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Hyrule Conquest

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And i have thought that actual development will go faster, now that cinematics are finished...

Anyways, how about mod info from you multiplayer fellas? Which faction is the strongest, which is the weakest, and why? Not like i'm going to join, i have never been into RTS's. :P

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Alrighty the entire city is done.






On 9/3/2019 at 7:52 AM, MCreeper said:

And i have thought that actual development will go faster, now that cinematics are finished...

Anyways, how about mod info from you multiplayer fellas? Which faction is the strongest, which is the weakest, and why? Not like i'm going to join, i have never been into RTS's. :P

Here's Iron Wolf's Tier list, although he's not been around much lately so it's probably outdated:

Tier S - Gorons, Gohma (Gohma can exploit population limit at the moment with eggs since buildings dont count towards the total)
Tier A - Zora
Tier B - Hylians, Gerudo, Kokiri, Ordona, Lanayru, Darknuts
Tier C - Moblins (A few broken features, missing Weapon Scavenging, Invincible bug for Bokoblins, lots of micro management with Mobile Bases makes them a bit hard to play)

Also keep in mind there's still a lot of gameplay elements not implemented yet like Stealth, which will be an important mechanic for the Kokiri.


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The Deku Scrub roster is done, here's all the unit details and whatnot


King Kud-Loh-Kan
Perhaps one of the most powerful rulers of the Deku Scrubs, King Kud-Loh-Kan was the first of his race to unite every single Scrub under one banner, albeit only temporarily. His success did not rise from the people’s favor however; King Kud-Loh-Kan ruled like a tyrant and constantly threatened his people with executions. Despite his angry demeanor, the King’s motivations seem to be rooted in his love for his daughter. Though kept secret, he had been struck with a case of Mad Scrub and wished for her to replace him on the throne after his passing.

Princess Kad-A-Kana

The only daughter of King Kud-Loh-Kan, Kad-A-Kana may not have been the one sitting on the throne but she was certainly the one calling the shots. Her father could not help but give in to her demands, and many of the Scrubs wondered just who exactly was in charge. Things would change once the King was diagnosed with Mad Scrub. Princess Kad-A-Kana was noted for her long bouts of sadness, punctuated by violent bursts of anger. When her father became a victim of the terminal Mad Scrub, her motivations and intentions turned to darker places elsewhere.


A brilliant engineer, the son of Butler Kuh-Do, and the only friend of Princess Kad-A-Kana, Kado was at the forefront of creating siege engines and other contraptions for Scrub kind. He had an endless fascination with watching things fall to the ground... usually as a result of one of his new catapult inventions. Kado was rather small, even for a Deku Scrub, and was often considered a joke most of his life. After compensating with his clearly more exercised brain and ending up in the King’s favor, his lot in life changed quite considerably. He currently serves as an adviser to the Princess, and has grown concerned with her interest in ancient Odolwan rituals.

Butler Kuh-Do

A personal servant of King Kuh-Loh-Kan and manager of all things money, Butler Kuh-Do was quiet and out of the spotlight but clearly had vast power over Scrub kind. His hands seemed to be tied to the Scrubs' every growing markets across Hyrule, and he maintained his own force of tax collectors and bullies to insure that the royal coffers... and his personal bank account... were flowing with Rupees.

At the bottom of the Scrub hierarchy were Underlings. Little more than a slave class, Underlings worked tirelessly to build and maintain the Scrub civilization and were bossed around by all other Scrubs without end. They did not seem to mind much though, in fact Underlings that had no work to accomplish tended to become depressed and found ways to start trouble.
- Deku Scrub Worker unit
- Has low carrying capacity compared to other worker units

Drifting Peahat

An uncharacteristically passive Peahat, this particular variety were bred by Deku Scrubs to serve as pets and wards. They would often use them to monitor the perimeter of their territory or explore dangerous areas. Drifting Peahats could not be given direct orders and would automatically move around with the wind, hence their name.
- Flying Creature Scout unit with large LoS
- Wanders around the map on its own, cannot be directly controlled
- Can detect Camouflaged and Stealthed units


One of the lowest classes of Scrubs, Scrublings were armless individuals used by their superiors as thugs and bullies. Scrublings often had no education and were rather dimwitted and ruled entirely by uncontrolled emotions. This made them easy victims for Mad Scrub blights, and often they were the first to succumb to outbreaks. During invasions the Deku Scrubs would often rile up the anger of huge swarms of Scrublings before sending them to their doom.
- Very cheap unit with a short ranged attack
- Very fast movement speed
- Very high chance of becoming a Mad Scrub on death


