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  1. @user i am : CatotherCensor again player offender: basiliskos he asked fot revenge and finished it again without giveng up thanks commands.txt metadata.json
  2. @user i am: CatotherCensor player offender : basiliskos commands.txt metadata.json
  3. @usuario1 Yo: CatotherCensor (1297) otro jugador: HOI (1726) abandono sin rendirse, Gracias metadata.json commands.txt
  4. @user1 hi im mr.michael vs dihiya ( 1347) when he felt defeated he ledt the game without giving up , thanks for you help. commands.txt metadata.json
  5. hi @user1 im mr.michael vs player player - Al-tocade ( 1208) thanks. commands.txt metadata.json
  6. @Norse_Harold this i found matchsettings.mp.zip matchsettings.zip
  7. @Silier @usuario1 hi I will be pending anything @Norse_Haroldyou're persistent commands.txt
  8. @user1 I was playing a 1 vs 1 with this auxilentmoon player, and after he was already lost he left the game, and the points were not assigned to me, can you help me? I will be attentive to your answer. commands.txt metadata.json
  9. hello @nani sorry i bother you again, what i meant was this . which can be loaded unts. as similar to alt-Q since without the mod. in this update i saw that you and several players can do it. that appears blue in the barracks or civic centers. i would like to know how to do it.
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