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0abc mod

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0abc updated:

  • changed unit rosters of all factions (see 0abc-readme.pdf, unitroster.pdf, readme, or forum post)
  • starting units:
    • one healer, five women
    • two melee infantry, two ranged infantry
    • one cavalry, melee or ranged
    • four goats (75 meat each), three sheep (100 each), two pigs (150 each), or one zebu (300 each)
    • Britons: one war dog; Mauryas: one support elephant
  • organized generic fauna templates
  • differentiated specific fauna species
  • standardized unit icons (except ships) to be actor based (units.zip):
    • shows full unit
    • transparent background, square canvas
    • melee and non-combatants orientated from top-left to bottom-right, ranged from top-right to bottom-left
    • player colour scheme:
      • b: blue (hsv: 225°, 100%, 100%; rgb: 0%, 25%, 100%)
      • a: green (hsv: 90°, 100%, 100%; rgb: 50%, 100%, 0%)
      • e: golden (hsv: 45°, 100%, 100%; rgb: 100%, 75%, 0%)
      • c: red (hsv: 0°, 100%, 100%; rgb: 100%, 0%, 0%)
      • h: purple (hsv: 270°, 100%, 100%; rgb: 100%, 0%, 75%)
      • support: cyan (hsv: 180°, 100%, 100%; rgb: 0, 100%, 100%)
      • siege: white (rgb: 100%, 100%, 100%)
      • fauna: white (rgb: 100%, 100%, 100%)
    • e.g. Macedonian infantry crossbowman champion:
  • changed selection shapes:
    • star: catafalques and heroes
    • plus: healers
    • rhombus: ranged
    • circle: melee and non-combatants
  • tweaked aura overlays:2142051909_Screenshotfrom2019-02-1419-21-57.png.c3af9c1a63bee94e9f4a97015b807fcb.png
    outward pointing, inward pointing, zigzag, and pluses correspond to, respectively:
    offensive (chariot), defensive (trader), economic (centre), and healing (healer) auras
  • scythed chariots have melee attack (20% crush, 40% hack, 40% thrust)
  • numerous smaller tweaks and corrections; as usual, see 0abc-readme.pdf for more detailed information
Edited by Nescio
include zip
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On 2/14/2019 at 7:47 PM, Nescio said:

The rationale for D1024 was making things easier for mods; unfortunately it creates problems in my special case. I suppose the only way to get the metropolis phase working as in the A22 version of my mod is by reverting mimo's patch.

or maybe try to understand what happens instead of doing random changes and testing only through the structree (which goes through a different piece of code) such that, reading previous posts, i'm unable to say what you really want to achieve and what does not work.


I guess that you want to prevent a phase for a specific civ (let's say gaul)? if yes, as they fall_back to generic, the normal way would be to add { "notciv": "gaul" } in the tech requirements of the generic json file (Note that i have not tested any of that, just saying what i would try, and also that may be you'd have to do it for all higher phases than the one you want to remove, i.e. if you want to remove the town phase of gaul, you have to add  { "notciv": "gaul" } in phase_town_generic.json and maybe also in phase_city_generic.json).

Then you should first test in game (so without looking at the structree) to check if that does what you want. The quickest being using the scenario map sandbox_gaul and trying to update phases.

If that works, then check the structree to see if it needs some changes.

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In fact, looking at the structree code, i've the impression it can work only if all civs have the same phase sequence.

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Do you plan to have any way to toggle the aura indicators on and off?  It could make a group of units look fairly cluttered without that option.

Also, do you mind sharing the reasons that you removed Athens and Sparta in favour of a single faction while keeping the Celts the same (Not to sound is if I consider the approach you have taken to be inferior to what the official game has to offer.)?  

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