Sitting just above Scrublings on the social ladder, Guardlings were Scrubs with arms that served basic military roles for their various leaders. Often they were given simple patrol routes and told to not let anyone into the areas they guarded. During war the Scrubs would assemble them into columns on the front lines, hoping their pointy stick spears could halt the charge of their larger enemies.
- Very cheap unit
- Anti Cavalry


Some individual Deku Scrubs had the ability to create a soapy and durable bubble within their mouth. When popped, the bubble would unleash a powerful burst that knocked everything around the area right to the ground. Such Deku were valued for their ability to knock down groups of enemies, and the Scrubs were always quick to add their rare talent to their armies.
- Short Ranged AoE attack, has a slow fire rate
- Attack stuns multiple enemy units for short duration


This breed of Deku Scrub grew a protective nut shell on top of their heads rather than leaves or flowers. Such a covering made Nutlings very durable to conventional weapons, a trait the Deku Scrubs used to protect narrow passages and bottlenecks. Nutlings were also small enough to hide under their head growth, making them invisible to casual observers.
- Very high armor values for such a small unit
- Has Camouflage

The musical chirps and sounds of the Scrub’s language served them well on the battlefield. Hornlings brought a large Deku Horn with them to loudly and clearly give commands to the soldiers under their commands. Although the horns sounded confusing and obnoxious to outsiders, its bass utterance carried with it the unfolding plans of a Scrub army.
- Buffs the movement speed and attack rate of Deku units within its radius

Deku Baba
These wicked plants grew like ravenous weeds throughout Hyrule's various forests, but were quite friendly to Deku Scrubs. Many Scrubs took them in as pets, and still yet they were used by their armies for guard duty. Deku Babas were completely immobile and on their own could do little more than protect their immediate area. They could be mounted on the heads of many Deku Scrubs and the backs of their Orhat Beetles however,  giving whatever unit they were attached to a bonus melee attack.
- Stationary Defensive unit that cannot move
- Can be carried by numerous Deku Scrubs on their heads and other units, augmenting their attacks
- Has a large variety of upgrades to change abilities


Pikits were one of several creatures that the Deku Scrubs commonly captured and used in their armies. While not intelligent by any stretch of the imagination, Pikits seemed to be able to understand the musical Scrub language and take basic orders from them. The Pikit's main attack was a long and flexible vine-like tongue that was coated with small but extremely sharp tips that could cut through armor.
- Slow moving unit with very long reach despite having a melee attack
- Can burrow into the ground, gaining Camouflage and higher armor values but becoming immobile

Snap Dragon
A fast and insanely violent plant-like monster, Snap Dragons were extremely dangerous even to their own Scrub captors. These creatures hopped around with their viney appendages and rapidly gobbled up whatever they could get their two tentacled arms unto.
- Extremely fast moving creature unit with equally rapid melee attack
- Deals more damage as it takes damage from enemy units

Orhat Beetle 
The Beetle-like Orhats were one of the few creatures the Scrubs managed to domesticate, although even that is a bit of a stretch considering the hard time they had riding them. In battle the Orhats could skitter by enemies with frighting speed, and could be mounted a large variety of Deku Scrubs and Babas on their backs.
- Fast moving creature unit with a weak melee attack
- Can be mounted by many Deku Scrub units and Deku Babas, turning it into Cavalry


While its tiny size hardly made it an impressive siege weapon, a huge swarm of these rams could wear down gates and walls bit by bit until they finally broke down.
- Very small but very, very cheap battering ram
- Deals minimal damage for a siege unit but can be trained in large numbers

Baba Crawler 

The Baba Crawler was a slow moving monstrosity that dragged itself across the ground and entangled victims in its thorny arms. Attacking a Baba Crawler in a melee was difficult, and anything that attempted do was bound to take damage from its numerous thorns. Sometimes Baba Crawlers would mangle themselves with other Deku Babas and become a larger and more dangerous mass of thrashing vines and maws.
- Slow moving melee creature unit
- Passively deals damage to all enemies in its radius
- Can carry several Deku Babas

