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  1. Had to share this photo of my assistant gardener inspecting his cat grass <3
  2. What a lovely garden @guerringuerrin! I sadly only have a small balcony space, but I'm currently growing some cat grass and catnip plants for my cat. I also hope to grow some wildflowers in the spring, but it's getting to autumn where I live at the moment. I do dabble in house plants though and have quite an extensive collection of 40+ different varieties that I grow, propagate and gift to friends. Maybe I'll take some pics and share
  3. thanks @Dunedan thought it was a me problem!
  4. also unable to connect to the lobby right now, anything you did to fix it or it just fixed on its own?
  5. I have been berated by this player once and it kept me from playing the game for months afterwards. His remarks were extremely sexist in nature and just generally appalling. I wish there were a way to keep people like this from playing the game because I genuinely don't like being in the same space as him.
  6. some ptol specific feedback: similar time to reach p3 and will to fight as a25 like the heroes from fort very much pikes still a little OP but nice change on the pierce armor rate 10/10 love my ptols some gauls specific feedback: able to reach will to fight and p3 in record time food gathering lightening fast sword champs slice through cav and eles like warm butter 11/10 potential new fav civ
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