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  1. Alexandermb

    Gate Door Animation Help

    Hi @Bigtiger welcome to the forum, i've been through the same problems importing door animations. I had to make my own armatures (exactly the same as any other door, so you don't mess with other armatures) and animate them, sometimes animations in 0 ad are exported incorrectly most likely very old meshes, and when you bring them to blender sometimes they change they position, rotation or scale. In this case you could take any door from the mod Millenium A.D. wich are the most recently door armatures done by me itself, so you can guide yourself through the making of an identical copy of the armature so you won't have another headache. Armatures after being exported they won't accept any modification you made, so the armature will have to remain untouched, But you can alter the mesh. Tips: Always save the blend original file when making new armatures or animations. Save every animation as actions. for repeating animation always make a loop of the first and last frame. if you can guive me references i can help you with your problem. Happy modding!
  2. Alexandermb

    Athenian Trireme

    a few test screenshots i took in my work. Front sail will have to wait until i get my files or i get free time for make once again the armature and wind effect with cloth simulator.
  3. Alexandermb

    Athenian Trireme

    Almost done with the 0 ad model, just need to make a few tweaks more and adjust the sail mesh
  4. Alexandermb

    Athenian Trireme

    Almost done with the baking, all pieces modular, still need to finish tail and chair. Still missing add the back zone oars.
  5. Alexandermb

    Athenian Trireme

    Preview of the low poy baked: Remember its modular so i can cut the rows N times desired. However the Tris amount its kinda high for a ship (Around 6k and still needs the 3 line of oars for each side, mastiff and back zone) gonna try decimate it when finished. Also the higher amount of tris its on the upper zone.
  6. Alexandermb

    Athenian Trireme

    Should the low poly for 0 A.D. be real size lenght or a few less oars? High poly: Side Screenshot:
  7. Alexandermb

    Athenian Trireme

    Update: Added Temporary Oars. Added some Oars Slots.
  8. Alexandermb

    Warcraft 3 reforged (remaster)

  9. Hi!, i have been working on a high poly model of an athenian trireme based on "Olympias Trireme" for later bake on a low poly one and for fun. Here are some screenshots: Its also Modular for easy modyfing: Gonna be adding details and everything i can see on the references i have, and finaly leave the 3D model as a 3D Tour on Sketchfab in name of 0 A.D.
  10. Alexandermb

    Faction: Norse

    Would be good to change the model of the nordic chainmail infantry with something like this. with a little more weight for make it look like its really using cloth + chainmail.
  11. Alexandermb

    Some LordGood's artwork

    i like the mountain fortress for carolingian, IIRC there are some references like that posted in caro topic. And caro faction need fortress.
  12. Sure, at work i have some time free, (not always) btw going to upload this here for download later in work. Content has the previously mentioned material.
  13. You need to know how to properly assign vertex weight to bones, and make custom IK bones,, sometimes its actually easy to animate with blender while other things aren't that easy for ex Horse took around 7 months to be almost fully committed.
  14. Good then, his wood procedural is good for trees and shields.
  15. This count as usable for 0 AD Baking ? @stanislas69