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===[COMMITTED]=== Roman Infantry (New texture)


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On 7/21/2019 at 11:41 PM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Right, but the armor textures should use the armor mesh, hence the textures made to fit the armor mesh uv. :)

Yeah, this had me thinking, that I should create a new cuirass variant with narrower gap.




Iron cuirass of Prodromi Hellenistic.jpg


The problem is that the armor mesh is too wide, so I had difficulties with putting the neck gap at the right position and circumference. Also, there are a lot of variety from artifacts.

The old texture had the perfect fit, but when used with the new armor mesh, the shoulder area is too broad.

So the newer one with less gap between the neckline will use the normal mesh and not the armor variant.


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8 minutes ago, Angen said:

Please be aware of that horizontal crest have been used by centurions, so common infantry should not use it

Wouldn't it be sufficient to reduce how often it's used, like 1/10 of the elite ranks only, could have such a helmet. Then it would look like there are only a handful of centurions for each army of spearmen, especially when they're of mixed ranks, which is usually the case. It would end up looking more realistic. 

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I think that it would be fair to point out that the armour that the Metatron is referring to is post-Marian reform.  The point being that soldiers at that time were provided with their own arms due to their being professionals.  Pre-Marian legionnaires would have supplied themselves with helmets and the like, meaning that it would be unlikely that there was one single kind of way to identify a centurion.  

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According to Polybius, the hastati, principes, and triarii were all similarily equipped, and wore three c. 0.5 m long, upright, dark feathers on their helmets:



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