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  1. Let me know how that pans out stan. Only trouble is that these models can be dug out of our various repositories for free, really. Though it must seem much more convenient for unity users if they do want to spend the money
  2. Wickeeeed! This is probably one of the areas of this game are most lacking, I'm not too familiar with sound integration though aside from some unit noises though
  3. Did you read the thread? The point was that there were a few exceptions. If/when I give the Athenians a once-over I'll add/keep ionic columns where they're appropriate. I wasn't making the case that they shouldn't get Ionic columns
  4. if you want to go out of your way to replace all of the doric columns in the athenian set, go for it. I'll do what I can when I roll over the athenian set
  5. Sentry towers I dunno, I'm pretty fond of these tiles. Romans are kind of pinkish, i want a nice red for sparta. the different faded color tiles are nice too. The normal maps are fine, they just got messed up in translation i guess? I can restore it easy enough in the gimp file
  6. lol not quite sure myself, stone going higher up the walls to deter theives, smaller higher windows, more shutters to keep out the noise of the city, awnings for pedestrians that sort of thing
  7. I think I might let the Macedonians keep the current set, I kind of want to play around with the idea of urbanizing the Athenian buildings
  8. I toned down the normal maps, they were acting a bit buggy as it was. consequence being the end tiles lie flatter than usual
  9. houses
  10. It's more work than what justifies the change, the factions ought to be plenty different once I'm through with them. The other issue being that ionic columns are only really read from one direction, so such capitals were usually used for that purpose and supported with the more simple doric columns. ionic columns facing the backs of other ionic columns is awkward and breaks immersion, for me at least. lovely fa├žade columns though
  11. Athenians can use doric columns, their most iconic temple is of the doric order lol. And Gimp doesn't open .dds, not without plugins, anyway. I'm not worried about the pottery paintings, since they're so small. though I agree black figure pottery would be a neat change. The only question to me would be whether to give black figure to the spartans or athenians.
  12. lol that's the plan, Stan The state of the pack has the normal maps and spec maps split still. The metopes, if you've noticed, along with all of the rest of the player color are showing up black. I don't know if the metope sculptures are subtle diffuse textures or are purely normal mapped. I could have just completely lost them from the translation from .DDS to .PNG Also as you can see I got plenty of extra room for other textures, I think maybe introducing mud bricks could be interesting for more rural architecture?
  13. Broke a few textures but they're all in one place now at least. I think this is a good jumping off point in terms of color scheme. Small screenie i know but I'm working off my laptop. that also means baking textures takes forever
  14. Perhaps I should separate the house actors, that yellow roof doesn't mix too nice with the Seleucid tile roof. A bit big for 5 pop houses too. Im thinking adding hellenized buildings, maybe just houses get way too visually hectic way too quickly
  15. I figured as much, less taxing on mobile systems. I did a few architecture mods for AoE II, so I'm reasonably familiar with that workflow too. Kind of nice, being able to be able to paint over your model in post render!