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Toxic Player - DoctorOrgans


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Today i had very unplesant experience in a game. A player named DoctorOrgans insulted me for the whole game just because I'm simply better player. 


He sees only 1 viable strategy and it is "follow me", "do what i say".. If you simply  ignoring this toxic player he starts calling you "idiot" and other bad words. This is not first time but many many times.

How this can be resolved?  Am I the only player person who experienced such low IQ behaviour?

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I have been berated by this player once and it kept me from playing the game for months afterwards. His remarks were extremely sexist in nature and just generally appalling. I wish there were a way to keep people like this from playing the game because I genuinely don't like being in the same space as him.

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Thanks for posting about this. @Kampot be careful to avoid insulting him back. Some of your comments are semi insults, although they are of course said in jest.

Lobby moderators can't do anything about player conduct within the game. Our jurisdiction, is public lobby messages, user names, and game room names. The in-game conduct needs to be moderated by the game host and the players in the game.

My recommendation is for more hosters to establish rules for their games, and for more players to join such games. Here is a forum thread with my advice about how to choose and enforce rules for the "pro" or "OP" team games.

In addition, I would like to see lobby bans become more effective. We need a C++ software developer to volunteer to help with that.

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Helicity reported verbal abuse from DoctorOrgans in a team game on March 4, 2023 at 11:30 to 11:50 UTC. He sent an excerpt of mainlog.html, and I parsed it in order to see the chat messages and who sent them.

DoctorOrgans (1853): french favela
Timmy_Death_Lord (1306): tf?
GaiusJuliusPfifficus (1470): slums of paris?
DoctorOrgans (1853): france is africa now
DoctorOrgans (1853): thx to jews
DoctorOrgans (1853): and white women
Helicity (1377): really?
GUID E4E25B1B022557AC: racist JC as usually
Timmy_Death_Lord (1306): true
GaiusJuliusPfifficus (1470): /allies don't think of nations, every person is different
GUID E4E25B1B022557AC: french need the immigrations
DoctorOrgans (1853): yeah ... anti-racist brainwashing 24/7
GUID E4E25B1B022557AC: all shits jobs are taken from them
DoctorOrgans (1853): bs
DoctorOrgans (1853): just pay the jobs more
DoctorOrgans (1853): all this is a ponzi scam
Helicity (1377): why, DoctorOrgans (1853) do you live in Paris?
DoctorOrgans (1853): just make stable families, dont make @#$% study useless stuff and make them dumb feminists
DoctorOrgans (1853): only girls with IQ > 115 should be able to study
wang_wei: my brain hurts
DoctorOrgans (1853): abortions in france is 200.000 year
Helicity (1377): DoctorOrgans (1853) I disagree, because IQ test is as unreliable as 0AD ratings
wang_wei: every time JC talks about women
Timmy_Death_Lord (1306): whos in paris?
DoctorOrgans (1853): @#$%s
DoctorOrgans (1853): and jews
Timmy_Death_Lord (1306): fr
DoctorOrgans (1853): and lot of sand @#$%s too
Harald_from_LOR (931): is phoenix going to reconnect?
Helicity (1377): seriously wtf
DoctorOrgans (1853): lol
wang_wei: Jc dont use that word
wang_wei: @#$%ing piece of crap
wang_wei: you re from belgium?
Timmy_Death_Lord (1306): @#$% the arabs
wang_wei: one of the worst colonizers
wang_wei: you @#$%ing crap
Helicity (1377): Please stop this
wang_wei: dont ever use that word again in my games
DoctorOrgans (1853): yeah, i love to triggered anti-racists
DoctorOrgans (1853): which word ?
GUID E4E25B1B022557AC: Timmy_Death_Lord (1306)???????
Timmy_Death_Lord (1306): they are all terrorist
Helicity (1377): ENOUGH!
DoctorOrgans (1853): Helicity (1377) are you sand ?
GUID E4E25B1B022557AC: lol gg i leave with this behaviours idiots
DoctorOrgans (1853): :D


One user, referenced by GUID instead of user name, disconnected before the CPlayerAssignmentMessage, so we couldn't determine with certainty the player's name. However, based on context, Helicity said that the player was probably wang_wei or Marre-Vrickad.

Attached is the mainlog.html excerpt as it was sent to me by @Helicity. He copy/pasted the text into a forum PM instead of attaching it. Note that the forum software automatically replaces some Terms of Use infringing words with strings of characters like "@#$%". In the future, please attach the file so that the forum software doesn't auto-censor infringing words.

Multiple people had some language in the conversation like profanity and pejoratives. I encourage everyone to simply collect evidence and report misconduct instead of engaging in "retaliation". I see that DoctorOrgans had the majority of problematic language.

As lobby moderators, we don't moderate in-game conduct. Except, sometimes we do if it's bad enough. Please report future events.


Edited by Norse_Harold
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Also, there's this, maybe for the humor value. I joined a team game hosted by juarca as spectator on March 6, 2023 at about 17:00 UTC. This is observer chat.

