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fgod-mod (for 0 A. D. A23) fully compatible with 0 A. D. players

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New Experimental Version. New features.



Older Experimental version

Newest Version 1.6.22: https://github.com/fraizy22/fgodmod/raw/master/fgod_v1.6.22.pyromod

Main Features:

Fixes 0 A. D. v0.0.23 lobby lag, Fixes gamesetup crash (especially on Mac), new features for lobby and additional behaviour
(also for lobby dialog), in-game name change (multiplayer-name in general options page), in-game/gamesetup ping nick sound 
notification from lobby (sound and
marker on menu button), replace offline in-game (when lobby authentification on host if disabled), unit experience status
bar in-game, pause overlay clickable/actable units/entities, game reconnect on connection lost/kicked, replays/civilization
structure tree and civ info/options/last summary from lobby more buttons (hideable), auto-away after time in lobby, highlight
colors for buddies, buddy games in lobby, highlight color for user player and user player games, number of players games
(and onlines/open games) in lobby, hide profile panel for longer player list in lobby, player / games deselectable (escape key)
in lobby, improved nick recognition for pinging in lobby, improved player/game sorting in lists in lobby (and especially
remembering sorting), in lobby dialog select game the player is in, more darkend background on overlay windows/dialogs, remember
last opened options page, auto-complete tab in chat cycles through all possible names and terms, observer all player statistics
in top panel, team statistics in top panel, fight activity ratio in summary, tribute resources show stocks in tooltip for
easier resources sharing in team, name colors in chat text in-game, mouse wheel support for changing tabs on summary/options/

and finally mod compatibility to normal 0 A. D. users.

So happy testing and multiplayer game hosting to everyone!

Easy Install: You now only need fgod.pyromod file (from page https://github.com/fraizy22/fgodmod)


Download & Start it with 0 A. D., To Start it with 0 A. D. do:

- Windows/Linux: Right Click On File -> Open With -> Other Application -> Search 0 A. D. -> Open
- Mac: Select file in File Manager -> Top Bar Hit File -> Get Info -> Click Open With Column -> Click the Dropdown -> Other -> Search 0 A. D. -> Open

When 0 A. D. opens -> select Green fgod in List -> hit Enable -> hit Save Configuration -> hit Start Mods.

The Mod will start and default settings will be setted. Have Fun!

Older Install Descriptions:

Drag & Drop this file over 0ad start icon and It will start the mod. Or run "0ad fgod.pyromod" from terminal within your download

Enable fgod mod in mod selection (settings) hit save and start mods.

Mac OS install Video/Tutorial:

If that not works download manual the archive

https://github.com/fraizy22/fgodmod/archive/master.zip (from https://github.com/fraizy22/fgodmod)


git clone https://github.com/fraizy22/fgodmod fgod

Unzip the files mod.json and the other into new folder under 0ad/mods/fgod to path:

linux into ~/.local/share/0ad/mods/fgod

windows typically:   ~\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\fgod

mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/mods/fgod

or read OS gamepaths: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths

after start game go main menu under settings -> mod selection -> enable fgod, hit save & start mods



Lobby (Profile Panel on click player demand, player/game selection clearable escape, Number of player/games, auto away after time inactive, ...):


More Buttons hideable below Chat (Start Replays from Lobby, keep in lobby, show summaries, start replays from in replays and games):


Darken Fades (Window dialogs darker background), Gamename remember:


Team Presets in Gamesetup:


Replace button observer in top-panel (when player offline and lobby authentification disabled), colored names in text chat context:


Pause overlay units/entities/buildings everything still clickable/orderable for queueing. Top panel summed resources/pop from all players (tooltip shows also team sum and ofc all players):


More Options in lobby Options:


Easy Update/Download And Feedback In Forums:


Fight Activity Ratio in Summary (Military Points / Economy Points):


Also Next and Previous Buttons in Summary When Opened From Replay Menu For Replay cycling:



If you like fgod donate, PayPal: fraizy@gmx.de. (Euro fees free)


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So you were finally convinced by elexis to make a github for it ? :P

Gotta make a nice readme with features, and give it a proper name :)

fgodUiMod sounds better, else, people will think it's a mod for cheatcodes.

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Put this folder content into a folder name "fgod" (folder name is important) under path:


		Vista or Newer:
			C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods

		XP / 2000:
			C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\My Documents\My Games\0ad\mods

	OS X:
		~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/mods

	or read paths from https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths.

