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  1. It's a dual role unit, switchable templates would have them put their bows and quivers to use, but we don't have those yet.
  2. people vote siege workshop out of the town phase but vote battering ram into the town phase Lord have mercy what are y'all doin
  3. @(-_-) Try one of the decal actors, geology/stone_decal_desert_b.xml should work nicely for a desert visual, if that doesnt show well enough, one of the new spartan building decals- props/structures/decals/spart_3x3.xml will show nicely on most terrain
  4. why not a low max distance from quarry stone? could work in the meantime, or making mines non-regenerative territory roots. or both
  5. and this is how i mine sandstone in minecraft
  6. Bake to a new texture without overlap, then carve normals and bake
  7. no, AO is feasible but without inter-actor AO its a bit unnecessary
  8. normals look great on the desert ones
  9. specific stones with quarry cuts in could be the depletable stones in the meantime
  10. I mean macro normals carved out in blender, separate from the texture normals. These normals are prey to seams whereas carved normals aren't, as long as your UV planes don't overlap
  11. you're going to need some normals for those at least, are those 1080 textures?
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