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  1. Might have to wait to wednesday till i get back home.
  2. Doing a 2nd commit with the infantry adjustments, the 1st one was only the addition of the helmets. That one will be deleted in the next commit and replaced with the new one. Thanks! will clean those while removing the other unused files. Will do one with crest soon with hair particle.
  3. Committed the latest changes before heading home.
  4. @Stan` should i use this as replacement of the corinthian helmets of the tech portraits?
  5. @Nescio this what i've talked about, maybe this would work for your mod icons replacing the infantry with only the infantry most attractive helmet or the one they use most, with a Sword/Spear from left to Righ inclined taking only a 1/4 of the icon.
  6. Been saying that the whole post , speed should be the same for all as well as taking walking speed into a multiplier of 1.0 right now javelinist have 1.4 wich is too much for a "citizen" and the animation just illuminate the broken template and not integrate a "broken" feature like running into a tree, the infantry was always running in terms of speed but not of animation. and if the other solution is implemented a solution would be take speed walking to the resource and to the dropsite to a 1.0 and 0.5 while going to dropside (overweighted by the resource, specially if they have 30 carry resource tech)
  7. @Stan` thoughts on this toon shader for icon baking?
  8. Joggin require an adjustment for a more serious "jog", do you have any good reference for jogging ? a more "aggresive" look like.
  9. hele_thracian_b9. Missing crest or will use the other thracian crest's?:
  10. so im missing "slash" animation and added the first one and last one.
  11. @wowgetoffyourcellphone could explain better i belive, he mentioned that some page's in this topic when the skirmishers animation was changed.
  12. 1. ok 2. Exactly, but the "jog" animation doesn't fit because of the high speed, and if i apply walking animation it goes the same issue the perfect example of speed not being adecuate to the animation is this character: 3. I'll addjust the variant.
  13. Saddly i lost the celtic helmet blend file because i've ran out of space in hard drive and had to clean some files and blender saved the file with another name and didn't saw what i've deleted. But considering the differences between that file and the one im using, lossing that helmet is nothing compared to not have the crest's highpoly files. I could do later the celtic monte bibele helmet. So i will leave here a Drive link with 1024 textures of the monte bibele helmet for art repo and will committ later the 256 helmet to the game.
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