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  1. bruh more buildings to pad out a persepolis map would be more than welcome. it is super nice
  2. Do it, its been a fix a long time coming. It seems a bit on the smaller side still but nowhere near the discrepancy of the current market
  3. You've got an interesting process there stan lol. Thorfinn is right, though instead of scars wrinkles and freckles whats generally missing in colored in busts is the natural skin tone variation in the face. There is a red translucency where light falls to shadow and a slight cool shift around the eye sockets, for example
  4. lion you need to throw out your airbrush tool full opacity hard round is all you need
  5. Gimp is garbage, if you can learn a better program I would recommend you do so. Krita is decent and I've heard good things of firealpaca if you want free.
  6. They currently train limited numbers of weak gladiator champions 'weak' i mean fast and less armored, similar to fanatics but not as powerful
  7. They're already in A24, you can play them in the subversion currently Glad to see you like them!
  8. more for keeping little gaps from between palisades and small walls, though their obstruction boxes might be too small? trees dont seem to trigger it either. I havent tried with city walls yet
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