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I'm sorry Labrynna is taking a long time to finish:


Queen Ambi
The latest member of the long lasting Ambi dynasty, Queen Solado Ambi was placed on the throne shortly after her father’s death. Later in her reign she encountered Veran, whom she quickly instated as her personal advisor. Soon after Ambi ushered in a new age of expansion and formerly established the new Empire. Queen Ambi was known as a kind and gentle person during the first part of her reign over Labrynna. Shortly after Veran’s insertion into her court however, Ambi’s attitude began to degenerate. Bouts of depression seemed to overcome her, as well as a great sense of impatience for everything.

A mystery to all in Labrynna, even those most close to her, Veran’s past is a terrible saga of personal loss and trauma. Once a Great Fairy, circumstances in the past lead to her banishment to the Realm of Twilight with other criminal elements of her people. Sometime during the Gerudo Wars she managed to return into Hyrule, fleeing far to the east into Labrynna where she observed and became friends with Queen Ambi. Currently Veran’s plan is unknown. She is however quite clearly connected to Labrynna’s rapid and extreme military growth. She is the architect of the Black Tower, a massive monolithic structure designed to serve as the new throne of Queen Ambi. Some suspect there’s more to the tower’s purpose than just an ego trip for Veran’s royal friend, however.

Ralph Ambi
The grandson of Queen Ambi, Ralphonso was born of the first generation to live during Labrynna’s new Empire. Machinery is second nature to him, and years of education had landed him an internship commanding batteries of cannons. Despite Ralph’s clear admiration for Labrynna’s technological prowess, he feels Labrynna has gone into a stage of decline as if something is missing. He has since turned to seeking out the supernatural, in particular he hopes to uncover the mythical Fairies and ancient creatures that once coexisted in his homeland.

Edgar the Giant
A man of towering stature, Edgar earned his nickname for both his height and incredible strength. He earned his place as a General not for his physical prowess however, but for his battlefield strategy. Initially Homeguard to Labrynna, the Empire's expansion has seen him leading troops on frontlines, and instead of fighting off Lynels he has found himself conquering them. In recent times he has found himself supervising the young and arrogant Ralph on behalf of the Queen just as much as he has been ordered to march out further north.


Tokay Slave
The gullible Tokay of Crescent Island were easily enslaved by Labrynna at the dawn of their expansionist campaign. With a bit of nice clothing, the reptile primitives could be bossed around to perform labor. This large workforce gathers the extensive resources needed to fuel Labrynna and construct their growing empire.
- Sub par worker unit
- Cheaper to produce than the average worker unit

Tokay Fodder
Tokay Slaves were given simple spears and often assigned to watch over other Tokay workers. In combat Labrynna commanders would often send these particular Tokay into a fight first to assess the strengths of their enemies, earning them the Fodder nickname.
- Must be upgraded from Tokay Slaves
- Extremely cheap to produce
- Anti Cavalry

The eyes and ears of Labrynna’s frontiers, Pathfinders relentlessly search for new lands and resources to conquer. They are quite familiar with the lands of Labrynna and are more than prepared to face the challenges of Hyrule’s varied terrain.
- Detects Stealthed and Camouflaged units
- Fast movement speed for a dismounted unit
- Strong attack for a Scout unit

Homeguards served as police officers and law enforcers in Labrynna’s settlements. Although traditionally a non-lethal force, they were often the first line of defense when a city came under siege. Armed with a mace and shield, they could pound a hostile into submission, especially when in squads.
- Resistant to physical missile attacks
- Boosts the capture regen rate of garrisoned buildings

On the edge of the Empire’s territory, numerous watch towers and outposts dotted the landscape. Borderguards were deployed to such locations to defend against incursions. Armed with a Crossbow these sentinels could ambush and delay invaders long enough to warn the Empire of their intrusion.
- Deals Truedamage
- Has Camouflage

