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11 minutes ago, Nescio said:

deally, yes. Furthermore, portraits (of units, structures, resources, technologies) ought to have fully transparent backgrounds, to improve flexibility and consistency; opaque background colours could be placed underneath with a bit of code.

You cannot do that, because the drop shadow / glow effects are dependent on what's above, and that's a bit hard to implement.

12 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Currently I'm unhappy with the session interface again, there is simply not enough room in the top panel for five resources and the player view control dropdown or build label:

Maybe you could consider another display approach for them, like at the bottom

Afficher l’image source

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Revamping foundations. That's really sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. Still need to add props. They now have consistent size 1x1 is one game tile and 2x2m in Blender     

This modification is located at:  https://github.com/0abc/0abc-a24.git (version 0.0.24 “Alpha XXIV: Xšayāršā”) https://github.com/0abc/0abc-a23.git (version 0.0.23 “Alpha XXIII: Ken Wood”

How do you like this?   Is this too crowded?   Should pikemen be allowed on the walls?

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Another thing, which of the following do you prefer?





On 22/02/2021 at 10:31 AM, Stan` said:

Maybe you could consider another display approach for them, like at the bottom

As can be seen in the screenshot I posted earlier, there isn't much space there either. I would have to sacrifice one of the selection panels to be able to squeeze a new resource panel in there.

Currently I'm contemplating doubling the height of the top panel, allowing to have one row for resources and the build label and another row for buttons and dropdowns, as well as game time, group selection icons, and idle gatherer, idle builder, idle soldier, and idle unit icons. To do:

  • Figure out how to add new idle [] icons.
  • Figure out how to arrange group selection icons horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Figure out how to add up all resource trickles and display the per second value below the total resource counts.
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14 minutes ago, azayrahmad said:

Current config is fine (11 / 20) but if you want to display additional text I'd prefer this one. Probably something like:

Used 11

(Available 20)

something like that.

The problem of the current configuration is that there is insufficient space for displaying high values (try e.g. 1234 / 56789), which is possible with the “unlimited” population cap setting, hence why I'm contemplating putting population and population limit on separate lines, for which there is plenty of space.

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