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  1. ==[Task]== Seleucid champion chariot

    Here's one with the public horse (i keep the other saved). Sele_Chariot.7z
  2. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Yes the onager first will be better, the bucket was a test i was just diggin in the texture folders wich one looks like a bronze bowl.
  3. Gastraphetes

    @stanislas69 @LordGood this is finished in case it can be added to the public game if its accepted Blend file included in the zip gastraphetes.7z
  4. Polybolos animations for infantry

    The actual fireraiser i think it need a texture update (model too) so i was asking if its okay to update the wheels or the chariot holding the weapon per se and use the weapon as a mesh rigged separated from the chariot Screenshot for comparison Edit: have to fix the sizes, i had some problems importing to blender
  5. Polybolos animations for infantry

    @stanislas69 is okay to update the wheels with the packed version of all siege weapons? i can do a separate version of fireraiser making the wheels one mesh animated, and the weapon mounted another mesh animated same with the fire prop in front, i can add a prop bone for the bowl so it can be updated in a bronze/iron bowl
  6. ==[Task]== Seleucid champion chariot

    Sele_Chariot.7z Edit: The red chariot texture could be faction colour
  7. Horse animations + actors update

    Here is an example of what i mean, both are seleucid champions but only 1 looks like a champion unit (visual speaking) the elephant has: helmet > unique mesh Helmet prop > unique mesh Armor > unique mesh The horse have Generic front armor Generic blanket
  8. Horse animations + actors update

    The prop point Works fine with chestband but that skirt goes from the chest to the upper neck, or it can just be new textures/props meshes or use the same style of the cape's copying the animation file ex:"file/biped/xxxxxxxx" in any case those horse with props needs some love if the horse will be updated in any alpha
  9. Horse animations + actors update

    Some 2d artist could make an armor look on this uv's for test if the horse could be remeshed for make it look like its wearing an armor similar to the Menu wallpaper Uv's exported in a png
  10. Horse animations + actors update

    Some updates with the galop fix and some adjustments to belly/head Files >>Horse_new.7z<< Screenshots with riders
  11. Amphibious animal swimming animation request

    The rig is ok, the limiter or "helper" are the messy ones, is like the horse rig i adapted to the horse they work flawless for some type of animations but when you are going to try some movement they become a problema and is better to keep the rig as it is so it won't harm any other skeleton
  12. Horse animations + actors update

    Tried to do some fixes on the front legs, head and chest (actually it was some bones) based on the references from @Sundiata
  13. Horse animations + actors update

  14. Horse animations + actors update

    This was the only i could find about the horses, the blender files with the actual horse body, the new one stan did and i took some time ago the one called "Horse_New" in the art folders wich didn't have uv maps so i fixed them the most similar to the actual horse and started from the beginning with the actual skeleton for avoid bugs, but they are still a wip.
  15. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Because when you make a single catapult you can consider adding 1 or 2 users for the catapults, but maybe in a future you think its better to have 3, or its better to move the user a bit further from the catapult, or rotate the user, this way you only have a pivot for place them more accurate and you make the animations based on the pivot wich is easier and safe, maybe in a future modifying the dae file of the catapult could bring some bugs like when you import a skeleton to blender and change some bone they return to the original position and deform everything.