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  1. stanislas69

    Overpowered norse farmstead bug

    I tend to avoid putting gameplay mods in CoM mods because I want them to be close to Vanilla for compatibility and because the code maintenance is not really simple. Would be nice also to be able to ovveride only parts of functions instead of having to carry files around. I guess we could have one with a suffix with only the affected functions but I'm afraid the loading order is not fixed.
  2. I believe @wraitii is using brew though. Maybe there could be an alternative option.
  3. It is a planned feature. See the status of the ticket #252 on trac.wildfiregames.com .
  4. stanislas69

    can you add a hebrew faction?

    I guess aristeia is not up to date then. Since we haven't made a release that's not surprising.
  5. stanislas69

    Overpowered norse farmstead bug

    Farmstead is me, civ center Alexandermb 's, units textures wackyserious, and the sheep I don't know
  6. stanislas69

    Overpowered norse farmstead bug

    Fixing the cost. I thought it was a Xiongnu only bug.
  7. stanislas69

    [Millennium A.D.] X├Żlo 23 now available!

    Generally, computers shouldn't shut themselves down for any reasons. Over intensive usage of computers like crypto currency mining for instance could cause such a shut down only if the computer cooling system was badly designed. In your case I'd look for dust in the ventilation's if that's a recent issue. The most common cause for such a dusting is using it on a bed or a surface that easily collects dust. That being said Delenda Est is quite greedy when it comes to resources.
  8. stanislas69

    enhanced hero gameplay suggestion

    Of course this will have to be added edited by @Itms and @Prodigal Son in their documents. If it is to be included of course. But to me: A Stunnable entity is an entity that instead of dying when its health reach 0 just falls down on the battlefield. When friendly units arrive nearby a bar charges with a given timeout and if they stay around for enough time the unit goes back to life. If you don't stick around the bat discharge to 0. This ability will be configurable. The timeout will be variable, and the unit can have a limited or an unlimited amount of revival for potential scenarios. An entity can be optionally dropped on knockout like a grave. The bar charging could be a bar or stars filling up as long as the feeling of progression is conserved.
  9. stanislas69

    enhanced hero gameplay suggestion

    I created a repo for a Stunnable component but never got around implementing it. Could be in Health.js too I don't know.
  10. stanislas69

    Install 0ad on Kali linux

    Likely because you are root on Kali Linux do you get any sort of errors ?
  11. stanislas69

    I found 19 simple issues in C++ code

    Now we'd need someone to try and report...
  12. stanislas69

    Please bring serfs back to the game

    Moved to the correct sub-forum
  13. stanislas69

    0 A.D on Raspberry Pi 3 (Working, Sort of)

    As long as they are power of two... yes.
  14. stanislas69

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the rights.
  15. stanislas69

    Reconstructed Han Dynasty clothing

    I can't tell, one could try the mod. if it's still in use and no issue exists an issue has to be created here -> https://github.com/0ADMods/terra_magna/issues