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  1. Can be changes list bind to very first page too, please? Or even better pop-up box in-game when new version appears? Should not be big deal...
  2. There are indeed a few such players. Unfortunately there is no way how to ask lobby moderator to punish such player. Either they will ask you for thousands of evidence, and even if you provided it (but who makes screenshots in game right?) they tell you hosted game is in full control of person who host. Also there is no send flowers to such person in-game so in fact no single way of defense. The worst part is other players won't care much, they simply want play fast, not their problem or just ignore him. With the time tere will be no enough players so you either doomed to not play or accept such toxic players. Once I made a mod for host of the game, to be able to ban permanently such person, but reaction here was even worse. They blamed me I'm bad person. There is no solution to stupidity other then just leave this game. Nobody will listen us. See result 1 month later or 1 year later.. so we write such text here just at least feel some stress reliev.
  3. Today i had very unplesant experience in a game. A player named DoctorOrgans insulted me for the whole game just because I'm simply better player. He sees only 1 viable strategy and it is "follow me", "do what i say".. If you simply ignoring this toxic player he starts calling you "idiot" and other bad words. This is not first time but many many times. How this can be resolved? Am I the only player person who experienced such low IQ behaviour?
  4. and TOP 11 of best active 1v1 players if it was main intention to compile 2347 valihrant 2198 feldfeld 1988 vinme 1908 doctororgans 1817 ndnafub 1806 stockfish 1778 dakara 1769 dakeyras 1766 cl2488 1755 boredrusher 1731 havran Enjoy , no need to thank .-)
  5. Such list is ok? 188 jackus 125 b0kluk3000 122 bloodydox312 108 cl2488 100 buckethead 74 gernot_hagen 73 vinme 72 pline_l_ancien 72 gonzalo1995 71 vidarr 70 nobueno 69 diogene__ 68 yari444 68 dhergham 66 carta_0159 60 marwelous 58 slamazelo 58 petiprg 57 umbritu 54 reinstalled 53 istjohn 52 stockfish 52 adosiksvk 49 dakeyras 48 mxnyy 46 feldfeld 45 zielinski 45 alexpl 43 pierosaaa 43 chutas01 43 bete 43 agoragang 41 happy_xoxo 40 wendy 40 jre 40 h.y.p.e.r.i.o.n 39 tirili 39 ja1a 39 firstlovelife 38 bigr16 38 asusgott 37 tonyshark 37 slav-ukraine 37 premiumyogurt 37 dirty@#$% 36 vimzim 36 valihrant 36 siromesalot 36 moohawk 36 5xt 35 z_sk 35 wolfred 35 philiptheswaggerless 35 danilo315 35 chesnutter 34 harry_india 32 vrayer 32 tetrazid 32 melon 32 friza 32 fremenwarrior 32 eladan 31 victore 30 xarli_meik 30 manowar 30 leandertal 30 henk7 30 catenaccio 30 alienpet 29 trini_evo 28 iroc501 28 epimanes 28 eneko_aritza 28 bakixeddu 27 lagertha_hollanda 27 havran 27 egbert 26 miketyson1312 25 valentini111 25 tedour 25 solsyah 25 paramood 25 fastus 25 eusmoliy 23 vabenil 23 marcarthur 23 kalpeamies 23 deanhernandezii 22 user71 22 nwtour_ 22 huichiloposcli 22 e.v 22 aslan. 21 spazmotik 21 noobnoob123 21 fernand69 21 carlito9790 20 reiden4ever 20 jangut 20 captainbuttbuddy 20 barabba88 19 spartacus753 19 queenlib 19 peebees 19 kevin2000 19 jehu 19 hoii 19 ensatoume 19 boel 18 3bs2 17 stormwalk 17 plic 17 manuservus 17 jagamatrix 17 fx64b 17 eerikoo 16 maroyjohn 16 lubacca98 16 julesrojas 16 hyberborean 16 daemont 16 benkwas 15 mwz86 15 kadungonpandian 15 i_am_groot 15 hefesto 15 bloodandwine 15 beaugoux 14 tom_0ad 14 tartalo123 14 sanuja 14 leopard__ 14 damindu 14 cronelius. 