Mega Scrub

These large Deku Scrubs served little purpose in their culture other than bashing the heads in of their enemies. Although barely taller than the average Hylian, they were some of the largest Scrubs to live and were considered by their people to be the apex of their race. In a battle they would relentlessly maul victims with their two clawed arms.
- Large beefy melee unit
- Immune to knockback


While they are rather small like the Deku Scrubs themselves, these catapults were no less deadly than those used by the other races of Hyrule. Loaded with exceptionally large Deku Nuts, the ammo of these siege engines could explode in a giant flash of light. Such bursts could punch a hole into an enemy gate, or holes into multiple enemy soldiers in the area.
- Small and cheap siege unit
- Attack can stun numerous units at once

Giant Orhat

When allowed to grow well into adulthood, the Orhat beetles would reach a towering size and develop a thick and hardy exoskeleton. While such an adult was impossible to domesticate in the wild, Deku Scrubs who raised them since youth had no trouble riding and directing the giant insects in battle. Giant Orhats were used as living battering rams and they could be upgraded with a carrying platform on their backs to ferry Deku Scrubs around.
- Large creature unit that acts as a siege unit
- Can be upgraded with a carrying platform, allowing it to transport up to 10 Deku Scrub units

A frighting horror found in the darkest depths of the Kokiri Forest, the Manhandla is a giant whirling engine of destruction when let loose unto the battlefield. The Manhandla is actually a symbiotic collection of multiple plants; a large flower-like creature provides locomotion while up to four smaller Baba-like serpents tear apart victims to feed to themselves and their ride.
- Large, expensive, and fast moving Creature unit
- Deals tons of splash damage and knockback to all enemies around itself
- Loses arms and attack strength as it takes damage, but becomes much faster

Peahat Brood Mother

A Unique Unit that could only be trained by King Kud-Loh-Kan. A very common creature often found in Hyrule’s plains, Peahats are very protective monsters that will attack just about anything that comes into their territory. The beasts seem to be able to hover in the air by rapidly spinning in place, aided by numerous yellow bulbs filled with some kind of gas. Giant blades spin from just above the roots of their bodies, of which they use to decapitate and slice apart intruders. On rare occasions the Scrubs managed to domesticate a Brood Mother who would hover about and continually spawn Peahat Larva to follow her around. 
- Hovering creature unit
- Deals splash damage
- Spawns and regenerates up to four Peahat Larva for free

Flower Thopter
A Unique Unit that could only be trained by Princess Kad-A-Kana. A royal Scrub that flew around high above the ground with a pair of spinning flowers. What made these flowers work was a mystery even to the Deku Scrubs, and they seemed to only spin when in the hand of a Scrub. Flower Thopters were slow but could drop large Deku Nuts from above on to armies below, causes quite a flash and stunning everyone in the blast. 
- Flying ranged unit
- Drops explosive Deku Nuts from above
- Attack stuns multiple enemy units

A Unique Unit that could only be trained by Kado. The Baballista is a crazy contraption designed by Kado himself. Launching a giant bolt from its small engine, the attack could punch a hole in most targets with ease. Perhaps the nastiest trick of this weapon was the packs of Baba seeds attached to the bolts, which could then hatch and grow into Deku Babas shortly after landing on the mark.
- Cheap siege unit
- Deals decent damage to walls and towers
- Small chance that attack spawns between one to four Deku Babas at projectile's impact

A Unique Unit that could only be trained by Butler Kuh-Do. A fast hovering Deku Scrub that could burn down enemies with its candle. Tiffers seemed to be in the private service of Kuh-Do and were likely used by him as tax collectors and general bullies to maintain his profits.
- Hovering Deku unit
- Attack deals fire damage


This giant hulking Orhat Beetle has long lurked on the eastern forests of Hyrule. In some cases the Scrubs have been known to coerce this huge monster into fighting on their behalf. The Stagnox may be slow, but his armor is some of the most impressive and durable in Hyrule. While the Stagnox has wings, his huge size makes his ability to fly very limited.
- Deku Scrub Titan unit
- Slow moving unit with extremely high armor values
- Deals impressive damage to buildings



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On 9/21/2019 at 12:57 PM, Exodarion said:

Progress on the mission is going well, this is just a snippet of one of the new triggers in the upcoming mission.


