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  1. Is England on your list? Many 0AD players live in England. We are not EU anymore but we still classify as a part of the European Continent (I am not sure why)
  2. ─░nteresting idea, I like it. Dance party
  3. I feel that we need more heroes who can train units, like Kuru┼č. So I suggest: Agis trains skirmishers or helot slingers Chandragupta trains more elephants? Of a weaker version?
  4. I would recommend making these useless heroes super strong units by themselves: Chandragupta becomes a super elephant with 2400 health Agis becomes a super infantry with 2000 health.
  5. @G.O.A.T in many cases you have only seen the tip of an iceberg. Your false information will only cause more harm instead of improving anything, because you are only encouraging more smurf speculation. What I am pointing out is very simple: some of the accounts in a single list of yours don't belong to the same physical person. Meanwhile others share accounts. Therefore if you are trying to list out each physical person and the list of accounts they owned, it should look much more like a Venn Diagram than small lists with distinct names. And yes, you can call yourself GOAT on the forum, but it's obvious that 'sanafur' is your lobby name... AlocAcoc.
  6. Now please give me a reason why I should spend 500 food 500 wood 750 stone and 750 metal to go to P3. I can destroy everyone in P1 at minute 11 if this happens. I like this This is also a good buff for infantry
  7. Frankly I find this activity pointless. Are you asking for all of the people on this list to be banned? Or is this just to show off your 'extensive knowledge' about our player base? If you are asking for bans, first, your list contains many errors so innocent players get banned and the master smurfs will escape. Secondly there are many ways to bypass the ban. Thirdly you will be the first to be banned because you are impostering others. I have never seen G.O.A.T active in the lobby, so you are lurking around with other accounts, and not just one, in order to gather all these information. Lastly many accounts on your list are no longer active players (they quit 0ad or they got bored of creating accounts). If you want to flex, there are many errors in your list and I have pointed them out to you already. The real masterminds behind those accounts are laughing at you right now because you have fallen for their trolling. Furthermore, you only sniffed out a small fraction of my accounts and you decided to award them to Kate, who isn't a frequent player anymore...
  8. Most contributions are unreliable... I saw a few more incorrect entries since last update and you refused to change what I told you (which was mostly correct) It's a good sign that you are not believing me right away, but you shouldn't be gullible to other reports neither...
  9. For a laugh: Problems: Games are shown as black even though I have no incompatible mods Random kicks and bans No games can be displayed Rating system is completely broken IN SOVIET RUSSIA I BAN LOBBY BOTS!
  10. Thought so. KDE window manager is strange sometimes
  11. When I started the game on a freshly installed Arch system, the game GUI is shifted downwards, including the icons of buttons yet the mouse cursor is pointing at the correct location, which means I have to hover the mouse a significant distance above a button in order to click on it. This error did not occur when I started the game in command line.
  12. Some of your claims are correct, while others are complete nonsense. Let's look at your claims: 1. Do not attempt to imposter berhudar. You are much weaker than him and it's obvious. 2. I'm not Kate. Christoffel-Symbol1-8 are mine, and so are Kensington-Olympia, Sevda. 3. Karissa is not Kate, we have proofs if you want. The fact that you didn't know the name of Karissa's original account shows your ignorance. 4. Farmer2000 is not Aoric, he is much stronger than Aoric and plays differently. 5. I, DoctorOrgans and KarissaX are the only active dancers in the lobby (I have seen); I have not seen anyone else dancing so phyZic is not active. 6. R.U.L is not Aoric, he is another player 7. xZen is not berhudar neither. He is a mercenary cavalry spammer and I watched him improve from noob to unbeatable. 8. Your list is very very incomplete, I can help by expanding it, but I won't. 9. You yourself is a smurf and have a large number of accounts, so don't criticise others. Finally, how did you make this list? Did someone report things to you? Are these reporters reliable?
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