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  1. LordGood

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    I tried increasing footprints in PA for slingers to force looser formations, increasing obstruction makes it impossible to garrison them. I also gave them ridiculous spread. This won't stop them from bunching up though. Functionally they perform in PA as 'skirmishing archers'. They have unreliable DPS and low health and armor, but can choose their fights and have a faster projectile speed.
  2. LordGood

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    haha woops. Yeah that's mostly texture stretching like WhiteTreePaladin pointed out, but it ought to be closed shouldnt it?
  3. LordGood

    Please reduce speed of battering ram

    The templates have broken in the past few alphas and all i have is the gaul model. I'm not a programmer, so hacky is all I can really do on my own. underground projectile isn't too bad, just needs particle effects on my end, a smaller (perhaps animated) decal, and dedicated sounds of course. problems i cant fix are the projectile continuing after the source building is destroyed/ garrison is ejected, and the inability to kill soldiers in a collapsed tunnel.
  4. LordGood

    Please reduce speed of battering ram

    It was deemed too hacky to be of practical use
  5. LordGood

    Portraits for Heroes

    That's a very handsome portrait, just enough detail for it's display size. Looking forward to seeing a Boudica should you choose to paint her!
  6. LordGood

    Game rewards turtling too much

    Thar be giants in those fjords
  7. LordGood

    Mesoamerican Fauna and Flora

    the area depicted is not jungle, but there are pockets of diamondback rattlesnakes in Oaxaca, i believe
  8. LordGood

    Mesoamerican Fauna and Flora

    thats a stenocerus with lots of branches lol
  9. LordGood

    Mesoamerican Fauna and Flora

    brush flora/cacti are easy to make quickly, how does the TM bamboo look?
  10. LordGood

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    Very nice, Zapotecs and their battle priests just as fun to roll around with as I remembered. The Han need a sentry tower eh?
  11. LordGood

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    I would get rid of the proto-(x) discriptors.
  12. LordGood

    celtic reference

    ey better than pawn stars or storage wars amirite
  13. LordGood

    celtic reference

    The slight inclusion of shingle roofs could ease that stark consistency, I generally reserved that for defensive buildings though in the short term; that should expand to encompass at least the civic center. Speaking of, i do believe the gatehouse could benefit greatly from their use as well.
  14. LordGood

    color of metal

    This could have both an easy and interesting fix, involving creative usage of specular maps