Seems nice! Map shouldn't autoreveal in mission mode. Also, the UI doesnt match at all with the dialog boxes (the style of those are better IMHO)

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Lizalfos incoming:



Nardu the White
Hailing from the once minuscule and politically weak Clutch of pure White, Nardu’s mysterious rise to power and assumption of Matron made her family line the most recognized over night. There is much confusion around how Nardu amassed such power from nothing, but none dare confront her lest they encourage their own sacrifice at the altar. Though she can be incredibly violent, Nardu is a bit uncharacteristic for a Lizalfos. She believes all the Pantheon of gods unworthy of worship, and seeks to prove that only she herself is deserving of worship by her people.

Vakat the Winged
The last Aeralfos to have lived during the time of the old Death Mountain Empire, Vakat the Winged was once a respected leader of the Lizalfos people before the Gorons drove them into the south. Now many see him as an old fool, blaming him and the other Aeralfos for losing their homeland to the Gorons. Perhaps because of so many years of shame, Vakat is a pessimist and often spends his time in the wilderness alone. One day he wishes to find a way to restore his and his people’s status.

Talik the Red
The twisted offspring of a Dinalfos and Volvagian union, Talik the Red enjoys the cowering fear she brings forth from her people due to the blood in her veins. The right hand enforcer of Nardu the White, Talik is brought in when brute force is needed to accomplish the Queen’s ends. Talik believes herself superior to all other Lizalfos kind, a trait likely encouraged by her Volvagian parentage and towering size. She holds little respect for anyone, save the White Queen. It is unknown why Talik thinks so highly of Nardu or why she so loyally serves her, but many think the key the Queen’s power lies in their cooperation.

Okakusha the Green
A Chameleofos born long after the Lizalfos were driven from the north, Okakusha has defended the Faron borders most of her adult life and not thought much of the world beyond them. She follows the deity Faron rather wholeheartedly, believing her people are fortunate that he granted them a new empire in his forest. Lately Okakusha has become somewhat disturbed by the rise of Nardu the White and the increasing popularity of retaking Death Mountain. Why risk another collapse when the new Lizalfos empire is just beginning to thrive in the forest?

The backbone and workforce of the Lizalfos people, Peons endlessly toiled to build their altars and monuments and provide sacrifices to the gods.
- Lizalfos Worker unit
- Can pray at Altars to generate resources

Chameleofos Sneak
The Chameleofos of Faron Woods became invaluable members of their Lizalfos brethren due to their natural Camouflage. A Sneak could hide just feet away from a target and remain completely invisible, so long as they stood still.
- Fast moving Scout unit
- Has Camouflage

A small snake like creature, Ropes were very fragile but could be bred in huge swarms. Their ability to traverse any terrain made them a very nasty surprise for enemies ambushed by them in unexpected locations.
- Small Creature unit
- Can cross over any terrain

Armed with a long spear and two powerful legs, Treehoppers were seasoned hunters turned soldiers of the Lizalfos armies. They could jump quite high into the air, and would often leap between treetops to stay above their prey. On the battlefield Treehoppers use their speed and jumping abilities to stay one step ahead of their enemies, parrying attacks with ease.
- Fast moving Anti-Cavalry unit
- Can jump across rivers and gaps in terrain

Hunters, killers, and soldiers, Predators were young Lizalfos with some skill in handling a blade. They applied many of their tracking and hunting skills to the battlefield, preferring to hide, set traps, and ambush their targets. Their quick speed and ability to leap high into the air made them difficult for enemies to strike.
- Fast Moving Melee unit
- Very high Dodge rate

Skilled at seeking and bringing down particularly deadly prey, Trappers were deadly assassins when taken off the hunting grounds and placed on the battlefield. Armed with poison tipped bows, their shots were guaranteed to inflict illness or kill whatever they managed to hit at a later time.
- Ranged archer unit
- Poison Damage

Dinolfos Butcher
The Dinolfos were a larger breed of Lizalfos that claimed to have Volvagian ancestry in their blood. There may have been some truth to this, seeing as they could spew fireballs from their mouths and felt perfectly comfortable in extreme heat. In battle the Butchers would cleave their targets apart with axes, assuming they failed to toast their victim with fire breath.
- Fast moving melee unit
- Can periodically attack with a ranged Fireball

