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  1. oh dont you do this to me I'm a sucker for bronze age architecture
  2. The only assets he's using here that aren't in the vanilla distribution are his cult statues?
  3. I would start by getting familiar with Blender's user interface and edit with some simple shapes. I've included my Zapotec workspace from the video here if you wanted to mess around with it. It's a big file though, hope that's not too much of an issue. A true tutorial will probably be better for you to follow than my speed-modelling video, though I'm glad it's inspired you! Good luck! Feel free to come back with any questions or updates zapo_struct.zip
  4. oh yeah lol This is very... fantasized but i suppose it IS the Illiad.
  5. I had a thought, should there be a series of helmeted head actors with face textures in shadow? The face being fully lit/ without any kind of simulated AO throws me off a bit @wackyserious
  6. good thats what i staged my screenshot on haha
  7. randomizes gait, keeps the synchronization of marching from being unnaturally perfect in formation
  8. Housies Infuriating 5 pop footprint Egyptian housies @Sundiata
  9. noooo it never worked like that stop it stop that the seleucids took over 2 years to finish come on now dont you like my TREES
  10. I just wanted to share this terrible idea i had while sketching hoplites
  11. doesnt the tower soldier attack reach at that range? or does he not poke anymore?
  12. Tiling is necessary because it handles resizing of the window/ odd monitor resolutions too. any layer that interacts with both edges of the composition, left and right, need to blend into one another. I had mentioned that to pedro several times. also make note that textures in this engine need to be a power of two to load properly
  13. I like it, there's a classic mode toggle if you're feeling nostalgic and it loads original AoE sprites and mechanics if you don't like the gritty definitive look win/win i say, Glad it happened before my old copy of AoE stopped working lol
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