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  1. its tucked into the corner, warships obstruction boxes are very large and you want to give enough space, 90 degrees of clearance is not enough
  2. There is no ‘trigger mechanism’ on the polybolos; it is set to automatically loose the string at full draw, likely hurting accuracy but definitely increasing the frequency of shots, which is sort of the polybolos’ thingg
  3. More like taping over a light switch so it doesn’t shock anyone but ok I get the picture
  4. Should the cheat unit be disabled in the meantime? We've got quite the selection of surrogates on hand to replace it with
  5. Well Alexander, I've had in mind trying for Archimede's famed 3-4 talent lithobolos used during the siege of Syracuse since the ballista tower project, but you seem to be having fun here would a 104 kg/ 229lb stone thrower catch your attention?
  6. I do believe those long lances were held with 2 hands, also need to be held close to the body, they'd have a fair bit of inertia to them in the galloping cycle, and would be bouncing all over the place otherwise but good! your older animations are starting to pale in comparison to your new ones I have to say
  7. Also crusader 2 is a travesty, no thanks I dont have any higher hopes for warlords either
  8. You severely underestimate my long standing desire for classic AoE style ballista towers to be added into the game
  9. wall towers are a waste atm, the fortification spam issue needs some way of being resolved before we know what can be done as far as wall upgrades, otherwise they'll just be even more overpowered than they already are. I'm thinking auras but that could get messy
  10. @Sundiata Any suggestions for Kushite tier 3 towers?
  11. We’re in no small need of map makers, we’ve got an ongoing flora update and haven’t had the opportunity to actually integrate the new trees cliffs and terrain decals into the game’s maps. Your help would be most welcome
  12. Lol no, used the archer tag instead of infantry+archer tag and this is the result
  13. this is the paired tech xml for the Seleucid reform and traditional armies
  14. eyo @Stan` you know if I can restrict visible garrison classes or not?
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