Helmasaur Tracker
The stocky Helmasaurs native to Death Mountain were brought south by the Lizalfos during their exodus away from their homeland. Used as pets, beasts and burden, and war mounts, the Helmasaurs may have been short but packed a terrifying ram. Their external skulls were more durable than most iron armor, and anything unfortunate enough to be caught in a charge was sure to be splattered to guts.
- Cavalry unit
- Durable armor

Lizalfos Monitors were assigned to watch over and assure that all other soldiers were performing their orders in battle. With a large and colorful display of feathers signifying their rank, a Monitor was never questioned by those under his command.
- Commander unit
- Shield resistant to ranged attacks

Carcass Launcher
Although Lizalfos were more than eager to tear down enemy walls, they often took pleasure in drawing the enemy out of their defenses. To accomplish such a task they would lob the diseased corpses of cows and other animals into enemy cities and fortifications. 
- Launches Diseased corpses at enemies
- Corpses continue to deal minor damage to nearby enemies

Dinolfos Footman
Wearing a suit of armor based on the old Volvagian designs, Dinolfos Footmen were the last remnants of the Lizalfos’ ancient Death Mountain empire. Though but a shadow of their ancestors, they were still deadly warriors in battle and posed a much more durable threat than their unarmored kin.
- Armored Infantry units
- Shield resistant to ranged attacks

Chameleofos Striker
A warrior class of the Faron Chameleofos, the Striker was suited in armor and carried a spear into battle. Their natural camouflage allowed them to hide and ambush enemies.
- Armored Anti-Cavalry unit
- Has Camouflage

A sect of warrior princesses, the Hammarines wielded a mighty hammer and displayed the colors of her chosen clutch. With such mighty force they could rupture armored victims without resistance.
- Deals Truedamage and ignores all armor
- Deals Knockback damage

After settling in the Faron Woods these Shamans became the dominant sect in Lizalfos religion. Day in and out they go about chanting and dancing, encouraging tithes and sacrifices in order to appease the various gods and prevent disaster.
- Can pray at Altar to generate resources
- Can sacrifice Lizalfos units to gain resources and power

Stocky and bulky breeds of Dinolfos, the Darkhammers may not have been as fast as their brothers but they were brutal monsters in battle. Wielding a giant Ball and Chain, a lone Darkhammer can smash and rupture enemy armor with one mighty swing as well as knock down the foundations of structures with ease.
- Slow moving Siege melee unit with long reach
- Knockback and Splash Damage
- Immune to Knockback

Poison Spear Launcher
A quick and easily deployed weapon, the Poison Spear Launcher was a favorite tool of the Lizalfos. A spear from this small ballista could puncture through large creatures, monsters, and even buildings well enough.
- Deals large amounts of damage to Huge sized creatures
- Poison damage

Once a native to Turtle Rock on Death Mountain, the Heatoise suffered a similar fate to the rest of the Lizalfos and was driven from their homelands by the Gorons. A Heatoise has the invaluable trait of being able to survive extremely hot conditions and is immune to all fire. They also are decent, if clumsy, swimmers.
- Large Creature unit
- Heavy Armor and immune to all Fire damage
- Can cross both Lava and bodies of water

Helmasaurus Rammer
A large and strong Helmasaur that has grown to an impressive scale, the Helmasaurus could trample over just about anything smaller than itself and ram large holes into buildings and walls. The Lizalfos did not hesitate to use them as living battering rams.
- Large Siege Creature unit
- Deals impressive damage to buildings
- Deals Splash and Knockback damage

Dodongo Snake
The larval form of Trinexx, Dodongo Snakes spent most of their young lives harmlessly digging deep in the earth and eating rocks. As they got larger, the Lizalfos could train them to eat more than just rocks.
- Large Creature unit
- Slow Moving, immune to Knockback
- Can Burrow and move underground, becoming Stealthed

Helmasaur Queen
One of the many females in the harem of the Helmasaur King, these members of the wicked Helmasaurs were in charge of laying clutches of eggs and teaching the newborns to hunt. A Helmasaur Queen was large and slow, but she could spawn baby Helmasaurs to follow her around in battle.
- Large Creature unit
- Spawns up to 6 Helmasaur Babies

Once the lords of all Lizalfos and masters of the ancient Death Mountain Empire, the Aeralfos are now fractured and wield little power over their reptilian brothers. To this day they are blamed for the collapse of their former grand empire by the rest of Lizalfos kind. Such a fall from grace has brought shame to their kind, and very few are lucky if they even manage an adviser position in government.
- Flying unit
- Shield makes them resistant to ranged attacks.

