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  1. So is there a good and a bad Titan? And I thought the Lightspirit of Faron Woods where the good Titan of the Lizalfos.
  2. Cool. Is this where the story continues, or is this a remake of the old missions?
  3. Hey Guys! If the Map for the Darknuts would have a Boss, could that maybe be the Molduga from Wind Waker?
  4. Is actually a "Malice" faction planned? This is no order to make this. I just want to know. And the video is very cool.
  5. Oh I don't mean that they should be splitted and can combine. I thought, that they are together just like for example the Kokiri-Twins. These witches mustn't be different units.
  6. Hey guys, I have a question: UndyingNephalim, can you programm, that Koume and Kotake are the Gerudo-Titan and they can then transform into Twinrova. Because I really miss these two witches a little bit. Thank you!
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