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  1. ====1000-(Anglo) Walls==== [COMMITED]

    Upgradable walls would be neato
  2. Faction: Byzantines

    italiancastlerender.bmp lol
  3. Faction: Byzantines

    Well he asked me if he could use mine to mass his own
  4. Faction: Byzantines

    lol catbarf's set is phenomenal, he used my Italian castle mod for AoK to make his Byzantine castle
  5. Faction: The Franks

    that shield would be badass for norman knights, but the carolingian franks seem to favor the round shield
  6. Tunnelers and sappers discussion?

    That's the basic idea, but community feedback makes it clear this hacky way of doing this won't settle well. More coding is likely needed for this to be a viable siege weapon for vanilla. Fine as is for experimental mod use though
  7. I can't tonight, I'll see if I can do it tomorrow
  8. Gameplay features A24

    *Distant american screeching*
  9. ===[TASK]=== New persian equipment

    The larger shield looks nice, why not
  10. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    This is done verbatim in ponies ascendant lol
  11. ===[TASK]=== Wounded or Tired Animations

    they need to keep pace with the current walk and jog animations, we cant have injured units slowing down, as interesting of a mechanic as that would be
  12. they forgot the rope and crank on the catapult smh
  13. Empires Apart. ==Released==

    inherited rotation would lead to issues if it's angled like in the screenshots
  14. Greek Helmets

    There's no need imo, what if we randomized the crests as props?
  15. Greek Helmets

    we ought to have baked-in AO textures on head texture variants for different types of helmets, these in particular, don't you think? shouldn't be too hard for a texture artist to edit the bronze textures to match, dont worry too much about that