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  1. Units Designs: Shield classification as I suggest: I tried to maximize the differences between the both factions and to keep in mind that different role units should be visually different. I suggest some exclusive shapes and arts for each factions to emphasize this. Art pattern could be limited to specific shapes to avoid trouble in the shield texture collision with the edges and the shield boss. We could also make specific art pattern for some units to emphasize the visual differences between them. Although, there is already a lot of work on this aspect and this is maybe unnecessary. By the way, I extracted the pattern of this Gallic shield found on the web: We can still add exclusive patterns and textures for each factions. I think there is enough texture for them in common.
  2. Good question Most of them come from academic publications, some are very old. These one have been modified significantly thus they should be ok: These ones come from a recent publication but... they are very basic (it comes from coins). These ones come from google image, you can find them everywhere. These are very old patterns redrawn thousands of time: Maybe these ones could be problematic, they come from recent publications: Else, some Britonic shields found on the web:
  3. Some patterns and symbols from continental La Tène: Gallic_patterns_symbols.zip
  4. Then Seleucids should have the same with Persian, Assyrian and Babylonian heritage. I think we all agree there is not a flawless reasoning behind the free houses and free deposit. From what I know, the Ptolemaic economy is characterized by a good coinage, a good wheat production and a strong government with hierarchical institutions.
  5. By the way, for people speaking French :
  6. Cool, it is nice to see motivation to include this building Stan did a very good job on this and it would be a shame to limit it only to Atlas. By the way, in your mod, which faction causes you the much trouble to balance? Mauryans?
  7. I suggested Remogantion (but can be Remocantion as well). Gantion or Cantion is a name for the assembly, we find it in Trigance (from Trigantia / Tricantia, three assemblies) or in Kent (from Cantium). In Old Irish it is Céite. Remos is a word meaning "prince" or "first one", it is similar to the latin Princeps which comes from Primus. Edit: if you want something simpler for the Atlas, you can call it Cantion or Gantion, simply meaning the assembly.
  8. Why not, but I have the same question than Sundiata, why not in the vanilla? He said amphora and imported goods since it is a symbol of prestige and something found on the location. Nothing more. It was a short talk about it, we were busy with the x-ray tomography of a rusty find in Switzerland (I have some experience in x-ray tomography from a previous project).
  9. Your shields are really pretty nice @Alexandermb ! These ones however, could be problematic to distinguish since the player color is really tiny and narrowly displayed: And these ones with some player color, especially the player 7: The rectangular ones are very cool on the skirmishers: Some patterns have very often trouble to be displayed correctly, like this one that appears often like this: I know it is based on this shield I suggested, but it seems a bit hard to have the right condition from random generation to display it correctly. Maybe it should be better if the griffin/bird heads were a bit smaller
  10. I am working but I take the opportunity of a break just to suggest you different damage type if you want to go in this direction. A shield can be made from several planks, an unique large plank or from complex work similar to plywood. The shield can be covered or directly painted. The cover is generally in leather. Thus the cover can be scratched or teared. The shield bosses can also be damaged from direct blow from other shields. An example from germanic era: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorsberg_moor The Clonoura shield is also another example with traces of blows and hits. The Vaedebro shield is finally an example where it is possible to see traces of fixing like metallic clip.
  11. @Alexandermb awesome, I will test it this evening or tomorrow. Superb work! @wowgetoffyourcellphone thanks for the advice, I will try to keep this in mind for the design of the units!
  12. I talked with an archeologist that worked on Corent and he told me that the theatron is looking nice like this. They have found shield bosses in the location of the hemicycle and the idea of shields in front of the rows are plausible. They also found a Coolus helmet imported from Italy there, dated from the very beginning of the 1st century BC. The idea of a political and military assembly are indeed the prefered hypothesis.
  13. The player color seems a bit less saturated but maybe it is because of the dark background and the wooden part of the shields seem slightly different. Right?
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