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  1. Genava55

    ===[TASK]=== Iberian Units Update

    Diodorus Siculus XXV: The king of the Orissi/Oretani, however, came to the aid of the beleaguered city, and by a feigned offer of friendship and alliance succeeded in routing Hamilcar. In the course of his flight Hamilcar contrived to save the lives of his sons and his friends by turning aside on another road; overtaken by the king, he plunged on horseback into a large river and perished in the flood under his steed, but his sons Hannibal and Hasdrubal made their way safely to Acra Leucê. Strabo, geography 3.3.2: Of those who dwell above the aforesaid mountains, the Oretani are the most southern, extending in part as far as the sea-coast on this side the Pillars. Next these towards the north are the Carpetani, then the Vettones and Vaccæi, through whose [country] the Douro flows as it passes Acontia, a city of the Vaccæi. The Gallicians are the last, and inhabit for the most part a mountainous country: on this account they were the most difficult to subdue, and furnished his surname to the conqueror of the Lusitanians; in fact, at the present day the greater part of the Lusitanians are beginning to call themselves Gallicians. The finest cities of Oretania are Castulo and Oria. For the other infos, it should come maybe from Cornelius Nepos and Appian, Iberike. But they are hard to find in english online. Moreover the st*pid guy that wrote the wikipedia page didn't put the original references. Edit: like always, the Roman historiography is full of legends, moral judgments and distortions of the truth for political reasons. It is hard to know which version of the Oretani's king is true.
  2. Genava55

    ===[TASK]=== Iberian Units Update

    @Lion.Kanzen I forgot to mention that the main issue for the moment about the current Iberian faction is that it is mostly based on the iberian culture but two of the heroes of the faction are not iberian... Caros is a Celtiberian chieftain leading the coalition during the second war, Viriato is Viriathus a famous Lusitanian war leader... Maybe Orison and Korbis are good candidates for the Iberians. Korbis is a king that won a duel against Orsua to rule the city of Ibis (not located today). Orison is a Oretani king that tried to resist against Carthage.
  3. Genava55

    ===[TASK]=== Iberian Units Update

    Yes, the Celtiberians are the best candidate and since there is a huge coalition against Rome during the Second Celtiberian War, it is possible to include the Lusitanian and the Vettones in the late game roster.
  4. Genava55

    ===[TASK]=== Iberian Units Update

    In Catalan: Celtiberian Numantia: http://www.numanciamultimedia.com/en/chapter-4/Numantia-in-the-Celtiberian-Context/5 Iberian city of Ullastret (Indigetae tribe in Catalunya): Castro de Borneiro, Galicia. $ Castro de Terroso, Lusitanian: Castro de Navarre. Castro de Arrola, Pais Vasco. Castro de Bolunburu:
  5. Genava55

    ===[TASK]=== Iberian Units Update

    The main issue is still the same, the current Iberian faction is mostly Iberians (speaking a non-indo-european language) with no contribution from Celtiberians (speaking a indo-european language). I know they are two tribal culture and that it is difficult to distinguish them but it is something that should be addressed in a short future. I see three possibilities: The current Iberians will stay 100% Iberians and will be the only faction of the Iberian peninsula. The current Iberians will stay 100% Iberians but a new faction will be added for another Iron Age culture of the Iberian peninsula. The current Iberians will include others cultures but it should be done in a smart way and clearly stated to not confuse people and to not making this faction a patch-work of very different cultures. Tribal and Iron Age cultures doesn't mean primitive and all "same-@#$%" cultures you can throw in the same box.
  6. Genava55

    Ranged Units

    Praetorians and Ancestor Legacy are not bad too for battle formation and tactics.
  7. Genava55

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    If you are looking for some mercenaries, I found very cool siberian pictures: https://www.realmofhistory.com/2017/05/30/siberian-warrior-armor-reindeer-antlers/
  8. It is maybe easier to copy the pattern of one of the coins. Like this we use historical material with early arabic writing.
  9. Beware it is a 19th century Indian shield ;-) It is just an example of what can be done with leather and painting.
  10. Probably the leather. You can have very nice colors by working on leather. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22816/lot/97/ Nice work, well done. If you want to use it for the faction's symbol, maybe we should add an islamic motif? There are some interesting writting in the coins of this period: https://www.davidmus.dk/en/collections/islamic/dynasties/umayyads
  11. Genava55

    Frozen development

    It is an issue if he still have a old version of the OS. It is a common problem, old mac didn't have regular updates for the OS and if he didn't do it himself the update, it become tougher after time because the Apple Store didn't let you download a new version of the OS.
  12. Genava55

    Funny Relevant Videos

    They didn't care. 90% of their customers are sheeps.
  13. Genava55

    Cheat walls

    I agree. It is easier to cover all side and it takes less space. It is not the same than successive walls.
  14. With the plates descriptions it is easier: Others info: