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  1. @Strannik It works for me but it doesn't seem to work for @The Undying Nephalim see his post he edited it.
  2. @Strannik apparently it doesn't Works for me though.
  3. @LordGood Orientation shouldn't matter as it's specified in the dae file and since the game used to play with max I think it can handle it. About materials, sometimes it work sometimes it doesn't.I think it stops to work when there are two materials on the mesh. @The Undying Nephalim can you try the following skeleton file ? bone_pelvis.xml
  4. If you imported it in blender, that's because blender added it, if you open the dae file, there is no reference to armature... So I guess, I'll have to tweak my script a little for fbx collada.
  5. @The Undying Nephalim for some reason, it is one tag higher in xml and it's recognized as the skeleton name... Can you create a parent bone for it to test if my theory is correct ? so base_bone > bone_pelvis > rest of the bones.
  6. Okay, so I'm not sure at all, but all my working skeletons file have a root bone, from which everything is a child. for instance here is my goat model's script
  7. Do you have sketches or something similar ?
  8. @ray_ark What types of building do you need ?
  9. Technically though it works ^^ I used it for movement arrows. Maybe there is a subtitily I missed. Or maybe his skeleton name overwrites one of us.
  10. @The Undying Nephalim Your prop points should be bones called prop_whatever If they are I will need to investigate further.
  11. Mmh what would be the way that's easiest for you to use ? I'm an half artist half programmer so I sometimes forget not everyone is I'm going to do my best so that you can achieve your goal hence making your followers happy and bringing some visibility to pyrogenesis.
  12. @The Undying Nephalim I wrote the script so I could probably modify it to read a whole folder. I haven't tried your daes yet I'll see if I have some time tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Before that script was written you'd have had to do everything by hand.
  13. What was the command you ran ?
  14. Yeah definitely. I'm actually thinking of adding faces into the game but AFAIK nobody give his face for free ^^
  15. Yeah @feneur you have a good point. Dunno was just a proposal.