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fgod-mod (for 0 A. D. A23) fully compatible with 0 A. D. players


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@ffffffff would it be possible to push the latest experimental version to a github branch? I can install the old version of the mod via the instructions here but I can't do that for the latest.




EDIT: figured it out. Just changed the extension on the latest version to .zip, unarchived it and was able to follow the instructions above.

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Few days ago, when I opened the game, a message box told me there was a new version for Fgod. So, I upgraded it. It's the 1.6.22. Since then, I have less informations that I had before in the ally box, and the ressources colors changed to only white. Why ? Do I have to change the settings or something ? 

EDIT : replying myself. OK, the new one is the 1.6.23. I re-installed it. Why the game said me the old was the new one ? 

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