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  1. All this builds pyrogenisis.exe and the dll's that are not part of ones that ship with Windows in other words the whole engine the AI and GUI are defined by JavaScript and XML files in the public folder of the SVN tree BTW the latest version of the exe is also part of the full SVN download game play is also defined in the JavaScript files, Enjoy the Choice
  2. You did not run update.workspaces.bat first that is where all the dependencies are assembled and built.You skipped a few other steps too.BTW the file you have displayed in VS is only for Linux not Windows. Enjoy the Choice
  3. First off we'er an Open Source project most of us do not get paid at all even among our core developers.Modding can be differentiated from development very simply developers mostly deal with the C++ code of the engine it's self while modding handles the assets(models,actors and amimations) and the JavaScript in the public.zip mod yeah the main game is just an other mod.As for the required knowledge base that depends on how extensive you want to change things for general modding where you deal mainly with JavaScript so notepad++ is great as it is a full feature text editor with syntax checking for most programming languages for 0AD JavaScript and XML are the most useful.Check the wiki for more detailed info that's the Development link at the top our pages it goes to trac our ticket management system and our wiki.And keep asking questions as you may have noticed we don't bite Enjoy the Choice
  4. And Lion these people have privacy rights in any public space he might even need written permission to post any photo here. Here in Canada in the province of Quebec even news reporters must get a release from all people that can be identified at any public gathering they cover photographically or on video even police do not that power in law though the tend to push the envelope in riot conditions with CC cameras no case has made it to the Supreme Court of Canada yet as privacy is under provincial control here. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Yeah with Negroid facial features read some real history not fantasy Enjoy the Choice
  6. Not setting an AI for the opponent will mean that no conflict occurs basically turns the game into a city builder which should be immersive enough for your target group there will be an other civ on the map though so tell them to ignore it though a few sparks may still fly never seen a group of kids that uniform Enjoy the Choice
  7. Loki1950

    NSIS error.

    Would not the file suffix be .rar not.zip as you used WINRAR not winzip for compression even at that it would be public001.zip,public002.zip as the suffix takes no part as a file identifier. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Please post the cmd.txt and metadata.json for the game in question it severs as evidence you find these file in your replay folder. Enjoy the Choice
  9. For a directional mic google shotgun microphones it's basically uses tuned tubes in front of your mic made one using straws over twenty years ago for recording birds in the wild be aware that wind will be heard though filtering it out digitally is now possible wasn't back then also available commercially but I'm cheap Enjoy the Choice
  10. There are laws that relate to internet content that differ all over the world and discord will not comply with those laws in some places making wildfire games that us legally responsible for those violations in short form that why there is no official channel have you ever looked at the cost of litigation even if your right you still end up paying thousands of dollars/euros we don't have that cash in the bank it would only take one to take us out so why risk it.Have a look at the European Union's data laws that we have to comply with our servers and several of our contributors live in the Union so we have to live in the real world.BTW @Stan` did explain why in an other thread your new so may not have seen it but it's part of our history as a community. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Maybe he just wants an overview of the whole meeting site a sense of scale,how many people in attendance what a video producer would call an establishing shot Enjoy the Choice
  12. There will also be the log file that is generated each time the game is run.You can find them at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\0ad\ or you can use a .bat file we've put together for Windows Start menu> 0 A.D. alpha >Open logs Folder just post the interestinglog.html and system_info.txt files Enjoy the Choice
  13. In the installed version it will be inside public.zip which is where all the files are for 0AD this is done to reduce the size of the download. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Speed brushes can also be called stamps like the leaves one you can find them though krita's web site or just some google fu GIMP brushes can be used as well. Enjoy the Choice
  15. There are several extra brush collections available for Krita @Lion.Kanzen including speed brushes. Enjoy the Choice
  16. Instagram breakfast anyone Enjoy the Choice
  17. Here's a complete guide https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions on Windows you do not need to build from the source code as a new binary(.exe) is auto generated with each change in the C++ code BTW it can be updated daily it sometimes changes that fast. Enjoy the Choice
  18. So it's a truthful review I like Krita myself the GUI is much better than Gimp. Enjoy the Choice
  19. That should be Krita Lion it's my favourite available for both Linux and Windows nice to maintain the same tool chain in both OS's though I use the Appimage version on Linux it's usually a newer version that the ones in most distro's repos . Enjoy the Choice
  20. Most of the text posted is in Spanish which was translatable by Google but has stopped working get a "try again" pop up in a endless loop is seems to get confused as there are several differing languages on each page which boils down to the fact that I can no longer follow anything though using copy/paste in a separate Google Translate page may work I have not tried that yet I'm a bit lazy like most humans. Enjoy the Choice
  21. Sorry guys but I can no longer follow this discussion as Google Translate does not work any longer on these pages Enjoy the Choice
  22. Loki1950

    Map bug!

    Which civ faction are you playing as they are not the same each civ has a unique wonder? Enjoy the Choice
  23. Please read what I said carefully i did not say it was not possible I said it would cost us lots of bandwidth and the size of the download would increase very much are you ready for the download of a game to take over on hour media take up memory very fast one hi res image can be 5 Mb not every one in the world has ultra hi speed internet so it should be a choice to get those extras ie: a separate download not the default. Enjoy the Choice
  24. That would work for Linux just a separate package while OSX could use a media bundle though I imagine curating that extra stuff would be a handful Enjoy the Choice
  25. Loki1950

    Map bug!

    Meet the requirements for the civ you are playing though it usually means city phase and a few techs as well as having the resources (food,metal,stone) then choosing to build it when the GUI says you can,your opponent meanwhile is trying to do the same thing that is get it built first. Enjoy the Choice
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