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  1. Train bears from barracks

    Well If you modded barracks to recruit bears then you own bears. And since units can't attack themselves that's why it doesn't work.
  2. Hyrule Conquest

    @elexis @fatherbushido @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  3. slave Market

    @Lion.KanzenAre the current ones in the game, or in DE not enough ?
  4. Delenda Est: An overhaul mod for 0 A.D.

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone Maybe as the owner of a mod you could commission them on websites like Artstation, and if they are good they could be included in the main game, like the last big Art commit in the previous alpha. (Though this time it would be splitted so @elexis won't cringe trying to estimate the range of the changes).
  5. Territory markings missing

    No sadly MacOs is like Linux there are too many variants (in versions) to make autobuilds worth it. So I'm afraid you'll have to install X-Code and build it from source.
  6. Who is Paul?

    Since the last trac update, trac displays names instead of usernames.
  7. Delenda Est: An overhaul mod for 0 A.D.

    I think that's because we have a too small coverage. Because me @wowgetoffyourcellphone @kali_ @Skhorn @Tiber7 @shieldwolf23 @Hannibal_Barca could have participated in that. That gives interesting challenge but if we could gather social media coverage it would be way more fun. @daker
  8. Territory markings missing

    @elexis Maybe a side effect of the MT_PlayerColorChanged message ? @Servo Have you experienced this on your Mac ?
  9. Delenda Est: An overhaul mod for 0 A.D.

    Maybe we could put up a challenge on art websites. People love contests.
  10. slave Market

  11. Delenda Est: An overhaul mod for 0 A.D.

    Looks pretty badass though.
  12. Gore /Blood/sex themes in DE.

    References ? Or Artistic license ? What is the difference between tavern an inn and lupanar in shape ? EDIT : Just saw the image above.
  13. Gore /Blood/sex themes in DE.

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone Code has been written by @vladislavbelov so it would be possible. Not implemented though. Also not sure it wouldn't mean having to re-export every single anims.
  14. Territory markings missing

    @jonbaer Maybe the commit about floating units ?