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  1. WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/gamesetup_mp/gamesetup_mp.js line 42 reference to undefined property attribs.name
  2. @fgod: I clicked in start mods and got 4 of these: WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/common/functions_utility.js line 21 Script value conversion check failed: v.isString() || v.isNumber() (got type boolean)
  3. Those dots are literal, .. means parent dir so parent of build/ws/gcc = root
  4. Actually user03 and fleur reported that, thanks to them
  5. @elexis: https://play0ad.com/download/source/ still points to a22 files
  6. i don't think libsodium is supposed to be in x8664linuxgnu as in the picture
  7. You can skip compiling tests with make pyrogenesis. My system has /usr/include/sodium.h /usr/include/sodium/core.h ... /usr/lib/libsodium.so /usr/lib/libsodium.so.23 /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libsodium.pc look at the paths
  8. Did you try to include this path instead? /usr/local/lib/sodium
  9. Days from the release, you can skip svn and just install rc (700 MB) http://releases.wildfiregames.com/rc/0ad-0.0.23-rc2-alpha-win32.exe
  10. I think they are more resilient in a23 because elephants and swords have a harder time trying to destroy them.
  11. Maybe update dependencies https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Fedora and do a make clean before
  12. @2blea: Maybe it is downloading the rc, which Itms already updated to 23. Can you download the tarballs and build game yourself? (650 MB) 0ad-data-22 (50 MB) 0ad-22 Untar and https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Building By the way, there was a player (maybe blea) in svn lobby and his game caused an error in lobby.js, something about indexing an empty list, I couldn't see his host.
  13. and the problem with gcc was with gcc 7.3.1+20180312-2 try compiling int main(){} , I got the same errors
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