14 casi-perono 14 boredrusher 14 benkoss 13 steflol18 13 pepeelmoko 13 mohitatray 13 marinewarefareduck 13 --labyrinthe-- 13 filipos 13 crybaby 13 awks 12 warmaster 12 ukulelebazooka 12 tetchybisonak 12 sugusopulus 12 pluc 12 pita 12 ndnafub 12 mihongo 12 hepno 12 chevorek 12 aquilesvestia 12 021_theuz 11 titandeataque 11 terjetobias 11 stommy 11 snsaeed 11 nikitonipongo 11 mavashi 11 laionidaslll_2 11 juliensees 11 jl91gj 11 ihop 11 gatekeeperofbabel 11 forza 11 ettur 11 dakara 11 bob123488iron 11 benjaminhassel 11 azm749 11 alex_alex 11 alekinoa 11 adrianide 11 0admpacnt 10 zaquriah 10 yari1908 10 westcoasthammers 10 wassim6 10 soyisabelruiz 10 rubi76 10 raik 10 ponchitwo 10 noob_to_game 10 moot007 10 molonlave 10 luisa666666666 10 larglarg 10 kdm8 10 ecgtheow 10 crimsontide 10 black_phoenix 10 alkalin0 10 again 9 skyempire 9 plz_no_rush 9 patatesciler 9 maverickmongol 9 kukaas 9 krateros 9 kpitenbobzy 9 kikiriki 9 haronelamo 9 fervar 9 fdsfhsfdiufh666shest 9 daniperrit 9 cube9 8 wolf_gladiator 8 wald1234 8 villano33 8 todolomeo 8 tatman 8 murtranker 8 lenin1917 8 krakkenreturns 8 ahmetagsah 8 adar 7 xelbair 7 wilsonwilson 7 totaloser 7 telashar 7 ryndill_blackfyre 7 potpie212 7 nikolecool 7 molineichon 7 molinasergio 7 mkgandhi 7 longsentenceasname 7 legioner 7 lachima_ok 7 jeff32 7 jaxso2012 7 inzerman 7 hokaido 7 gmoraes_92 7 dragon_fly2021 7 drachenprinz 7 dexyoland 7 dcm 7 agua 6 walagra 6 trottomantr 6 thomasgt19 6 tevoran 6 sauprediger 6 riddler66 6 patorelosco 6 natanas412 6 -luka- 6 lord_matthias 6 king_herberto 6 jintaek 6 jeffhen 6 igot18before18 6 grosquick 6 fe1ipe 6 fastwt 6 doctororgans 6 deepdarkfantasy 6 chup222 6 castroww 6 bigbossy 6 bhumibol_adulyadej 6 angieee180 6 44kombine34 5 zeldaa 5 yasa.baris 5 williambonaparte 5 thebirdman 5 subeking 5 snopi123sa 5 rigimaru 5 resix237 5 pulka 5 proklink 5 pemulis 5 panfistaszek 5 nekanefdz 5 marine.hy 5 hh100 5 _.-..-ha_z_em-..-._ 5 gomtan 5 fim 5 felps123 5 byjyley 5 bottlenose 5 blighterghast 5 binobo 5 beskar 5 barbablanca_10 5 apuh 5 alonzobistro
  6. No need separate just 4-5 herous available but maximum to be used per game 3.. so we can keep these 2 totaly useless herous and maybe get some finally adequate. So naval will get untouched. Also other civs can get some "naval or similar useless bonuses for theri 4th heroes"...
  7. Why not make 4 heros but only 3 will be available in current game - player can select them (no need any specific configuration simply make all of them available but max used can be just 3) where naval one will be most likely used in naval maps (barely played) and other one will finaly get some sense. There is huge diff between heros per civ. This should be addressed...
  8. if Athen hero nerferd givechange existing useless ones too.. This is blind action, other civs having all 3 herous very OP.... Athens does need also boosting these heroes.. the only problem players is having is "bad strategy" if they would target this hero Athens are already loser for rest of the game I simply dont agree with such change. or maybe make healers cheaper only for Athens like 150 food :---) to try protect hero I already noticed few players having mods to target hero .... maybe you should put this as feature too.. and maybe make hero never stay in building to get eco/war bonuses... so if hero in building he would lose this abilities (expect giving capture protection)...
  9. Will this be addressed by moderators too? Hosted by Aslan. I understand he dont like community-mod it is ok, but they way he present it...
