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  1. Good news! exporting animation now works properly as mentioned some post ago. You don't need to bake the action. just modify the exporting settings an done! they don't used to export properly before ending on wrong animations due the armature didn't apply the constraints and restrictions.
  2. Procedural Scratches node for materials: Procedural Bark for trees materials.
  3. Offtopic: You just gave me an idea with this.
  4. Yes please. add aura to all biological spaces. Snow/Sand/Mud: Slower movement speed. Stormy, Rainy, Fog, Sandstorm: Reduce LOS Forests: Reduce movement speed of non skirmisher infantry
  5. Usefull group node for stop using pointiness and ramp color in blender for object edges baking: File in case the drive links goes down:Edge Detect Node.blend
  6. Smmh ya'll better give me trees to hang dead people on. @LordGood Nice work! please continue making our 0.A.D Flora beauty.
  7. Probably the possibility of a future sculpting like the horse but will save it for later, will be commiting it for A24 after the legs observation made by @wowgetoffyourcellphone in the animations is fixed wich was also take in consideration in the horse update animations (Will do the same for future 4 leggeds animals)
  8. Update: Added a few designs. Updated some of the already done. Change the colors of some of the designs for a better distinction using some player colors. while waiting for @Genava55 doc design i've already started some of the faction distinctions: 2 Shapes for Brit Spearmans; Both Big Shields 2 Shapes for Brit Javelinist; Both medium shields 2 Shapes for Gaul Javelinist; Both medium shields 1 Shape for Both factions Slingers: Small shield Basic rank; Medium shield Elite rank 3 Shapes for Gaul Spearman; Big Shields Applies for the cavalry version of the infantry. Having some doubts of this design (Wijitmaker profile pic), its a flag in the modern days: Files:Celtic_Shields.7z
  9. Some suggestions: Add special investigations to some factions as a replace of the "base" technologies. For example i have an enciclopedia (does it means the same in english?) wich takes some of the most notorious researchs from the history. Julius Cesar reforming the calendar, An egiptian guy who's name i forgot calculating the circunference of the planet with only an obelisk, a water well and the shadow of the sun, Philip II introducing Sarisa (Long 6Meter spear) who beated the hoplites to blacksmiths or aura. Make proper icons and add 20% of the technology benefits related to the history behind it, also add the researcher and the history to the information for better educational purposes. Rework the LOS: Divide the LOS in two factors: Long range sight: Use for spot buildings from afar as well as forest's and inanimated objects Short range sight: use for spot nearby units, fauna and moving objects. Add an aura or an function to trees and tall bushes to hide whatever is behind or nearby or reduce the chance of "being seen" (perfect for ambushes) Add auras to the trees to reduce cavalry speed, or to one particular tree of every forest kind, this way one army can go throught forests to escape from cavalry charge.
  10. Hi and welcome to the forums, in case you need someone who speaks spanish here i am.
  11. In my journey without internet after 80h whitout power, i made the Mount/Dismount Animation. if i anyone on the gameplay mods done are willing to use it, they will be included in the horse update mod files uploaded here.
  12. @borg- what would be the function of the unit and what you have in mind for its animations. Like a standard bearer? Or a battle/aura unit holding the carnyx in one hand figthing with the other And using the carnyx while capturing buildings or promoting
  13. Thanks! late reply 80 hours whitout power and will have more so take your time , 1- maybe use the middle pattern but use full player color instead of wood. 2- maybe leave only the black middle variant. 3- Perfect, i assumed their size could be perfectly suited for skirmishers. 4- i hit enter by mistake 4.1- will reduce the size, while increasing the separation of the griffins.
  14. Some of the advantages of using Blender 2.80: Better objects organization. A good enviroment setup for basic things.
  15. Found some gold: Animations video of Total War Games (Rome 2 - Warhammer - Shogun 2) for those who want a reference when animating
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