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  1. stanislas69

    Portraits for Heroes

    Basically when you will be done upload the psd file and make sure the background is a specific layer and he will be happy It's not required it's merely if you want to see how they look in the game which can be gratifying Great. I should put together a pinned thread to keep track of 2D tasks. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Do you have a list of 2D artwork you'd want for the game ?
  2. Imagine you have two files with the same name. Depending on the order of mods one of the files will overwrite the other. The order of the mods define which one wins.
  3. stanislas69

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    I guess not. Can you open an issue on GitHub ?
  4. stanislas69

    Portraits for Heroes

    Do you want to learn ? This way I could show you how to try them in the game So here is a list of what you could work on next its up to you. Do not hesitate if you have doubts about any of those. Iphicrates Pericles Xenophon Vercingétorix Nastasen Harsiotef Arakamani Amanirenas Cunobelin Indibil Seleucus Nikator Antiochos the great Antiochos the righteous Hamilcar Marcellus Maximus Caratacos Philip of Macedonia Chandragupta Darius Cleopatra Chanakya Craterus Viriato Caros
  5. stanislas69

    Portraits for Heroes

    Awesome. @LordGood would you mind to give some constructive feedback ? You can work on other missing portraits. Do you need help finding you way around the game's files ? Have you ever worked with either git or SVN before ?
  6. Sorry when I say engine split I just mean splitting the engine from the game. So we can finally brand it as an engine and dissociate the two. Not making one folder per civ
  7. I agree with Nescio. I really hope to do what I call the engine split for A24. But I'll need other devs onboard like @elexis because technically I can't do it alone.
  8. That is an interesting question. I did not include the modelling and texturing part into the time to make the Kushites, just as I did not include the awesome research Sundiata did for them either. I didn't do much modelling for the Kushites anyways. There were a few annoying things. Licensing. Gathering all the contributors and making sure nothing we took was illegal. Fixing art actor bugs and ensuring a good code quality. Removing any mixed spaces and tabs and empty newlines and adding newlines at the end of files for our dear Unix users. There was also the balancing I did not do. But that's tedious because we want them to be an balanced Civilization while keeping historical accuracy. If it was just a mod, meh. Then there was loading all the art files one by one to see if stuff was missing textures broken references. If I ever get around doing it checkrefs.pl should have mod support (and a few long due updates on Phabricator currently.) Then there is updating the documentation which I failed to do see the recent fixes. Then there is naming conventions but that's fine I guess trimming the suffix if the file is in a folder with that name ex textures with ao in their name is okay. I started recording voices for the Kushites. Never got around finishing that either. So everybody can do it. It's a bunch of little things together that make a huge work. But in the end the one committing has the responsibility. At least I feel like so. So yeah TLDR; What is daunting is the little things not the obvious ones. There is much more going behind the scenes that people imagine. And that's not gratifying until it's done.
  9. stanislas69

    Hyrule Conquest

    Oh bloody Christmas.
  10. See the quote I made. If we include Han that's not fair for Native Americans, that's not fair for Slav Tribes. That's also not fair for any other country in South Africa, Australia. I get your point you want the Han dynasty to be added so that it can attract people from that area. And it's fine really. Putting the Kushites in was a 2 Month work. And I failed to make it perfect. Also there is a lot of open issues on the Terra Magna mod about historical accuracy and other matters.
  11. stanislas69

    DDS file issues

    Okay that's what I thought. Your image has to be a power of two image. 512x512 1024x1024 128x2048 etc. In your case your image is 3642x2048 which is why it fails. And yes you can load pngs directly as long as they comply with the rule above
  12. stanislas69


    If that could be done that would be great in any case. I was wondering if such a thing was possible.
  13. I split this topic as best as I could sorry if some posts are missing. To get on this topic. The inclusion of mod civilizations have been discussed over the years to some extent and ended up in heated discussions and sometimes bloodbaths as well as general incomprehension. To be truly honest I didn't think the Kushites would make it into the game. The discussion about it in the staff forums is kinda big considering the number of people actually in the team. Including a civ in a mod is easy. Just dump everything inside a git repository. Fix it along and voilĂ . Including it into the game is a bit trickier because we have to make sure everything is in order that the documentation is correct that there are no copyright violations and that the overall thing is playable, balanced, and does not throw weird errors. Including two or three civs at once would be a daunting task I do not wish to do right now. Could also include one civilization you might say. Fair enough, but what about the people that wanted the other one to be included. Thanks to our programmers combined efforts we have now a good mod support into the game. You want more civs ? Make mods universally recognized such as delenda Est milleniumad terra magna etc. Just want to improve the existing ones, join the modders team. Want your mod to rely on a another one with civs ? We've got the technology it's called mod dependency TLDR: The probability of new civs or the existing ones being included is very low because 1 it's a pain to get it right 2 it leads to endless discussions 3 we have mod support now and finally 4 Stan is lazy.
  14. stanislas69


    Well if the answer is no then we'll be settled. And we will be able to provide an answer as to why Can you ask please ?.:)
  15. stanislas69

    Hyrule Conquest

    You'd have to ask @vladislavbelov directly. He didn't want to show the code because he wants to do it the proper way whenever that may be.