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  1. Faction: The Franks

    @wackyserious Reference from a museum
  2. Faction: The Franks

    It looks good, BUT the stones were made to keep the hay in place and the roof curves were made to depict hay so it looks weird that the roof is not flat.
  3. @Alexandermb wrong file.
  4. Faction: The Franks

    @wackyserious I really like the leather one
  5. Faction: The Franks

    Nice ! Anyway you can make the coif texture sharper ?
  6. Faction: The Franks

    Can you improve the wood ?
  7. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    Awesome. Thank you.
  8. ====1000-(Anglo) Walls==== [COMMITED]

    That's weird...
  9. Faction: The Franks

    I definetely want/need/will improve the wiki, but I don't know how/where to start.
  10. Graphics Improvements

    Don't forget to allow users to disable it
  11. Graphics Improvements

    @aeonios By the way thanks for your work so far. It's nice to have someone else doing graphics programming.
  12. Faction: The Franks

    If not there should be. You should look for the civ.json files in simulation/data/civs
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    @Imarok I like when you outrun people and fix the game at the same time
  14. ===[TASK]=== Weapons and Armory

    Committed the greek quiver above.
  15. It looks better than the one you gave me Did you tweak the bump ?