  10. @Stan`@wraitii Current problem with community-mod is that is not "default" setup for all players. So if anyone host without it (and it will because majority players ignores it) there will no be much will do follow it. Community-mod should be automatically forced since new release is pushed. It was crafted to avoid "releasing new alphas" while just minor fixes required. In this part 0ad team has failed. How to resolve it probably needs time, I hope this feedback will let them to "try address it" if not we have to support it from players base at least. PS: Announcement box is not enough, many players not on forum Also maybe you need 2 mods, one for minor fixes auto-pushed (static) - reviewed and stable changes before new alphas will be announced, and one for just "testing" balancing scenarios (might be more variable and buggy) possibly not forced at all. My Hosted Games will be only with community-mod enabled . And I call others to follow!
  11. I cant provide it to you, don't have old version already. And if i would donwload it again, noyt sure how i can replay same game in 0.25 and 0.26. And still if i do that how to jump directly to 30m of gameplay?
  12. I noticed it quite clerly, intel integrated graphic, all gfx effects to none or low still ui responses and units reaction time is like slide-show movie.. with seconds steps.. 0.25 behaved really bad in term of "huge fight" but responses of ui returned back when units died... but this one after full pop take constant slowness in responses all that time. i also remember 0.23 and it was much much faster. Am I really just me who noticed it?
  13. This release is getting sluggish if compare with previous 0.25. Units respons a bit later, fight get even more computation lags. Would be cool if you focus for 0.27 only on performance tunning and nothing else..
  14. yes, LocalRatings will not use it correctly to analyze players skills
  15. It works, thanks. Now I would love to understand how it really works
  16. Does not ring the bell, it seems to me it tries to use some "uses" outside of my github. my product tags does not matter I guess otherwise this automation would not make sense. name: Release PyroMod uses: ncipollo/release-action@v1.1 <--- HERE IS PROBLEM with: allowUpdates: True prerelease: False artifacts: "output/${{ env.MOD_NAME }}*.*" token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} omitNameDuringUpdate: True omitBodyDuringUpdate: True
  17. ok i made it but now in action is this failure
  18. I think i got lost in so m any link and not sure what to do, (sorry im new to github and never used this things so maybe "more newbie text would be great" My understanding is this should create pyromod from provided source somehow automatically. I created mentioned yml file https://github.com/Kampot-0ad/customrating/blob/main/.github/workflows/create_pyromod.yml Now I can see in "action" menu new workflow "Build Pyromod" but no idea how to execute it. Questions: - Do I need to edit anything in "Releases" or "Packages"? There is Publish your first package
  19. # Custom Rating This mod allows you to modify default rating number with any text of your choice. Simply go to Options -> customrating menu. # How it looks Kampot #select in presets !No rating Kampot (sexy) #in options put text 'sexy' Kampot (>1600) #in options put text '>1600' Kampot (5555) #in option put text '5555' Kampot (∞) #special characters needs ^1 for ∞, ^2 ♡, ^3 ™, ^4 ★, ^5 ↑ ## Mod compatibility(s) The mod should be compatible with: - Autociv - boonGUI - feldmap - Should work with all mods that don't have heavy code changes. time flies | le temps passe | čas letí | el tiempo vuela | o tempo voa | час летить | Zeit vergeht customrating mod is now available for 0ad 0.26 - and removes all restrictions from the past. current version is available on https://github.com/Kampot-0ad/customrating (I still need to figure out how to use releases so patience with me) There were requests to put it on github, and it took me significant amount of time to understant how it works. Anyone willing to provide fixes/updates and patches has now source code available on this platform. customrating uses some part of code from autociv mod, which contributed to existence of this mod in current form.
  20. bug 1 - Han is not working as keyword for civ autoselection bug 2 - in options selecting menu graphics(advanced) will trigger some erros with options-autociv.js line 207 @nani
  21. @smileywould you help us to prepare that engine part? I could test it and enhance js part. I guess it would be beneficall for future 0ad versions as there is some demand for host to have some tools to control the game. I agree kick/ban are good ones, but also "too hard" and sometimes just mute a person does the job.
  22. Hello I'm investigating how to mute in session a player as host of the game. This would be general mute - it means all other players would not recieve from that person any message. (not autociv implementation where muting is only for local client) My investigation leads to Engine.SendNetworkChat() but there is not any option to exclude specific player. Which leads me to conclusion such feature does not exist. It p points to Engine so most likely not "moddable inside javascript". Can you confirm my research? If such feature would be "wanted" what steps I need to do to bring it into reality? @Stan` @Emperior
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