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  1. @Nescio saw you made a patch for replacing the cavalry archer with proper cavalry and left the chariot as elite or champion unit, would it work as replacement the model done or it need adjustments?
  2. @Nescio been trying to reply but here because of quarentine all services are getting worst but isn't nothing new for another day in Venezuela. Today i was able to fix the catafalque's issue aswell as the trader and packed siege engines. Will do the replacements of the infantry later or soon enough. The most controversial is the athen javelin hero because of the animation being the clipping reason, i belive it would be better replace the shield with a peltast shield isnt it? what do you think? Finally i will continue slowly since i don't have a stable internet connection and been working with the bear recently commited by @Stan` recently and will continue with partridge if i found the solution to a bug happening only with gpuskinning enabled. I won't be able to reply sometimes but i will be able to read.
  3. maybe a front perspective of the crest in SVG could make it easier to apply boolean (engravement on mesh) and make the crest.
  4. Need, help im lost, been studying from 5am to 1am non stop
  5. Not necessary, have an example of automatic weighthing: This is a mesh and armature im doing recently so haven't been tested in Atlas: Droid tip.mp4
  6. You mean parented but not connected ? Keeping offset. Yes they can, keep in mind what @Stan` mentioned about names. IE if my unit armature has Foot_R and your armature has Foot_R only one of them will work. However they can have a prefix such as Unit_Foot_R and Bear_Foot_R will work together. Also mesh needs to have every vertex weight or group event if it's influence it's 0, or the mesh wouldn't recognize in-game the armature bone.
  7. Good to see some love for the old forgotten Iberians. Lets hope for my baking break ends soonish and do their shields. Now they only need a building retexture since some of the texture quality are pretty bad even from distance because of the resolution or the vision it was worked in that time.
  8. i have planned to do shields for iberians someday with the same wood texture of roman shields and leather cover. Im just taking a break of baking.
  9. i used to be an adventurer like you, but then i took an arrow in the shoulder...
  10. Just told @Alexandermb to fix it, said its committed already.
  11. New camel and rider animations uploaded. You can start adding new camel unit variants to your mods.
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