DoctorOrgans (1853): its wrong to say that for that idiot that just came in the specs
DaddyCooL (1648): who?
DoctorOrgans (1853): Norse_Harold
DaddyCooL (1648): why is he idiot
DaddyCooL (1648): over for Duck_
DoctorOrgans (1853): first, because he's low IQ , second because he mutes me for anything
DaddyCooL (1648): what is your iq
leopard (1242): 0
leopard (1242): 0.1
DoctorOrgans (1853): 3 because he bans me from his games even if i never did anything to him
kun0 (1560): 90
kun0 (1560): 900
kun0 (1560): 9000
leopard (1242): 99999
DaddyCooL (1648): over for Stockfish (1722)
DaddyCooL (1648): okay no
DoctorOrgans (1853): Norse_Harold, why are u such an idiot by muting me for no real reasons ?  It's because you are a mod, you think i respect you ?
DaddyCooL (1648): is Norse_Harold a moderator?
DaddyCooL (1648): Norse_Harold are you abusing Modartor force?
Norse_Harold: Modartor force, is that like Jedi force?
DoctorOrgans (1853): he's not even a real moderator .. 
Norse_Harold: midichlorians?
DoctorOrgans (1853): he can only mutes ..
DaddyCooL (1648): Norse_Harold what is your problem with DoctorOrgans (1853)
DaddyCooL (1648): why are you so jealous?
Norse_Harold: I enforce the rules. I have no personal beef with anyone
DaddyCooL (1648): Norse_Harold, DoctorOrgans (1853) claims you hate him because he is unstopable
Norse_Harold: he can claim whatever he wants, doesn't make it the truth
leopard (1242): DoctorOrgans (1853) is a good player bad human being
DaddyCooL (1648): your truth or absolute truth?
DoctorOrgans (1853): there's no "rules" just interpretations ..  i saw someone blatantly insulting someone else .. no mute
leopard (1242): he is not Valihrant DaddyCooL (1648)
Norse_Harold: I don't mute on every infraction
DaddyCooL (1648): who was insulted by him?
DoctorOrgans (1853): indeed !
Norse_Harold: I mute after a person builds up enough infractions for it to be significant
DoctorOrgans (1853): bla bla bla 
DaddyCooL (1648): he says bla bla bla
Norse_Harold: you must not be paying attention
DaddyCooL (1648): i think he disrespect you Norse_Harold
Norse_Harold: DrDisrespect
DaddyCooL (1648): maybe instead of a mute you should considering banning him
DoctorOrgans (1853): i said "over for vincel"  and he mutes me .. just lol .. enough evidence to remove you from any responsabilities
leopard (1242): stop DoctorOrgans (1853) if you don't want to be like shift sierra
DoctorOrgans (1853): shift sierra , whos that ?
Norse_Harold: shyft*
DoctorOrgans (1853): dont know who it is
leopard (1242): we respect you DoctorOrgans (1853)

Again, let's avoid "insulting him back", please. Just be assertive and crack constructive jokes or make observations about his behavior, without using language that is against the lobby Terms of Use, in response. Meanwhile, collect evidence and report it. Thanks.

Edited by Norse_Harold
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That guy is not only a racist, a misogynist, pro-Nazi and fascist. He also exerts constant bullying towards players and especially towards new players. It's the last thing the community needs to grow. I would delete his account and ban his IP. But sadly, he will eventually be able to connect. So the only thing that can truly isolate him is that influential and reputable players denies him to play on their hosts. Unfortunately, bc he is an "op player", most of these players look the other way and allow him to play.

Edited by guerringuerrin
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1 hour ago, BreakfastBurrito_007 said:

excuse my foul language here, but it is incessant from this guy.

every other word he writes has something to do with hate.


I was the host of the game and I regret not kicking him earlier. I also saw these messages but I was too focused on playing.

DoctorOrgans clearly isn't from the Third Reich. There is nothing wrong about being born in Germany in that era but there is everything wrong in writing "3th" instead of "3rd".

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7 hours ago, BreakfastBurrito_007 said:

well to take his point literally is to miss the point.

Very unlikely but not entirely impossible; if he was born in 1944, that makes him 79 years old now. Now I know the commands to kick and ban



I will use it on him if he misbehaves again. Half of the time, he is acceptable.

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5 hours ago, Stan` said:

Regarding the GUID maybe @user1 or @Dunedan can match it from the DB?

I think that in-game GUIDs are randomly generated for each connection. It would only be linked to a username in the mainlog.html files of each user that was connected to the game before the user with GUID E4E25B1B022557AC disconnected from the game. 0 A.D. deletes mainlog.html each time it's started up, so unless the users backed up the file then it was likely deleted long ago. Even Helicity lost his copy of the file. Anyway, there's at least enough information to know that the unrecognized GUID wasn't wang_wei. In the attached mainlog_excerpt.html, wang_wei's GUID was F59C7E5A8195BC9B, not E4E25B1B022557AC.

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On 06/03/2023 at 8:53 PM, BreakfastBurrito_007 said:

I wonder if Nazism is something we can moderate within hosted games? I am quite tired of seeing it as it brings down the fun of a game. I wish more hosts would ban adequately when it is in chat but it seems not to happen except for 1 or two hosts I know.

I agree. I just stumbled upon a player called "hitler_appreciator". I asked them and they confirmed that they were serious about it. Something needs to be done.

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