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  1. And i have thought that actual development will go faster, now that cinematics are finished... Anyways, how about mod info from you multiplayer fellas? Which faction is the strongest, which is the weakest, and why? Not like i'm going to join, i have never been into RTS's.
  2. I think, dodging was in 0.4 changelog. So should be in game, yes. :P
  3. Just out of curiosity, how many more of mission cinematics do you plan to make?
  4. If it's just putting installed mod into archive and if i didn't screwed up link somehow - then there you go. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dufj45hxy2arpsk/Hyrule.rar/file
  5. Some fun things: 1. Zora ai seems to be a bit obsessed with expansion buildings. 2. Mantlets, courtesy of department of redundancy department. Same for towers. Intended, i guess. xD 3. I don't have gohma walking sounds, for some reason?
  6. Thanks for that. On my computer, vanilla 3v3 AI game turns into a slideshow faster than i get properly killed Offtopic EDIT: It seems i royally screwed up faction flags by my crude attempts at fixing HTW's stupificient "no one attacks anyone, ever" glitch, (although it shows up only when i try to play as kokiri). Most factions' flags get lost, first factions got flags of neutrals, and Lanayru and Deku get those. Can you tell what they are? I'm sure i didn't seen them anywhere else. Offtopic EDIT2: Got PM answer from "Looper's Favorite User" guy, it's beta flags for tokay, huskus and horonians.
  7. Gohma look great, and appropriately disgusting both in terms of appearance and in terms of micromanagement. I assume that features like "dodging", "critical hits", proper goron bases and stealth (do anything except trapdoor gohma should be stealthy right now?) are coming in A24 too? Also, just to be sure, will Gohma AI work properly in first release? (I think i seen that it will, somewhere...)
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