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  1. Yeah I wasn't sure if it'd be easier for artists
  2. Oh god all those brackets...
  3. @leper I think I managed to rebase your patch properly. So what should I do next ?
  4. Fences look great. Doesn't it make the houses too big tho ?
  5. I think it was decided earlier that Norse wouldn't have any towers
  6. Can't you just remove the templates using '-' like for techs ?
  7. @Lion.Kanzen In game screens with variants and specs and files if someone wants to use them for any purposes. Skeleton file was made with my script. public.7z
  8. I created this little python script to autogenerate skeleton files from dae files, which will hopefully be a timesaver for artists.
  9. norse

    If that works then it's great sometimes armatures and especially writing skeleton files can be tricky. ATM I'm writing a script to convert date bone schema to 0ad skeleton format
  10. norse

    Nice ! Can you try to fix the roof ? The important difference of tile scale is really visible
  11. norse

    Problem has alaways been the size of it That's why i made a single one. But I'm open to suggestions.
  12. I don't think the plan was to go full 3D for now, only to port the assets in 0ad
  13. Waypoint is #657 and it's a tough one.
  14. norse

    Good Job !
  15. @Lion.Kanzen I can add a flag if that helps but I'm not sure it changes much.