Start game, open Settings -> Mod Selection -> Select fgod -> hit Enable Button -> Hit Save Configuration -> Hit Start Mods

Mod now loading on every game start. You can see mod is active by having new options in options f.e.



Feature list (README.md):

Show stock information from user player and allies when hovering tribut resource in diplomacy window.

Go back to previous GUI with Shift+Esc.

Start Into Lobby on game start (option).

Continue cycle through possible names on tab.

Color names in game's chat text.

Pause overlay smaller so you can still click game entities and set commands to queue for after unpause.

More darken fades when dialog windows opened.

Unselect game in lobby when selected player is not in a game.

Axis unit in summary.

Team total in top panel tooltip and for observer having summed stats and tooltips available when not player selected.

Auto complete commands in chats.

See last summary in lobby hotkey (Ctrl+Tab).

Ping Hint Into Game from lobby (sign on menu button and ping sound if enabled user notification enabled in options).

Show buddy players and games in different color in lobby (option).

Button for replacing player in game for observers.

Different player name for in game (in options multiplayer name). It will be applied when joining to a game.

Sort save and multi column sort support in Lobby lists. Player user priored in sorted players and games list when same data in field.

Hide profile panel in lobby, when no player is selected, to get a longer player list. (Clear selection with Esc).

Show next-, previous-button in replay menu summaries to go through summaries to search.

Configurable auto away in lobby after time inactive.

Numbers player and games in lobby header on top of the list.

Give more buttons in lobby to show options/civilizations tree/replay menu. Also starting replays or joining other game from lobby/lobby dialog possible.

Summary civ icons can be clicked to see structure tree in summary when needed.

Remember opened option page ingame when reopen.

Filter fgod mod out of incompatible games. (All hosts without the mod can be joined and all players without the mod can join the mod host.)

Allow scroll for tab switch between the buttons in options/summary/credits/..

Set teams configuration in gamesetup dropdown.

Fight activity ratio summary.

Possibility to join games in lobby dialog from within other games and/or start replay from within other games.

Auto rejoin on lost connection in network multiplayer game.

Observer view for clients on multiplayer host end.

Rejoin question on kick in network multiplayer game.


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v1.3 cleanup small bug fix

auto rejoin on connection lost multiplayer game

observer view (whole map/players) on host end (multiplayer game)

rejoin question on kick (multiplayer game)

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@fgod: I clicked in start mods and got 4 of these:
WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/common/functions_utility.js line 21
Script value conversion check failed: v.isString() || v.isNumber() (got type boolean)

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WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/gamesetup_mp/gamesetup_mp.js line 42
reference to undefined property attribs.name



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new version 1.4

20 hours ago, mapkoc said:

WARNING: JavaScript warning: gui/gamesetup_mp/gamesetup_mp.js line 42
reference to undefined property attribs.name

bug fixed

and lobby lag bug also fixed

and gamesetup lobby dialog icon (especially mac users) also fixed.


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Does it fix OS X MP games? If it does I will dl it for my other pc. 

Also hope @Hannibal_Barca will allow me to have another account so I and my nephew could play with each other on the same house:rolleyes:  

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@HMS-Surprise lolo never seen such xD hopefully not from the mod. guess some wrong data on game load or from 0ad installation x). tell if see again and maybe look error message if terminal or something started .)

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small version update version 1.6.8:

Default sort in lobby correctment buddies/status/

small version update version 1.6.9:

On hotkey "tab" focus text input in replay_menu/lobby.
Default chat input focused when open lobby dialog window and on tab hotkey in normal lobby window focus chat input.
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new version 1.6.10:

- When opening lobby dialog, the game is automatically selected, where u in at the moment, showing players and info.

- Remember last opened civilization in the civilization info in the lobby.

- Give the options page a hotkey Alt + O.

new version 1.6.11

- Remember the host game name when making a new host.

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new version 1.6.12

 new fgod links in the game under mainmenu -> settings
 and additional hotkeys: Alt+W Fgod mod Website, Alt+U Fgod mod Update, Alt+F Fgod mod Forum




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33 minutes ago, HMS-Surprise said:

it's could be good to be notified if there is a new version. I think we need to check it manually.

hm not good stating here?

(for new version)

else would be only advertizement in lobby

even when in modio i guess there is  no new version check for auto update i guess @Itms @elexis @leper

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