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  1. Well then it seems you lead well, if you give this impression! You regularly take charge, communicate well, and remain mostly impartial even in the face of the unreasonable.
  2. not sure what you mean, thats one of the most convincing leather materials I've seen in game
  3. @nani Any floral or geological eyecandy you felt was missing from your palette while making this?
  4. Shadows are set from transparent textures, not the polygons, the shadows fade too
  5. progressively gnarlier
  6. I gotta make proper syracuse mirror towers
  7. pff not measuring in pots, rookie numbers
  8. Wilder, bluer mediterranean cypresses that mix well with Enrique's, and adds a bit more variety to Mediterranean forests. I'd like to add some even crazier windswept versions to top mountaintops and seaside cliffs with
  9. haha you're asking if you have enough helmets? yeah I'd say you have more than enough
  10. Prickly juniper, or cade trees and ground brush 3 new grasses with graded transparency on the bottom so they'll blend with any terrain without a seam
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