The backbone and workforce of Labrynna’s army, Pioneers operated much of the Empire’s machinery and maintained supply lines and camps. While not tasked with engaging in combat, Pioneers could construct all manner of defenses and barriers in enemy lands, as well as sapper and undermine enemy structures.
- Non-combat unit that can deal progressive damage to structures
- Can build defenses and towers in enemy territory

Talus Knight
Wealthy soldiers of the upper class, many Knights in Labrynna began to fade away as the Empire rose in power. An order of Knights banded together in Talus and were eventually absorbed into royal fealty by the Ambi family. Donning ornate but heavy armor, as well as a durable shield, the Knights were a powerful melee force and one of the last icons of Labrynna’s pre-empire era.
- Heavily armored melee unit
- Resistant to all but magic damage
- Minor Resistance to Knockback

Lynna Pike
Wearing a mask of the Iron Helm Beetle of Rolling Ridge, these men and woman have dedicated their lives to assuring no ground is lost to enemies of the state. Now operating out of Lynna city, the Pikeman bring their pole arms to the fight to hold enemy cavalry at bay.
- Long attack range for a melee unit
- Anti Cavalry

Blue Caballero
Mounted on the Blue Bears of the northern highlands between Labrynna and Holodrum, Blue Caballeros fill the cavalry gap that Labrynna lacked for centuries due the absence of horses in their homelands. While the rider poses little threat, enemy soldiers were rightfully more worried about being mauled by the bear itself.
- Very strong melee Cavalry
- Immune to Knockback
- Slow movement speed for a Cavalry unit

An aquatic reptile native to the Crescent Islands, Labrynna initially brought these creatures back to the mainland as exotic zoo attractions. With enough domestication, these beasts could be given orders and serve a place as beasts of burden. The Empire occasionally used Aquadongos to traverse dangerous oceans and attack enemies near bodies of water.
- Creature unit with decent armor
- Aquatic, can traverse any body of water

Blaino Boxer
An exotic creature imported from far east of Mount Dunsel, Blainos were a nickname for these hostile creatures that would pick fights with just about anyone. Labrynna would at times use these strange beasts to beat up enemy forces with their vicious punches and kicks.
- Creature unit with fast attack rate
- Deals Knockback
- Has a small chance to stun enemy unit

Ursa Wagon 
A simple wagon pulled by a Labrynnian Blue Bear, these platforms could be garrisoned by ranged units and used as mobile turrets. They were perhaps most effective being used by gunpowder units, allowing them to reload and fire while on the move.
- Mechanical unit that can garrison up to 5 ranged units
- Can attack while moving

Masked with the face of a Golden Lynel, Brigadas were the supreme commanders of Labrynna’s multiple fronts, answering only to the Queen herself. Brigadas had years of academic training, as well as personal experience in multiple skirmishes and campaigns.
- Commander unit
- Improves the performance of units within its aura
- Can switch between melee and gunpowder

Hand Cannoneer
Carrying a large and powerful handheld cannon, these heavy gunners could shell approaching armies with their explosive payloads. Although rather inaccurate, a large barrage of volley fire often did enough damage to enemy morale to send half their army into retreat.
- Long range gunpowder siege unit
- Deals Fiery splash damage
- Slow fire rate

Donning the mask of the ferocious Lynel, Conquerors were the Empire’s primary foot soldiers and instrumental to their rapid expansion. Armed with both a rifle and rapier, Conquerors could devastate enemies with volleys of gunfire and then engage in a melee when things became hectic. 
- Long ranged gunpowder unit
- Extremely high Pierce damage
- Very slow fire rate

The powerful cannons of Labrynna were some of the deadliest siege weapons of their time. They easily outmatched many other conventional siege engines found in Hyrule, and could tear apart walls and buildings with ease.
- Long range gunpowder siege unit
- Less accurate against units

Steam Tank
The peak of Labrynna engineering and military might, the Steam Tank was a mobile cannon covered by thick plating of armor. To help the crew move such a heavy load, a primitive but functional steam engine pushed the Cannon and armor along at a slow but steady pace. These slow and lumbering machines could usually terrify an enemy into submission without having to fire a single shot, but their slow speed and significant blind spots could be exploited by those who knew better.
- Mechanical siege unit with extremely high armor values
- Splash and Knockback damage
- Very slow movement and turn rate

