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  1. Niektb hablaba de cambiar los arbustos por algo que denote que no es transitable la zona intermedia entre el abadia y la entrada, solo le hice esa modificación para variedad, novedad una ligera modificación para ver si era posible algo como el centro cívico de AoE2 que la zona por debajo de las dos esquinas es transitable.
  2. Le hice una ligera modificación y mezcla de los templates "Gate" y "Temple" para que el centro sea transitable, solo en caso de ser necesario, si no pues se coloca una cerca y listo. pero son cosas irrelevantes.
  3. Done, the only problems are the gate icons.
  4. i haven't tried yet, but i think i might have an idea. Using the template of the Wall gate + temple i can make it walkable the middle. And the textures have a Little modification i did in the saturation, for a dirtier and older look.
  5. Reduced the textures to 512. which one should be used? i did a slight modification to the mesh because it was too tiny, and the handle too width Left adjusted Right Original
  6. Norse Barracks Props weapons added Bow animated (Thanks to @stanislas69) Sword sheaths + seax sheath Battleground outside Mesh reworked screenshots Weapons Props Norse Barracks + Weapons + Sheaths.7z
  7. Houses with fences 3 Fences models Screenshots Zip file. Norse Hosue + Fences.7z
  8. Zip file. Norse Fisherman.7z
  9. Note: Karvi template modified acording history [Vikings small ships was the transport for rivers] the pasability was changed to small-ship so it will have a difference between "Snekkja" and "Karvi". Zip file for the 3 ships. Norse Longships.7z
  10. if this weapons are going to be used i can adjust them to 0 ad now, so the next release will have them.
  11. Anglo Storehouse Basic mesh for anglo faction, so they use there own achitecture. Screenshots Zip file. Anglo Storehouse.7z
  12. Zip file. Anglo Walls.7z
  13. Private Fortification (Fortress) Unique faction building Bigger fortress 3 Variants Screenshots Variant A Variant B Variant C Reference Zip File. Anglo Fortress.7z
  14. Added the middle window Zip file. Norse Defense Tower.7z
  15. Zip file. Note: The walls are lower tan vanilla walls, so it needs the template to be adapted to the new meshes height in the visible garrison points. Norse_Walls.7z