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  1. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Algo como esto seria el escudo de madera de ellos ?
  2. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Speaking of perfection (horses) @wowgetoffyourcellphone, in the UnitAi code in the components folder i managed to call the "Walk" sound wich is the Horse galop and infantry footsteps but it just works like the order sound (1 time), do you know how can i call a looping sound? also, i was reading the music code too and saw the "playlist" and "tracks" there could be a way to make the Sound code have the music playlist function on it so in the UnitAi call the playlist function until the move is completed.
  3. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    3 variations zebu
  4. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    @Lion.Kanzen que otros diseños de escudos tenian y usaban escamas en sus escudos ? para diferenciar mas entre los rangos básico/avanzado/élite
  5. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    The civ have no city-town phase so some units needs to be unlocked by techs, should them be in the blacksmith or the civic center?
  6. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Made the small cooper shield. Edit: also another spear.
  7. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Yeah same, i only have seen horses in my life like 13 times and never look with much attention the head, just saw them passing around and ignored them even for the animations i looked like 12 videos for learn how they walk/run/die/feed
  8. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Btw i always liked to have each variation of units have different animations, "ready - relax" so every cavalry have at least 2 variations each one so the game itself looks more like humans and less like robots.
  9. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Thats a beardless variation of the bald
  10. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Hace poco mostraste en la página de 0 ad español los kushitas lanceros mercenarios (o eran piqueros?) los xiongnu podrían dar esa funcionalidad también en algunos mapas asiáticos.
  11. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    La textura de indian Face tambien le queda
  12. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Por cierto, ya que delenda est tiene campamentos de mercenarios, mercenarios xiongnu como dice la historia quedarían bien, usando armamento Han también como dice la historia.