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  1. ==[Task]== Seleucid champion chariot

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone no its not, its been beveled out. The texture is what 'looks' low poly
  2. Stables, Workshops, and Ranges

    Beef up that dormer thatch and I think you're good to go, should be as thick as the rest of it imo
  3. Stables, Workshops, and Ranges

    I'm a little worried about the size, how does it stack up with the rest of the stables? Also the thatch on the dormer windows is looking really thin
  4. ===[TASK]=== Zebu Rigging

    Walking animations look fine. Seems Enrique has approved as well. Have gifs of the updated animations?
  5. Stables, Workshops, and Ranges

    I might make hellenized versions of all of these
  6. Stables, Workshops, and Ranges

    I should make another skirmish map, those are always fun
  7. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    I like the boeotian, phrygian, pilos, and corinthian helmets, and the colored thracian (?) ones. I'm not particularly good at categorizing these helmets lol @wowgetoffyourcellphone We were thinking you could give us a point or two assigning distinct helmet types to different units, keeping helmet types homogenized within a troop class will help with recognition. I was thinking boeotian helmets for cavalry and cheekless pilos for archers, but apart from that we don't want to slap the wrong helmet on the wrong dudes, especially if we're homogenizing helmet/troop types.
  8. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    I'll say a few of those helmets look a little too close-fitting, maybe those longer horsehair plumes should fall flat on the helmet. I also think the phyrgian beard should sweep out a bit
  9. ===[COMMITTED]=== TOOLS

    Aaa that shouldn't hurt performance too bad should it? The axe is fine, but I think a pickadze/ double pick would better fit the animation than a pick
  10. Stables, Workshops, and Ranges

    eh, I'm not in tune with the mauryans as much as I used to be. Sketchup is way better at poking holes in things
  11. ===[COMMITTED]==Mauryan Ram

    mauryan textures can handle horizontal, that one stretched plank looks to be a minor oversight
  12. ==[TASK]== Seleucid units textures

    Normals work for body meshes, it's the AO maps that don't
  13. ==[TASK]== Seleucid units textures

    Yeah my issue on this most recent one is that the geometry seems to be the defining edge of the armor and it seems a bit flat as a result. I would recommend you find some way to make normal maps for these, they would make a world of difference
  14. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Yes yes, I think there is room for improvement, but this is a huge step up from the ghost weapons we had lol. Keep an eye on the actors to make sure we don't have freaky vertex groups flying all willy-nilly. That goes for the gastraphetes as well, I don't know if there is a mesh issue with that one though. all in all, well done @Alexandermb !
  15. ==[TASK]== Seleucid units textures

    256px, its good to have a higher res source on hand for edits and derivatives when necessary. All the unit textures are currently in 256 though