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  1. 3 very hard AI
  2. I never did play with the Chinese textures, were there any prominent candidates for a Han wonder?
  3. Perhaps you ought to wait for the Han's completion first, That would prevent a messy union that requires more maintenance than is necessary.
  4. Apparently you've never seen me play! hahaha
  5. looks like Cape Cod! haha
  6. We don't have the capability for one unit to have two attacks. I experimented with friendly fire in Ponies Ascendant, it only solidified infantry into a stand-by support role, though it did encourage smarter placement of ranged units, especially slingers. Slingers couldnt hit the broad side of a barn.
  7. We already have a ball court, no entity, just the actor
  8. While danny's idea does sound interesting, that's going to take a back-breaking amount of artwork for all of those building variations. A good first step I would think to take would be splitting the barracks into three buildings, which of course brings us closer to an AOE clone, but allows for that decision making that makes for interesting strategies.
  9. If a car is made for a pool, shouldn't it be a boat?
  10. I'd rather take the trade-off from speed to capacity. Easier to recover files from a broken HDD too but thats my 'art perspective'
  11. You would LITERALLY stick your neck out in a flurry of swords when you have a perfectly good one yourself? There are more complications with how a headbutt would look without reciprocation, the total war duel-style animations would actually suit that kind of combat better.
  12. Ignesio Felechosa, he's on ArtStation?
  13. Get rid of the material, the textures are already applied in game over the UV maps. The UV maps are part of the mesh, not the material
  14. yes, make sure only the object you want to export and the prop empties are selected on export. also, remove any attached materials
  15. There are multiple exported objects, or else the object has a material attached. Be sure to only select what you want to export, and in the .dae exporter check the 'selected only' box. at least, that's what I think the problem is