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  1. LordGood

    Gameplay features A24

    I liked the old 'nearest position' building placement that AoM had, so you could get obstruction boxes flush with one another, could that be something to pair with a 'snap' mechanic?
  2. LordGood

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    Nice, I wish I could take a closer look
  3. LordGood

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    That's intended, yes. What better way to extend your territory than with roads? haha
  4. LordGood

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    I had no idea those were missing lol on a side note, how do you like the ballista tower as a defensive building? It was meant as a mild defense against siege weapons and knights. Though it can take out blobs of stationary infantry in a single shot, its slow reload and projectile speed makes it seem not as overpowered as the standard defensive towers. satisfying to get hits with, not too infuriating to fight? Vanilla defenses definitely need some thinking over and I'm wondering what the proper direction will be
  5. LordGood

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    That wasn't intentional, more a holdover while I was building the pegasus wallset. They're not necessary
  6. LordGood

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    I guess promotions reroll variations, they should be named the same since i'm such a fan of copy-paste. Not much to do about that.
  7. LordGood

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    I think I still have the walls actually. The differences in rank affect gather rates, and requires higher tier buildings. that's as deep as that goes
  8. LordGood

    Packing and Unpacking Rams and Siege Towers

    lol I never even noticed until now.
  9. LordGood

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    High contrast and saturation can be easily misused, that doesn't make it objectively bad.
  10. LordGood

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    Lol what
  11. LordGood

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    Are my soundtracks still in or is it all vanilla again?
  12. LordGood

    Actor Editor Bug

    This has been a long standing bug with the actor editor. Direct path/file name input is the current workaround, but Stan recently worked on a new actor editor program you might want to try
  13. LordGood

    Kushites are too weak

    lead slingers could outrange archers in the right conditions (up to 300 yards), but only lead slingers. Lead slingers can be reserved for mercenary/champion roles. Stone slingers may have a shorter range (60-80 yards), but they would fill the role quite fine as 'light archers'
  14. LordGood

    Packing and Unpacking Rams and Siege Towers

    We should be sparing with unit counters. Before the soft system it was all some units were good for, everything had a counter applied to it regardless of whether or not it was needed. Good discussions here, I like the involvement.