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  1. LordGood

    Alpha, Player Color and Atlas

    a light grey 5-15% transparency should have at least removed the blue. The only way to tell for sure is to assign it to an entity and put it into the scene as a player assigned entity
  2. LordGood

    Alpha, Player Color and Atlas

    The actor file needs to be assigned a player color material instead of a basic or objectcolor material. The last two options will solidify any transparent pixels left behind, hence the blue. You ought to desaturate those parts of the image to keep them from muddying the player color once the right material is assigned
  3. LordGood

    Black powder test

    do you really want these files stan
  4. LordGood

    Black powder test

    there's a hard crash with no log when my black powder units take to walls with another enemy unit immediately in range, any idea as to why this is the case?
  5. LordGood

    Ideas ?

    what happened to spread? Small amount of linear splash and spread make ranged units a lot less focus fire and a lot more area denial, making this dancing thing silly. all units had some degree of spread at one point or another, even if the unit hitboxes are a bit small
  6. LordGood

    ===[TASK]=== African minifaction buildings

    haha hey get carried away all you want, That's my primary mode of locomotion
  7. LordGood

    Should fortresses have a territory root?

    I like the stronghold way, different height advantages imparted different levels of enemy accuracy reduction and armor, but that's a unit to unit aura, I dont think that's supported
  8. LordGood

    ===[TASK]=== Weapons Texture Update

    yep, lol nevermind then
  9. LordGood

    ===[TASK]=== Weapons Texture Update

    do these weapon textures have spec and normal map counterparts? This would be a good opportunity to bake some in if you feel up to it
  10. Bronze age Greek civilizations looks nothing at all like the classical Greeks we have in game.
  11. LordGood

    ===[TASK]=== Gaul Theatron

    Specialized decal would really bring an air of functionality to this building. What do you think of a shingle roof? We’re still lacking in those
  12. LordGood

    Black powder test

    This isn't an engine feature lol, its a hack, a very sloppy workaround that abuses particle emitters and hidden skeletons. Proper support would be nice but this will have to do as a proof of concept. It follows all the 'rules' so it's more or less future proof for modders, which was my biggest concern. Proper single-particle emitters would of course increase performance by negating the need for hidden emitters.
  13. LordGood

    Black powder test

    I'll be honest with you, my files are in a 'by any and means necessary' state including ignoring most of the the simulation tree. I'll brush it up and maybe make a cheat unit of it that way any future mods have some standard rifleman assets to use
  14. LordGood

    Black powder test

    Horrendously hacky but it works
  15. LordGood

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Hellenizing the Ptolemies

    I have quite a few loose ends to tie up before i get back into development, Ptolemies and vegetation were my go-to's on return.