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  1. stanislas69

    Oniversalis : Age of Exploration [NEW TOPIC PAGE]

    Hey @Vasikle & @Dan The Strategist Nice to see you guys back. If you haven't already have a look at mod.io It's a new way to share your mods I don't remember if you wanted to go open source or closed source, but let me know if you need help with packaging. Also, keep us updated, post screenshots
  2. Well I consider it important, and the coding guys as well. Most of the artist who came along had probably no experience with SVN/Git whatsoever, so they just dumped everything in the folder and made it work. I guess nobody also had in mind that the game would still be in development 18 years later If we can make it work nicely, while writing somewhere how things should be and why it was decided so (For sometimes decisions are not always obvious to newcomers) that would be a great progress IMHO. If you haven't already read it there is a naming convention section there: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument Yeah that sounds good, and nothing prevents you from recording sounds in the process which is nice. Like if we don't end up renaming stuff, we will still have the sounds. I guess the naming convention final decision will go to @Itms @OmriLahav, and @Lordgood. Well it's cosmetic anyway so I don't think it really matters. That would have to be decided too. Just an idea, maybe we could make a small paragraph describing the naming convention on a google doc, and let everyone that wants put its grain of salt. (Not that I think there will be a queue doing so but it'd be nice to have it collaborative)
  3. stanislas69

    Free Games and Offers

    Doesn't seem like spam to me.
  4. Yeah. But it should be done for th people coming after us. The soundgroups sounds are chosen using a generic random method. Make it reproductible ie by always giving the same output for say a specific entity id and you'll get unit specific sounds. Yeah maybe the last option i don't know.
  5. stanislas69

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone Maybe the order in the xml file ? Some ideas to replace the square corners. export.psd
  6. As much as possible we should avoid any capitalization; This is because versioning systems might go havoc on platforms where the files are not case sensitive (e.g. Windows) Also the game sometimes ignores it, and sometimes it doesn't, and that changes across platforms. So as much as possible we should not have caps. The 'v' might suggest that it's the third version of it instead of the third variation, maybe we can find something better. Keep in mind that changing the sound name schema, which is a good thing, will break every mod that uses them. So we should get a consensus with the biggest mods around here, some of which I manage, and some others like Delenda Est from @wowgetoffyourcellphone. I thought we had something for that, but apparently it was never finished/committed https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3578 Yeah it's old, it would be nice to update it at some point. Yeah it's called in the JavaScript code, Maybe @elexis know why it's called there https://github.com/0ad/0ad/search?q=day_temperate_gen_03&unscoped_q=day_temperate_gen_03
  7. stanislas69

    Your screenshots

    Maybe we could have square water tiles, with obstruction. You wouldn't be able to sail on them though.
  8. stanislas69

    Your screenshots

    That HUD looks old... I never noticed before.
  9. I meant yeah it should be there like modmod. Replacing Every file by code sounds like pain. One could hardcode files containing blood on their names to not be loaded but that sounds like a big source of bugs.
  10. Did you uninstall the other mod by deleting the folder ? If you didn't it may still be using the old one. The file is in c:\users\yourname\documents\my games\0ad\
  11. My no blood mod could become official, and be a mod like modmod, not visible in the modselection, that would only be loaded if the option is ticked. This way no change to the way art files are made. The only issue is the duplication
  12. stanislas69

    0abc mod

    Just for the record, Gitlab used to host its servers on Microsoft Azure until very recently, now it's Google's https://about.gitlab.com/2018/04/05/gke-gitlab-integration/ Enjoy the Choice
  13. stanislas69

    Zapotec Map errors

    Not sure, can you take a picture of the map ?
  14. stanislas69

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    Hey @Aragorn30 for that you'll have to sign the legal waiver thy look good though keep up the good work
  15. @Free Sorry for the delayed answer, I was at work. As I said I did it very fast (too fast even) this new version should be correct no-blood-and-gore-mod.pyromod