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  1. stanislas69

    Installation on CentOS 7

    Hello @skaiware, have you tried the fixes on the previous pages for boost ?
  2. Nah the short one is the one that handles the obstructions constantly to go around buildings. The long range plans using bigger zones. When AI attacks I think two things happens. First the planning of the AI is done on the same thread as the rest, and thus slows everything, adds that the way the AIs handle units make them collide with each other a lot and that triggers the lag, because each unit is computing its own path taking into account all the other units around it.
  3. stanislas69

    ===[TASK]=== Mac Installation Background

    Fine by me. You can also do portraits or a new main menu background, or anything you want to improve
  4. Vertex Pathfinder ( Or short range) yes as Imarok mentioned you could probably have a look at D13 and all the subsequent patches. If corrected they would make a great addition to the game
  5. stanislas69

    Free Games and Offers

    I like free games. I had been waiting for Company of Heroes for a while. This will be my next mod
  6. stanislas69

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    If I may suggest another improvements, you should try to maximize the contrast between textures to make them less bland to look at. Like mixing the bricks and the white wall textures.
  7. stanislas69

    Portraits for Heroes

    Thanks ! will be included in A24. If you are not already in the credits I'll add you
  8. Well if both servers make API requests to each other it will work
  9. stanislas69

    ===[TASK]=== Mac Installation Background

    Next version Alpha 24 so at least 4 months, more like 6. At 0:55
  10. stanislas69

    MacOS / OSX RC Bundles.

    New version. Please tell me if the installer has the correct background.
  11. @Angen depends on what you do. But as much as I'd like our engine to compute stuff on the GPU (Youdbe surprise of what 0AD can run on.) for the sake of compatibility it's a very bad idea. If we keep both systems the code will become really messy. Maybe another use for the strategy design pattern. @Kuba386 Don't be afraid to try it. At best you will learn a lot and make something really precious and at worst you'll still learn a lot. No that many programmer tried to thread it. It was designed to be threaded that was what programmers worked on.The original one was way worse. You're only as good as you let yourself be. If you don't try you'll never know. Netclient will likely soon be threaded.
  12. The game is mainly using one thread. Just using multiple core will give us a boost on most systems.
  13. You can try, patches are welcome, or you can start to look at current pathfinder patches
  14. stanislas69

    Render Dump

    No I changed computers and someone stole my Amazon order which would have allowed me to commit them. I plan to add it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.