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  1. Banyan trees are ficuses, council trees/ strangler figs could be a taller variant.
  2. lol what are the odds we'd be making the same tree at the same time Thinner foliage in the texture does make it easier to avoid visual issues with leaf planes intersecting all ugly-like, or forming impenetrable domes and such, but the trade off is well... thinner foliage lol. I am becoming increasingly convinced there is no right way to do this, everything's a balancing act between performance and visual quality
  3. got one more to polish and then an entity template to make screenie showing just what I mean, new oaks on the left, holly oaks on the right, and easily double the number of the old oaks on top perhaps wood counts should reflect the poly weight?
  4. You'd be surprised, the old 'new oaks' (1542-2054) are much higher poly than these holly oaks (472-676). These have a fair few on the carob trees (122-154), and old oak trees (128-258), but I do believe this jump is much less of a poly issue, since mapmakers tend to heavily clump the old trees to make them look nicer.
  5. fluffy north african forests
  6. Just take your pick from the steam workshop, there's quite a few good ones
  7. meh, I like my modded age2 graphics better Great to see the vanilla byzantines aren't sharing the middle eastern set anymore
  8. Maybe the backside of the building isn’t quite as engaging as the front?
  9. Now that’s some grade a helpful critique lol
  10. Lol woops games pretty though innit?
  11. Spartan theatron needs to be redone, dont worry too much about that
  12. Thoughts? Really the advanced ptolemaic pikemen are the gold standard as far as quilted armor in game is concerned atm imo
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