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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting (Discussion)

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Hello guys. 

Recently I'm playing all the time 1vs1 ranked games. During this time I passed through multiple games ending by leaving (not resigning) by my opponents. I was thinking what can be done to solve this problem and i invented something like that. In ranked match there can be only resigning option for both players to end the game before the time. Although I'm aware of the fact that sometimes match needs to be ended qucikly. For example if random map turns out to demonstration map or something like that there needs to be option for "RE'. So i inveted something like this. In multiplayer match there should be option like voting. For example: random map turns out to be demonstration map (nothing on it) so u can't play normal match. Then one of u starts voting for draw, second one agrees and match is ended without changes in score for both players. I think it can solve leaving problem in ranked matches. Tell me guys what do You think about my invetion and sorry for my english (I'm not english speaking person). 


Daniel_King :D

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Hello guys.  Recently I'm playing all the time 1vs1 ranked games. During this time I passed through multiple games ending by leaving (not resigning) by my opponents. I was thinking what can be do

False. You was asking me to resign when I was with my base full in army... You cannot defeat me so you start  to put excuses... 


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There are ways, resigning doesn't mean points lost

The option seems complicated

And players can just close the game without clicking on that thing

And if automatically defeat on leave imagine the chaos

Most of us have times when our net is weaker or someone turns off the router or power outage etc

While voting could be a meh option it doesn't solve anything

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An option could be a timer, if someone leaves a ranked 1vs1 match, the game automatically (or you could also have to start timer manual) pauses and a timer starts running. If the opponent hasnt started rejoining once time is up its counted as a loss, if both players leave the match nothing happens. The only question is how long should the timer be (3min, 5min or more/less)?

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If someone disconnects from a game for N minutes, that should count as a defeat. If players can't ensure their network stability or have some outage, that's their problem.

This rating resign issue has to be solved eventually, because it's happening every day.

Marking a player as defeated if the other players computer says so will result in faking wins directly, which is way worse than what we currently have, so no thanks.

It can only be accomplished by restricting rated games to games hosted by WildfireGames. Otherwise there is no way to find out who actually disconnected.

There's also the other issue: pausing forever. That will require even more code to find out who paused first (not trivial).

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4 hours ago, realNoobNoob said:

True, seems as if hosting rated games via WildfireGames is the only solution which would allow features like this.

But for server we need regular income like donations....but for regular donations we need a bigger community....but we are represent in big and typical gaming networks like steam, Twitch and others...yes i know a 0ad team was at the linux days....and i know a stand on gamescom is too expensive...but we must build up our community to grow our projekt and make the best game....better than age of empire(on my thinking it is)




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It's not like we don't have a server (lobby, forum, website, bugtracker, reviews, email, ...). If we only want to catch people disconnecting, that can be cought with little computational effort (just up and downloading about 2MB per game per player). But if we walso want to catch people cheating by pretending to the game that they didn't lose, then the game must be simulated on the WFG server too. That indeed might need more than one computer on the other end, as a 0AD match basically consumes 100% CPU power of one thread. And yes, if I recall correctly, there are less donations than server costs recently. So thought about a new lobby bot that reads donations. It's one of the ways twitch streamers get microfunds. Donating can become a social phenomenon, a positive feedback loop ideally. My expectation are limited though. Probably need some streamers that comment games well, like ZeroEmpires or Resonance22 at AoE.

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(Thought I could do something to the Exit button at least, so that people who can't write code at least can't cheat anymore. But the Exit button can still be easily circumvented with Alt+F4. Also resigning is a simulation message that is not processed if the game is paused until it is aborted, nor is it processed if the host clicks on exit, unless we add a waiting period. Either serverfarm or lots of effort in security through obscurity, meh).

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You could prevent alt+f4 to close the programm, but im not sure how users would feel if 0ad doesnt follow standarts. I dont think that would be a good idea.
Security through obscurity might work for the majority of users, but could be seen as a challenge for some :p

You could catch alt+f4 and then check if a rated 1vs1 is running. Then resign and leave 0ad.
This would need to be implemented in the c++ engine i think, but im not familiar with 0ad code.

Killing the process would still work to prevent the resign, so its probably not worth to implement.

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10 hours ago, elexis said:

 Probably need some streamers that comment games well, like ZeroEmpires or Resonance22 at AoE.

Yeah....but than you must do something for that....we aren't on twitch so how you can find a streamer who plays 0ad....0ad is not a game on twitch...we have some youtubers, but nothing more...I'm also a little youtuber but why should do some videos on this game(i have made 3-4)(We must ask what is our strenght, what can we do what others can't do)... we must do something and not saying "it is only an early alpha" and do nothing....we must say "it is only an early alpha but you can help us to build the perfect game" we must try out new features and not saying before it is to early...the ranking system was a good step but we must do the next step and improve our ranking system(with servers, or clan rankings, or later esl)..the community is  the key for this projekt....

Edit:(sry for my english. Iam from Germany)

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my english
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Maybe a ticket system is a solution for ranking leavers...

You get....

1Ticket for leaving after a hour

2Tickets after 2 hours

3Tickets after 2hours and 90% lowe  points


1 and 2Tickets  warning

3Tickets= Maybe 10 min ban from ranking games

4 Tickets= 30min

5 Tickets 1 hour





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