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  1. Use my helmets next time
  2. You have to use a IPV4 address. I don't think we support IPV6
  3. And also Han dynasty is wayyy older than the Muscovite Russians. So yeah it's likely that the technology might have traveled in 1,000 years.
  4. You might like this patch then. It removes roaming for Domestic animals inside corrals (Basically it checks whether the unit was garrisoned), here in the cart corral as a test. You might want to be careful though since if Ykkrosh put a warning to prevent doing that there might have been a reason then. However it works fine on my end. GarrisonSheepInCoralWithNoRoaming.diff @wowgetoffyourcellphone Can you try it ?
  5. Isn't there a ticket about it already ? I think I even saw a patch at some point.
  6. Did you by any chance mirror the object at some point ? If so you need to manually flip the faces. Also if you did that on the whole mesh you need to apply scale to be able to see it. If you are lucky a simple ctrl + n on the mesh will fix it for you. Last but not least in the left panel of the view make sure to always enable backface culling.
  7. Easiest way. Make sure you have what you want to export selected -> File -> Export Selected. In the export format of the saving file dialogue choose collada. -> Done. That will work fine for most static meshes. Animated ones might be troublesome.
  8. Hey @DarcReaver wasn't expecting you to get involved that sounds like good news
  9. I get what you mean, my point is just that I do not want to get rid of accuracy for gameplay.
  10. Well I always found it nice that mods could focus more on accuracy than the main game. @niektb is right that some props could do the trick, but I think that people would avoid to put things externally as it would be snowy outside.
  11. Toi be honest I don't know.
  12. To be honest I don't know how hard it would be. I really want to try it. I wonder If I could hack the animation so that the smoke prop becomes so tiny it cannot be seen.
  13. Sounds like a nice artist beginner's task
  14. The problem is not really to add them. It's more about offering a correct game experience. Eight players is quite intensive for the computers due to lack of optimizations such as multithreading on computers. So unless someone fixes our game lag issue it isn't likely to happen. On a side note Mon resolution being 1024x768 it'd be quite annoying to get everything fitting for every language. Nothing prevents you to mod it though.
  15. @Night_Site Check if you have enough hard drive space. If that's not it you might want to redownload the installer.