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  1. Personally I am not that mad. It is the teasing and absence of information for a long period to have only this very short trailer centered on a very well-known period... that is barely acceptable. I am thinking they are very afraid of any backslash. A lot of people tried to decrypt the teaser to guess the period. But they seem to have misinterpreted it. "A new Age is upon us" seems to suggest an important change of the gameplay in regard to the actual trailer. Actually, this is quite bold. Besides the texture and design problem, a few interesting things appears. Walls can support unit like in the Middle-Earth RTS. Civilizations will have unique designs for the units. That's already something good.
  2. Well basically it is AoE2 but with better handled limits. Migration Era to Renaissance. Already partially use in AoE2 (Huns, Goths, Spanishs, Aztecs etc)
  3. I know. The artist choose to represent those tribesmen. That's particularly obvious with the Celtic swords and scabbards. Not any single edged sword common in the Germanic world.
  4. Well... that's quite a lot of Gallic material here
  5. For me it is ok. We have multiple evidence in celtic art for human figures with this kind of hat but only one archeological evidence for a chieftain. We do not know if it was exclusive for non-religious member. We do not know if the chieftain was also a religious figure, and we do not know how far the druid could be an authority in the society. In some case, a Druid could act as a political leader as well.
  6. Hexagonal shields are attested in the late Gallic cultures (after 150 BC). Hex shields can be used to specifically distinguish units, it will depend on how the roster will be done. The Celtic warrior used both in the battle. A spear/javelin combined with a sword. There are some burials found with only swords and thousands of swords have been found, so I suggested a Gallic swordsman originally but yet the roster is not validated. However, poorer warriors probably used only javelins and spears. Again it will depend on the future roster. I suggest either: - To remove the scabbard for the spearman. - To give the scabbard only to higher rank spearman (advanced or elite). Btw, the iron scabbard should be on the right side. Sleeveless tunic are attested. For a couple pictures useful in general for textures:
  7. https://www.facebook.com/301410029889224/photos/a.468322259864666/1142078885822330/ http://blog.armae.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/camp-2.jpg http://blog.armae.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/legionnaires.jpg
  8. Add slaves. It's simple. Only a few civilizations skipped slavery at this time (Han Dynasty).
  9. If you are looking for more designs, try to look for "légionnaire césarien" in google images. François Gilbert did a lot of things about it, although not totally correct for things like leather armband, it is quite good on the others.
  10. For the "barbarians", provocative poses could be interesting. Hitting the weapon against the shield for example.
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