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  1. Sounds like a nice artist beginner's task
  2. The problem is not really to add them. It's more about offering a correct game experience. Eight players is quite intensive for the computers due to lack of optimizations such as multithreading on computers. So unless someone fixes our game lag issue it isn't likely to happen. On a side note Mon resolution being 1024x768 it'd be quite annoying to get everything fitting for every language. Nothing prevents you to mod it though.
  3. @Night_Site Check if you have enough hard drive space. If that's not it you might want to redownload the installer.
  4. This one ?
  5. 3177.
  6. I'd like to add up on Lordgood's post. If it were not for mods and the amazing bunch here I would have left long time ago. What kept me is the ability to hone my skills on mods never would I have ever had the ability to make a whole civilisation were it not for that. So now If I want to make a wonder I can. Probably wouldn't be the best experience but that's something I learnt to do by doing mods lots of them. Aristeia is a special mod it could be like 5 main games in once looking at how much civs there are. Zophim has been doing an incredible job on it's research. But sadly lifes often takes it rights back. Can't spend a whole holiday month to make a civil properly. ^^
  7. Shhhh
  8. First part must be the gate is a bit small for catapults, Second part is a bug in the game engine, that prevents to have garisonning as well as gate anims. #2679
  9. Can't argue with that.
  10. Well that's the same as let's say the rotary mill ?
  11. Gouvernement center was a special building IIRC.
  12. Problem is to find evidence that China had those champions. Their unit roaster is quite diverse as they have nearly every type of units. For the wonder I might look into it.
  13. Why is that ?
  14. Can you be more specific ?
  15. @elexis Hello and welcome to the forums I guess you could try --with-system-nvtt too, but I don't think that's the issue. Why did you add so many params ?