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  1. No, I know that we won't be able to fix everything that one might want. But asking is the first step. Then you can't blame people for not telling you.
  2. Would you mind to elaborate on the circumstances you'd like to see changing ?
  3. Oh okay, sorry about that. You can still ask questions here then we'll do our best to answer them.
  4. I don't know if @(-_-) still plans to work on the feature https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1642 You can compile it yourself in the meantime to test things for your mod
  5. @ramtzok1 Btw how did it go with the Fork AD developers did you get answer for all your questions ?
  6. Can you attach you mod to this topic ? I might have an idea when looking at the code. Maybe it's just a folder name mismatch
  7. The first step would be to look the interestinglog.html file in %localappdata%/0ad/logs and see whats the root cause
  8. The object is used but I haven't found any use of the height property. It just sets the value.
  9. That's different. Elevation bonus just adds more range to the tower. The fact that it isn't taken into account in the visualization is a bug ret.attack[type].elevationAdaptedRange = Math.sqrt(ret.attack[type].maxRange * (2 * ret.attack[type].elevationBonus + ret.attack[type].maxRange)); Just had a look. It would seem that the height property of the footprint isn't used anywhere. So it's basically useless. @bb_ can you confirm ? EDIT: I was wrong
  10. Yeah. That would suck though. Pyrogenesis is not that bad.
  11. 6x6 footprint would be 24x24 7x7 footprint would be 28x28 I guess 7x7 makes sense. Actually you can't see the height footprint. It's something different. So height seems to only be used to define guarding and whether a projectile will hit the structure.
  12. In the Actor viewer in Atlas you can. Well as I said obstruction define how close you can get to the building, so I guess the original author tried to get as close as possible to the building. Footprint however shouldn't be that precise.
  13. Can you share you particle.xml file here ? You you can embed code snippets into your post. However I don't think what you are trying to achieve is possible yet. You might need to edit the C++ Particle System Components.
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