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  1. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    Can you be more specific as to which ones have those issues by giving numbers/ screens ? I think I'll remove the thracian helmets all together. I don't really like them either. I still need your input to associate numbers with units that should use them e.g. 4.5. hele_chalcidean -> all hele archers. I believe Spartans used pilos mostly but I don't whose units did. About adding more helmets I'll consider it after adding those. I don't want to have huge commits that nobody understands and then having @elexis deal with it if I were to leave unexpectedly. @wackyserious Thanks ! @Lion.Kanzen What did I say about references ?
  2. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    They were called thracian cap when they were to be made.
  3. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    @LordGood @wowgetoffyourcellphone @wackyserious Here are all the files, ready to use. To see the new helmets in atlas go to actors (all) and type helmets (Illyrian hasn't been remade yet) All helmets are made to be on the head prop point, if you need to be able to put it on the helmet prop point, I can try, but I'm not sure how much I should tweak them. If you feel like editing some textures, go ahead. Notice the improved armor texture, I'll commit it sooner or later. new_helmets.7z
  4. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    Now we need to assign names to those helmets will be useful for the file naming scheme. I'll edit the first post accordingly sele_hero_seleucus_nikator hele_boeotian_a hele_boeotian_b hele_calcidean_a hele_calcidean_b hele_pilos_a hele_pilos_b sele_officer_a sele_officer_b sele_officer_c sele_officer_d sele_officer_e sele_officer_f sele_officer_g hele_hoplite_crest sele_agema_a sele_agema_b sele_agema_c thrac_cap_a thrac_cap_b thrac_cap_c thrac_cap_d thrac_cap_e thrac_phrygian
  5. Debian Stretch and 0ad 0.22

    @Itms Can you ping the packager again ? Btw is there a list of which packager on IRC does what ?
  6. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    I really should have put numbers on those helmets EDIT : Done @LordGood
  7. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    So... None of them is commitable as is ?
  8. 0 A.D. on YouTube

    Some people stream on twitch as well.
  9. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    Hey @Lion.Kanzen, Thanks for the images, however Do you mind keeping the references for other threads, as the goal of this one is to get stuff commited and used for A23 not adding new stuff. Basically what I need is to know what helmet should go to whom, for instance the boeotian for let's say mace_cavalry_spearman_a.xml etc.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm planning to commit all the helmets that have been rotting around the forums for a few years now, but I'm not sure what helmet should be used for what. So I need some backup. I'm gonna list all the helmets here and try to figure out, which should go where.
  11. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    He looks quite distorted on that screen :/
  12. AI ERROR!

    Can you be more specific as to when and why this error occurs ? Can you give us a simple example on how to reproduce it ?
  13. Polybolos animations for infantry

    @Nescio I will probably include them after some discussion with the team, just in case. I'd like to avoid having caps and stuff in filenames, but I'll do it in the XML file. You are welcome

    Yeah there aren't too many PolygonZ. That will be a nice addition to them new bows I'm planning to commit. @Alexandermb could you change the pick to a double pick ?