A Unique Unit that can only be trained by Queen Ambi. Nicknamed the Organ Gun by their enemies, the Ribauldequin was a battery of lighter cannons linked together. The weapon functioned much differently than its single barreled counterpart however; the Organ Gun would unleash a rapid fire shotgun spray over a large area rather than picking out a target. The resulting volley could indiscriminately shred apart large swaths of enemy soldiers.
- Mechanical gunpowder unit with very wide splash damage
- Highly inaccurate
- Long reload time

A Unique unit only available to Veran, functions as a single extra Hero. Vire is a mysterious, imp like monster that does the bidding of Veran. Few know what his missions actually detail, as the beast carries out his orders in shadow and darkness. Although Vire is somewhat clownish in attitude and more likely to pull a prank than actually hurt someone, when threatened or ordered to kill he is more than capable of incinerating a victim with fireballs from his throat.
- Mage Hero unit
- Can fly
- Ranged fireball attack

Tokay Guerrilla
A Unique unit only available to Ralph. These sneaky bands of Tokay have mastered the art of not drawing attention to themselves, something not hard to pull off since most dismiss the Tokay in general. The Guerilla can hide in open view and sneak explosives into an enemy base, sabotaging their buildings and bringing them down to rubble.
- Non-combat unit that can plant explosive bombs at target locations
- Bombs deal fiery splash damage
- Is stealthed

A Unique unit only available to Edgar. A collection of Knights that gathered into a collective order near the rise of Labrynna's Empire, they are one of the few groups that remain somewhat separate of the empire. They are not above pay however, and the crown is more than willing to fill out their ranks with these knights at the expense of food and rupees. The Campeador are noted for their Halberds and displays a golden bear mask and a fur coat skinned from a Blue Bear; personally killing one of these beasts is a requirement to enter into their Order.
- Anti Creature unit
- Durable armor
- High resistance to Knockback

Maku Tree of Labrynna
Once a powerful force of nature that watched over the land of Labrynna, upon Veran’s arrival the personality of the Maku Tree seemed to have dramatically changed. The being’s visual appearance has changed to reflect the shift as well. Now fueled with power from Labrynna’s might, the Maku Tree’s once kind and gentle demeanor has warped into that of a bloodthirsty and battle ready beast. Whatever the truth behind her transformation, it’s clear that the Maku Tree is now out to conquer the land rather than guard it from invaders.
- Powerful melee Titan unit
- Slowly poisons adjacent enemies that attempt to engage it in melee


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Fairies of Tarm incoming, probably the most non-standard faction in the game to date, with everything from player shifting Seasons to self-building-buildings and no workers. Check out the details below:



Unlike most other Factions, the Fairies initially seem to have a significantly smaller roster of units. Their units all change into four different forms based on the current season that a Fairy player has set into motion, giving them a nearly 25% larger roster than those of other factions. This change is global and can be determined by the colors of Fairies, the type of wings that they display, and one of the four Season symbols on their icons. The player will be able to change the current season at will, however the process is not instantaneous and it is not free.


Springtime Fairies

Green Fairy - Spriggan
Green Fairies, otherwise known as Spriggans across Hyrule, were said to be the first of the Fairies to arise in Spring with the return of warmth. They were said to have a very playful attitude, sometimes to the point of mischief and havoc. Their wings tended to resemble those of Grasshoppers and Locusts.

White Fairy - Nix
Nix were Fairies that were attributed to the late Spring, chasing away other insects to make way for the flora of summer. A Nix was often calm and patient, stalking and learning of their prey long before striking. Their wings often looked like those found on a Mantis.

Summertime Fairies

Red Fairy - Pixie
Pixies were fiery red Fairies associated with the arrival of Summer heat. They were very hostile and incredibly aggressive, often chasing away anything that encroached on their turf. Pixie wings frequently resembled Dragonflies.

