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  1. All of them already added, included for horse breeds in the update and that issue was already present in the first horse update with the armors and peytrals, just that nobody was aware of it because the body movement was always the same, only the head was different.
  2. Just did a quick check on atlas, bug with the unsync animation was this: Animation sync works like this; Being horse "A" Tail/Hair/Rider "B" Trader Cart "C", horse props takes the animation timing and variant of the Horse "A" But being The trader cart the primary actor and having animations directly in the main actor and not in a secondary actor (variant) it forces the order/timing of the animation. So it works like this: Animation playtime C Force > A To play Animation X > A Tell Wich animation play following C. Also both horse idle and trader cart idle, need to be the exactly same amount of frames, trader cart has an idle of 20 frames, and horse 60 frames. Being Trader idle the primary animation forces the horse animation to play only 20 frames of its 60 frames.
  3. I'll check it, the laptop im using is "operative". However im not sure how long it could stay like that because as my Dad wich fixed the charger for me said: "This one works for that laptop but they broke faster than the original one". I just played yesterday the alpha 24 svn version after a long time whitout having pc but i mostly get harassed by 2 players 2vs1 when i play vs IA and they never let me get a market trade route . If you have an screenshot of the issue better, But if its in atlas its a bug in character animation sync and not directly related to horses mane/tail/armors.
  4. Hey @Enrique glad to see a fellow artist come back after long time no see, also glad for being able to meet you and if its possibly work with the responsable of the unit update but also the WIP cavalry update wich worked as a base for the end result we have today in alpha 24 progress. Saddly i'm still busy with university test but at least got a temporary fix for the laptop charger, a fixed wire in the meantime (Original charger wasn't possible to repair). Hope you stay for a while.
  5. Some of them ones i remember: Gastraphetes Elephant riders Siege engines Fisherman Cavalry but i think this one i gave the link in art discussion
  6. I read often the forums every day to keep on touch with the new additions using an smartphone.
  7. Already done, i've been working in some animations and took as example gathering ones (Mostly for recover the practice of bodie animations to start working on this) i have also a Log chopping animation, a new woodcutting, and a foraging/gathering meat. Also, got a stone trowing animation for @wowgetoffyourcellphone made in the file, same as he explained Gather stone from the floor and throw it.
  8. Remember Blender 2.80 only need to export whitout baking so its easier and faster now. Beside i can save a blender file with some basic assets like Tools, some weapons for animations preview.
  9. Most of the work is take back all animations into a new blender file a cleaner one, organize it and export it all over again, including bodies, animations, capes, coifs Copying the animations isn't just import the animations back in the blender file, to copy them we must copy the "Keyframes" from one file, and in the same blender program instance paste them inside the new file. Or could be another way i just thought but haven't tried yet: Since some of the animations are spread by blender files and some of them are kinda annoying to export, Maybe it could work import the animation inside blender, select the mesh and delete the unused 3 extra vertex from the mesh and re export again, Only if it doens't break the animation.
  10. Hello 0.A.D. Community, i open this task for have a log and a workplace for an important fix of the game units meshes. The problem was reported by @fatherbushido: So this is a new space for re-export ALL the infantry animations once again for avoid having problems in any future. The animations will be show with the next schema: Red: Need to export Green: Exported Yellow: New Addition´╗┐ Categories: Gathering Swordsman Spearman Archer Javelinist Crossbowman Halberd/2H Axe Claymore/2H Sword Civilian ... I theres a desired animation add it in this topic so i'll add it to the list. I will made a github repository for keep all the animations in there since i'm constantly moving from my home to another place for always keep a backup and also let the community use the files if theres a new adition. Space reserved for the animation list.
  11. Thats Nice! Could it work with structures too? using height for make tall structures block vision behind them. Example: Infantry can't see whats behind the walls unless they are in a siege tower. Stupid question: if i garrison an archer in a outpost would it increase their FOV by Step 3 or it would just affect when entity is in a hill.
  12. Missed that one, attack_shield_b_cut shouldn't exist.
  13. Looking good! keep it up, i'll have for blender procedural metal shaders in case you could need later fo baking.
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