before matches, I think that works for some people.

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