Pink Fairy - Spryte
Sprytes were bright pink Fairies that would flutter from the trees in late summer. They were linked to joy, happiness, fun, and particularly dancing. It was said they cheered on others to enjoy their time before the labor of Autumn began. The Pink wings of a Spryte often looked like that of a Butterfly.

Autumntime Fairies

Yellow Fairy - Nymph
Nymphs were small but extremely fast Fairies that swarmed the fields upon the arrival of Autumn, where they would seek out food, materials, and all manner of doodads across the land. They were associated with excitedness, decision making, and exploration. The wings of a Nymph usually looked like a Wasp’s wings.

Orange Fairy - Korrigan
The Orange Fairies would flutter in organized trails across the land, bringing forth food for a grand feast at the end of Fall. Also known as Korrigans, an Orange Fairy often represented work, labor, and industriousness. Korrigans seemed to have wings resembling those of Bees.

Wintertime Fairies

Blue Fairy - Sylph
Blue Fairies, or Sylphs, would drift slowly and alone upon the fall of snow in Winter. Sylphs were said to be introverted and lonely, but possessed a curiosity and intellect far greater than others of their kin. They were associated with wisdom, knowledge, and study. A Sylph’s wings almost always looked like a Moth’s.

Violet Fairy - Huldra
Violet Fairies would creep out in the cold dead of winter nights. Also called Huldra by many folk, these dark Fairies were known for their deception and desire to torment and tease any other creature they could find. Though not exactly malevolent, Huldra had twisted senses of humor and were generally regarded as mean spirited. Huldra wings were said to glisten like those of a beetle.

Sekaia, Fairy of Winds

Known to many as the Fairy of Winds, Sekaia appears in many cultures as the spirit that brings forth Spring and chases away the Winter. She is connected to seeds and protects the young of both plants and animals, some legends even say she gives Hylian children Boomerangs to protect themselves with until they can wield bows and arrows. She is described as a very peaceful and friendly Fairy, to children anyway. Legends say she will never appear to adults, and if one happens to catch her off guard they will find themselves in serious peril.

Venus, Queen of the Mad

A wild Fairy who rarely associates with other Fairies, Venus is the Queen of the Mad in many cultures and said to afflict those that seek her out with insanity. Long ago she and her fellow Mystics spread across the world and the myth goes that their isolation drove them mad with laughter and hysteria. She is described as vain and obsessed with beauty and legend says that one can summon her with ease by challenging her appearance. She is connected to the season of Summer and is said to cause the plants and animals to dance with fury under the heat of the sun.

Dezaia was once a powerful Great Fairy that rivaled almost all others. Her ambitions grew too high, and she believed she could conquer Tarm itself and command the forces of nature under her will. After instigating a civil war, she was eventually defeated. As punishment for nearly tearing apart their society, Dezaia was cut off from magic and bound forever into a spider-like suit of armor that served as a prison. Before her fall, Dezaia was associated with the season of Autumn. She was said to hush animals to sleep in preparation for the dark of winter.

Valanavi, Queen of All Fairies
Little myth remains of the Queen who ruled over the Fairies of Tarm, few even know her true name. It was said that she often assumed a very childlike appearance and mannerisms, both which betrayed her overwhelming intellect and clearly god like powers. To any hero who personally met the Queen of All Fairies, she was described as curious and easily amused, filled with child like glee and wonder at encountering friendly outsiders. One individual saw through her though, he saw countless generations of war, suffering, trauma, and loss that this somber and incredibly ancient being had been a witness to. The Queen of All Fairies is associated with the season of Winter. Her presence is said to freeze all who look on her, and the land itself shivers until she passes on.