Song Sayer
A Unique Unit that can only be trained by Nardu. Song Sayers were female Lizalfos destined to take command of their male counterparts. Still quite young, the Song Sayers practiced their infamous technique to control Lizalfos men: the Whisper Song. When backed into a corner they could kill their assailant with a wicked dagger.
- Support Unit that improves the performance of your own units, impacts the performance of enemy units.
- Has a chance to temporarily take control of enemy units

Fiery Aeralfos
A Unique Unit that can only be trained by Vakat. A special Aeralfos that could breath and spew fireballs from its mouth. A Fiery Aeralfos could attack and bombard enemies from a distance, making them extremely difficult to catch and kill without the proper ranged weaponry.
- Flying unit
- Ranged Fireball attack

A Unique Unit that can only be trained by Talik. Matrons were the head mothers of a given Clutch and thus owned all labor and soldiers belonging to their family line. When threatened by any enemy the Matron would bring a powerful flaming sword with her into battle, igniting anything she attacked on fire.
- Flaming Sword that can ignite both enemies and buildings
- Strong shield resistant to ranged damage

A Unique Unit that can only be trained by Okakusha. The Iguanalfos are one of the more recent breeds of Lizalfos to surface in Hyrule. Believed to be the products of Lizalfos and Dinolfos mating with venomous reptiles native to Faron, the Iguanalfos can hurl a poisonous vat of venom from a fair distance at their targets. Unfortunate victims would often become fatally ill hours after being soaked by their toxic spray.
- Ranged Poison attack that continues to damage enemies
- Strong shield makes it resistant to ranged damage

Garnyle Og, the Helmasaur King
Once a tyrant of Death Mountain, the Helmasaur King was driven from its homeland and settled in the Eastern Palace of Faron Woods where many Lizalfos have added him to their Pantheon of Gods. Although certainly smarter than an animal, Garnyle Og is hardly intelligent and is easily riled to fits of anger. His huge form can easily knock over buildings and his spiky carapace naturally impales enemies that try to get too close.
- Giant Lizalfos Titan Unit
- Excellent Siege damage against buildings
- Passively damages enemies that attack him in melee

Trinexx, Lord of Turtle Rock
The lord of Turtle Rock on Death Mountain, Trinexx was defeated by the Gorons and driven into the forests where the Lizalfos have added him to their Pantheon of Gods. A very large and powerful three headed Dodongo Snake, Trinexx can attack enemies with both fire and ice blasts and crush smaller victims with its central head. Only crushing damage or magic powers can crack the rocky shell of this mighty beast.
- Giant Lizalfos Titan Unit
- Slow Moving and heavily armored
- Deals both Crushing, Fire, and Water damage



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1 hour ago, The Undying Nephalim said:

Nephy question time, it's been awhile. :laugh:

I seem to recall seeing an example, but was there a way to make it so researching a technology results in another technology being disabled and unable to be researched? 


    "genericName": "Traditional Army vs. Reform Army",
    "top": "successors/unlock_traditional_army",
    "bottom": "successors/unlock_reform_army",
    "requirements": { "civ": "sele" }

this is the paired tech xml for the Seleucid reform and traditional armies

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Just now, LordGood said:
  Reveal hidden contents

    "genericName": "Traditional Army vs. Reform Army",
    "top": "successors/unlock_traditional_army",
    "bottom": "successors/unlock_reform_army",
    "requirements": { "civ": "sele" }

this is the paired tech xml for the Seleucid reform and traditional armies

That was what I was thinking of! Thank you for reminding me of that. :victory:

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I think I had asked this question before, but I can't seem to find it looking back so I'll ask anyway just in case.

Is there a way to disable event sounds in animations for specific attached props to an actor? I'm running into a problem where I have actors with multiple props that play multiple copies of attack sounds, with expectedly jarring results. I've made copies of Variants that deleted the event= in attack animations, but now animations between the actor and all its attached props play completely out of sync, even though all the attack animations have the appropriate ID's. Is there a way to disable event sounds to attached props, or keep animations between multiple props that use different Variants in sync, or am I stuck with my unit playing 5 copies of an attack sound each time it attacks and blowing out my speakers? :laugh:

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