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  1. SoundFX : Missing Sounds

    if its still needed i could import the slinger animations with props and textures if he has blender, so it would be more easy to see the exactly seconds, and pause the animation too.
  2. Rome Legionary

    while i'll wait for the patch i think the helmet of the marian legionary could have an update
  3. Rome Legionary

    @stanislas69 have a look at the files, for now i'm only using the marian legionary the idles only have done a few since they don't remain at idle formation. Roman_legion.7z
  4. Rome Legionary

    The caps are there since that time you told me about the caps and others OS they will be changed, for the spearman i guess the anti cavalry formation wouldn't harm isnt it? Circle formations are possibly? the document says rectangle, square, triangle but dind't saw circle if the formation allow use the space between each row i would delete the 45 degrees but whitout it the space between him and the others 2 is big enough to make harm so the formation will look strange
  5. Rome Legionary

    And this is the half of the testudo formation, maybe i should do it as a new variant just for testudo: PD: yes i will delete the caps, i haven't touched this file since i downloaded the SVN
  6. Rome Legionary

    i wonder the same but the "toys" show a floating shield if looked from back while the photos shows only from the front plane, for now this is what i have done, the guys on the middle always lack of weapon and hold the shield with 2 hands so the formation is indeed just for defense and not for attack as the anti cavalry formation 16 48 More 48+ here don't remain at idle, maybe i pasted the code wrong,
  7. Rome Legionary

    on the diff file the idles should stay or they only remain for a few seconds?
  8. Rome Legionary

    At least is a start, the 3rd row should show the upper shield animation, haven't done the left side animation yet, walking speed highly decreased compared to how it is on public folder to 0.15 (or 0.25)
  9. Rome Legionary

    also, how i could assing the left/right animations? i haven't learned yet how the 1..1,1..-1 works about position.
  10. Rome Legionary

  11. Rome Legionary

    Idle should be crouched or standing?
  12. Rome Legionary

    @stanislas69 is there something else i need to check, to show the testudo formation ? only the phalanx show
  13. Rome Legionary

    Yes, the all 5 have 0.50 on the event tag, heres are some screenshot with the bows on 0.35
  14. Rome Legionary

    @stanislas69 event needs to be the same, before was event="0.50" thats why its unsync