Stray Fairy

A small and bumbling creature that seems to lack any will or direction, Stray Fairies were said to wander about forever until a Great Fairy gave them purpose. Some legends say they are the shattered remains of Great Fairies that were killed in battle.
- Small Scout unit that automatically wanders without order
- Can Detect Stealth
- In Spring they can Regenerate HP
- In Summer they gain Camouflage
- In Autumn they have larger Line of Sight
- In Winter they gain immunity to all but magical damage

Fairy Drove

Any who encroached on Fairy grounds without invitation would often be soon met with uncountable swarms of glittering Fairies. These massive droves could overwhelm just about any unprepared force through pure numbers.
- Large swarm of small Fairies with a high dodge rate
- In Spring they have a chance to revive themselves if slain
- In Summer they deal twice as much damage in combat
- In Autumn they move with more speed
- In Winter they are more durable and have more HP


To those that encountered these humanoid Fairies in the wild, many would find them to be comely women offering gifts, kisses, or playing mischievous tricks. When provoked, the nature of the Banshee would become clear as their pleasant Hylian features fell and those of a gnawing insect took over. Banshees would use their magic wands to attack their assailants, the method of attack would often change with the seasons.
- Hovering Melee unit that deals magical damage
- In Spring they deal Forest damage and gain Camouflage
- In Summer they deal Fire Damage and move 50% faster
- In Autumn they deal Spirit Damage and refund their cost if slain in battle
- In Winter they deal Shadow Damage and become immune to Knockback

Great Fairy

Great Fairies were amongst the most powerful Fairies of legend. Blessed with amazing intellect and an arsenal of tremendous magic, a lone Great Fairy could shape the world around it with nothing but their will power alone. Many stories claim that those who gained the favor of a Great Fairy were granted wishes. Such power tended to make Great Fairies rather egocentric, arrogant, and in worse cases; power hungry. The risk of tyrannical Great Fairies trying to take over their kind was not unheard of. 
- Slow moving but powerful ranged Mage unit
- In Spring they can Heal other units but lose the ability to attack
- In Summer they can deal Fire and splash damage 
- In Autumn they can deal Spirit Damage and Knockback
- In Winter they can deal Water Damage and Stun enemies in their tracks


Animated from the destroyed stonework of the Tarm Ruins and twisted into vaguely living shapes, the nature of these magical constructs remain a mystery. What was known is that fighting them head on was a terrible mistake. These powerful beings were resistant to most conventional weapons; it often took powerful magic in return to halt their relentless advance.
- Inorganic construct that radically changes shape and function with each season
- In Spring they transform into the Fey Golem, a slow moving Melee unit with high armor values and Knockback damage
- In Summer they transform into the Fey Strider, a spider like shape that serves as an excellent ranged Siege unit
- In Autumn they transform into the Fey Gate, a slow moving portal that can summon swarms of smaller Fairies
- In Winter they transform into the Fey Wisp, a non-combat unit that freezes and stuns enemies, as well as halt the production of buildings within its aura

Gale Boomerang

A Unique unit that can only be summoned by Sekaia. Appearing to be a simple Boomerang that has a life of its own, the Gale Boomerangs were said to be gifted from Sekaia to brave heroes that earned her favor or affection. When not in the hands of her chosen warriors, they would fly about and attack her enemies on their own.
- Inorganic flying unit that deals Melee Splash Damage
- In Spring they move twice as fast
- In Summer they summon a Fire Tornado
- In Autumn they have an extremely high Dodge rate
- In Winter they are Stealthed

Mad Mystics

A Unique unit that can only be summoned by Venus. The Mad Mystics were an order of Great Fairies that set out with Venus to the far corners of Hyrule. It was said that they had spent centuries alone and were driven mad by the secrets they uncovered and power they gained from their exodus. Now the Mad Mystics spend most of their time laughing madly without reason in the wild, and depending on their mood they may grant wanderers magical gifts or torch them into oblivion.
- Hovering Melee unit that spawns a group of Stray Fairies when slain in battle
- In Spring they spawn twice as many Stray Fairies when slain
- In Summer they deal Knockback damage
- In Autumn they they gain larger Line of Sight and can detect Stealthed units
- In Winter they gain a ranged attack


A Unique unit that can only be summoned by Dezaia. The Bounded were Fairies that had at some point in the past committed a crime against their own people. As punishment, they were trapped within a suit of living and thorny armor, cut off from the magic inherent to their race. Their only chance at freedom was to serve as warrior slaves to their Fairy masters, a task they gladly performed.
- Powerful sword wielding Melee unit who's thorny armor deals passive damage to enemies
- In Spring they explode and deal damage to enemies when slain
- In Summer they deal Truedamage 
- In Autumn they gain 50% more HP
- In Winter their thorn aura deals twice as much damage


A Unique unit that can only be trained by the Queen of All Fairies. Perhaps one of the most mysterious Fairies of legend, Mistwalkers were extremely reclusive even amongst their own kind. Some suspect they held knowledge and secrets so terrible that they could not afford to risk being captured by other powerful wizards and mages. Finding one of these Fairies was actually considered bad luck in the best of circumstances, and a fatal omen in the worst.
- Hovering Mage unit with a ranged attack
- In Spring they have a chance to revive themselves if slain
- In Summer their rate of attack dramatically increases
- In Autumn they slowly and passively generate all resources
- In Winter their aura slows down enemies and obscures their Line of Sight

Maku Tree of Horon

One of the legendary Maku Trees and perhaps one of the only left to still live, the guardian of Horon spent much of his time slumbering at the edge of the Tarm Woods being worshiped by the natives of the land. It is not known how long this tree has slumbered, and it is said that only the wish of a Fairy can awaken him. In the ancient myths of Horon it was said that this giant tree did battle alongside his sister Maku Tree and the Fairies of Tarm to defeat the dragons of the east and bring peace to the land.
- Slow moving Titan unit 
- Periodically summons Fairy Droves instead of attacking enemies
- Regenerates HP when not in combat




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2 hours ago, gameboy said:

@The Undying Nephalim You can provide the latest mod version. I can test it for you.

The latest version hasn't been released to the public yet, stay tune, the next HC update will include both of these factions, we should know the release date, when The Undying Nephalim releases a trailer for the next update.

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Kind of an emergency question, but does "modifications": [{"value": "Promotion/RequiredXp", "replace": 0}], only work with techs and not auras? My entire Season changing system for the next faction depends on this but it doesn't seem to set the required XP to zero as an aura like technologies do.

EDIT: It seems like it works with any value other than 0, for some reason Technologies seem to be able to replace the value with zero no problem but not Auras. Crap my Fairies are ruined at this rate :o

EDIT EDIT: A negative number seems to work though! Still, I recommend enabling setting the value to zero for auras just to keep things cleaner.  ;)

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I've got a quick question, is there any timeframe or idea when this feature might get included? https://code.wildfiregames.com/D270

It would be really handy since I have a metric ton of techs that are supposed to upgrade units into different types of units and being stuck using the promotion system is pretty limited. ;)

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16 minutes ago, The Undying Nephalim said:

I've got a quick question, is there any timeframe or idea when this feature might get included? https://code.wildfiregames.com/D270

It would be really handy since I have a metric ton of techs that are supposed to upgrade units into different types of units and being stuck using the promotion system is pretty limited. ;)

@wraitii is not actively working on it (I have no clue when or whether he'll work on it again in the future) You could try to use it as is and see if it works for you :)

If something doesn't work is broken let us know and I'll see what can be done.

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3 hours ago, Stan` said:

@wraitii is not actively working on it (I have no clue when or whether he'll work on it again in the future) You could try to use it as is and see if it works for you :)

If something doesn't work is broken let us know and I'll see what can be done.

I got it to work. As we talked about though, sadly it does not do what I thought it does.  I should probably point out that it does not cooperate with Auras and gives a large error message if a unit with an Aura promotes:


<p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnValueModification failed</p>
<p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnValueModification failed</p>
<p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnGlobalValueModification failed</p>
<p class="error">ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/ProductionQueue.js line 843
TypeError: cmpPlayer is null
<p class="error">ERROR: Script message handler OnGlobalOwnershipChanged failed</p>


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